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Sunday | December 9, 2018

Strength from adversity
Dak Prescott to wear cleats designed by local artist

Courtesy photo
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott walks with Kendrell Daniels during a visit to Dallas earlier in the fall. On Sunday, Prescott will wear
Daniels’ custom-designed cleats. Daniels creates his art through the EXPRESS Yourself! program at Mississippi State’s T.K. Martin Center for
Technology and Disability. BELOW: Prescott, an MSU alumnus, poses with two custom cleats designed by EXPRESS Yourself! program artist
Kendrell Daniels. Prescott will wear the cleats in a Sunday game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

19-year-old EMCC student attending
his first NFL game to see his art in motion
By Alex Holloway phone to brushing his teeth. It can be tough, Daniels said, but

the way he sees it, the same is true
endrell Daniels looks to his role
for Prescott, who played his collegiate
model, Dallas Cowboys quar-
career at MSU.
terback Dak Prescott, on how
to turn adversity to strength. “It’s a difficult job, being a quarter-
Daniels, a 19-year-old artist with back for an NFL team,” Daniels said.
the EXPRESS Yourself! program at “I know how hard he works.”
Mississippi State’s T.K. Martin Center Daniels’ talents include paint-
for Technology and Disability, was ing — a special skill that will be on
born without arms. He’s learned to display for the nation to see today as
use his feet to perform a number of the Cowboys take on the Philadel-
day-to-day activities, from using a See Daniels, 8A Courtesy image/Dallas Cowboys

Chancery court judges reminisce
Retiring chan-
cery judges
about time serving on the bench
Kenneth Burns,
Dorothy Co-
All three retiring judges honored Friday the event, paying their re-
spects to judges and trading
lom and Jim
Davidson were
with reception at S.D. Lee Home stories at the Stephen D. Lee
honored Friday Home in Columbus.
By Slim Smith For two hours, roughly Conspicuous by their
with a recep-
tion at the S.D. 200 people — mostly court absence were three people
Lee Home. The personnel, lawyers, family who will fill those positions
The staff of the 14th Dis-
judges served and friends of the retiring on the bench. Paula Drun-
on the bench for trict Chancery Court threw
a retirement party Friday af- judges Dorothy Colom, Ken- gole-Ellis, Rodney Faver
a combined 52
years. ternoon, the likes of which it neth Burns and Jim David- and Joe Studdard were all in
Deanna Robinson/Dispatch Staff isn’t likely to see again. son — drifted in and out of See Judges, 6A

Weather Five Questions Calendar Local Folks Public
1 What city pretended to secede from the Today meetings
United States in 1982, declaring itself the Dec. 10:
■ Columbus Girlchoir: The Columbus Girlchoir,
Conch Republic? Columbus Mu-
2 What movie spawned a short-lived TV under the direction of Cherry Dunn, presents a
holiday concert at 3 p.m. at Poindexter Hall on The nicipal School
series sequel, “Karen Sisco,” with Carla
Gugino taking over Jennifer Lopez’s role? W campus. Free to the public. District Board
3 The Dvorak layout patented in 1936, was ■ Merry Christmas, Columbus: Fairview Baptist regular meet-
Jack Tompkins created as a more efficient way to do what? Church presents this annual production featuring ing, 6 p.m.,
4 What comic strip was reprinted in books drama teams, choirs and orchestra at 5:30 p.m.; Brandon Cen-
Fifth grade, Annunciation
titled “Scientific Progress Goes ‘Boink’,” free to the public.

44 Low 34 “Yukon Ho!” and “Weirdos from Another tral Services
High Planet!”? Dec. 14: Lown-
Morning rain likely 5 What material is the main component of
the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?
Today and Monday des County
Full forecast on ■ First Christmas: Due to the rain on Saturday, School District
Answers, 6D
page 2A. Columbus’ First Baptist Church’s has added an Board, 12:30,
extra day to the schedule for its recreation of
District Office
Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’ birth. The village,
Inside erected at The Shops at Brickerton near the
Dec. 17: Lown-
des County
Classifieds 5D Lifestyles 1C intersection of Military and Bluecutt Roads, will
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2A Sunday, December 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

Say What?
Did you hear? “John Kelly will leaving — I don’t know if I can
Man who drove into crowd say retiring — but he’s a great guy.”
President Donald Trump on the departure of chief

convicted of first-degree murder of staff John Kelly. Story, 6A.

Jury rejected arguments man acted
in self-defense during a ‘Unite the Ask Rufus
Right’ rally in Charlottesville in 2017
AP Legal Affairs Writer
veillance shown to jurors.
Prosecutors told the
jury that Fields was angry
The Fish Trap
CHARLOTTESVILLE, after witnessing violent just took people on
Va. — A man who drove clashes between the two a journey it. I record-
his car into counterpro- sides earlier in the day. through ed several
testers at a 2017 white na- The violence prompted po- history, fish- others in the
tionalist rally in Virginia
lice to shut down the rally ing, politics northeast and
was convicted Friday of
before it even officially be- and up the east part of
first-degree murder, a ver-
gan. Tombigbee. the state that
dict that local civil rights
Heather Heyer, a It all started are described
activists hope will help
32-year-old paralegal and in the parking in the book.
heal a community still
civil rights activist, was lot of the … Late 1800s
scarred by the violence
killed, and nearly three Episcopal - early 1900s
and the racial tensions it
dozen others were injured. Church of the is a good time
inflamed nationwide.
The trial featured emotion- Incarnation frame. I also
A state jury rejected Rufus Ward
al testimony from survi- in West Point noted a lean-
defense arguments that
vors who described dev- one day last to or rack
James Alex Fields Jr. act-
astating injuries and long, week. of some kind up on the
ed in self-defense during
complicated recoveries. Karen was talking to hillside perhaps where
a “Unite the Right” rally
After the verdict was a friend, Betty Person, the fisherman camped
in Charlottesville on Aug. Courtesy photo
read in court, some of when she noticed a out waiting for the trap
12, 2017. Jurors also con- Shown is a late 1800s painting of a fish weir or fish
those who were injured painting of what looked to fill.”
victed Fields of eight other trap on the Tombigbee River. Often an old painting has
embraced Heyer’s moth- like a river scene in As to the tree cut a grand story behind it waiting to be uncovered.
charges, including aggra-
er, Susan Bro. She left the Betty’s car. When Betty down and lying across
vated malicious wounding
courthouse without com- said it was an old paint- the river, John said: “I Jackson Clarion that said: see the trouble.”
and hit and run.
menting. Fields’ mother, ing of a fish trap on the suspect that was done as “… while we are gratified In the mid-1870s,
Fields, 21, drove to
Samantha Bloom, who is Tombigbee, Karen knew a bridge across rather to learn of the opening of Congress was consider-
Virginia from his home in
disabled, left the court- I had to have it. Betty than blocking the flow, the Tombigbee River to ing funding for improve-
Maumee, Ohio, to support
house in a wheelchair thought we would give it since they would want navigation up to the town ments to navigation on
the white nationalists. As a
without commenting. a good home and Karen the fish to flow with the of Fulton, in Itawam- the Tombigbee. Work
large group of counterpro-
Charlottesville City surprised me with it. So stream into the weir, ba County, we deeply began between Colum-
testers marched through
began my journey where which acts as a funnel sympathize with Brother bus and Demopolis and
Charlottesville singing Councilor Wes Bellamy
art and history collided. into the fall trap. Maybe David Johnson in the loss moved up river. On Feb.
and laughing, he stopped said he hopes the verdict
The painting is oil on they walked across the of his fish trap, and trust 17, 1875, it was said in
his car, backed up, then “allows our community to
canvas and appears to tree to get the other side he may secure some Jackson’s Weekly Clarion
sped into the crowd, ac- take another step toward
date between 1885 and of the weir for repairs or other means of earning a and Standard that in the
cording to testimony from healing and moving for-
1910. The painting could access to the trap from livelihood.” Mississippi Legislature:
witnesses and video sur- ward.”
be traced back to having that side.” David Johnson, “The special committee
been hanging in the As I began research- it seems, was a very to whom was referred
house of Mazie Young ing the painting I found a interesting figure in late
CONTACTING THE DISPATCH (1893-1971) in West fascinating story. It may 19th century Mississippi
the Senate memorial to
Congress, to make an
Office hours: Main line: Point. Her heirs had giv- not be about the scene politics. He served in appropriation to clean
n 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon-Fri n 662-328-2424 en it to a friend in West in the painting, but then the Mississippi House out the Tombigbee River,
Point and said it was old again it might be. In my and then the Senate,
Email a letter to the editor? reported a substitute,
HOW DO I ... n
and showed a fish trap on research on Tombigbee representing Itawamba which passed, and Bro.
the Tombigbee. River steamboats I had County between 1873 and
Report a missing paper? David Johnson’s fish trap
Report a sports score? I sent a photo of the found some old reports 1882. He then became
n 662-328-2424 ext. 100 will get cleaned out.”
n 662-241-5000 painting of the fish weir, that did not mean much superintendent of the
n Toll-free 877-328-2430 And by 1880 his fish
which is often called a at the time but now may state penitentiary. After
n Operators are on duty until Submit a calendar item? trap was in fact cleaned
fish trap, to John Con- plug into this story. a “Prohibition” speech in
5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. out of the Tombigbee.
n Go to naway, a friend and In 1873 the Corps of 1886, The the Sword and The story actually gets
Buy an ad? community archaeologist with the Engineers considered Shield newspaper in Clin-
interesting historically
n 662-328-2424 Mississippi Department the Tombigbee above ton called him the “tall
Submit a birth, wedding
of Archives and Histo- as it appears a lot of what
Aberdeen to Cotton Gin pine of the free state.”
Report a news tip? or anniversary announce- ry. John’s book on fish Port (near Amory) to was taking place was not
However, it is his
n 662-328-2471 ment? weirs, “Fishweirs: A be navigable only for so much about fishing
fish trap that caught my
n n Download forms at www. World Perspective,” was small barges carrying as competition between
attention. Johnson’s fish published in 2007 and is about 125 bales of cotton. railroads and steamboats.
trap began appearing in
considered the authorita- (Steamers between Co- A Dec. 21, 1877, article
Mississippi’s press in
Physical address: 516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39701 tive book on the subject. lumbus and Mobile often the Jackson Clarion even
1874 when he was first
According to John the carried 1500 to 2000 elected to the Legislature mentioned that legisla-
Mailing address: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703-0511 tors Dowd and Johnson,
painting is: “definitely a bales). The river from and a year after the ef-
Starkville Office: 101 S. Lafayette St. #16, Starkville, MS 39759 fish weir, with wooden Cotton Gin Port to Fulton forts began to make the though friends, could not
posts supporting wooden was not considered navi- Tombigbee navigable to agree about the railroad
wings, and a fall trap in gable at all. Fulton. The story seems to Fulton and the navi-
SUBSCRIPTIONS the apex. 1880s is an OK After discussions that to start on Nov. 19, 1874, gation of the Tombigbee
suggested date, although began in 1873, Congress when a column appeared which interfered with
HOW TO SUBSCRIBE it could have lasted up in 1878 funded work on saying: Bro. Johnson’s fish trap.
By phone................................. 662-328-2424 or 877-328-2430 to 1930s when they were the Tombigbee, includ- “You will remember As interesting as the
Online.......................................... outlawed. It is a historic ing removing snags and that I have frequently story turned out to be,
type trap, not Indian. A obstructions from the spoken of Bro. David what was really fun was
RATES fall trap had slats in the river between Aberdeen Johnson’s fish trap. That the time spent visiting
Daily home delivery + unlimited online access*..........$13.50/mo. bottom for the water to and Fulton. After the institution is in danger. with, talking to and
Sunday only delivery + unlimited online access*...........$8.50/mo. run through as the creek work by the Corps, the Bro. Johnson lives at emailing with friends
Daily home delivery only*.................................................$12/mo. rose or fell, but narrow river became navigable Fulton. Fulton is high up while trying to figure out
Online access only*.......................................................$8.95/mo. enough to trap the fish to Fulton. In 1880, 2,000 on the Tombigbee River, just what the story was
1 month daily home delivery................................................... $12 when they swam into it, bales of cotton were and so is the fish trap. that the painting might
1 month Sunday only home delivery........................................ $7 and it was tilted up to shipped down river from Bro. Johnson has money be telling. Many thanks
Mail Subscription Rates....................................................$20/mo. adjust to the water levels. the Fulton area. to build a railroad to the to Betty Person, Carolyn
* EZ Pay rate requires automatic processing of credit or debit card. My Fishweirs book has I had seen references Tennessee River, or run a Kaye, Gary Lancaster,
a photo from 1925 of in the Jackson newspa- steamboat to Columbus. Brad Lieb and John Con-
one similar at Fishtrap pers during the 1870s If he builds the railroad, naway for their help and
The Commercial Dispatch (USPS 142-320) Hollow in Bear Creek, poking fun at David he obstructs navigation, especially to Karen for
Published daily except Saturday. Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi.
Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, MS Tishomingo County. ... It Johnson, of Itawamba by spanning the river recognizing the painting
POSTMASTER, Send address changes to: clearly shows the fall trap County, over his fish with a bridge. If he runs as a historical gem.
The Commercial Dispatch, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703
Published by Commercial Dispatch Publishing Company Inc., with slats and stair-step trap. Then I came across a steamboat, he must Rufus Ward is a local
516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39703 construction, with three an 1881 article in the destroy his fish trap. You historian.


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Mississippi sues opioid distributors over crisis
‘These companies must own up to their health crisis.”
The complaint
Hood said. “These companies
must own up to their contribu-
filed the first lawsuit on behalf
of a state against multiple drug
contribution to this deadly crisis, and I alleges that if the
companies had
tion to this deadly crisis, and
I intend on holding them fully
manufacturing companies for
falsely marketing opioids as
intend on holding them fully accountable.’ done what they accountable.” rarely addictive. That lawsuit
Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood were legally ob- AmerisourceBergen Corp. is was filed in Hinds County Chan-
ligated to do, the based in Chesterbrook, Penn- cery Court against five of the
The Associated Press Bergen Corp., Attorney General opioid epidemic sylvania; McKesson Corp is largest opioid manufacturers.
Jim Hood said in a news release would not be what located in San Francisco, Cali- One of the companies in that
JACKSON — Mississippi is Thursday. It alleges the compa- it is today. In 2017 alone, Hood fornia and Cardinal Health is in suit, Purdue Pharma — along
suing three opioid distributors, nies breached their legal duties said Mississippi had enough Dublin, Ohio. with three of its executives —
saying it failed to prevent the to “monitor, detect, investigate, opioids supplied to provide 61 The companies have said pleaded guilty in 2007 to feder-
diversion of those drugs into refuse, and report suspicious pills for every man, woman and they have reformed their re- al charges and paid more than
the state and contributed to the orders of opioids.” Hood said child in the state. porting and monitoring prac- $600 million in fines related to
opioid crisis. that is a violation of the Missis- “If these distributors were tices in recent years and will intentional misrepresentations
The complaint was filed in sippi Consumer Protection Act attending to their supply rates, work with regulators and law as to the addictiveness of Oxy-
Hinds County Circuit Court and “as a result, Mississippi has they would realize that amount enforcement to combat opioid Contin.
against Cardinal Health, McK- been flooded with opioids and of pills is way too large for a misuse and addiction. That lawsuit’s current status
esson Corp. and Amerisource- is suffering an ongoing public state the size of Mississippi,” In December 2015, Hood was not immediately available.

The following arrests
Area arrests
Mississippi leaders
set initial outline
were made by Lowndes
County Sheriff’s Office:
n Eric Treadwell, 38,
was charged with posses-
sion with intent to distrib-
ute and sale of marijuana.
n Joseph Paone, 20,
was charged with bur-
Treadwell Paone Mitchell Howell Hubbard Moody Jr.
for state budget
glary, breaking and enter- Leaders say they will decide later
ing a dwelling, possession
of burglary tools, expired whether the full Legislature could
license tag and suspended
driver’s license. consider pay raises for teachers
n Marquavius Mitch-
ell, 21, was charged with
and state government employees
burglary and larceny of a By EMILY WAGSTER PETTUS
Pope Springfield Blue Bell M. Williams Prewitt
dwelling and domestic vi- The Associated Press
olence. charged with identity theft DUI and
n Christopher Howell, and intend to defraud with driving on JACKSON — Top Mississippi lawmakers are
37, was charged with pos- a credit card. suspended setting an early and slightly diminished version
session of methamphet- n Heather Springfield, driver’s li- of state budget recommendations for the coming
amine, burglary-breaking 35, was charged with pos- cense. year.
and entering a dwelling, session of methamphet- n Mar- Members of the Joint Legislative Budget Com-
possession of burglary amine and possession of quez Wil- mittee met Wednesday and adopted a broad out-
tools and burglary of a marijuana in a vehicle. liams, 18, line for a $6.1 billion spending plan. That’s about
McBride House A. Williams 1 percent smaller than the current budget, al-
commercial building, car, was charged
etc. The following arrests with four stance and two counts of though the numbers could change.
n Jamie Hubbard, 22, were made by the Oktibbe- counts of burglary of a ve- probation violation. Leaders say they will decide later whether
was charged with shoot- ha County Sheriff’s Office: hicle. n Javeryion House, 22, the full Legislature could consider pay raises for
ing into dwelling house. n Robert Blue, 60, was n Jerome Prewitt, 48, was charged with burglary teachers and state government employees, who
n Stevie Moody Jr., 26, charged with four counts was charged with proba- other than a vehicle. haven’t had them in years. Republican Gov. Phil
was charged with man- of aggravated assault and tion violation. n Albert Williams, Bryant recommends a teacher pay raise in what
slaughter and failure to simple assault. n Trevor McBride, 26, 22, was charged with two will be his final year in office.
appear. n William Bell, 49, was was charged with posses- counts of possession of a The election-year legislative session begins in
n Laura Pope, 49, was charged with third offense sion of a controlled sub- controlled substance. January, and the final flurry of budget writing will
happen in late March and early April — weeks
after legislators know whether they will face op-
ponents as they run for re-election or seek other
The state budget year begins July 1.
Around the state
Beer for vote: Another News outlets report Bi- Investigation also is look- Wednesday after students
loxi police are searching ing into the circumstanc- reported getting threats
arrest in Mississippi for the two people after es surrounding Loggins’ on Snapchat on Tuesday
election fraud
CANTON — Prosecu-
the Monday night assault.
Police say the vic-
death. night. The Clinton Police
Department and Hinds Mississippi justices reject
tors in Mississippi say a tim was assaulted in the Mississippi man dies County Sheriff’s Office
former fire chief promised
beer and money to influ-
southwest end of the col-
iseum’s parking lot. The after house trailer falls each charged Hall with challenges over execution drug
one count of telecommu-
ence votes as officials have victim suffered serious on him nication threat against a
The Associated Press
arrested a seventh person injuries and was taken to VICKSBURG — A Mis-
high school, a misdemean-
in an election fraud case. a hospital, where he died. sissippi man pinned under
or. JACKSON — Mississippi’s state Supreme Court
Madison County As- Performing that night was a house trailer that col-
Police say the threats on Thursday denied appeals from two death row
sistant District Attorney “97.9 CPR Rocks Presents lapsed has died.
were made against Ray- inmates over Mississippi’s plans to execute them
Bryan Buckley tells The Five Finger Death Punch News outlets report
56-year-old Frederick mond High School, Clin- using a sedative called midazolam.
Clarion-Ledger that Cary and Breaking Benjamin.”
Ross of Port Gibson died ton High School and In a pair of 7-2 rulings Thursday, justices found
Johnson was arrested Fri- Five Finger Death Punch
after the trailer collapsed Provine High School in that Thomas Edwin Loden Jr. and Richard Gerald
day. is a heavy metal band. 97.9
Six people were ar- on him Wednesday. Jackson. Jordan hadn’t presented enough scientific evidence
CPR Rocks is a radio sta-
rested Thursday on alle- tion based in Gulfport. Warren County Sheriff Later Wednesday, in- about the drug to justify a hearing on whether in-
gations of voting-related Police released photos Martin Pace says 911 Dis- vestigators announced mates executed using it would feel pain. A state law
crimes in the central Mis- of the two people after patch received a call that a a 16-year-old Raymond calls for an inmate to be unconscious when exe-
sissippi town of Canton. reviewing surveillance man was trapped under a High School student was cuted, and the inmates say the drug isn’t powerful
The allegations stem from video. They’re wanted for trailer. Units responded to arrested for his alleged enough to guarantee unconsciousness.
a 2017 election. questioning in connection help extricate Ross from involvement in separate However, a federal court challenge involving
They face accusations with the victim’s death. underneath the trailer. A threats called in against both Loden and Jordan continues, making it unlike-
they bribed voters, im- coroner pronounced him students at the school. ly either will be executed soon. Mississippi hasn’t
The suspect’s name was executed anyone since 2012, amid efforts by death
properly helped people fill
out absentee ballots, voted
5 Mississippi police dead at the scene.
The sheriff says Ross not released. He’s being penalty opponents to cut off supplies of execution
despite being convicted of
officers investigated in and several other people held at the Youth Deten- drugs and legal challenges to new procedures to
disqualifying felonies and custody death were setting up the house tion Center. get around the resulting shortages of older drugs.
voted even though they GRENADA — Five po- trailer at a deer camp
lived outside the city or lice officers in Mississippi when it slipped off a set of
voting district. are being investigated in blocks. Ross was working
Johnson’s indictment the death of a man they under the house trailer
posted on the newspa- were taking to the county and was pinned.
per’s website shows he’s jail. An investigation is on-
accused of trying to influ- WTVA-TV report- going, but authorities say
ence a voter by promising ed Thursday that three there’s no reason to be-
beer. Grenada police officers lieve foul play is involved.
He’s also accused of responded last week to
offering money to two oth- a report of a disturbance Man, teen charged with
ers to sway their votes. and arrested 26-year-old
Robert Loggins, who died threats to 3 Mississippi
Police: Person dies after while being taken to the high schools
county jail by two other JACKSON — A Jackson
assault in parking lot of officers. man and a teenager have
concert Authorities haven’t re- been arrested on charges
BILOXI — Police are leased the identities of any that they made separate
searching for two people of the officers involved. All threats on social media
wanted for questioning in five were placed on admin- against three central Mis-
an assault that happened istrative leave as the city sissippi high schools.
after a concert at the Mis- investigates. Local news media re-
sissippi Coast Coliseum The city of Grenada port 19-year-old Daniel
and led to a person’s death. says the state Bureau of Hall was arrested early

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two spectacu- hot Christmastime drink. Par- state championships. The wins that was particularly appealing on March 30.
lar Christmas ticipants snaked their way from and championships may some- to the EMCC Board of Trust- Last year, the board initially
events in business to business, sampling day be forgotten; Carlisle’s ees. Alsobrooks had previously rejected the group’s permit
Columbus last the drink (which often tastes warmth, humor and dedication worked as an operations engi- request, sparking a lawsuit that
week, both of like a spiced combination of ap- to the game and the young neer for Rockwell International was ultimately dropped when
which were produced by Main ple and cranberry juices) and men he coached will not. The at the Stennis Space Center Mayor Lynn Spruill cast the de-
Street Columbus. voting on their favorite. This Starkville native shaped the in Picayune. He later served ciding vote after a 3-3 deadlock
Monday’s Christmas Parade event consistently does a great baseball career of hundreds of as a supervisor for the Fluid to grant the permit. The inau-
left many spectators and partic- job of bringing out students boys who played on his team, Component Processing Facili- gural parade drew thousands
ipants saying it was the best in from the W and MSMS, as well but the lessons he taught — ty. In his new role, Alsobrook’s of participants and spectators
years. Why was that? Some say as a big Air Base crowd. teamwork, determination, experience in industry will be and there were none of the
it was the work of the sponsors The events were a great lift doing things the right way — of critical importance as the incidents of lewd behavior or
and volunteers. Others point to the spirits as we approach were tools that followed them $38-million Communiversity violence that some feared. It
out to the quality of the floats the Christmas and New Year’s throughout their adult lives. He opens next fall. He certainly was, indeed, a celebration.
that participated. Some gave a holidays. Well done, everyone! will be missed. appears to be the logical choice This year, the board voted
nod to the agreeable weather. to lead that effort. We wish him 4-3 to grant the permit, avoid-
No doubt, all those factors A rose of A rose to and EMCC all the best. ing the acrimony and legal fees
contributed, but the biggest remembrance East Mississip- incurred by the city last year.
factor of all was a spirit of fun and apprecia- pi Community A rose to That three board members —
and enthusiasm and an energy tion to Danny College and the Starkville Ben Carver, Roy A. Perkins
that accompanied this year’s Carlisle, known Scott Also- Board of Alder- and Henry Vaughn — still vot-
parade that seemed to set it as “The Father brooks, who men who avoid- ed no — suggests they do not
apart from the parades of the of Starkville Baseball,” who was named last week as the ed the contro- understand the implications of
last few years. died Wednesday at age 65 of school’s new president. Also- versy it sparked their votes. But now that a clear
Friday evening, crowds cancer. Carlisle spent 29 years brooks comes to EMCC from last year by quietly approving precedent has been established
filled downtown again for as the baseball coach (and 30 Pearl River Community Col- a parade permit for Starkville future parades should not be
Wassail Fest. Downtown busi- years as a teacher) at Starkville lege, where he has served as Pride, an LGBT group which preceded by a political circus.
nesses opened their doors and High School, retiring in 2011 vice president since 2011, but it will hold its second annual That’s definitely progress.


The natural process
is the answer. Is it?
Recently H.W. Bush died
at the age of 94. Our 41st
president had a wonderful
long active life, which we
all cherish. He even had fun
skydiving at age 90.
Our 39th President is still
alive and we continue to wish
him a long life. We know that
celebrities of all types have
a great impact on ordinary
people like us, our commu-
nity, our society and to our Jiben Roy
country as a whole.
Definitely a hero of World
War II, Bush survived being shot down in Japan. After
that, what an exemplary family he has created and
raised: love, respect, longevity, wealth, governor and
another president in the family. Mr. Bush had the best
life one can imagine in this world.
We all have to go out of this world being lifeless, no
Chris McDill/Special to The Dispatch
matter what we do.
ROSES AND THORNS: Columbus Choral Society members sing during the Festival of Trees open house Thurs- From a seed, a tree is born, grows up, gives plenty
day at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library. Trees decorated for the holidays by local businesses and organi- of fruits and one day that tree becomes lifeless. It is
zations will be on display throughout the library at 314 Seventh St. N. through December. very much a natural phenomena, I believe.
Even the 41st president’s faithful service dog be-
came emotionally very distressed at his death.
Every year we all notice in Columbus, whenever
winter strikes, there would be couple of days’ rain and
Possumhaw then fallen leaves become mulch and most of the trees
become naked. Natural process obviously.

Where did they all come from? Life becomes lifeless. Can lifeless become life?
In 1950, Miller and Urey did a chemical experiment
taking simple compounds found during Earth’s earli-
She told them simply and directly that the meadow est days and seeing whether amino acids — a major
was a place of peace and beauty, where indeed if one constituent of our biological compounds — could be
came to it in a quiet manner, the animals would not be synthesized. Yes, this experiment has been consid-
disturbed; for there are lovely birds, and squirrels and ered a milestone towards understanding of origins of
field mice, and sometimes deer. life. But still there is no evidence that from lifeless, a
— Kathryn Lasky-American children’s writer life can be produced.
Faith gives comfort, peace in mind. What comfort-

host of Canada geese ing news that a 7-year-old boy in England, who wrote
have remained with a letter to his Dad in heaven, received a response
us for an unusually written by his mailwoman: “Yes, the mail has been
long time. Often the birds delivered.” What a nice way to give a little kid peace
migrate in, settle for a while, and happiness.
and when the air turns cold, In this world we all want comfort, peace and happi-
they head further south. But ness, whatever way they come. This month more than
this year, they have stayed. two billion people around the world are celebrating
On the good side they serve the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ, a Christmas month.
as a warning for the flightless Let it be peace for every people.
Pekin ducks of any untoward and released in other counties where deer had been On the other hand, how comfortable it is to see a
critters. On the bad side I absent for decades. Most counties began their “new” Yazidi lady, Nadia Murad, who received a Nobel peace
asked Sam about putting out Shannon Bardwell herds with fewer than 20 deer. These first releases prize this year. This Yazidi tribe in Iraq constitutes
deer feeders and he suggest- occurred in the 1930’s and continued to the 1970’s.” only five hundred thousand people. Their belief and
ed it was very possible we’d The article continued, “As food resources were faith are completely different from our traditional ma-
simply be feeding an enormous number of geese. high and predators almost nonexistent, deer herds jor religions. She is the hope, comfort and happiness
One morning while we walked to the lake I grew exponentially. Soon after more counties were in her community.
noticed, “The geese are gone!” Yea, perhaps now we conducting short, buck-only deer hunting seasons. In a different time, there were messiah, prophets
could put out the deer feeders. Every night and a few They typically lasted less than a week and harvest or avatars who appeared in this world for the greater
times during the day we see deer. I’m amazed such was low … with no female harvest.” good of the people. Thus, we see or picture Buddha,
a beautiful, large creature can survive on its own. I There’s a long history with changes and regula- Krishna, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad in human form.
suppose it’s the largest animal we have here that can tions as the now, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, They showed paths to eternal happiness. What hap-
do so. Sam and I continued past the lake and into the Fisheries and Parks manage the deer populations. So pened before them? Our planet, universe and solar
woods. The leaves still shone golden in the sunlight. maybe that deer crashing through the woods is not system were still there. Life was very much prevalent
About then a deer came crashing through the woods, entirely taking care of itself. Agencies are out there in that time too. Once again science can’t prove that
running right past us and on his way. making sure the deer are healthy and survive in there is eternal happiness.
“Where do you think the deer came from?” I manageable numbers. However, there is no contradiction with the natural
asked Sam. “I mean are they descendants from the The next day the geese were back. So, the deer processes that are taking place in nature every mo-
same deer that grazed the Prairie when the Indians feeders were not going up and I was a bit disappoint- ment and all the time. Our universe or multiverse, the
were here?” ed. We bought deer corn anyway and went along the solar system or galaxies are in real harmony, nothing
Sam thought possibly some were but many dam away from the geese hand-sprinkling a little is collapsing.
migrated. “There’s a large deer population now. It corn so a deer or two might come and linger. Humans — the most intelligent creature in the
wasn’t that way when I was a youngster. You could sit In the evening I walked out to the lake and world — live only 100 years whereas a tortoise can live
all day in the cold and never see a deer.” watched the geese quietly glide into the water. The more than 150 years. Science is predicting it may be
Information in the magazine “Mississippi Out- sun hung low on the horizon causing the geese to possible for humans to live that long too. Meanwhile
doors” explained a little about Mississippi’s deer be silhouetted against the sky. Maybe all things are let’s live in harmony without a single bullet fired.
management. The Game and Fish Commission cre- beautiful in their own way; in their own time. Jiben Roy, a native of Bangladesh, teaches chemistry
ated in 1932 created refuges for the deer. “As herds Shannon Rule Bardwell is a writer, who lives in the and pharmaceutical sciences at Mississippi University
grew inside the refuges, deer were trapped there Prairie. Her e-mail is for Women. His email address is
The Dispatch • Sunday, December 9, 2018 5A

From the Left From the RIGHT

Bush 41’s vision of ‘a kinder, Who lost the world
gentler nation’ is gone with him Bush 41 left behind?
On the last night of shadow, not light. George H.W. Bush was led to the “unipolar power”
the Republican Nation- Think what you will America’s closer. of 1992 being challenged by
al Convention in 1988, of Bush. Criticize his Called in to pitch the final these two great powers now
the candidate sought to Willie Horton ad as a innings of the Cold War, collaborating against us?
impart to the country a despicable dog whistle Bush 41 presided masterfully Was it not the three pres-
vision of the America it to the nation’s abiding over the fall of the Berlin idents who sat so uncom-
Wall, the unification of Ger- fortably beside President
could be. racism, condemn him for
many, the liberation of 100 Donald Trump at the state
“Some,” he said, his inaction against AIDS million Eastern Europeans funeral of 41?
“would say it’s soft and and for escalating the and the dissolution of the Late in the 20th century,
insufficiently tough to ruinous War on Drugs. Soviet Union into 15 indepen- Osama bin Laden declared
care” about troubled Laud him for his firm but dent nations. war on us for our having
children. “But where is it measured response to History’s assignment com- planted military bases on
Leonard Pitts Patrick Buchanan
written, that we must act Iraq’s seizure of Kuwait, plete, Bush 41 was retired. the sacred soil of Mecca
as if we do not care, as if his signing of the Ameri- And what happened to the and Medina; and, on Sept.
we are not moved? Well, I There is always cans with Disabilities Act world he left behind?
What became of that world where
11, 2001, he made good on his declara-
am moved. I want a kind- or his support for climate
er, gentler nation.” a sense of science. America was the lone superpower,
which 41 believed should lead in cre-
America recoiled, invaded Afghani-
stan, overthrew the Taliban, and set out
And at the end of that But understand that
speech, he made a prom- moment when ultimately, the successes ation of the New World Order?
The Russia that back then was led
to build an Afghan regime on American
principles. Bush 43, declaring that
ise: “I will keep America and failures of his public
moving forward, always a president life have little to do with by Boris Yeltsin, a man desperate to be we were besieged by “an axis of evil,”
our friend and ally, is now ruled by an attacked and occupied Iraq.
forward, for a better the very particular sense
America, for an endless, dies. But the of loss some of us feel
autocratic nationalist. We then helped ignite a civil war in
Was not Vladimir Putin an inevitable Syria that became, with hundreds of
enduring dream and a
thousand points of light.”
death of this as the last president of
the Greatest Generation
reaction to our treating Russia like an thousands dead and millions uprooted,
untrustworthy and dangerous recidivist, the greatest humanitarian disaster of
Those words would
enter the political lex-
president, this takes his leave. There
is always a sense of
by our expansion of NATO into the Bal- the century,
kans, the eastern Baltic and the Black Then followed our attack on Libya
icon, but in one sense, decent man, moment when a presi- Sea — the entire front porch of Mother and support for Saudi Arabia’s war to
there was nothing dent dies. But the death Russia? crush the Houthi rebels in Yemen, a war
remarkable about what seems to close of this president, this Did the America that in her early that many believe has surpassed Syria
George H.W. Bush said. decent man, seems to decades declared the Monroe Doctrine as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.
Presidents — and those one of the few close one of the few re- believe a great nation like Russia would Where are the fruits of our forever
who want to be president maining doors between forever indulge the presence of a hostile war in the Middle East that justify the
— have always sought to remaining us and that time when alliance on her doorstep led by a distant 7,000 U.S. dead, 60,000 wounded and
weave poetry from the presidents made poetry superpower? untold trillions of dollars lost?
prose of our daily lives, doors between of our prose and you In this same quarter century that we Since George H.W. Bush left the
treated Russia like a criminal suspect, White House, the U.S. has incurred
to ennoble our striv-
ings and speak to what
us and that didn’t wake up every day
to some new thugocratic
we welcomed China as the prodigal son. 12 trillion dollars in trade deficits, lost
We threw open our markets to Chinese scores of thousands of manufacturing
another Republican once
called “the better angels
time when outrage.
“Some have said this
goods, escorted her into the WTO, plants and 5 million manufacturing jobs.
smiled approvingly as U.S. companies Our economic independence is ancient
of our nature.”
That’s what statesmen
presidents is an end of an era,”
Bush’s pastor, the Rev.
shifted production there. history.
Beijing reciprocated — by manipulat- After 41 left, the Republican Party
did once upon a time. made poetry of Dr. Russell Jones Leven- ing her currency, running up hundreds supported an immigration policy that
But America has seldom son Jr., said during his of billions of dollars in trade surpluses brought tens of millions, mostly un-
seemed further from our prose eulogy in Washington. with us, and thieving our technology skilled and poor, half of them illegal,
statesmanship — or from “But it doesn’t have to be. when she could not extort it from our into the country. Result: The Nixon-Rea-
the vision Bush articulated — than Perhaps this is an invitation to fill industries in China. Beijing even sent gan coalition that delivered two 49-state
it does now as the 41st president the void that has been left behind.” student spies into American universi- landslides in the ‘70s and ‘80s is history,
passes from the scene. We can only hope. Because this ties. and the Republican nominee has lost
He died just days after the United moment is haunted by a curious Now the mask has fallen. China is the popular vote in six of the last seven
States used teargas against asy- and sobering duality. Some people claiming all the waters around her, presidential elections.
building island bases in the South China From 1992 to 2016, the American es-
lum seekers, including children in mourn for George H.W. Bush, yes.
Sea and deploying weapons to counter tablishment contemptuously dismissed
diapers, after a handful of boys and But some of us mourn for Amer- as “isolationists” those who opposed
U.S. aircraft carriers. Creating ports
men threw rocks at a border check- ica, too. and bases in Asia and Africa, con- their wars for democracy in the Middle
point in San Diego. Leonard Pitts Jr., winner of the fronting Taiwan — China clearly sees East, and as “protectionists” those who
He was eulogized in Washington 2004 Pulitzer Prize for commentary, America as a potentially hostile rival warned that by running up these mas-
as lame duck Republican legislature is a columnist for the Miami Herald. power and is reaching for hegemony in sive trade deficits we were exporting
in Wisconsin brazenly strong-armed Email him at lpitts@miamiherald. the Western Pacific and East Asia. America’s future.
democracy and lifted a middle fin- com. And who produced the policies that The establishment airily dismissed
ger to the will of the people, those who said that pushing
voting to strip power from the NATO right up to Russia’s
incoming Democratic gover- borders would enrage and per-
nor and attorney general. manently antagonize a mighty
He was memorialized in military power. They ridiculed
Texas as investigators in skeptics of our embrace of the
North Carolina probed an Chinese rulers who defended
the Tiananmen massacre.
alleged scheme in which an
The establishment won the
operative working for a GOP great political battles before
candidate collected absentee 2016. But how did the democra-
ballots from voters in Dem- cy crusaders, globalists, open
ocratic areas and diverted borders progressives and inter-
them from the ballot box. ventionists do by their country
These are the kinds of in these decades?
things that seem to happen Did the former presidents
every day in the thugocracy who sat beside Trump at
America has become. And National Cathedral, and the
that speaks to how thorough- establishment seated in the
ly America rejected the vision pews behind them, realize that
of itself Bush offered 30 years it was their policies, their fail-
ago. ures, that gave birth to the new
America that rose up to throw
No nation can be called
them out, and put in Donald
kind or gentle that uses gas
against children. And any Patrick J. Buchanan, a
nation where the right of nationally syndicated columnist,
the people to choose their was a senior advisor to presi-
own path is stolen by dirty dents Richard Nixon, Gerald
tricks or mugged by political Ford and Ronald Reagan. His
gangsters is a nation walking website is
under a thousand points of blog.

Why Barbara Bush is so high up in George H.W.’s obituaries
Rarely has a very qualified, and visibly aging and outspoken statement, doubly so because supporting her husband and
president been we’ve had enough woman may have also contrib- politically, Rockefeller was moving out. She supported
identified so closely Bushes.” uted to a sense that he was not Prescott’s kind of Republican. him. It could have been love. It
with his wife. That Invincible quite the he-man. Barbara had Strong marriages are could have been expediency.
Barbara Bush nev- marriages enabled let her hair go white and the not necessarily happy ones. It definitely saved the Clinton
er pursued a big- full-time moth- pounds pile on. She consid- Franklin and Eleanor Roos- presidency.
league career made ers of Barbara’s ered strands of pearls, not sur- evelt were infamously es- Bill Clinton’s vulgar but
her high profile generation to grow gery, the adequate response to tranged. But when Franklin inconsequential (for the coun-
even more remark- old without fear of neck wrinkles. contemplated divorce early try) philandering has been
able. Nor did she being replaced by a During the presidency, on, his mother threatened to more than matched by Donald
fashion herself into newer model. And some commentators noted disinherit him. The idea was Trump. For Prescott Bush, the
an icon of elegance it protected faithful the difference in appearance dropped. notion of a president cheating
and glamour. She Froma Harrop politicians from between the still-craggy-hand- Franklin went on to main- on his third wife with a porn
rose to prominence the distraction of some George and the matronly tain a discreet decades-long actress and a former Playboy
for simply being a marital breakup. Barbara. But George knew not relationship with Lucy Mercer, model would have defied the
the partner-in-life of George That applies to female politi- to look in the wrong mirrors and Eleanor became a power- imagination.
H.W. Bush. cians, as well. Nancy Pelosi’s for public admiration. house for social reform. The Barbara died only eight
It was not just staying mar- husband of 55 years commutes As for the sanctity of mar- marital lock let both pursue months ago, and folks in
ried that elevated her status between San Francisco, his riage, consider where he came their own interests without Kennebunkport, Maine, home
but the nature of their bond. business base, and Washing- from. In 1963, Bush’s father, subjecting the nation to the of the Bush family compound,
Theirs was an old-school mar- ton to be where Nancy is. former Sen. Prescott Bush of chaos of a domestic blowup. mourn the loss of both of
riage, meaning unbreakable. Only shallow minds could Connecticut, announced that No discussion of presiden- them. In their eyes, a stay-at-
Prenup not required. have regarded Bush — a Navy he could not support Nelson tial marriages can leave out home mom was the equal of a
A secure marriage freed pilot in World War II who was Rockefeller’s run for president the Clintons. I won’t hazard former most powerful man in
Barbara to speak her mind shot down and then floated because of the New Yorker’s a guess as to why Bill and the world. A marriage made
without fear of divorce. Not ev- for hours on a raft before a divorce. Hillary have stayed together. that possible.
ery mother could say without submarine found him — as a “Have we come to the What’s obvious is that their Froma Harrop, a syndicated
repercussions what Barbara “wimp.” Sadly, many confuse point where a governor can marriage is rock-solid. There columnist, writes for the Provi-
said about son Jeb Bush’s run- good manners and decency desert his wife and children?” was a point in the humiliat- dence (Rhode Island) Journal.
ning for president: “There are with weakness. Prescott complained. To ing Lewinsky scandal when Her e-mail address is fharrop@
other people out there that are George’s devotion to a modern ears, this is a striking Hillary had to choose between
6A Sunday, December 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

Trump says chief of staff John Kelly to leave at year’s end
By ZEKE MILLER of the House. the coming days, the president ed, with an increasingly dimin- “John Kelly will leaving — I
and JILL COLVIN Nick Ayers, told reporters as he left the ished role. don’t know if I can say retiring
The Associated Press
Vice President White House for the Army-Navy Known through the West — but he’s a great guy,” Trump
WASHINGTON — President Mike Pence’s football game in Philadelphia. Wing as “the chief” or “the gen- said. “John Kelly will be leaving
Donald Trump said Saturday chief of staff, Kelly had been credited eral,” the retired Marine Corps at the end of the year. We’ll be
that chief of staff John Kelly will is Trump’s top with imposing order on a cha- four-star general was tapped by announcing who will be taking
leave his job by year’s end amid choice to replace otic West Wing after his arriv- Trump via tweet in July 2017 John’s place — it might be on an
an expected West Wing reshuf- Kelly, and the two Kelly al in June 2017 from his post as from his perch atop the Home- interim basis. I’ll be announc-
fling reflecting a focus on the have held discus- homeland security secretary. land Security Department to try ing that over the next day or
2020 re-election campaign and sions for months about the job, But his iron first also alienated to normalize a White House riv- two, but John will be leaving at
the challenge of governing with a White House official said. An some longtime Trump allies, en by infighting and competing the end of the year. ... I appreci-
Democrats reclaiming control announcement was expected in and he grew increasingly isolat- power bases. ate his service very much.”

Continued from Page 1A
Jackson, attending train- what I would call easy.” turn out. That’s a serious Being a good listener stresses and mitigate “It’s important to re-
ing for the positions they It was that burden, Da- thing.” also means better rulings, them as much as possible. spect the litigants and the
will assume in January. vidson said, that weighed Colom and Davidson both “The judge sets the lawyers,” Colom added.
The three will learn most heavily on him. The importance said. whole tone,” she said. “It always helps and never
important information on “Think about it,” he “You have to remem- “Not only are the witness- hurts.”
court procedures, opera- said. “We make a decision
of listening ber that you’re not see- es under stress, but so are Burns said all of those
Given the stakes in-
tions and protocol in Jack- to send a child to Mama ing these people in the the attorneys. … It’s so factors make being a
volved, Burns said the
son, but there may not and she moves to Meridi- best of circumstances,” important for you to make chancery judge unique in
most important advice he
have been a better place to an. That child is going to Davidson said. “It can be sure they know you are the profession.
can give to the new judges
absorb the basics of what live in a different neigh- very emotional and some really listening to what “It’s the best job out
is pretty simple.
the job entails than at the borhood, go to a differ- witnesses have a difficult they say. And it’s not just there,” he said. “It’s also
“Let everybody tell
Lee Home on Friday. ent school, have different time expressing them- listening, but making eye the toughest. I loved it.”
their story,” he said.
Combined, Colom, friends, have different life selves. You have to be contact. I’m always trying “I think all three of us
“They are more apt to ac-
Burns and Davidson have experiences. Her whole very patient.” to make that connection feel that what we do mat-
cept what you say if you
served 52 years — 13
life has changed. We can’t really give them a chance Colom said she tries — look them in the eye ters, that it’s important,”
terms — on the chan-
know how any of that will to tell their side.” to be mindful of those and have them look at me. Colom said.
cery court bench in the
district. Colom, with 24
years on the bench will be
replaced by Drungole-El-
lis. Burns will be replaced
by Rodney Faver after 16
years on the bench, while
Davidson will give way
to Joe Studdard after 12
years as a chancery judge.
While each judge
reached the decision to re-
tire on their own, the tim-
ing seemed appropriate.
“I was very fortunate,”
Davidson said. “I had
these two to consult with,
which was really import-
ant in the early years. But
to tell you the truth, we
still consult all the time.
They both were a great re-
source for me to draw on.”

‘I just felt like I
could do the job’
Although all three had
practiced law for years
before ascending to the
bench — often arguing
cases in chancery court
— the subtle nuances of
the job were something
it took some time to ac-
“I had some idea of
what it would be like,”
Davidson said. “But
that doesn’t mean there
weren’t a lot of things I
had to learn.”
“It took me about five
or six years to get com-
fortable,” Burns said.
Colom said she had
been mentally preparing
for the job almost as soon
as she began practicing
“One of my first cases
was in chancery court,”
Colom said. “I won’t tell
you the details or even
the name of the judge, but
I just felt like I could do a
better job.
“I told one of the law-
yers who is here today
that I was going to get that
job one day,” she added.
“That was long before I
ran for the position. It was
at the very beginning of
my career. I just felt like I
could do the job.”

Serious cases, serious
The role of a chancery
judge is unique in many
“There’s no red-let-
ter law that tells you how
to rule,” Davidson said.
“And there’s no jury. It’s
your decision to make and
you have to make it based
on your gut, what you be-
lieve is right.”
Colom said the nature
of the cases that appear
before a chancery judge
add a heavy burden to the
“It was difficult when
I started and it remained
difficult throughout my
tenure,” she said. “What
you are doing is affecting
people directly. You ag-
onize over whether you
made the right decision,
especially the cases in-
volving children — cus-
tody cases or termination
of parental rights cases.
Those are very difficult.
None of those cases are
The Dispatch • Sunday, December 9, 2018 7A


Chris McDill/Special to The Dispatch
The Columbus-Lowndes Public Library Festival of Trees open
Chris McDill/Special to The Dispatch house is pictured Thursday. Trees decorated for the holidays by
Andre Hunt Jr., center, sits with Santa and Miz Claus (Bernard Taylor and Edwina Williams) at the local businesses and organizations will be on display throughout
Columbus-Lowndes Public Library during the library’s Festival of Trees open house Thursday. the library at 314 Seventh St. N. through December.

Ex-Trump fixer Michael Cohen portrayed as greedy opportunist
Cohen, 52, is facing the possibility of roughly opportunist who rode Trump’s
coattails to wealth and is now
more gracious era.”
“After cheating the IRS for
sion and helping to coordinate
hush money payments to two
four years in prison at a sentencing Dec. 12 exaggerating his level of coop-
eration with investigators.
years, lying to banks and to
Congress, and seeking to crim-
women who claimed to have
had affairs with Trump.
By JIM MUSTIAN ident Donald Trump. They said the “pattern of inally influence the Presidential His lawyers said Cohen de-
and LARRY NEUMEISTER Prosecutors offered a vast- deception that permeated his election, Cohen’s decision to cided to plead guilty, cooperate
The Associated Press ly different assessment Friday professional life” was hidden plead guilty - rather than seek a with the special inquiry into
of the president’s former fixer, from three dozen friends and pardon for his manifold crimes - Russian meddling in the 2016
NEW YORK — For weeks, dismissing him as a duplicitous relatives who wrote letters to does not make him a hero,” they elections and get sentenced
Michael Cohen sought to por- figure who badly misplayed his the court hailing Cohen as “the wrote. quickly so he can put the case
tray himself as a man who’d hand. true meaning of a ‘mensch,” a Cohen, 52, is facing the pos- behind him and return to being
found his “true north” after In a court filing ahead of “consummate patriarch” and a sibility of roughly four years in a breadwinner for his wife of 24
years of shady business deal- Cohen’s sentencing next week, selfless servant “whose manner prison at a sentencing Dec. 12 years and their two college-age
ings and pit-bull loyalty to Pres- they assailed him as a greedy and bearing is reminiscent of a for crimes that include tax eva- children.
8A Sunday, December 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

Continued from Page 1A
phia Eagles. Two of Daniels’
paintings will be featured on
the cleats Prescott will wear
for the game, which have
been specially made for the
NFL’s “My Cleats, My Cause”
Prescott, in a video the
Cowboys released Friday af-
ternoon, said he feels blessed
for the “amazing opportunity”
to wear Daniels’ artwork.
“It’s just truly inspirational
to me — somebody who’s tak-
en their adversity and allowed
it to be a strength that moves
them through each and every
day,” Prescott said in the
video. “If I can’t do anything
but bring awareness to people
like Kendrell, or other people
who are fighting disadvantage
or disabilities … I just want to Alex Holloway/Dispatch Staff
help them.” Courtesy photo Judy Duncan, coordinator for the EXPRESS Yourself! program at
Kendrell Daniels, left, presents Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Mississippi State University’s T.K. Martin Center, talks about the
Sharing the spotlight Prescott with a painting. Daniels, who was born without arms, is
an artist with the EXPRESS Yourself! program at Mississippi State
designs artist Kendrell Daniels painted for Dak Prescott’s “My
Cause, My Cleats” cleats. Prescott, who is the quarterback for the
Daniels, who is from University’s T.K. Martin Center. Dallas Cowboys, will wear the cleats on Sunday.
Preston in Kemper County, is
attending today’s game. He’s members called “trackers.” time in the summer of 2017, Duncan said Daniels has
been thrilled about the oppor- “They deserve some recog-
Coming out of his shell when Prescott visited a camp grown tremendously in his
tunity, and hopes to see a win Daniels is a big sports fan,
nition too,” Daniels said. at Mississippi State. time with the program. When
for the Cowboys. and Duncan said most of his
Judy Duncan, coordinator “I was shocked,” Daniels he first came, she said, he
“I’m very excited,” he said paintings have been sports-re-
for EXPRESS Yourself!, said said. “That was the first one didn’t like to talk or make eye
Friday. “It’s going to be my lated. He is, in particular, a fan
everyone at the T.K. Martin I did. I was shocked because contact. Now, she said, he’s
first NFL game I go to.” of the University of Alabama.
Center has been buzzing he’s an NFL player.” more confident and outgoing.
One of Daniels’ paintings about Daniels’ big weekend. Duncan said one day Dan- The T.K. Martin Center Daniels is now a freshman
is blue, displaying the words “We’re absolutely excited,” iels was looking for something hosts an array of programs — taking online courses at East
“Adversity” and “Strength” she said. “It’s very cool that to paint. She suggested he including EXPRESS Yourself! Mississippi Community Col-
and a star for the Cowboys. Kendrell is going to be fea- paint something for Missis- and a preschool program, lege. He hopes to one day be a
It includes splashes of pink, tured, but also that Kendrell sippi State, but he wasn’t among others — for individ- graphic designer, and is going
light blue and maroon, which and Dak have allowed the T.K. taken by the idea. Instead, she uals with disabilities. The to intern with Tree of Life
Daniels said represent breast Martin Center and EXPRESS suggested that he paint some- center houses a staff of speech Bookstores.
cancer awareness, human traf- Yourself! to have some spot- thing for the Cowboys, since pathologists, occupational With the way Daniels has
ficking awareness and Missis- light as well.” many MSU fans also root for therapists, special educators found the strength to over-
sippi State, respectively. Prescott lost his mother to the Cowboys with Prescott at and rehabilitation and biomed- come his challenges, Duncan
The second painting is colon cancer in 2013. He now quarterback. ical engineers. said, it’s only fitting that he
white, with a star for Daniels uses the Fight, Finish, Faith Daniels painted a blue star, Daniels has been going and Prescott have taken to
and nine other stars with the Foundation, in honor of his which Prescott now keeps in to the T.K. Martin Center each other.
names of each of the other mother, to fight cancer and his home. for about three years, where “I think that’s the beauty
artists in the EXPRESS Your- help those facing adversity. Daniels has been a Cow- trackers helped teach him to of this,” Duncan said. “Ken-
self! Program. The program Prescott’s cleats will be boys fan ever since and said paint. His physical limitations drell has taken adversity in
helps artists who have dis- auctioned after Sunday’s he was pleasantly surprised made learning difficult at first, his life and now, through art,
abilities paint, often with the game, with proceeds going to that Prescott liked his paint- Daniels said, but painting has has turned everything into a
assistance of T.K. Martin staff Fight, Finish, Faith. ing. The two met for the first become a favored pastime. strength.”
COLLEGE FOOTBALL Starkville Wins Rivalry Game
Adam Minichino



Murray Bulldogs hit
captures from deep to
beat Clemson
The Associated Press The Associted Press

NEW YORK — Kyler Murray NEWARK, N.J. — Mississip-
waited three years to fulfill the pi State planted the seeds for its
five-star potential he brought to school record of 19 made 3-point-
college football. With one shot ers with some hard work over the
to deliver, Murray replaced a summer.
Heisman Trophy winner by be- “Our guys, I’m
coming a Heisman Trophy win- telling you right
ner. now, I’ve never had
The Oklahoma a team collective-
quarterback won ly work harder at
college football’s shooting than our
most prestigious in- guys did this last
dividual award Sat- offseason,” coach Peters
urday night, beat- Ben Howland said.
ing out Alabama’s Lamar Peters scored 28 points
Tua Tagovailoa and and was 8 of 11 from beyond the
Murray setting up a College David Miller/
Special to The Dispatch arc, leading No. 22 Mississippi
Football Playoff Rivals Starville High State to a wire-to-wire 82-71 win
matchup of Heisman winner ver- and Columbus High over Clemson in the Never Forget
sus runner-up. met Saturday night at Tribute Classic on Saturday.
“This is crazy,” Murray said the Columbus Gym. Quinndary Weatherspoon
in his acceptance speech. “This In the opener, the
Columbus girls won added 20 points and Aric Hol-
is an honor, something that I’ll
49-46, while the man scored 16 for Mississippi
never forget. Something that I’ll
Starkville boys took a State, which shot 63 percent from
always cherish for the rest of my
60-58 victory in the 3-point range.
life.” nightcap. Clemson (6-3) got 23 points
The fourth-ranked Sooners In the photo above, from Aamir Simms and 18 points
play the top-ranked Crimson Tide Starkville’s Jamarrion from Elijah Thomas. The Tigers
in the Orange Bowl semifinal Dec. Brown (15) drives to
29 in the seventh bowl matchup of the basket for a layup
were without their leading scor-
Heisman winner and runner-up, attempt. er, Marcquis Reed, who averages
and first since second-place fin- At right, Columbus’ 19.4 points per game. He suffered
isher Vince Young and Texas beat Kennedi Verdell (10) a knee sprain in the last minute of
Reggie Bush and Southern Cali- makes a drive to the Clemson’s previous game against
basket. Saint Peter’s on Tuesday.
fornia in the 2006 Rose Bowl.
This season, Murray stepped Weatherspoon’s 3-pointer from
into the starting job at Oklahoma the top of the key put Mississippi
held by last year’s Heisman win- State ahead 74-60 with 6:13 re-
ner and first overall NFL draft maining, capping a 9-0 run. Clem-
pick, Baker Mayfield. Oklaho- son did not get closer than eight
ma is the first school with have points the rest of the way after
Heisman-winning quarterbacks closing within five points a few
in consecutive seasons and the times earlier in the second half.
fifth overall with winners in back- “They really were packing it in
to-back years. Mayfield was also a today. We were expecting that,”
finalist in 2016. Howland said. “They were look-
ing at our 3-point percentage (32

“Luckily, we’ve been here
three years in a row,” Oklahoma percent) this season, and they
coach Lincoln Riley said. “We’re thought, ‘We’re going to play off
going to have to start paying tax- them and pack it in.’ And that’s
es here.” what they did. They were going
See MURRAY, 6B By DAVID MILLER late in the fourth after Blake Burnett and See BULLDOGS, 6B
Special to The Dispatch Tijah McCrary each had a pair of 3-point-
ARMY 17, NAVY 10 Atavius Jones knew what was coming. “We’re not a great scoring team, so
n ARMY WINS THIRD STRAIGHT With 15 seconds left and Starkville I told the guys to shoot it if they have a n SOUTH CAROLINA FALLS: Jordan
FROM NAVY: Army had the corps High nursing a three-point lead Saturday Poole scored 19 of his 26 points in
bouncing in front of the president look,” said Phillip Morris, Columbus the second half, and No. 5 Michigan
night at Columbus High, the forward de- coach. “They were feeling it tonight.”
and kept the Commander-in-Chief’s remained unbeaten with a 89-78 win
fended a screen and came up with a steal Starkville assistant coach Ed Town- over South Carolina.
The No. 22 Black Knights recovered and fast-break layup to push the Yellow sel said Columbus’ perimeter shooting n KENTUCKY UPSET: Myles Cale
two fumbles in the fourth quarter, Jackets’ lead to five and an eventual 60-58 didn’t force wholesale adjustments on the hit a go-ahead 3-pointer with 9.5
Kelvin Hopkins Jr. had two rushing rivalry win. defensive end; if anything, it reinforced seconds left in overtime and Seton
touchdowns and Army beat Navy The play capped a clutch late-game the tough man-defense they’d been play- Hall overcame Keldon Johnson’s
17-10 on Saturday to win its third performance from Jones, who scored ing all game. half-court heave that tied the score
straight game in the series. all six of his points in the final three at the regulation buzzer, as Seton
President Donald Trump attended “We stayed home and played drive
minutes, including a pair on offensive and had our big men play the goal if they Hall beat No. 9 Kentucky 84-83 in
the 119th game between the rivals overtime in New York.
and flipped the coin before spending rebounds he’d snagged. Jones also had a came in for a layup,” Townsel said. “It
key block in the last minute of the game. was really a lot of getting down there and n FLORIDA FALLS AT HOME: Kyle
a half on each side in a show of im-
“I was feeling good,” Jones said. Ahrens scored Michigan State’s final
partiality. No matter his view, Army guarding, sticking to what we usually seven points, including a two-hand-
(10-2) always had the edge. “We’ve been under pressure all the time, do.” ed jam with 8.7 seconds remaining
Army retained the CIC Trophy — and we practice it everyday.” Townsel said Jones, who was instruct- as No. 10 Michigan State escaped
awarded to the team with the best Starkville improved to 8-0 ahead of a ed to crash the boards, was “big” down Gainesville with 63-59 win over
record in games among the three
road game at Tupelo next Saturday. the stretch. Florida.
service academies — after winning
it for the first time in 22 years last The Jackets led by as many as 13 in the “That’s why we put him in at the end,” n ELSEWHERE IN THE SEC: Arkansas
season and snuffed a late Navy (3- first quarter and carried a 12-point lead Townsel said. “We put in our best defend- fell 78-77 to Western Kentucky at
10) rally to retain possession of the into the fourth. But Columbus, which ers and told them we need a stop for the home; No. 8 Auburn beat Dayton
patriotic prize. would hit a season-high 12 3-pointers in game, and we got it.” 82-72 at home and Ole Miss won
—The Associated Press the game, took a two-point, 50-48 lead See RIVALRY, 6B 71-64 at Illinois State.


Caledonia’s Box chooses Northwest C.C.
By Adam Minichino at all. I love rooting on my girls. attend Northwest Mississippi I love pushing them when they Community College in Senato-
don’t believe in themselves. bia.
CALEDONIA — Shelbi Box
“Being a soccer player is The dream has been years
wears a captain’s band on her
great and everything, but the in the making, as evidenced by
left arm with pride.
leadership role that comes with the array of medals Box earned
For the last two seasons,
it, I push them, I motivate them. through years of playing youth
Box has been the “loud” player
in the middle of the Caledonia I just want the best for them.” and travel soccer. Those awards
High School girls soccer team. Those leadership qualities were spread out on the table in
Box admits it’s easy to hear her have helped make Box a main- front of her National Letter of
on the field because she has stay in the Caledonia High line- Intent. Trophies and awards
learned to dislike quiet, which up ever since she was a fresh- from other soccer accomplish-
is a great trait to have when man. Now a senior, Box has ments also adorned the table.
you’re organizing and keeping used those intangibles to push There also was a picture of
Adam Minichino/Dispatch Staff
Caledonia High School senior Shelbi Box poses for pictures Friday track and all of your teammates. her a step closer to her dream. box in her Caledonia High uni-
during a signing ceremony to celebrate her decision to play soccer “It’s an honor,” Box said of On Friday, Box celebrated form replete with her captain’s
at Northwest Mississippi Community College in Senatobia. Stand- being a team captain. “If you’re her chance to play soccer in arm band. Box said she has
ing, from left: Sharon Fleming, Shelbi’s grandmother; Kerry Box, a captain, everybody thinks college at a signing ceremony played with her teammates for
her mother; Brad Box, her father; and Kelly Frady, her aunt. you’re the best, but that is not it to announce her decision to See SOCCER, 6B
2b Sunday, December 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

briefly CALENDAR Basketball
Dwayne Allen (knee), CB Stephon Gilmore
Holiday Bowl
San Diego
Northwestern (8-5) vs. Utah (9-4), 6 p.m. (FS1)
NBA (ankle) Practice Report. DOLPHINS: OUT: C Gator Bowl
Local Prep Basketball
Atlantic Division
W L Pct GB
Jake Brendel (calf), CB Xavien Howard (knee).
(knee), C Travis Swanson (ankle).
Jacksonville, Fla.
NC State (9-3) vs. Texas A&M (8-4), 6:30 p.m.
Starkville High basketball sweeps Noxubee County Monday’s Games Toronto
21 6 .778 —
18 9 .667 3
CANEERS — SAINTS: OUT: T Terron Arm- Tuesday, Jan. 1
STARKVILLE — The Starkville High School basketball teams Oak Hill Academy at Columbus Christian Boston 15 10 .600 5 stead (pectoral). BUCCANEERS: OUT: S Jus- Outback Bowl
swept Noxubee County at home Friday night. Brooklyn 10 18 .357 11½ tin Evans (toe), WR DeSean Jackson (thumb), Tampa, Fla.
Tuesday’s Games New York 8 19 .296 13 CB Isaiah Johnson (concussion). DOUBTFUL: Mississippi State (8-4) vs. Iowa (8-4), 11 a.m.
The Starkville girls improved to 4-2 with a 66-15 victory, while the Southeast Division CB Carlton Davis (knee). QUESTIONABLE: T (ESPN2)
Starkville boys moved to 7-0 with a 65-40 win. New Hope at West Lowndes W L Pct GB Demar Dotson (hamstring), CB Brent Grimes Citrus Bowl
Charlotte 12 13 .480 — (knee), DE Jason Pierre-Paul (knee), CB M.J. Orlando, Fla.
For the Starkville girls, Sukkima Suell led the way with 13 points. Columbus Christian at Caledonia Orlando 12 14 .462 ½ Stewart (foot). Kentucky (9-3) vs. Penn State (9-3), Noon
For the Starkville boys, Jamarvis Phillips had 13 points, while Tyler NEW YORK GIANTS at WASHINGTON (ABC)
Houston at West Point Washington
11 15 .423 1½
10 14 .417 1½ REDSKINS — GIANTS: QUESTIONABLE: Fiesta Bowl
Talley had 12 points. Leake County at Noxubee County Atlanta 6 20 .231 6½ LB Tae Davis (ankle), LB B.J. Goodson (neck, Glendale, Ariz.
n CCA edges Pickens Academy: At Carrollton, Alabama, Central Division foot). REDSKINS: OUT LB Ryan Anderson LSU (9-3) vs. UCF (12-0), Noon (ESPN)
Columbus Christian beats Pickens Academy 60-55 in boys’ basketball Hamilton at Baldwyn W L Pct GB (hamstring), G Tony Bergstrom (knee, ankle),
QB Colt McCoy (fibula). QUESTIONABLE: LB
Rose Bowl
Milwaukee 16 8 .667 — Pasadena, Calif.
action Friday night. Heritage Academy at Lamar School Indiana 16 10 .615 1 Zach Brown (illness), WR Josh Doctson (hip), Washington (10-3) vs. Ohio State (12-1), 4 p.m.
Detroit 13 10 .565 2½ DE Matt Ioannidis (shin), C Chase Roullier (ESPN)
For Pickens Academy, Seth Peeks had 11 points, while Hayden Pillow Academy at Starkville Academy Cleveland 6 20 .231 11 (knee). Sugar Bowl
Dyer and James Parker each had nine points and Jon Wesley Rye had Chicago 6 21 .222 11½ NEW YORK JETS at BUFFALO BILLS — JETS: New Orleans
Starkville Christian at Oak Hill Academy WESTERN CONFERENCE QUESTIONABLE: WR Robby Anderson (an- Texas (9-4) vs. Georgia (11-2), 7:45 p.m.
eight points. kle), RB Isaiah Crowell (toe), TE Jordan Leg-
Thursday’s Games Southwest Division
gett (knee), CB Buster Skrine (shoulder, hip).
n Starkville Academy wins twice: At Columbus, the Starkville W L Pct GB
BILLS: OUT: QB Derek Anderson (concussion),
Academy basketball teams swept Jackson Academy Friday afternoon Amory at Caledonia Memphis 15 10 .600 —
CB Taron Johnson (shoulder). DOUBTFUL: TE
Monday, Jan. 7
College Football Championship
Dallas 13 11 .542 1½
at the Heritage Academy Shootout. Columbus Christian at Marshall Academy New Orleans 13 14 .481 3 Jason Croom (groin). QUESTIONABLE: WR
Isaiah McKenzie (toe).
Santa Clara, Calif.
San Antonio 12 14 .462 3½ Cotton Bowl winner vs. Orange Bowl winner, 7
The Lady Volunteers won 45-26, while the Volunteers won 37-20. Smithville at Hamilton Houston 11 14 .440 4 PHILADELPHIA EAGLES at DALLAS COW- p.m. (ESPN)
For the SA girls, Lillee Alpe had 18 points, while the SA boys Northwest Division BOYS — EAGLES: OUT: LB Jordan Hicks
Friday’s Games W L Pct GB (calf), CB Jalen Mills (foot). QUESTIONABLE:
received seven points from Tanner Graves.
n Heritage Academy boys win: On the final day of the Heritage West Lowndes at Columbus Oklahoma City
16 8 .667
17 9 .654 —
— DE Michael Bennett (foot), DT Timmy Jernigan
(back), CB Avonte Maddox (ankle, knee).
COWBOYS: OUT: WR Tavon Austin (groin), DE
Academy Shootout, the Heritage Academy boys beat Jackson Acade- Louisville at West Point Portland
14 11 .560 2½
13 12 .520 3½ David Irving (ankle), LB Sean Lee (hamstring), NHL
my 47-43 at New Hope Middle School. Southeast Lauderdale at Noxubee County Utah 13 13 .500 4 TE Geoff Swaim (wrist). QUESTIONABLE: WR EASTERN CONFERENCE
Pacific Division Michael Gallup (illness), T Tyron Smith (neck) Atlantic Division
The HA-Columbus Christian game scheduled for Saturday night Itawamba AHS at Aberdeen W L Pct GB PITTSBURGH STEELERS at OAKLAND GP W L OT Pts GF GA
was canceled. Golden State 18 9 .667 — RAIDERS — STEELERS: OUT: RB James Tampa Bay 30 22 7 1 45 117 87
Starkville Academy at Heritage Academy L.A. Clippers 16 8 .667 ½ Conner (ankle), T Marcus Gilbert (knee). Toronto 29 20 8 1 41 106 78
In Friday’s late games, Heritage Academy split two contests with L.A. Lakers 16 10 .615 1½ QUESTIONABLE: S Morgan Burnett (back), LB Buffalo 30 17 9 4 38 91 88
Jackson Prep. Marshall Academy at Oak Hill Academy Sacramento 13 12 .520 4 Anthony Chickillo (ankle). RAIDERS: QUES- Montreal 29 14 10 5 33 93 92
Phoenix 4 22 .154 13½ TIONABLE: DT Maurice Hurst (ankle), RB Boston 28 14 10 4 32 73 72
The Heritage Academy boys won 43-34, while the Heritage Columbus Christian vs. Lee Arkansas (Memphis) Doug Martin (knee), G Kelechi Osemele (toe), Detroit 29 13 12 4 30 86 97
Academy girls lost 42-27. WR Seth Roberts (concussion), LB Kyle Wilber Florida 27 11 11 5 27 89 96
Saturday’s Games Friday’s Games
Charlotte 113, Denver 107 (hamstring), CB Daryl Worley (shoulder). Ottawa 29 12 14 3 27 102 119
New Hope at West Point Indiana 112, Orlando 90 LOS ANGELES RAMS at CHICAGO BEARS Metropolitan Division
Philadelphia 117, Detroit 111 — RAMS: OUT: RB Malcolm Brown (shoulder). GP W L OT Pts GF GA
Blackwell all-star game ends in scoreless tie Starkville High at Hound Dog Classic (at Tupelo) Brooklyn 106, Toronto 105, OT BEARS: DOUBTFUL: S Deon Bush (ham-
string). QUESTIONABLE: S Eddie Jackson
Washington 28 16 9 3 35 102 90
Columbus 28 16 10 2 34 100 95
GULFPORT — The 70th Bernard Blackwell all-star football game Sacramento 129, Cleveland 110
Magnolia Heights at Heritage Academy Chicago 114, Oklahoma City 112 (shin), DT Bilal Nichols (knee) Carolina 28 13 11 4 30 71 77
ended with a scoreless tie Saturday morning at Gulfport High School’s Monday’s Game N.Y. Islanders 27 13 11 3 29 79 81
Milner Stadium. Prep Soccer Memphis 107, New Orleans 103
San Antonio 133, L.A. Lakers 120
Miami 115, Phoenix 98
Pittsburgh 27 12 10 5 29 95 89
N.Y. Rangers 28 13 12 3 29 80 88
The contest was played with a running block in a driving rain storm. Monday’s Matches Golden State 105, Milwaukee 95 (hamstring), LB Eric Kendricks (rib), TE David
Morgan (knee), CB Trae Waynes (concussion).
Philadelphia 27 12 12 3 27 85 94
New Jersey 27 10 12 5 25 81 94
Local players on the North roster included Ryan Melton, Brentt Saturday’s Games
Nettleton at Columbus, 5 p.m. Dallas 107, Houston 104 LIMITED: WR Stefon Diggs (knee). FULL: WESTERN CONFERENCE
Cunningham, Ezekiel Head (West Point); Myles Stone, KJ Lawrence, Indiana 107, Sacramento 97 G Mike Remmers (back), CB Xavier Rhodes Central Division
Pillow Academy at Heritage Academy, 5 p.m. Atlanta 106, Denver 98 (hamstring), WR Brandon Zylstra (foot). SEA- GP W L OT Pts GF GA
Ryan Johnson (Starkville High); Keymarcus Jackson, Verdell Clemons Brooklyn 112, New York 104 HAWKS: No Report. Nashville 29 19 9 1 39 93 72
(Noxubee County) and Laderrick Despenza (Hamilton). Indianola Academy at Starkville Academy, 5 p.m. Cleveland 116, Washington 101 Colorado 29 17 7 5 39 107 81
The North Most Valuable Defensive Player was Michael Smith Tuesday’s Matches Boston 133, Chicago 77 FCS Playoffs Winnipeg 28 17 9 2 36 94 79
L.A. Lakers 111, Memphis 88 Quarterfinals Dallas 29 16 10 3 35 81 74
(Ridgeland), while the North Most Valuable Offensive Player wasBud Lamar School at Starkville Academy, 5 p.m. Minnesota at Portland, late Friday, Dec. 7 Minnesota 29 15 12 2 32 88 87
Miami at L.A. Clippers, late Maine 23, Weber State 18 St. Louis 27 10 13 4 24 77 88
Tolbert (Water Valley). Columbus at Starkville High, 5 p.m. Today’s Games Saturday, Dec. 8 Chicago 30 9 16 5 23 82 112
The South Most Valuable Defensive Player was Davandre Bays New Orleans at Detroit, 2:30 p.m. North Dakota State 35, Colgate 0 Pacific Division
(Winona), while the South Most Valuable Offensive Player: Micah Kelly Caledonia at Kosciusko, 5 p.m. Milwaukee at Toronto, 5 p.m. South Dakota State 27, Kennesaw State 17 GP W L OT Pts GF GA
Utah at San Antonio, 6 p.m. Eastern Washington 34, UC Davis 29 Calgary 29 18 9 2 38 102 82
(Ocean Springs). Choctaw County at MSMS, 5:30 p.m. Charlotte at New York, 6:30 p.m. Anaheim 31 15 11 5 35 75 89
Semifinals Vegas 30 16 13 1 33 91 84
The last scoreless tie in the series took place in 1963. Thursday’s Matches Monday’s Games
Detroit at Philadelphia, 6 p.m. Friday, Dec. 14 or Saturday, Dec. 15 San Jose 30 14 11 5 33 92 93
Edmonton 29 15 12 2 32 81 87
Heritage Academy at Hartfield Academy, 5 p.m. Washington at Indiana, 6 p.m. Maine (10-3) vs. Eastern Washington (11-2),
Arizona 27 13 12 2 28 70 71
Alabama New Orleans at Boston, 6:30 p.m. TBA
Pillow Academy at Columbus Christian, 5 p.m. Cleveland at Milwaukee, 7 p.m. North Dakota State (13-0) vs. South Dakota
State (10-2), TBA
Vancouver 31 12 16 3 27 89 108
Los Angeles 29 10 18 1 21 62 90
Sacramento at Chicago, 7 p.m.
Women’s basketball beats Tulane Friday’s Matches Utah at Oklahoma City, 7 p.m.
Orlando at Dallas, 7:30 p.m. Championship NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The Alabama women’s basketball team New Hope at Louisville, 5 p.m. L.A. Clippers at Phoenix, 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 5 overtime loss. Top three teams in each division
Memphis at Denver, 8 p.m. At Toyota Stadium and two wild cards per conference advance to
led from start to finish as the Crimson Tide (6-4) downed Tulane 69-58 Columbus at Nettleton, 5 p.m. Miami at L.A. Lakers, 9:30 p.m. Frisco, Texas playoffs.
on Saturday afternoon inside Coleman Coliseum. The Tide snapped a Washington School at Starkville Academy, 5 p.m. Minnesota at Golden State, 9:30 p.m. Semifinal winners, Noon
Tuesday’s Games Friday’s Games
three-game losing streak with the win, while ending the Green Wave’s
Starkville High at Kosciusko, 5:30 p.m. Portland at Houston, 7 p.m. Division II Playoffs St. Louis 1, Winnipeg 0
(7-2) three-game win streak. Phoenix at San Antonio, 7:30 p.m. Semifinals Dallas 3, San Jose 2
The Crimson Tide were led offensively by sophomore Jasmine Saturday’s Matches Toronto at L.A. Clippers, 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8
Valdosta State 30, Notre Dame (Ohio) 24
Edmonton 7, Minnesota 2
Carolina 4, Anaheim 1
Walker, who scored 20 points and grabbed five rebounds. Junior Cierra
Johnson poured in 18 points, including four three-pointers, while also
New Hope at Amory, 11 a.m.
Corinth at Caledonia, Noon
Football Ferris State 42, Minnesota State-Mankato 25

Saturday’s Games
Philadelphia 6, Buffalo 2
Los Angeles 5, Vegas 1
notching six rebounds and five assists. In just her second game back NFL Saturday, Dec. 15 N.Y. Islanders 3, Detroit 2
from injury, junior Jordan Lewis tossed in 16 points and dished out four Men’s College Basketball AMERICAN CONFERENCE
At McKinney, Texas
Valdosta State (13-0) vs. Ferris State (15-0),
Tampa Bay 7, Colorado 1
Ottawa 2, Pittsburgh 1, OT
assists. Tuesday’s Games W L T Pct PF PA 3 p.m. N.Y. Rangers 5, Florida 4, SO
New England 9 3 0 .750 331 259 Washington 4, Columbus 0
Alabama outrebounded Tulane 43-33, including a 15-5 edge in Millsaps College at Southern Miss, 4 p.m. Miami 6 6 0 .500 244 300 Division III Playoffs Boston 6, Toronto 3
offensive rebounds. The UA defense turned up the pressure, forcing Buffalo 4 8 0 .333 178 293 Semifinals San Jose 5, Arizona 3
Mississippi University for Women at Blue Moun- N.Y. Jets 3 9 0 .250 243 307 Saturday, Dec. 8 Nashville at Calgary, late
the Green Wave into 23 turnovers. The Crimson Tide were also efficient South Mount Union 28, Johns Hopkins 20 Today’s Games
from the foul line, making 78 percent (14-of-18) of its attempts from the tain College, 7:30 p.m. W L T Pct PF PA Mary Hardin-Baylor 31, Wisconsin-Whitewater 14 Vancouver at St. Louis, 2 p.m.
Philadelphia at Winnipeg, 2 p.m.
stripe. Wednesday’s Game Houston 9 3 0 .750 302
Tennessee 7 6 0 .538 251
254 Championship Boston at Ottawa, 4 p.m.
n Swimming and diving beats Auburn: At Tuscaloosa, Southeastern Louisiana vs. Ole Miss (Jackson), Indianapolis 6 6 0 .500 325
Jacksonville 4 9 0 .308 212
Friday, Dec. 14 Montreal at Chicago, 5 p.m.
New Jersey at Anaheim, 7 p.m.
At Shenandoah, Texas
Alabama, the Alabama men’s swimming and diving squad used a total 6:30 p.m. North Mount Union (14-0) vs. Mary Hardin-Baylor, Calgary at Edmonton, 8 p.m.
team effort to notch its first dual-meet win over the Auburn Tigers since W L T Pct PF PA (14-0), 7 p.m. Dallas at Vegas, 8 p.m.
Saturday’s Games Pittsburgh 7 4 1 .625 346 282 Monday’s Games
2010 Friday afternoon, 160-140. Baltimore 7 5 0 .583 297 214 Bowl Schedule Pittsburgh vs. N.Y. Islanders at Nassau Veter-
Alabama surged to an early lead by winning the first relay and then Southern Miss at Wichita State, 4:30 p.m. Cincinnati 5 7 0 .417 286 371 Saturday, Dec. 15 ans Memorial Coliseum, 6 p.m.
Cleveland 4 7 1 .375 266 312 Celebration Bowl N.Y. Rangers at Tampa Bay, 6:30 p.m.
six of the next eight individual races. Junior Zane Waddell combined Cincinnati at Mississippi State, 7:30 p.m. West At Atlanta Los Angeles at Detroit, 6:30 p.m.
with seniors Laurent Bams, Knox Auerbach and Robert Howard to open Sunday’s Game W L T Pct PF PA NC A&T (9-2) vs. Alcorn State (9-3), 11 a.m. New Jersey at San Jose, 9:30 p.m.
Kansas City 10 2 0 .833 444 327 (ABC) Tuesday’s Games
the meet with a decisive 400 medley relay win. Howard (200 freestyle), Chattanooga at Ole Miss, 5 p.m. L.A. Chargers 9 3 0 .750 340 249 Cure Bowl Toronto at Carolina, 6 p.m.
Waddell (100 backstroke) and Bams (100 breaststroke) then won three Denver 6 6 0 .500 276 262 Orlando, Fla. Los Angeles at Buffalo, 6 p.m.
individual races in a row. Howard also won the 50 freestyle while Bams Women’s College Basketball Oakland 2 10 0 .167 220 367
Tulane (6-6) vs. Louisiana-Lafayette (7-6),
12:30 p.m. (CBSSN)
Vancouver at Columbus, 6 p.m.
Arizona at Boston, 6 p.m.
added 100 freestyle win to his tally. Monday’s Game East New Mexico Bowl Detroit at Washington, 6:30 p.m.
W L T Pct PF PA Albuquerque Montreal at Minnesota, 7 p.m.
Freshman Spencer Walker, who was second in the 100 backstroke, Berry College at Mississippi University for Wom- Dallas 7 5 0 .583 247 223 North Texas (9-3) vs. Utah State (10-2), 1 p.m. Ottawa at Nashville, 7 p.m.
chipped in a win of his own in the 200 backstroke. Philadelphia 6 6 0 .500 258 266 (ESPN) Chicago at Winnipeg, 7 p.m.
From that point, Auburn started to close the gap, winning three- en, 7 p.m. Washington 6 6 0 .500 233 257 Las Vegas Bowl Florida at St. Louis, 7 p.m.
N.Y. Giants 4 8 0 .333 267 315 Fresno State (11-2) vs. Arizona State (7-5), 2:30 Edmonton at Colorado, 8 p.m.
straight races as well as both springboard diving events. Tuesday’s Games South p.m. (ABC)
With one individual race left before the final relay, freshman Mississippi University for Women at Blue Moun-
New Orleans 10 2 0 .833 419 269
Camellia Bowl
Montgomery, Ala. Transactions
Nicholas Perera all but slammed the door on the Tigers with a dominant tain College, 5:30 p.m. Carolina 6 6 0 .500 304 306 Georgia Southern (9-3) vs. Eastern Michigan
Saturday’s Moves
Tampa Bay 5 7 0 .417 318 355 (7-5), 4:30 p.m. (ESPN)
win in the 400 individual medley. Atlanta 4 8 0 .333 296 333 BASEBALL
Alcorn State at Southern Miss, 6 p.m. North
New Orleans Bowl
Middle Tennessee (8-5) vs. Appalachian State National League
Wednesday’s Game W L T Pct PF PA (10-2), 8 p.m. (ESPN) PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES — Signed C Adony
Ole Miss Louisiana at Ole Miss, 11 a.m.
Chicago 8 4 0 .667 344
Minnesota 6 5 1 .542 275
270 Tuesday, Dec. 18
Mejia to a minor league contract.
Green Bay 4 7 1 .375 281 287 National Football League
Football’s Woods chosen for East-West Shring Game Thursday’s Game Detroit 4 8 0 .333 254 316
Boca Raton (Fla.) Bowl
UAB (10-3) vs. North Illinois (8-5), 6 p.m. BUFFALO BILLS — Signed WR Da’Mari Scott
OXFORD — A third member of the Ole Miss football team has West (ESPN) from the practice squad.
Philander Smith College at Mississippi University W L T Pct PF PA CLEVELAND BROWNS — Placed TE Pharaoh
accepted an invite to compete in the East-West Shrine Game, Jan. 19, y-L.A. Rams 11 1 0 .917 419 298 Wednesday, Dec. 19 Brown on injured reserve. Activated DB Ter-
for Women, 5:30 p.m. Seattle 7 5 0 .583 319 259 rance Mitchell from injured reserve.
at Tropicana Field, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Frisco (Texas) Bowl
Senior defensive back Zedrick Woods will join teammates Sean Friday’s Game Arizona 3 9 0 .250 175 310
San Francisco 2 10 0 .167 255 336
San Diego State (7-5) vs. Ohio (8-4), 7 p.m.
(ESPN) Greene on injured reserve. Signed OL Adam
Rawlings and Jordan Ta’amu in the 94th edition of the college all-star Mississippi State at Southern Miss, 6 p.m. y-clinched division Pankey from the practice squad.
Thursday, Dec. 20
game. Saturday’s Games Thursday’s Game Gasparilla Bowl National Hockey League
Woods finished the 2018 season second on the team in tackles Tennessee 30, Jacksonville 9 At St. Petersburg, Fla. ANAHEIM DUCKS — Signed general manager
Mississippi University for Women at Huntingdon Today’s Games Marshall (8-4) vs. South Florida (7-5), 7 p.m. Bob Murray to a two-year contract extension
with 79. He was one of only three Rebels to start all 12 games on the New Orleans at Tampa Bay, Noon (ESPN) through the 2021-22 season.
defensive side of the ball. Woods was tied for the team lead with two College, 2 p.m. N.Y. Giants at Washington, Noon CALGARY FLAMES — Recalled F Alan Quine
Atlanta at Green Bay, Noon Friday, Dec. 21 from Stockton (AHL).
interceptions and led the SEC in fumble recoveries. His 96-yard scoop Ole Miss at Louisiana Tech, 2 p.m. Indianapolis at Houston, Noon Bahamas Bowl CAROLINA HURRICANES — Reassigned F
and score at Texas A&M this season was the second-longest fumble N.Y. Jets at Buffalo, Noon Nassau Saku Maenalanen and G Alex Nedeljkovic to
Carolina at Cleveland, Noon Toledo (7-5) vs. FIU (8-4), 11:30 a.m (ESPN) Charlotte (AHL).
return in program history and was his second-career TD. New England at Miami, Noon Famous Idaho Potato Bowl OTTAWA SENATORS — Placed F Bobby Ryan
on injured reserve.
on the air
The Lake City, Florida, native tallied 49 career appearances in a Baltimore at Kansas City, Noon Boise
Cincinnati at L.A. Chargers, 3:05 p.m. Western Michigan (7-5) vs. BYU (6-6), 3 p.m. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING — Assigned D Oleg
Rebel uniform, including 37 starts. He finished his Ole Miss career with Denver at San Francisco, 3:05 p.m. (ESPN) Sosunov and Matthew Spencer to Orlando
231 total tackles and six interceptions. Detroit at Arizona, 3:25 p.m. (ECHL).
For more than 90 years, some of football’s greatest athletes and Today Philadelphia at Dallas, 3:25 p.m.
Pittsburgh at Oakland, 3:25 p.m.
Saturday, Dec. 22
Birmingham (Ala.) Bowl
American Hockey League
HERSHEY BEARS — Recalled F Grant Besse
coaches have contributed to the tradition of the East-West Shrine L.A. Rams at Chicago, 7:20 p.m. Memphis (8-5) vs. Wake Forest (6-6), 11 a.m. from South Carolina (ECHL).
Game. Players like Gale Sayers, Tom Brady, John Elway, Allan Page, 10 a.m. — Holiday Festival Game, Columbia vs. Minnesota at Seattle, 7:15 p.m. Armed Forces Bowl Auger to Florida (ECHL).
Dick Butkus, Brett Favre, Gino Marchetti and Walter Payton, along Thursday, Dec. 13 Fort Worth, Texas TEXAS STARS — Assigned F Robbie Payne to
with coaches Don Shula, Dick Vermeil, Paul “Bear” Bryant and Jerry Iona, FS1 L.A. Chargers at Kansas City, 7:20 p.m.
Saturday, Dec. 15
Houston (8-4) vs. Army (9-2), 2:30 p.m. (ESPN) Idaho (ECHL).
TORONTO MARLIES — Assigned Fs Griffen
Dollar General Bowl
Glanville, to name a few, have supported the East-West Shrine Game. Noon — Arizona at Alabama, ESPN Houston at N.Y. Jets, 3:30 p.m. Mobile, Ala. Molino and Emerson Clark to Newfoundland
Cleveland at Denver, 7:20 p.m. Buffalo (10-3) vs. Troy (9-3), 6 p.m. (ESPN) (ECHL).
Since 1925, the East-West Shrine Game has benefited Shriners Noon — Princeton at St. John’s, FS1 Sunday, Dec. 16 Hawaii Bowl ECHL
Hospitals for Children and its mission to provide advanced care for Tennessee at N.Y. Giants, Noon Honolulu IDAHO STEELHEADS — Signed D Charlie
1 p.m. — Incarnate Word at LSU, SEC Network Green Bay at Chicago, Noon Louisiana Tech (7-5) vs. Hawaii (8-5), 9:30 p.m. Dodero. Loaned F Steve McParland to Stock-
children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft Detroit at Buffalo, Noon ton (AHL).
2 p.m. — Gonzaga at Tennessee, ESPN Tampa Bay at Baltimore, Noon
KALAMAZOO WINGS — Signed F Tyler Biggs.
lip and palate, regardless of the families’ ability to pay for services.
n Women’s basketball beats Savannah State: At Oxford, 2:30 p.m. — Oregon State at St. Louis, ESPNU Arizona at Atlanta, Noon
Oakland at Cincinnati, Noon
Wednesday, Dec. 26
SERVPRO First Responder Bowl
terson to Indy.
senior Crystal Allen made history and the Ole Miss women’s basketball 4:30 p.m. — Jerry Colangelo Classic, Nevada vs. Dallas at Indianapolis, Noon
Miami at Minnesota, Noon
Major League Soccer
Boston College (7-5) vs. Boise State (10-3),
team as a whole dominated in a 74-51 win over Savannah State at The Grand Canyon, ESPNU Washington at Jacksonville, Noon 12:30 p.m. (ESPN) NEW YORK CITY FC — Signed D Maxime Ch-
Pavilion on Saturday afternoon. Seattle at San Francisco, 3:05 p.m. Quick Lane Bowl anot to a multi-year contract.
5 p.m. — Purdue at Texas, ESPN2 New England at Pittsburgh, 3:25 p.m. Detroit
The Rebels (4-6) received a complete team performance in the win
Philadelphia at L.A. Rams, 7:20 p.m. Minnesota (6-6) vs. Georgia Tech (7-5), 4:15 Friday’s Moves
over the Lady Tigers (2-5), scoring a season-high 74 points alongside a Monday, Dec. 17 p.m. (ESPN) BASEBALL
New Orleans at Carolina, 7:15 p.m.
season-high nine three-pointers – five of which came from Allen, who Noon — PGA Tour Golf, QBE Shootout, second Cheez-It Bowl
American League
BOSTON RED SOX — Named Billy McMillon
today became the 30th Rebel to ever score their 1,000th point in an Ole round, Naples, Florida, TGC NFL Injury Report California (7-5) vs. TCU (6-6), 8 p.m. (ESPN) manager of Pawtucket (IL).
Today’s Games CHICAGO WHITE SOX — Named Mike Rein-
Miss jersey. Most impressively, Ole Miss had a season-high 21 assists 1 p.m. — PGA Tour Golf, QBE Shootout, final ATLANTA FALCONS at GREEN BAY PACK- Thursday, Dec. 27 old senior medical adviser. Promoted Brian Ball
on 26 made field goals, and absolutely dominated the glass by a 62-28 ERS — FALCONS: OUT: TE Logan Paulsen Independence Bowl to athletic trainer, Brett Walker to physical ther-
round, Naples, Florida, WTVA (knee, ankle). QUESTIONABLE: K Matt Bry- Shreveport, La. apist/assistant athletic trainer and James Kruk
advantage – the first rebounding margin above 30 since Dec. 29, 2009, ant (back). PACKERS: OUT: S Raven Greene Temple (8-4) vs. Duke (7-5), 12:30 p.m. (ESPN) to assistant athletic trainer.
vs. Centenary (+31). NBA (ankle). DOUBTFUL: T Bryan Bulaga (knee, Pinstripe Bowl National League
illness). QUESTIONABLE: G Byron Bell (knee), Bronx, N.Y. ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS — Agreed to
n Men’s basketball wins at Illinois State: At Normal, Illinois, hot 5 p.m. — Milwaukee at Toronto, NBA TV LS Hunter Bradley (ankle), CB Bashaud Bree- Miami (7-5) vs. Wisconsin (7-5), 4:15 p.m. terms with RHP Merrill Kelly on a two-year
shooting and opportunistic defense Saturday night propelled Mississippi NFL land (groin), S Kentrell Brice (ankle, concus- (ESPN) contract.
sion), G Lane Taylor (foot). Texas Bowl NEW YORK METS — Named Jared Banner
to an 81-74 road victory over Illinois State. Noon — Indianapolis at Houston, WCBI BALTIMORE RAVENS at KANSAS CITY Houston executive director of player development. Pro-
The Rebels (6-2) shot 52.6 percent for the game, including 60 CHIEFS — RAVENS: DOUBTFUL: S Tony Jef- Baylor (6-6) vs. Vanderbilt (6-6), 8 p.m. (ESPN) moted Ian Levin to senior director of baseball
percent through the first 25 minutes, and scored 12 points off of ISU’s Noon — New Orleans at Tampa Bay, WLOV ferson (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: QB Joe Flac- operations.
co (hip), CB Marlon Humphrey (groin), G James Friday, Dec. 28 SAN DIEGO PADRES — Signed RHP Garrett
10 turnovers. 3:25 p.m. — Philadelphia at Dallas, WLOV Hurst (back), S Anthony Levine (ankle), G Alex Music City Bowl Richards to a two-year contract. Designated
Lewis (shoulder), LB Tim Williams (ankle), CB Nashville, Tenn. INF Carlos Asuaje for assignment.
Breein Tyree scored 22 points, including 17 in the second half, and 7:20 p.m. — LA Rams at Chicago, WTVA Tavon Young (groin). CHIEFS: DOUBTFUL: Purdue (6-6) vs. Auburn (7-5), 12:30 p.m. WASHINGTON NATIONALS — Agreed to
Terence Davis scored 20 for Ole Miss. SKIING WR Sammy Watkins (foot). QUESTIONABLE: (ESPN) terms with LHP Patrick Corbin on a six-year
S Eric Berry (heel), TE Demetrius Harris (knee, Camping World Bowl contract.
Davis surpassed his per-game average by scoring 16 points in the
4 p.m. — FIS Alpine World Cup, women’s parallel illness). Orlando, Fla. BASKETBALL
first half and made 7 of 10 field goals, two from 3-point range, before CAROLINA PANTHERS at CLEVELAND West Virginia (8-3) vs. Syracuse (9-3), 4:15 National Basketball Association
going to the bench with his second foul. slalom, Switzerland, NBC Sports Network BROWNS — PANTHERS: OUT: K Graham p.m. (ESPN)
Alamo Bowl
PHOENIX SUNS — Signed G Jawun Evans to
a two-way contract.
Gano (left knee), G Amini Silatolu (knee).
ISU had no answer for anything Davis did in the opening period SNOWBOARDING QUESTIONABLE: S Colin Jones (illness). San Antonio CLEVELAND CAVALIERS — Acquired G Mat-
BROWNS: OUT: T Austin Corbett (foot), CB Iowa State (8-4) vs. Washington State (10-2), thew Dellavedova, F John Henson and 2021
and stayed close mainly by outscoring Ole Miss 7-0 from the foul line. 11:30 a.m. — U.S. Grand Prix, halfpipe competi- Denzel Ward (concussion). QUESTIONABLE: 8 p.m. (ESPN) first- and second-round picks from Milwaukee.
CB Phillip Gaines (knee), DT Larry Ogunjobi MILWAUKEE BUCKS — Acquired G George
tion, Copper Mountain, Colorado, WTVA (biceps), C J.C. Tretter (ankle). Saturday, Dec. 29 Hill and a 2021 second-round pick from Cleve-
Mississippi University for Women SOCCER CINCINNATI BENGALS at LOS ANGELES
Peach Bowl
land and F Jason Smith and cash consider-
ations from Washington.
Basketball teams split pair of home games 9:55 a.m. — Newcastle United vs. Wolves, NBC Burfict (concussion), T Cordy Glenn (back), CB
Dre Kirkpatrick (ankle), CB Tony McRae (con-
Florida (9-3) vs. Michigan (10-2), 11 a.m.
Sam Dekker from Cleveland for a 2022 sec-
The Mississippi University for Women moved to 7-2 in women’s Sports Network cussion). QUESTIONABLE: WR Josh Malone Belk Bowl
Charlotte, N.C.
ond-round draft pick.
(hamstring). CHARGERS: OUT: RB Melvin
basketball with an 84-43 win over Wesleyan Saturday at Pohl Gymna- WOMEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL Gordon (knee), CB Trevor Williams (knee). South Carolina (7-5) vs. Virginia (7-5), 11 a.m. National Football League
sium. DOUBTFUL: TE Sean Culkin (back), DT Bran- (ABC) NFL — Suspended New York Jets LB Darron
Noon — Tennessee at Texas, ESPN2 don Mebane (not injury related). Arizona Bowl Lee four games for violating its substance
For MUW, Keyahna Jones led the way with 16 points and 16 DENVER BRONCOS at SAN FRANCISCO Tucson, Ariz. abuse policy.
rebounds. Rokila Wallace and Tenazhia Hinkson each added 13 points, 2 p.m. — Oregon at Michigan State, ESPN2 49ERS — BRONCOS: OUT: LB Shaquil Bar- Arkansas State (8-4) vs. Nevada (7-5), 12:15 CAROLINA PANTHERS — Signed K Chandler
while Qiayon Bailey had 12 points. Monday rett (hip), CB Tramaine Brock (ribs), CB Chris
Harris (fibula). QUESTIONABLE: LB Brandon
Marshall (knee). 49ERS: OUT: RB Matt Breida
p.m. (CBSSN)
Cotton Bowl Classic
Arlington, Texas
Catanzaro. Placed G Amini Silatolu on injured
In the men’s game, MUW fell 70-50 to Southern University, New NBA (ankle), WR Pierre Garcon (knee), S Jaquiski CFP Semifinal, Notre Dame (12-0) vs. Clemson rice Fountain from the practice squad. Waived
Orleans. Tartt (shoulder). QUESTIONABLE: CB K’Waun (13-0), 3 p.m. (ESPN) TE Clive Walford. Signed QB Phillip Walker to
For MUW (1-8), Keith Harris had 17 points, while Josh Skinner had 7 p.m. — New Orleans at Boston NBA TV Williams (knee) Orange Bowl the practice squad.
13 points. 8 p.m. — Memphis at Phoenix, Fox Sports South- — LIONS: OUT: LB Trevor Bates (ankle), RB CFP Semifinal, Oklahoma (12-1) vs. Alabama Benjamin to a one-year contract. Released DE
east Kerryon Johnson (knee). QUESTIONABLE:
RB Nick Bellore (ankle), WR Bruce Ellington
(13-0), 7 p.m. (ESPN) Jarvis Jenkins.
Canadian Football League
Junior Colleges 9:30 p.m. — Miami at LA Lakers, NBA TV (back), DE Kerry Hyder (illness), LB Devon
Kennard (hip), WR Brandon Powell (calf), TE
Monday, Dec. 31
Military Bowl
EDMONTON ESKIMOS — Announced assis-
tant head coach and defensive coordinator
NFL Michael Roberts (shoulder), CB Darius Slay Annapolis, Md. Mike Benevides will not return for the 2019
EMCC men’s basketball wins at Baton Rouge C.C. 7:15 p.m. — Minnesota at Seattle, ESPN
(ankle), QB Matthew Stafford (back). CAR-
DINALS: OUT: LB Deone Bucannon (chest).
Cincinnati (10-2) vs. Virginia Tech (6-6), 11
a.m. (ESPN)
BATON ROUGE, La. — In its final pre-holiday contest, the East QUESTIONABLE: S Budda Baker (knee). Sun Bowl resignation of defensive coordinator Jerry
Mississippi Community College men’s basketball team beat Baton RODEO INDIANAPOLIS COLTS at HOUSTON TEX- El Paso, Texas Glanville.
ANS — COLTS: OUT: TE Mo Alie-Cox (calf), Stanford (8-4) vs. Pittsburgh (7-6), 1 p.m. (CBS) HOCKEY
Rouge Community College 76-63 in Region 23 play Saturday at the 9 p.m. — PRCA Rodeo, Wrangler National Finals, WR Dontrelle Inman (shoulder), C Ryan Kelly Redbox Bowl National Hockey League
BRCC Coliseum. CBS Sports Network (knee), S Michael Mitchell (calf). QUESTION- Santa Clara, Calif. NHL — Suspended Calgary D Mark Giordano
ABLE: DT Denico Autry (back), CB Nate Hair- Michigan State (7-5) vs. Oregon (8-4), 2 p.m. two games for kneeing, and Calgary F Ryan
For EMCC (6-4), Markederic Bell had 22 points, while Terryonte
SOCCER ston (ankle), WR T.Y. Hilton (shoulder), DT Mar- (FOX) Lomberg one game for instigating in the final
Thomas celebrated his 20th birthday with 15 points. gus Hunt (knee), CB Chris Milton (hamstring). Liberty Bowl five minutes of a Dec. 6 game. Fined Cal-
1:55 p.m. — Premier League, Everton vs. Wat- TEXANS: OUT: G Zach Fulton (hand). QUES- Memphis, Tenn. gary coach Bill Peters $10,000 as a result of
TIONABLE: WR Keke Coutee (hamstring), CB Missouri (8-4) vs. Oklahoma State (6-6), 2:45 Lomberg’s automatic suspension.
—From Special, Staff and Wire Reports ford, NBC Sports Network Johnathan Joseph (neck, shoulder), LB Bren- p.m. (ESPN) ARIZONA COYOTES — Recalled F Michael
nan Scarlett (ankle). Bunting from Tucson (AHL).
The Dispatch • Sunday, December 9, 2018 3B

Men’s College Basketball
United wins Atlanta’s first sports title since 1995 Duke routs Yale to move to 9-1
DURHAM, N.C. — Freshman RJ Barrett had 30 points, seven
rebounds and six assists, and No. 3 Duke beat Yale 91-58 on Saturday.
Fellow rookie Zion Williamson had 20 points for the Blue Devils,
By PAUL NEWBERRY flag-waving celebration and aging more than 53,000 per to his right to escape the who led 41-32 at halftime but hit their first six shots after the break to
The Associated Press sending coach Tata Martino game this year — a level of sprawling keeper, easily finally stretch out the lead. Duke (9-1) shot 57 percent after halftime and
out with a title in his final support that would fit right sliding the ball into an open 49 percent overall for its fourth straight win.
ATLANTA — Finally, At- game as coach. He’s report- in with the Premier League net to send the crowd of Duke also got a scare when freshman point guard Tre Jones came
lanta has another team it can edly headed to Mexico to or La Liga. 73,019 into a uproar.
up limping with an apparent left leg injury, which sidelined him for nearly
all of the final 14 minutes. Coach Mike Krzyzewski said Jones took a
call champions. take over as that country’s Almost as soon as the fi- The Timbers finally cre- hit in the quad and might have also banged knees with someone but
Josef Martinez and Fran- national coach. nal whistle blew, a victory ated a scoring chance in the should be OK.
co Escobar scored goals, Atlanta reveled in its first parade through the streets 42nd minute. Miye Oni had 12 points and nine rebounds for the Bulldogs (4-3).
Brad Guzan came up with title since the Braves won of Atlanta was announced Looking to atone for his n No. 5 Michigan 89, South Carolina 78: At Ann Arbor, Mich-
a couple of clutch saves and igan, Jordan Poole scored 19 of his 26 points in the second half, and
the 1995 World Series — a for Monday. mistake, Ebobisse slipped in Michigan remained unbeaten.
Atlanta United gave the city gap of 8,442 days, for those Queen’s “We Are The behind the defense and was The Gamecocks (4-5) scored more points than any team all
its first title since 1995 with counting. Champions” blared through- all alone in front for a cross. season against Michigan. But the Wolverines (10-0) were ahead by six
a 2-0 victory over the Port- After a surprising run in out Mercedes-Benz Stadi- His header was right on the at halftime, and they led comfortably for most of the second half.
land Timbers in the MLS Iggy Brazdeikis scored 17 points and Jon Teske added 15 for
the playoffs, the Timbers um. mark, but Guzan dove to his Michigan. Chris Silva led South Carolina with 18.
Cup final Saturday night. were denied their second United kept the ball in right to punch it away with n Seton Hall 84, No. 9 Kentucky 83, OT: At New York, Myles
Cheered on by the largest MLS championship after Portland’s end of the field both hands. Cale hit a go-ahead 3-pointer with 9.5 seconds left in overtime and
crowd in franchise history, winning the cup in 2015. much of the first half. It was Portland’s only Seton Hall overcame Keldon Johnson’s half-court heave that tied the
United captured the crown Since major league sports Finally, the home team shot of the opening half. score at the regulation buzzer.
In one of the most exciting finishes of the season, Johnson had a
in just its second season to came to Atlanta in 1966, the broke through. Naturally, The Timbers created far chance to win it for the Wildcats (7-2), but his 3-point try with a second
set off a huge celebration only other team to win a it was Martinez putting the more scoring chances over remaining was blocked by Quincy McKnight.
in a city that has known so championship in one of the ball in the net . the final 45 minutes, but Myles Powell scored 25 of his 28 points after halftime for Seton
much sporting heartbreak. five major sports also came Portland tries to clear the couldn’t get it past Guzan. Hall (6-3), including a tiebreaking 3 in the final seconds of the second
Owner Arthur Blank got to half at Madison Square Garden.
on the soccer pitch. The ball, but a sliding tackle by It was Escobar who fin- The clock showed 1.1 seconds after Powell’s jumper went through,
lift the trophy, just under Atlanta Chiefs claimed the United defender Michael ished off the Timbers. Mi- but officials put 1.5 on the clock after a replay review. PJ Washington
three years after his other title in the North American Parkhurst sent the ball rock- guel Almiron sent a free inbounded from the baseline and threw a long pass to an open John-
team, the NFL’s Falcons, Soccer League’s inaugural eting back toward the Tim- kick into the box, where son. He caught the ball near half court, turned over his left shoulder and
squandered a 25-point lead hurled a right-handed shot that went in as the buzzer sounded, tying
season in 1968. bers net. Martinez managed Martinez managed to get a it at 70.
in an epic Super Bowl col- While that team laid the to win possession from Jer- head on it. His attempt was Washington had 29 points and 13 rebounds for Kentucky.
lapse. groundwork, Atlanta Unit- emy Ebobisse at the top of going wide of the net, but n No. 10 Michigan State 63, Florida 59: At Gainesville, Florida,
Martinez, capping the ed carried the sport to un- the area, leaving the most Franco Escobar slipped in at Kyle Ahrens scored Michigan State’s final seven points, including a
greatest goal-scoring sea- precedented levels in North prolific goal scorer in league the far post to deliver a slid- two-handed jam with 8.7 seconds remaining.
Ahrens barely beat the shot clock with his baseline slam, giving
son in MLS history, put Unit- America. The team shat- history all alone against ing goal. the Spartans the final points in a game the Gators made close thanks
ed ahead in 39th minute. tered the MLS attendance goalkeeper Jeff Attinella. It was Escobar’s second mostly to freshman Andrew Nembhard late.
Escobar added an insurance record a year ago in its first It was no contest. Marti- goal of the playoffs, double Florida (5-4) cut Michigan State’s lead to 56-53 on KeVaughn
goal in the 54th, turning the season, and then took the nez, the league’s MVP and his scoring output for the Allen’s 3-pointer with 3:24 to play, but Ahrens answered from the corner
on the other end. Ahrens added a reverse layup on the Spartans’ next
final minutes into a raucous, mark even higher by aver- Golden Boot winner, cut entire regular season. possession.
Xavier Tillman led the Spartans (8-2) with 14 points and nine
Nembhard and Allen led the Gators with 13 points apiece.
n Marquette 74, No. 12 Wisconsin 69: At Milwaukee: Markus
Notre Dame 72, Toledo 56
Friday’s Men’s No. 5 Michigan 89, Ole Miss 81, Ohio 87, Coppin St. 62
Howard scored 27 points, freshman Joey Hauser added 15 and
Saturday’s Men’s College Scores South Carolina 78 Illinois State 74 S. Dakota St. 80, Drake 71
S. Illinois 73, E. Illinois 59 Marquette grinded out the overtime win.
EAST SOUTH CAROLINA (4-5): Silva 7-13 MISSISSIPPI (6-2): Stevens 5-7 0-0 11,
SE Missouri 54, Evansville 50
College Scores Columbia 90, Bryant 68
Mass.-Lowell 110, Maine-Fort Kent 63
3-7 18, Bryant 6-13 1-1 13, Kotsar 7-10 2-2 16,
Moss 1-1 0-0 2, Lawson 3-7 3-4 10, Haase
Tyree 6-17 7-7 22, T.Davis 8-13 2-3 20, Shuler
3-6 2-2 8, Hinson 2-3 0-0 5, Buffen 1-4 2-2 SIU-Edwardsville 82, Chicago St. 66 Sam Hauser had 13 points and 14 rebounds for the Golden Eagles
EAST Texas Southern 69, Rio Grande 55 (8-2). But it was his little brother, Joey, who came up clutch playing in his
Albany (NY) 82, Monmouth (NJ) 63 UMass 79, Providence 78 1-4 0-0 2, Frink 2-3 0-0 4, Hinson 1-4 0-0 2, 4, Olejniczak 4-6 1-1 9, D.Davis 0-0 0-0 0,
SOUTH Campbell 1-4 0-0 2, Gravett 3-3 0-0 9. Totals Rodriguez 1-1 0-0 2. Totals 30-57 14-15 81. Youngstown St. 80, St. Francis (Pa.) 56 first game in the heated in-state rivalry.
Brown 71, Stony Brook 69 SOUTHWEST
George Mason 66, James Madison 53 32-62 9-14 78. ILLINOIS ST. (6-5): Fayne 4-10 5-8 13,
Buffalo 80, St. Bonaventure 62
Longwood 68, Frostburg State 65, OT MICHIGAN (10-0): Brazdeikis 3-10 11- Tinsley 2-5 0-2 4, Yarbrough 7-13 2-2 19, Jef- Arkansas 80, Abilene Christian 68 He scored four in the opening two minutes of overtime, including
CCSU 79, Penn State Wilkes-Barre 58 Kansas St. 53, UALR 47
Dartmouth 78, Maine 52 UNC-Greensboro 75, Elon 74 12 17, Teske 6-9 3-5 15, Matthews 4-8 2-4 12, ferson 4-8 3-5 14, Evans 1-8 0-0 3, Idowu 0-1
Rice 68, Prairie View 58
both free throws after Wisconsin’s Brad Davison was called for a
MIDWEST Poole 8-12 6-7 26, Simpson 3-7 1-2 7, Davis 0-0 0, Gassman 4-9 0-0 10, Copeland 4-9 2-2
Fordham 78, Rutgers 70
Missouri 80, Oral Roberts 64 0-0 0-0 0, Livers 4-7 0-0 12, Brooks 0-1 0-0 0. 11, Chastain 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 26-63 12-19 74. TCU 71, Montana St. 49 flagrant foul with 3:35 left.
Hofstra 89, Rider 73 Texas A&M 84, Cent. Arkansas 27
Jacksonville St. 81, Delaware St. 54 S. Dakota St. 101, Southern U. 92 Totals 28-54 23-30 89. Halftime—Mississippi 41-36. 3-Point
Texas A&M-CC 84, Texas A&M Int. 36
Wisconsin (8-2) wasted a terrific effort from Ethan Happ, who had
SOUTHWEST Halftime—Michigan 42-36. 3-Point Goals—Mississippi 7-19 (Tyree 3-10, T.Davis
LIU Brooklyn 74, St. Peter’s 58
Louisiana Tech 96, Stephen F. Austin 93, OT Goals—South Carolina 5-11 (Gravett 3-3, 2-4, Stevens 1-1, Hinson 1-2, Shuler 0-2), Illi- Utah St. 57, North Texas 41 34 points and 11 rebounds.
Lehigh 85, Mount St. Mary’s 78 FAR WEST
Loyola (Md.) 83, Binghamton 65 FAR WEST Silva 1-1, Lawson 1-2, Frink 0-1, Hinson 0-2, nois St. 10-24 (Yarbrough 3-3, Jefferson 3-7,
California 81, Saint Mary’s (Cal) 78
n Tulsa 47, No. 16 Kansas State 46: At Tulsa, Oklahoma, Martins
Idaho St. 68, Santa Clara 66 Campbell 0-2), Michigan 10-24 (Poole 4-7, Gassman 2-2, Copeland 1-4, Evans 1-5, Tins-
Morgan St. 74, Towson 69
Saint Mary’s (Cal) 85, New Mexico 60 Livers 4-7, Matthews 2-4, Brooks 0-1, Simp- ley 0-3). Fouled Out—None. Rebounds— California Baptist 93, Fresno Pacific 71 Igbanu made a go-ahead jump hook with 1:51 remaining, lifting Tulsa
NJIT 82, St. Francis Brooklyn 60 Denver 71, S. Utah 70
Northeastern 92, Oakland 83 TCU 96, Southern Cal 61 son 0-1, Brazdeikis 0-4). Fouled Out—Silva. Mississippi 39 (Buffen, Olejniczak, Tyree 7),
Idaho St. 65, Pepperdine 63
to the victory.
Rebounds—South Carolina 22 (Silva 12), Illinois St. 27 (Fayne 11). Assists—Mississip-
Penn 83, La Salle 65
Michigan 34 (Teske 9). Assists—South Car- pi 16 (Tyree 6), Illinois St. 15 (Yarbrough 6). New Mexico 84, N. Arizona 55 Curran Scott scored 14 points for Tulsa (7-3), and Igbanu had nine
Penn St. 76, Colgate 65
Quinnipiac 88, Lafayette 77 AP Men’s Top 25 Fared olina 14 (Lawson 5), Michigan 13 (Simpson Total Fouls—Mississippi 18, Illinois St. 15. Pacific 69, UC Santa Barbara 53
Wyoming 64, Idaho 61
points and six rebounds. The Hurricane got their second straight victory
Saturday’s Games 7). Total Fouls—South Carolina 22, Michigan Technicals—Olejniczak. A—6,598 (10,200).
Rhode Island 79, Holy Cross 63 against the Big 12, also topping Oklahoma State 74-71 on Wednesday.
Siena 74, Robert Morris 71 1. Gonzaga (9-0) did not play. Next: vs. No. 7
Tennessee, Sunday.
14. Technicals—South Carolina coach Frank
Martin. A—12,707 (12,707). No. 8 Auburn 82, Friday’s Women’s Kansas State had one last chance in the final seconds, but Barry
Syracuse 72, Georgetown 71
UMBC 91, Drexel 76 2. Kansas (8-0) beat New Mexico State 63- Western Kentucky 78, Dayton 72 College Scores Brown Jr. rimmed out a floater on a drive into the lane. Several tips
Valparaiso 82, George Washington 79 60. Next: vs. No. 21 Villanova, Saturday. DAYTON (5-4): Mikesell 6-12 0-0 15, EAST
Vermont 71, Harvard 65 3. Duke (9-1) beat Yale 91-58. Next: vs. Princ- Arkansas 77 Cunningham 6-8 1-1 14, Landers 3-7 2-2 8, Cal St.-Fullerton 69, St. Peter’s 45 misfired and the Tulsa students stormed the court to celebrate.
Villanova 70, Saint Joseph’s 58 eton, Tuesday, Dec. 18. W. KENTUCKY (5-4): Nelson 3-6 0-0 6, Crutcher 3-12 2-2 11, Davis 3-8 1-2 9, Policelli Drexel 53, Manhattan 39 Xavier Sneed had 13 points and 10 rebounds, but the Wildcats
West Virginia 69, Pittsburgh 59 4. Virginia (8-0) did not play. Next: vs. VCU, Bassey 7-11 7-8 21, Banton 2-9 0-0 5, Holling- 0-0 0-0 0, Toppin 4-4 1-3 10, Cohill 2-5 0-0 5. Kent St. 54, Robert Morris 46
SOUTH Sunday. sworth 6-12 2-2 17, Savage 7-12 1-2 20, Smith Totals 27-56 7-10 72. St. Bonaventure 74, Siena 58 (6-2) shot 30.5 percent (18 for 59) from the field. They also committed
Alcorn St. 109, Champion Christian 45 5. Michigan (10-0) beat South Carolina 89-78. 3-4 0-2 6, Murray 0-2 0-0 0, Anderson 1-2 1-3 AUBURN (8-1): McLemore 3-6 0-0 6, St. Francis Brooklyn 75, Loyola (Md.) 70 16 turnovers.
Appalachian St. 82, NC Central 73 Next: vs. Western Michigan, Saturday. 3. Totals 29-58 11-17 78. Okeke 1-6 0-0 2, Harper 5-11 6-6 20, Doughty UMass 71, Incarnate Word 59
Austin Peay 116, Calvary University 33 6. Nevada (9-0) did not play. Next: vs. Grand ARKANSAS (6-2): Gafford 7-12 3-3 17, 3-6 0-0 8, Brown 10-18 8-9 34, Spencer 1-3 SOUTH n No. 17 Buffalo 80, St. Bonaventure 62: At Olean, New York,
Duke 91, Yale 58 Canyon, Sunday. Bailey 0-4 0-2 0, Harris 6-15 1-2 13, Joe 6-13 0-0 2, Wiley 4-7 0-2 8, McCormick 1-1 0-0 2, Illinois St. 58, N. Kentucky 53 Jayvon Graves hit a career-best five 3-pointers and scored 19 points,
E. Kentucky 76, N. Kentucky 74 7. Tennessee (6-1) did not play. Next: vs. No. 2-5 19, Jones 5-11 2-2 15, Chaney 2-4 0-0 4, Dunbar 0-3 0-0 0. Totals 28-61 14-17 82. MIDWEST
ETSU 80, UT Martin 62 1 Gonzaga, Sunday. Osabuohien 0-2 0-0 0, Sills 4-6 1-2 9, Embery Halftime—Auburn 51-32. 3-Point Cincinnati 66, VCU 54 helping Buffalo to another win.
Florida St. 79, UConn 71 8. Auburn (8-1) beat Dayton 82-72. Next: vs. 0-2 0-0 0. Totals 30-69 9-16 77. Goals—Dayton 11-23 (Mikesell 3-5, Crutch- Dayton 72, Buffalo 59 CJ Massinburg had 14 points and nine rebounds as Buffalo (9-0)
Furman 74, SC-Upstate 60 UAB, Saturday. Halftime—Arkansas 41-33. 3-Point er 3-7, Davis 2-6, Toppin 1-1, Cunningham E. Illinois 64, W. Illinois 62
Gardner-Webb 102, Johnson & Wales 55 9. Kentucky (7-2) lost to Seton Hall 84-83, OT. Goals—W. Kentucky 9-22 (Savage 5-7, 1-1, Cohill 1-2, Landers 0-1), Auburn 12-33 Milwaukee 64, North Dakota 46 added to its best start to a season since going 15-0 in 1930-31.
Georgia Southern 89, Mercer 74 Next: vs. Utah, Saturday. Hollingsworth 3-8, Banton 1-4, Nelson 0-1, (Brown 6-13, Harper 4-7, Doughty 2-3, Spen- S. Illinois 82, N. Illinois 73 Courtney Stockard scored 18 points for St. Bonaventure in just his
Howard 85, American U. 83 10. Michigan State (8-2) beat Florida 63-59. Anderson 0-1, Bassey 0-1), Arkansas 8-25 cer 0-2, Okeke 0-2, McLemore 0-3, Dunbar FAR WEST
Jacksonville 100, Middle Georgia State 57 Next: vs. Green Bay, Sunday, Dec. 16. (Joe 5-10, Jones 3-8, Osabuohien 0-1, Sills 0-3). Fouled Out—None. Rebounds—Dayton Arizona St. 69, Southern U. 47 fourth game since missing the start of the season with a knee injury.
Marist 79, Stetson 75 11. Florida State (8-1) beat UConn 79-71. 0-2, Harris 0-2, Embery 0-2). Fouled Out— 35 (Landers 11), Auburn 26 (Doughty 10). Boise St. 67, E. Washington 55 The Bonnies (4-6) had won three in a row.
Maryland 55, Loyola of Chicago 41 Next: vs. Southeast Missouri State, Monday, None. Rebounds—W. Kentucky 33 (Bassey Assists—Dayton 16 (Crutcher 5), Auburn 17 Montana 69, Grand Canyon 47
Memphis 94, UAB 76 Dec. 17. 9), Arkansas 31 (Gafford 9). Assists—W. Ken- (Harper 7). Total Fouls—Dayton 14, Auburn Navy 54, Air Force 47 n No. 21 Villanova 70, Saint Joseph’s 58: At Villanova, Penn-
Michigan St. 63, Florida 59 12. Wisconsin (8-2) lost to Marquette 74-69, tucky 18 (Banton 7), Arkansas 10 (Harris 7). 10. sylvania, Eric Paschall had 14 points and nine rebounds, and Villanova
Mississippi St. 82, Clemson 71 OT. Next: vs. Savannah State, Thursday. Total Fouls—W. Kentucky 15, Arkansas 13.
Saturday’s Women’s AP Women’s Top 25 Fared earned its 25th straight Big 5 victory.
13. Texas Tech (8-0) did not play. Next: vs.
Murray St. 64, Middle Tennessee 42
NC A&T 92, Greensboro 67 Northwestern State, Wednesday. Seton Hall 84, College Scores
Saturday’s Games
1. UConn (9-0) beat Seton Hall 99-61. Next: Joe Cremo and Phil Booth scored 12 points apiece as the Wildcats
Seton Hall 84, Kentucky 83, OT 14. North Carolina (7-2) did not play. Next: vs.
No. 1 Gonzaga, Saturday.
No. 9 Kentucky 83, OT EAST at Oklahoma, Wednesday, Dec. 19.
(8-2) continued their dominance of the long-standing city series
South Alabama 81, Tulane 60 KENTUCKY (7-2): Washington 8-15 12- Army 61, Wagner 46 2. Notre Dame (8-1) beat Toledo 72-56. Next:
Toledo 75, Marshall 74, OT 15. Virginia Tech (7-1) did not play. Next: vs. 13 29, Johnson 4-9 0-0 10, Travis 3-6 7-8 13, Bowling Green 74, Canisius 53 vs. Binghamton, Sunday, Dec. 16. with Philadelphia rivals Saint Joseph’s, Penn, La Salle and Temple.
UCF 70, Grambling St. 45 S.C. State, Sunday. Herro 4-13 2-2 10, Hagans 3-7 2-3 8, Richards 3. Oregon (7-0) did not play. Next: at Michigan
W. Carolina 71, UNC-Asheville 59 16. Kansas State (6-2) lost to Tulsa 47-46. 1-2 1-2 3, Montgomery 0-1 0-0 0, Green 1-3
Lafayette 73, Monmouth (NJ) 69
State, Sunday.
Jermaine Samuels added 11 points.
Lehigh 70, Sacred Heart 66
William & Mary 76, Hampton 71 Next: vs. Georgia State, Saturday. 0-0 2, Quickley 3-6 0-2 8, Baker 0-0 0-0 0. Maine 102, Brown 96 4. Baylor (7-0) did not play. Next: vs. More- Lamarr Kimble led Saint Joseph’s with 22 points. The Hawks
MIDWEST 17. Buffalo (9-0) beat St. Bonaventure 80-62. Totals 27-62 24-30 83. head State, Wednesday.
Bowling Green 97, Green Bay 68 Next: vs. Southern Illinois, Saturday. SETON HALL (6-3): Mamukelashvili
Marist 74, Albany (NY) 56
5. Louisville (9-0) did not play. Next: vs. No. 19
(5-5) were missing Charlie Brown, the top scorer in the Atlantic 10. He
NC State 76, Georgetown 65
Butler 95, N. Illinois 68 18. Iowa (7-2) did not play. Next: vs. Northern 1-3 1-2 3, Nzei 2-2 1-2 5, Powell 9-16 4-8 Penn 66, Iona 43 Kentucky, Sunday. sprained his ankle in a win at Princeton on Wednesday.
Cent. Michigan 95, S. Utah 86 Iowa, Saturday. 28, McKnight 5-9 4-4 15, Cale 4-18 6-6 17, 6. Mississippi State (9-0) did not play.
Cincinnati 62, Xavier 47 19. Ohio State (8-1) did not play. Next: vs. Thompson 5-8 2-2 13, Gill 0-0 0-0 0, Nelson
Princeton 54, Quinnipiac 42
Next: at Southern Mississippi, Friday.
n No. 23 Maryland 55, Loyola 41: At Baltimore, Anthony Cowan
Providence 71, Mass.-Lowell 47
E. Illinois 76, W. Illinois 65 Bucknell, Saturday. 1-3 1-2 3, Rhoden 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 27-59 19- Rider 62, Binghamton 57 7. Maryland (9-0) beat James Madison 87-63. scored 17 points and Maryland overcame a sluggish start.
E. Michigan 105, Central State 53 20. Arizona State (7-1) did not play. Next: at 26 84. Next: vs. Loyola (Md.), Monday.
Georgia, Saturday. Halftime—Kentucky 31-25. End Of Reg-
Rutgers 60, Harvard 49
8. Oregon State (6-1) did not play. Next: vs.
Cowan became the 55th player in Maryland history to score 1,000
Illinois 77, UNLV 74 Stony Brook 63, Fairleigh Dickinson 49
Indiana 68, Louisville 67 21. Villanova (8-2) beat Saint Joseph’s 70-58. ulation—Tied 70. 3-Point Goals—Kentucky UConn 99, Seton Hall 61 Santa Clara, Sunday. career points, hitting the milestone with a free throw in the first half.
Next: vs. Pennsylvania, Tuesday. 5-20 (Quickley 2-3, Johnson 2-6, Washington 9. Tennessee (7-0) did not play. Next: at No.
Indiana St. 77, Truman State 69
22. Mississippi State (8-1) beat Clemson 1-3, Hagans 0-2, Herro 0-6), Seton Hall 11-
West Virginia 77, Pittsburgh 43
12 Texas, Sunday.
Aaron Wiggins added 10 points for the Terrapins (8-2).
Kent St. 83, Wright St. 76 Wright St. 71, Drexel 63
Marquette 74, Wisconsin 69, OT 82-71. Next: vs. Cincinnati, Saturday. 26 (Powell 6-11, Cale 3-10, Thompson 1-2, Yale 58, Vermont 55 10. N.C. State (10-0) beat Georgetown 76-65. Cameron Krutwig scored 12 points for the short-handed Ramblers
23. Maryland (8-2) beat Loyola of Chicago McKnight 1-2, Mamukelashvili 0-1). Fouled Next: vs. Maine, Saturday.
Miami (Ohio) 85, Purdue Fort Wayne 79
55-41. Next: vs. Loyola (Md.), Tuesday. Out—Rhoden, Mamukelashvili, Nzei, Travis.
SOUTH (5-5), who have lost four of five.
Michigan 89, South Carolina 78 Alabama 69, Tulane 58 11. Stanford (6-1) did not play. Next: vs. No. 4
Minnesota 72, Arkansas St. 56 24. Nebraska (8-2) beat Creighton 94-72. Rebounds—Kentucky 34 (Washington 13), Alcorn St. 67, Fisk 64 Baylor, Saturday. n No. 24 Nebaska 94, Creighton 75: At Lincoln, Nebraska,
Next: vs. Oklahoma State, Sunday, Dec. 16. Seton Hall 29 (Mamukelashvili 8). Assists—
N. Dakota St. 74, E. Washington 67
25. Furman (10-0) beat South Carolina Up- Kentucky 14 (Washington, Hagans 4), Seton
Clemson 80, Rhode Island 67 12. Texas (7-1) did not play. Next: vs. No. 9 James Palmer scored 30 points, Thomas Allen had a career-high 18
N. Iowa 75, Dubuque 67 Coastal Carolina 126, NC Wesleyan 65 Tennessee, Sunday.
Nebraska 94, Creighton 75 state 74-60. Next: vs. Charleston Southern, Hall 15 (McKnight 5). Total Fouls—Kentucky Furman 70, Gardner-Webb 57 13. California (8-0) beat Saint Mary’s 81-78, and Nebraska stopped a seven-game losing streak to its in-state rival.
Tuesday. 21, Seton Hall 25. A—10,244 (19,812).
Northwestern 75, DePaul 68 Marshall 86, Cleveland St. 64 OT. Next: vs. UC Santa Barbara, Sunday, The sellout crowd at Pinnacle Bank Arena began chanting “Go Big
Ohio 78, Radford 69
S. Illinois 83, SE Missouri 73
No. 22 Miss. State 82, No. 10 Michigan State 63, Maryland 87, James Madison 63
Mercer 57, Charlotte 40
Dec. 16.
14. Minnesota (8-0) did not play. Next: at Bos- Red!” as the Huskers nursed a 19-point lead with under two minutes
SIU-Edwardsville 92, Harris-Stowe State 87 Clemson 71 Florida 59 Mississippi 74, Savannah St. 51 ton College, Sunday. to play.
UMKC 65, South Dakota 63 CLEMSON (6-3): Simms 9-15 1-2 23, MICHIGAN ST. (8-2): Ward 6-8 1-1 13, Northwestern St. 94, Centenary College of 15. Syracuse (8-2) did not play. Next: vs. Ni-
W. Michigan 88, Youngstown St. 77 Thomas 8-9 2-3 18, Skara 5-6 1-2 12, New- Goins 1-5 0-0 3, Winston 4-13 2-2 10, Lang- Louisiana 51 agara, Monday, Dec. 17. Mitch Ballock made seven 3-pointers on his way to 23 points for
SOUTHWEST man 0-3 0-0 0, Mitchell 3-16 2-2 9, White 0-0 ford 5-11 2-2 13, Ahrens 3-5 0-0 7, Henry 0-1 Old Dominion 83, William & Mary 69 16. Iowa (8-2) beat IUPUI 72-58. Next: vs. Creighton (6-3).
Abilene Christian 93, Schreiner 53 0-0 0, Tyson 1-5 0-0 2, Jemison 0-0 2-2 2, 0-0 0, Tillman 6-7 2-3 14, McQuaid 1-1 0-0 3. Radford 57, Virginia 44 Northern Iowa, Sunday, Dec. 16.
Cent. Arkansas 85, UALR 82 Trapp 1-8 3-6 5. Totals 27-62 11-17 71. Totals 26-51 7-8 63. Richmond 67, Howard 60 17. Arizona State (6-2) did not play. Next: at Isaiah Roby had 15 points and eight rebounds for the Huskers
Houston 63, Oklahoma St. 53 MISSISSIPPI ST. (8-1): Ado 2-4 0-0 4, FLORIDA (5-4): Stone 3-10 1-2 8, SC State 58, UNLV 49 Colorado State, Sunday. (8-2).
North Texas 63, Texas-Arlington 61 Holman 5-8 1-2 16, N.Weatherspoon 0-3 2-2 Hayes 1-5 4-5 6, Nembhard 6-12 0-0 13, Al- SC-Upstate 101, Bob Jones 53 18. Marquette (6-2) did not play. Next: at
Oklahoma 80, Wichita St. 48 2, Peters 9-13 2-2 28, Q.Weatherspoon 7-16 len 5-15 0-0 13, Locke 1-3 0-0 2, K.Johnson Sam Houston St. 68, Louisiana-Lafayette 62 Northwestern, Sunday. n No. 25 Furman 74, South Carolina Upstate 60: At Spartan-
Texas State 90, Houston Baptist 80 2-5 20, Feazell 1-1 0-0 2, Perry 1-3 0-0 2, 3-7 0-0 6, Bassett 1-3 0-1 2, Stokes 0-2 0-0 0, UAB 91, McNeese St. 48 19. Kentucky (9-0) did not play. Next: at No. 5 burg, South Carolina, Jordan Lyons had 20 points and Noah Gurley
Tulsa 47, Kansas St. 46 Woodard 0-0 0-0 0, Carter 3-4 0-0 8. Totals Hudson 1-3 2-4 4, Okauru 0-0 0-0 0, Ballard W. Kentucky 95, Bellarmine 57 Louisville, Sunday.
UTSA 104, Mid-America Christian 74 28-52 7-11 82. 2-3 0-0 5. Totals 23-63 7-12 59. Wake Forest 78, Md.-Eastern Shore 67 20. DePaul (6-3) did not play. Next: at Okla- added 15 points and six rebounds, powering Furman to the win.
W. Kentucky 78, Arkansas 77 Halftime—Mississippi St. 42-34. Halftime—Michigan St. 35-27. 3-Point Wofford 101, Longwood 72 homa, Sunday. The surprise mid-major of the season, the Paladins (10-0) got
FAR WEST 3-Point Goals—Clemson 6-27 (Simms 4-9, Goals—Michigan St. 4-15 (McQuaid 1-1, MIDWEST 21. Drake (8-2) lost to South Dakota State
Army 66, Air Force 61 Skara 1-1, Mitchell 1-8, Newman 0-1, Tyson Langford 1-3, Goins 1-3, Ahrens 1-3, Win- Butler 63, Akron 47 80-71. Next: at Iowa State, Sunday, Dec. 16. through the program’s first-ever week in the AP Top 25 unscathed after
BYU 74, Utah 59 0-3, Trapp 0-5), Mississippi St. 19-30 (Pe- ston 0-5), Florida 6-24 (Allen 3-9, Ballard Creighton 83, Wichita St. 71 22. South Carolina (5-4) did not play. Next: at a slow start.
Boise St. 82, Central Washington 62 ters 8-11, Holman 5-8, Q.Weatherspoon 4-7, 1-1, Nembhard 1-4, Stone 1-5, Hudson 0-1, E. Michigan 87, Purdue Fort Wayne 72 Duke, Sunday.
Colorado 84, Ill.-Chicago 72 Carter 2-3, Perry 0-1). Fouled Out—Trapp. Locke 0-1, Bassett 0-1, K.Johnson 0-2). Green Bay 55, Wisconsin 46 23. Missouri (7-2) did not play. Next: at Saint Upstate (2-8) led 34-30 at half.
Colorado St. 71, Sam Houston St. 65 Rebounds—Clemson 24 (Thomas 8), Missis- Fouled Out—None. Rebounds—Michigan Indiana St. 60, Ill.-Chicago 53 Louis, Sunday. Malik Moore led the Spartans with 24 points and 11 rebounds.
Fresno St. 92, Long Beach St. 71 sippi St. 29 (Q.Weatherspoon 7). Assists— St. 32 (Tillman 9), Florida 29 (Hayes 8). As- Iowa 72, IUPUI 58 24. Gonzaga (8-1) did not play. Next: vs.
Nevada 72, Arizona St. 66 Clemson 15 (Mitchell 7), Mississippi St. 22 sists—Michigan St. 14 (Winston 6), Florida 7 Miami (Ohio) 68, Valparaiso 47 Washington State, Sunday.
Oregon 84, Nebraska-Omaha 61
Utah St. 76, Weber St. 67
(N.Weatherspoon 6). Total Fouls—Clemson
12, Mississippi St. 16.
(Nembhard 3). Total Fouls—Michigan St. 11,
Florida 12. A—10,423 (10,133).
N. Illinois 86, W. Illinois 61
Nebraska 96, San Jose St. 63
25. Miami (7-2) did not play. Next: vs. New
Orleans, Sunday. Women’s College Basketball
No. 1 UConn routs Seton Hall to remain undefeated
HARTFORD, Conn. — Katie Lou Samuelson had 26 points and 16
rebounds, and No. 1 UConn beat former Big East rival Seton Hall 99-61
on Saturday.
MEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL It was just the second career double-double for the 6-foot-3
All-American, who also had six assists.
Napheesa Collier had 18 points and Crystal Dangerfield scored 16

No. 7 Tennessee gets second shot at elte opponent
for Connecticut (9-0). Freshmen Chrisyn Williams (15 points) and Olivia
Nelson-Ododa (13) also reached double figures.
Nicole Jimenez had 23 points for Seton Hall (7-2), which had won
three straight.
n No. 2 Notre Dame 72, Toledo 56: At Toledo, Ohio, Arike
By STEVE MEGARGEE Rick Barnes said. “Hopeful- lead over Kansas in the NIT 3 Duke and erased a dou- Ogunbowale scored 22 points to help Notre Dame bounce back from its
The Associated Press ly, we won’t be like that go- Season Tip-Off in New York. ble-digit deficit in a 103-92 loss to Connecticut last weekend.
ing forward.” Now they want to prove they triumph at Creighton. Jessica Shepard had 16 points and eight rebounds and Jackie
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee-Gonzaga can make the winning plays The Bulldogs are facing Young finished with 14 points and 10 boards for the Irish (8-1), who
Tennessee wants to capi- game is part of a double- down the stretch against a Tennessee just four days
pulled away after leading by six points at halftime.
Notre Dame played its first game since an 89-71 loss to UConn
talize on a second chance header that has No. 6 Neva- national power. after edging Washington on Dec. 2, which snapped the Irish’s 13-game win streak, including last
to beat an elite opponent as da (8-0) facing Grand Can- “The thing that separat- 81-79 on Rui Hachimura’s season’s national championship.
the Volunteers adapt to the yon (5-3). ed us and Kansas was the turnaround jumper with six- Mikaela Boyd scored 15 points for Toledo (6-3), which entered with
higher expectations accom- a four-game win streak.
This game represents execution later in the game tenths of a second remain- n No. 7 Maryland 87, James Madison 63: At College Park,
panying their Top 10 rank- one more chance for Ten- and also just understanding ing. Maryland, Brianna Fraser had 24 points and 11 rebounds, leading
ing. nessee to make a statement the game plan, us knowing Barnes considers Few a Maryland to the victory.
The seventh-ranked Vols and show it’s a legitimate our roles and executing our longtime friend and appreci- Kaila Charles also had 24 points for the Terrapins (9-0), who never
(6-1) let a golden opportuni- trailed. Taylor Mikesell made four 3-pointers and finished with 16 points.
contender to make a run at a game plan is the biggest ates the Bulldogs’ schedul- Maryland was stellar defensively and scored 40 points off 23
ty slip away two weeks ago Final Four for the first time thing,” Tennessee forward ing strategy. Barnes wanted turnovers. The Terrapins’ front court was dominant, outscoring James
when they squandered a in program history. Grant Williams said. “That’s to give Tennessee a national Madison 42-22 in the paint.
second-half lead in an 87-81 Tennessee opened the what a veteran team should schedule when he took over Kamiah Smalls had 18 points for the Dukes (6-2), and Madison
overtime loss to No. 2 Kan- Green finished with 17.
year No. 6 in the Top 25 for do. We didn’t look like a this program in 2015. He n No. 10 North Carolina State 76, Georgetown 65: At Wash-
sas. They’re hoping the les- its highest preseason rank- veteran team in the Kansas says two of the first coaches ington, Elissa Cunane equaled her career high with 23 points and DD
sons learned that night pay ing. Tennessee returned game.” he called to set up high-pro- Rogers had a career-best 20 rebounds, helping North Carolina State
off Sunday when they play its top six scorers from a The Vols will face a Gon- file nonconference match- to the road win.
No. 1 Gonzaga (9-0) at the Kiara Leslie added 18 points as the Wolfpack improved to 10-0 for
team that won a share of the zaga team that’s shown its ups were Few and North the first time since the 1997-98 season.
Jerry Colangelo Classic in Southeastern Conference veteran savvy on multiple Carolina’s Roy Williams. Cunane scored 14 points in the second half, and Leslie had 13
Phoenix. regular-season title last occasions already this sea- Gonzaga beat Tennessee points in two key runs for N.C. State — one late in the first half, and
“I thought we were a year. son. 86-79 in Seattle during the another early in the second.
little too emotional at the Georgetown (5-5) was led by Dionna White, who had a sea-
The Vols showed their Gonzaga blocked four 2015-16 season and 86-76 son-high 25 points. Dorothy Adomako matched her season high with
beginning of that (Kansas) potential last month by tak- shots in the last 46 seconds the following year in Nash- 18 points.
game,” Tennessee coach ing a nine-point, second-half of an 89-87 victory over No. ville, Tennessee. —From Wire Reports
4B Sunday, December 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

briefly NFL: Week 14
Oosthuizen back on top of South African Open
JOHANNESBURG — Louis Oosthuizen was back in front at the
South African Open on Saturday after a 4-under 67 gave him a three-
Rams’ Gurley admits rushing title would be ‘cool’
shot lead and a chance at his first title at his home tournament. By GREG BEACHAM 1,175 yards, but just 26 more than Dal- That race means McVay is unlikely
Oosthuizen went ahead of fellow major winner Charl Schwartzel The Associated Press
again after surrendering the lead in round two, when he fell two shots las’ Ezekiel Elliott, the 2016 rushing to rest his starters unless the Rams are
behind. champ. Gurley also leads the NFL with guaranteed two home playoff games
The 2010 British Open winner rebounded with a strong putting THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. — Todd 1,649 all-purpose yards and 19 touch- at the Coliseum. New Orleans already
display to move to a 14-under 199 overall and open a handy advantage Gurley probably would have won his downs after topping the league in both beat Los Angeles this season, so the
over a group of three players tied for second at the Firethorn Course at first NFL rushing title last year if the categories last season. Rams need to finish one game ahead
Randpark Golf Club. Los Angeles Rams hadn’t rested every
Schwartzel, the 2011 Masters champion, is among them after he Gurley is thriving again in his role of the Saints.
struggled to a 1-over 72. Madalitso Muthiya (71) and Matt Wallace (68) key starter in their season finale. as the centerpiece of coach Sean Mc-
are also 11 under. Gurley was sanguine about the de- Vay’s dominant offense, putting him in
“I’ve been putting well for a long time now,” Oosthuizen said. cision at the time, saying all the right the running for a second straight AP
Counting on the star
“(Saturday) I couldn’t make anything and today the makeable ones went things about the bigger picture and the McVay has another reason to rely
in. Eighteen more holes of good golf and I just need to take (it) one shot Offensive Player of the Year award. But heavily on Gurley: Malcolm Brown,
at a time.”
Rams’ playoff goals. this lifelong NFL fan also understands
With Gurley in the NFL rushing Gurley’s backup for all four seasons of
Oosthuizen kept it together with six birdies and two bogeys. the historic importance of a rushing ti- both running backs’ careers, is out for
Schwartzel couldn’t get going, making just one birdie after dropping two lead again as the regular season heads tle, and he wants his name in the books
shots in his opening three holes. into its final weeks, the superstar run- the year after injuring his collarbone
Branden Grace is 8 under and part of a group of eight players beside the best running backs. last week. Gurley and Brown are close
ning back is telling the real story about Gurley went into Week 17 last sea-
tied for fifth, six strokes off the lead. Also in that group is Ernie Els, the friends who lift weights and hang out
five-time South African Open champion who last won the tournament in the end of 2017. son with the league rushing lead at
2010 and last won anywhere in 2013. “Yeah, I was lying,” Gurley said with together away from the Rams’ training
1,305 yards, but McVay decided a week complex.
n Woods makes plan for Presidents Cup: At Melbourne, Aus- a laugh. “I really did care about the ti- of rest for the playoffs was more im-
tralia, U.S. captain Tiger Woods will have discussions with golf officials tle. I couldn’t say nothing. No one re- Brown’s replacements are Justin
in Melbourne on how to best prepare his team for the 2019 Presidents portant than their last regular-season Davis and rookie John Kelly, two solid
ally plays for regular (season) goals,
Cup next December at Royal Melbourne. game against San Francisco. Kansas backs with little NFL experience. Gur-
Woods, in Melbourne for a promotional visit, said the talks later but that would be a pretty cool thing to
City rookie Kareem Hunt subsequent- ley generally controls his own playing
Thursday would focus on the options of the Americans playing his Hero get. I tell people that all the time: ‘You
World Challenge in the Bahamas, coming to Melbourne the week prior ly passed him with a 35-yard TD run on time on the field, only leaving when he
play for team goals, but who wouldn’t
for practice with sand-belt techniques, or playing the Australian Open as his only carry of the Chiefs’ finale. decides he needs a rest, but the Rams
want to be the NFL sack leader? Who
the lead-up event at The Australian in Sydney. “Definitely wanted to get it last year, are even more likely now to lean on
“We have to figure out some logistical things between now and wouldn’t want to be the NFL passing or
but whatever,” Gurley said. “We didn’t him in any key situation.
then and that’s the reason I’m here,” Woods said. rushing leader? It’s hard to get it.’”
“We’ve got a few meetings here today to try to get a plan going play in the last game. I’m just going to Gurley realizes it isn’t easy to be his
forward so we can get the best that we can at the Hero as well as get focus on these next couple of games, backup, let alone a third-stringer. His
everyone here from the Bahamas rested and prepared and ready to
Rooting for it and whatever happens, happens. I’m 279 touches are second in the league
This time around, Gurley is openly just happy that we were able to clinch to Elliott’s 293 this season.
Woods indicated that no announcement would be made on the
outcome of the talks until he returned to the U.S. hoping he can get the first rushing title a playoff spot and just go from there.” “It’s pretty tough, because you’re
Officials announced last month that the Australian Open, the since 1987 for the Rams (11-1) — and The Rams are already playoff-bound doing everything during OTAs and
fifth-oldest championship in golf, would be played Dec. 5-8 and their race for the NFL’s best overall re- after beating Detroit last week, and you’re doing stuff in camp, and then
organizers were excited about another strong field. The Presidents Cup cord might actually work in his favor. they could clinch a first-round bye with it’s like, if you’re not a guy on the active
is set for Dec. 12-15.
Woods was a rookie on the 1998 American team that lost to the With Los Angeles in a tight race with a win over Chicago this Sunday. But roster, you’re not really getting many
Internationals for the only time in the history of the event. Many on the New Orleans (10-2) for the NFC’s top even if they beat the Bears in chilly Chi- reps at all,” Gurley said. “I feel like
U.S. team played the Australian Open at Royal Adelaide that year the seed, the Rams might not be able to cago, the Rams are likely to be pushed those guys will be fine when they get
week prior to the Presidents Cup. keep Gurley off the field in December. down the stretch by New Orleans for in the game. They’re definitely going
“It was late in December and we didn’t have the wrap-around
schedule that we do now. The guys took quite a bit of time off and, quite Gurley heads into Sunday’s game home-field advantage in a potential to play, because I’m pretty sure I’ll get
frankly, we weren’t prepared to play and we got smoked,” he said. at Chicago (8-4) with an NFL-best NFC championship game matchup. tired a play or two.”
“I would encourage them to stay competitive late in the year. That’s

Back in first, Cowboys can’t ease up
what we learned in ‘98, the guys weren’t competitive, they had shut it
down. So, hopefully, they’ll play my event in the Bahamas. If not, they’ll
stay competitive, stay sharp. Trying to get guys to stay sharp when it’s
their break time is going to be the challenge.”
Woods said he will tailor his 2019 playing schedule in a bid to be playing
captain in his ninth Presidents Cup. He shares the record of 24 wins
with Phil Mickelson and had a 2-3 record in 1998 and again in 2011 at
By SCHUYLER DIXON quarterback Dak Prescott. week and put our best out he’s not sharing it publicly.
Royal Melbourne. The Associated Press “We’re not necessarily there. We put our best out “I don’t really understand
thinking about we’re get- there, we’ll be fine.” what you’re talking about,”
Soccer FRISCO, Texas — Dal- ting chased now,” Prescott While the Eagles have Garrett said when asked
las safety Jeff Heath figures said Thursday. “Our backs back-to-back wins for the
US draws Sweden in Women’s World Cup opener there’s a world outside his
about preaching against any
PARIS — The defending champion United States is again placed were against the wall a few first time this season, the tendency for the team to
in a group with Sweden for the Women’s World Cup next summer in locker room where people weeks ago and they haven’t defending champs badly
France. seek comfort in their jobs. ease up. “Our backs are to
changed. This is a team that need a third if they want a the wall. They’re always to
Host France will open the tournament on June 7 with a match The Cowboys are about looks to go out there every shot at another Super Bowl.
against South Korea in Paris.
to get a test of the notion the wall and that’s how we
The draw for soccer’s premier tournament was held Saturday at a week and put that on display With a victory, Philadel-
that they’re never supposed look at it.”
gala event in Paris amid a backdrop of unrest in the country. There were every week.” phia would pull even with
widespread clashes between police and demonstrators protesting high to get comfortable in their Human nature will al- Dallas and have a season Running back Ezekiel El-
taxes under French President Emmanuel Macron. line of work. ways suggest otherwise, split with a better division liott will have something of a
The United States defeated Japan 5-2 — highlighted by Carli personal test to keep things
Lloyd’s hat trick — in Canada at the last World Cup, in 2015. The U.S.
“I think the coaches do a and the New Orleans Saints record, the first tiebreaker
has played in every World Cup since the competition started in 1991, good job kind of keeping us might argue that point af- between two teams. Lose, rolling. After 90 touches —
winning the event in 1991, 1999 and 2015. sharp, keeping us on edge,” ter their 10-game winning and the Eagles will trail the 72 carries and 18 catches
The top-ranked Americans are grouped with Sweden for the fifth Heath said. “You just have to streak was stopped by the Cowboys by two games with — over three games in a 12-
straight World Cup. Also in Group F are Thailand and Chile, which is understand that comes with
making its World Cup debut. The United States will open the tourna- Cowboys. Dallas was tied just three remaining. day span, Elliott finally had
ment against Thailand in Reims on June 11. this game.” with Washington then, and The Cowboys would some time to rest. He says
Twenty-four teams were placed in six groups at the draw. The pots Before the four-game conventional wisdom gave counter that they’re fighting he felt the best he has in a
for the draw were based on world ranking. France, as host, was atop the winning streak that pro- the Redskins a shot to get to maintain control of their while coming into the week.
first pot, followed by the top-ranked U.S., Germany, England, Canada pelled them to sole posses-
and Australia. The updated FIFA rankings were released on Friday. back in first place alone. playoff fate. The key is for Elliott to
France, ranked No. 3 in the world, has gone 7-1-2 this year, with sion of first in the NFC East, Instead, the Cowboys had “We don’t have a margin,” avoid any negative side ef-
the loss coming against England in the SheBelieves Cup in the United the Cowboys (7-5) were on their best defensive showing offensive coordinator Scott fects of that feeling. Say, for
States in March. This will be the fourth World Cup for Les Bleues. the verge of losing touch of the season in a 13-10 win Linehan said. “We approach example, easing up.
The Americans went undefeated in play this year, finishing 18-0-2, with the playoff race early over the high-scoring Saints it no different than we did “I mean, honestly, we’re
including a 2-0 victory over Canada in the final of the CONCACAF quali-
for the second straight year. while the Redskins lost an- when we were, whatever it
fying tournament. The team’s overall unbeaten streak is at 28 games, in the same position that
dating to a 1-0 loss to Australia in the 2017 Tournament of Nations. Two games ago, Dallas other quarterback to a sea- was, 3-5. Coach (Jason) Gar-
trailed Washington by a we were when we were 3-5,”
Lloyd, who attended the draw event, was asked if she was confi- son-ending injury in a 28-13 rett’s been obviously talking
dent the United States can defend its title. game with the Redskins vis- said Elliott, who does have
loss to Philadelphia that left that every minute of every
“Pretty confident I must say,” she said from the stage. “This squad
iting on Thanksgiving. Now them tied with the Eagles. day. the motivation of trying to
is as talented as can be, we’ve got the depth and a great coaching staff regain the league rushing
in place.” it’s the Cowboys with that “Nobody’s really think- “We all need to know that
England, ranked No. 4 in the world, drew a difficult group that one-game lead, this time ing about a letdown or any- in the NFL, things change lead he lost to Todd Gur-
includes No. 8 Japan. England was the surprise third-place finisher in over Philadelphia with the thing,” Cowboys receiver quickly, for the better or for ley last week. “Having that
Canada and has been on the rise in the past several years. The squad defending champion Eagles same mentality, attacking
is coached by Phil Neville, former Manchester United and England
Cole Beasley said. “They’re the worse, if you don’t keep
defender who played in three European Championships. (6-6) coming in Sunday. all big. We’ve got to worry your foot on the gas pedal.” work the same every day.”
The draw took place inside La Seine Musicale, a dome-shaped Once the chaser, now the about what we have to do Whatever Garrett is shar- That means not being
concert hall perched over the river Seine on the outskirts of Paris — and chased. No difference, says to get better as a team each ing with his team, as usual, comfortable at work.
far enough away from the center not to be affected by the vehement
and widespread anti-government demonstrations taking place.

Saints look to get back on track against Bucs
The groups that will play next year in France:
Group A: France, South Korea, Norway, Nigeria.
Group B: Germany, China, Spain, South Africa.
Group C: Australia, Italy, Brazil, Jamaica.
Group D: England, Scotland, Argentina, Japan.
Group E: Canada, Cameroon, New Zealand, Netherlands.
Group F: United States, Thailand, Chile, Sweden.
By FRED GOODALL coach Dirk Koetter said, cautioning as Winston and Lattimore exchanged
The Associated Press against reading too much into New Or- words. Yet, in Week 1 of this season,
n Napoli keeps second place: At Rome, Napoli is not only Dries
Mertens and Lorenzo Insigne. leans’ only loss since Ryan Fitzpatrick Evans had a huge day in the Super-
A 4-0 victory over promoted Frosinone on Saturday didn’t include TAMPA, Fla. — The Buccaneers led Tampa Bay past the Saints on Sept. dome against Lattimore, catching sev-
any goals from the southern club’s standout strikers. pulled off the biggest upset of the open- 9. en passes for 147 yards, highlighted by
Arkadiusz Milik scored twice, Faouzi Ghoulam provided two assists ing week of the NFL season, beating
in his first match in more than a year, and Piotr Zielinski and Adam “As we’ve said many times, this is a his 50-yard touchdown catch.
Ounas also found the net. the Saints in a high-scoring shootout. week-to-week league and there’s good But Lattimore, the 2017 defensive
With Mertens rested, the collective effort was the perfect warmup Three months later, neither team is players on both sides,” Koetter added. rookie of the year, has come back
for a decisive visit to Liverpool in the Champions League on Tuesday. looking back. “I don’t think the Saints are going to be strong from that game and Payton was
The win also solidified Napoli’s hold on second place in Serie A. New Orleans (10-2) is on the verge
The Partenopei moved six points ahead of third-place Inter Milan, which losing too much sleep over losing (and) highly complimentary of his play this
lost 1-0 to leader Juventus on Friday. Juventus is eight points ahead of of clinching another NFC South title. being 10-2.” season while, to some extent, also ex-
Napoli. Tampa Bay (5-7) is trying to escape a New Orleans can clinch its second cusing his Week 1 performance.
“This was a dangerous match, a classic trap that we could have deep hole and climb back into playoff straight NFC South title with a win “Marshon, we feel like, is one of the
fallen into, especially ahead of a Champions League game,” Napoli contention.
coach Carlo Ancelotti said. “Those who debuted or made their come- Sunday or a Carolina loss or tie. better corners in this league,” Payton
backs today should be applauded, as they knew how to wait, prepare “It does feel like it’s been quite a The Bucs, who haven’t made the said, “and I’m glad we have him.”
and were ready when called upon. while,” Saints coach Sean Payton said, playoffs since 2007, have won the past
“We can start thinking about Liverpool now, but we’ve got to try to reflecting on his team’s 48-40 loss to
remain calm and focused. We’re entering with the right mentality, the the Bucs in Week 1.
two meetings in the division rivalry. Better pass rush
players are in good shape and a few even rested today.” “We’re playing for a lot, in the posi- Since Week 7 when Tampa Bay fired
Goalkeeper Alex Meret, who was signed from Udinese in the off- “Obviously, a lot’s taken place since tion we’re in. I think our team knows defensive coordinator Mike Smith and
season for 22 million euros ($25 million), made his Napoli debut. Signed then. We will be seeing a different quar- that,” Payton said. promoted linebackers coach Mark
to replace the departed Pepe Reina, Meret broke his arm in his second terback in this game,” Payton added. “I “The bottom line is we control our
training session with Napoli. Duffner as his replacement, the Bucs
think there are some similarities rela- destiny right now,” quarterback Drew
While Meret was rarely tested, Zielinski put Napoli ahead early on have the second-most sacks in the
from the edge of the area following a rebound of a shot from Insigne. tive to what the teams do scheme-wise Brees said. “We win this game, we win league with 24. The only team with
Ounas then doubled the advantage before the break with a long and yet through the course of the sea- the division and that’s the first step, more over that stretch is New Orleans
curling shot that was deflected slightly by a defender. son, there’s been injuries, new players first goal that we set for ourselves this
Milik headed in his first in the 68th and then beat the offside trap for with 25.
playing at different positions for both season. ... Then, we’ll worry about the
another in the 84th.
Milik has scored seven goals in 13 matches, matching Mertens and sides and a big enough gap to where next goal.”
Insigne for the squad lead. you’re watching a lot of other tape, not Some things to know about the Rain readiness
Both of Milik’s goals were set up by Ghoulam, the fullback who had just the tape of your past game.” Bucs, who won two straight after a Payton tends to be very particular
been out since tearing his anterior cruciate ligament last year against That’s life in the NFL, which doesn’t about reviewing weather forecasts for
Manchester City. stretch in which they dropped seven of
n Man City loses first game: At London, Chelsea inflicted afford much time to dwell on wins or eight games, and Saints: outdoor games and particularly so this
Manchester City’s first loss of the Premier League season on Saturday, losses. week, where the forecast is calling for
winning 2-0 as the champions were replaced by Liverpool in top spot. When the division rivals meet again rain and some wind.
After losing two of its last three league games, Chelsea was forced
to repel waves of City attacks before N’Golo Kante scored from the
Sunday, the Saints will be eager to re- Rivalry “It doesn’t ‘look like’ it’s going to
team’s first shot on target in the 45th minute. bound from a 13-10 road loss to Dallas Top Saints cornerback Marshon rain. It’s going to rain — 95 percent
Buoyed by going in front, Chelsea controlled the second half and that stopped a 10-game winning streak. Lattimore could be seeking a measure chance of rain.
David Luiz headed the hosts further in front in the 78th. The Bucs beat Carolina 24-17 last of redemption when he lines up against “There’ll be some wind — 10 to 12
It ended City’s 21-game unbeaten run in the league stretching back week, improving to 2-0 since Jameis receiver Mike Evans. miles an hour. We know the direction;
into last season when Pep Guardiola’s side won the title with 100 points.
Liverpool moved a point ahead of City after beating Bournemouth Winston regained Tampa Bay’s start- A year ago, Lattimore memorably it’ll head from their locker room to-
4-0 earlier Saturday with Mohamed Salah scoring a hat trick. Chelsea is ing quarterback job. frustrated Evans to the point that the ward the pirate ship. I think the footing
eight points behind Liverpool. “You don’t win 10 straight in this big Bucs receiver leveled the corner- is going to be important relative to the
—From Wire Reports league if you’re not pretty good,” Bucs back along the Tampa Bay sideline shoes that we’re wearing.”
The Dispatch • Sunday, December 9, 2018 5B


Georgia Tech tabs former MSU assistant Collins Boxing
Women’s bouts make return to final HBO show
CARSON, Calif. — Although HBO has decided to put boxing in its
past, the network is leaving the sport by showcasing a possible vision
By CHARLES ODUM coach during his two stints as an assis- Foley also was interim coach for the of its future.
The Associated Press tant. He said the opportunity, which de- Military Bowl in 2016 following Rhule’s Cecilia Braekhus was in the first women’s boxing match on HBO,
and the dominant Norwegian champion will be in the main event of
veloped quickly when Johnson stepped departure. Foley will become the first HBO’s final boxing show Saturday night when she defends her welter-
ATLANTA — Georgia native Geoff down on Nov. 28, was not expected. coach in Temple history to coach two weight titles against Aleksandra Magdziak-Lopes.
Collins said Friday he landed his “I formed a vision in my head in mul- bowl games. On the undercard, two-time Olympic gold medalist Claressa
dream job when hired to return as tiple stops I’ve been here of what this Collins said he is looking forward to Shields defends her middleweight belts against Femke Hermans.
Georgia Tech’s coach. place can be, what this place should being a “spectator” for Georgia Tech’s Any discussion of the world’s top female fighters must include
Most notable among changes the Braekhus (34-0, 9 KOs) and Shields (7-0, 2 KOs). With women’s boxing
be,” he said. bowl game. Johnson will coach the on a distinct rise over the past two years, HBO is closing out its 45-year
former Temple coach will bring to the He spoke of emphasizing the Geor- team against Minnesota in the Quick history as a driving force in boxing with a showcase for two fighters atop
Yellow Jackets will be a shift from the gia Tech brand and culture. Lane Bowl in Detroit on Dec. 26. the sport’s next wave.
spread-option offense used by former “Recruits choose brands and our “It’s an honor to be in this position right now,” Braekhus said. “It’s
coach Paul Johnson the last 11 years. brand should be as strong as anywhere
truly a validation for the great year it’s been for women’s boxing all over
At his introductory news confer- in the country and it’s going to be,” Col-
Winning record again the world, and how strong the future is. We have come a long way in the
sport, and I believe there are even more opportunities to come our way.”
ence after his hiring was announced Georgia Tech finished 7-5 in the reg-
lins said. ular season. Johnson compiled a record
Super flyweight Juan Francisco Estrada also fights Victor Mendez
early Friday, Collins said he will install He said he would take advantage of in a matchup of childhood acquaintances from Sonora, Mexico, but this
“NFL-based” schemes on offense and of 82-59 at Georgia Tech with three ap- show is being carried by women — including Australian atomweight
the school’s tough academic require- pearances in the Atlantic Coast Confer- champ Louisa Hawton, who fights Lorraine Villalobos on the undercard
defense. Those changes will be a chal- ments as a selling point in recruiting ence championship game. at the famed outdoor arena at StubHub Center south of downtown Los
lenge for players recruited by Johnson “to come to a place where education Angeles.
for the run-first attack with its tri- Collins met with Georgia Tech ath- Several champions of women’s combat sports also will be watching
matters.” letic director Todd Stansbury in New
ple-option plays. Collins also spent a season as direc-
at ringside, including former superstar Laila Ali, UFC featherweight
York earlier this week and with the uni- champ Cris “Cyborg” Justino and current boxing champs Christina
tor of player personal at Alabama in versity president G.P. “Bud” Peterson Hammer and Jenna Mrdjenovich.
Off to a good start 2007, Nick Saban’s first season leading in Atlanta on Thursday. An agreement The mere idea of an HBO boxing show dominated by women’s
champions would have been improbable just two years ago. Of course,
Collins said he began recruiting the Crimson Tide. was reached on the deal, expected to so would the idea of a boxing world without HBO, a dominant financial
immediately to prepare for the early Temple athletic director Patrick be for seven years, late Thursday. force behind many of the world’s biggest bouts for nearly a half-century.
signing period that begins on Dec. 19. Kraft said assistant coach Ed Foley will Stansbury said Collins fit every After Shields’ dominant run to a second straight gold medal at the
There will be some key needs, possibly serve as interim coach for the Indepen- requirement he sought in a coach, Rio Olympics, U.S. boxing purveyors finally began to grasp the fact
including at quarterback, to jump-start dence Bowl against Duke on Dec. 27. that women’s boxing was a fertile area for growth if they were willing
including “somebody who would em- to invest time and money. So Shields turned pro and became a rising
the transition to a pro-style offense. “While it is always difficult to lose brace Georgia Tech and would look at personality in the sport, while the 37-year-old Braekhus teamed up with
“I’ve already been watching tape on a head coach, it is a testament to what the challenge and the uniqueness of promoter Tom Loeffler to raise her international profile after fighting in
the plane,” Collins said, adding “Re- we have built at Temple through our Georgia Tech and that would actually relative obscurity in northern Europe for a decade.
cruiting matters. That is a huge prior- students, our fans, our alumni and our be part of the lure.” While Shields would love to fight Braekhus someday, she also
respects the veteran ex-kickboxer.
ity for us.” donors that we can continue to have Collins’ flight from Philadelphia on “I’m happy to appear on this card with her and proud that she is in
The 47-year-old Collin, is a former success,” Kraft said in a statement re- Friday was delayed by weather and the main event,” Shields said. “It truly gives me something to strive for,
Florida and Mississippi State defensive leased by the school. “We have a world- problems with his private plane, push- to someday headline a big show like this. Cecilia has worked very hard
coordinator and Georgia Tech assis- class university, strong support staff, ing back the scheduled time for the for many years and has deserved everything she’s gotten.”
Braekhus and Shields are favored in their bouts, but both are
tant who was 15-10 in two seasons at excellent facilities, passionate support- news conference two hours. hoping to put on a show worthy of this milestone in the sport’s evolution.
Temple. ers and a very healthy culture and I am “One of those planes Snoopy used to The event should be bittersweet for many boxing fans accustomed
Before his time at Florida (2015-16) confident that there will be great inter- fly had a flat tire right on the runway,” to HBO’s presence in the sport. Longtime HBO commentator Jim
and Mississippi State (2011-14), Collins est in our job yet again.” he said, adding a strong headwind then Lampley will sign off from the network for which he has worked since
Collins had an 8-4 record with a 7-1 1988 along with Max Kellerman and Roy Jones Jr.
was a graduate assistant and tight ends slowed the flight after the tire was re- HBO elected to get out of the sport after being unable or unwilling
coach at Georgia Tech under coach mark in the American Athletic Confer- paired. to compete with a wave of interest in televised boxing. While Showtime
George O’Leary from 1999-2001. He ence this season. Collins said he was impatient at has retained its prominence in the sport, ESPN has dramatically in-
returned to serve as recruiting coordi- He said his farewell meeting with first. creased its boxing content in recent months, and new streaming service
nator at Tech under coach Chan Gailey his Temple players on Friday was “Then I sat back and realized you’ve DAZN is aggressively pursuing promoters and fighters, including former
HBO star Canelo Alvarez.
in 2006. “heart-wrenching.” been waiting 22 years for this, been
A native of Conyers, Georgia, Col- Collins took over for his close friend waiting to be the coach at Georgia
lins said he began dreaming about Matt Rhule last year, when Rhule left Tech for so long, if you have to wait a College Basketball
eventually becoming Georgia Tech’s for Baylor. little bit it’s OK,” he said. UConn retires numbers of Allen and Lobo
STORRS, Conn. — Connecticut will retire the numbers of former
basketball stars Ray Allen and Rebecca Lobo.

Freeze gets second chance at Liberty The numbers 34 and 50 will become the first retired by the school
during a ceremony in March. The university says it’s an honor reserved
for Hall of Famers.
Lobo led the UConn women’s team to a 35-0 record and the first of
11 national championships in 1995. She wore No. 50 and finished her
By The Associated Press He was emotional at times scandal in which school of- a row and reaching an apex career with 2,133 points, 1,268 rebounds and 396 blocked shots. She
during a press conference, ficials discovered a “pattern when they won the Sugar played seven seasons in the WNBA.
LYNCHBURG, Va. — thanking his family and call- of personal misconduct” Bowl over Oklahoma State Allen was a first-team All-American in 1996. He scored 1,922
Hugh Freeze has enjoyed ing them his heroes. starting with a call to an es- following the 2015 season. points at UConn and led the men to an 89-13 record during his three
the highs of football, such as years in Storrs. He went on to play 18 seasons in the NBA, becoming
“I’ve made decisions that cort service from a universi- But an NCAA investiga- the most prolific 3-point shooter in league history.
winning the Sugar Bowl and have hurt a lot of people,” ty-issued cellphone. tion that found 21 violations n O’Connell honored: At Queens, New York, St. John’s will
beating mighty Alabama. Freeze said. “I don’t ever Ole Miss was also mired of academic, booster, and honor the late Hall of Fame basketball writer Jim O’Connell of The
He’s also known embarrass- want to experience that in an NCAA rules investiga- recruiting misconduct over- Associated Press with a patch on game uniforms Sunday at Madison
ment and shame following a Square Garden.
again.” tion during much of his ten- shadowed much of that suc- O’Connell, an alumnus, was a fixture covering sports at the
personal scandal that cost Freeze will replace Turn- ure that eventually resulted cess. Most of the 21 charges Garden. He died in July at 64.
him his job at Mississippi. er Gill, who resigned after in a two-year postseason happened during Freeze’s St. John’s players will wear a red patch featuring his nickname “Oc”
The 49-year-old Freeze his seventh season to spend ban. tenure. for the Holiday Festival game against Princeton. The Garden also will
believes those experienc- place a permanent plaque at his workspace in the media room.
more time with his ailing Now Freeze gets a The Rebels were eventu- O’Connell had been the AP’s national college basketball writer
es will serve him well as wife. The Flames finished chance to rebuild his career ally hit with a two-year post- since 1987. He was a former president of the U.S. Basketball Writers
the head coach at Liberty, 6-6 this season, their first less than 18 months after season ban, probation and Association. In 2002, he was honored by the Naismith Memorial
where he’s been given a sec- competing at the Football his stunning downfall in Ox- recruiting restrictions. Basketball Hall of Fame with the Curt Gowdy Award.
ond chance. Bowl Subdivision level, and ford, where his abrupt resig- From a personal stand-
“I believe in teaching were 47-35 under Gill. nation marked the end to a point, Freeze received a light NBA
young men on our team all Liberty will have full sta- volatile tenure. punishment in the case. He Dellavedova returns to Cavaliers in three-team trade
of the lessons of when I got it tus for FBS bowl eligibility Ole Miss enjoyed a quick would have been suspended CLEVELAND — Matthew Dellavedova is coming back to the
right and when I got it wrong in 2019. The Flames are not rise under Freeze, who came two conference games in Cavaliers. He won’t recognize them.
and what the consequences part of a conference and are to the school before the 2012 2018 if he had been a head Cleveland re-acquired the popular, scrappy guard on Friday in a
three-team trade with the Milwaukee Bucks and Washington Wizards.
are,” Freeze said. playing as an independent. season and immediately coach, but he did not take The Cavaliers also received forward John Henson and 2021 first-
He was introduced as Lib- Freeze spent five years at started recruiting at a high a job last year. The NCAA’s and second-round picks from Milwaukee, and a 2022 second-rounder
erty’s football coach on cam- Mississippi and led the Reb- level. The Rebels quickly de- ruling said Freeze promot- from Washington. The Cavs sent guard George Hill and a 2021
pus Friday, calling the op- els to a 39-25 record and four veloped into a Southeastern ed an atmosphere of rules second-round selection to the Bucks, and forward Sam Dekker to the
Wizards. Milwaukee also got forward Jason Smith from Washington.
portunity an “unbelievable bowl games. He resigned in Conference contender, beat- compliance, but he failed to Affectionately known to Cleveland fans as “Delly,” Dellavedova was
day for me and my family.” the summer of 2017 amid a ing Alabama two seasons in monitor his staff. a key member of the Cavs’ 2016 title team before he signed with the
Bucks later that summer. He’s not the same player, and the Cavs are

No. 1 North Dakota State cruises into FCS semifinal
far from being the same team, but his return will soften what has been
a difficult season.
Cleveland is just 5-20 and rebuilding in the wake of LeBron James’
departure last summer.
“I’m glad my Aussie brother is back,” Cavs center Tristan Thomp-
By The Associated Press in the Camping World Bowl against “We haven’t had a spot where we son said following a 129-110 loss to Sacramento. “Brings us veteran
No. 17 Syracuse, instead focusing on thought this made sense at this point,” leadership, a guy that’s won before, a guy that’s going to push Collin
FARGO, N.D. — Easton Stick threw (Sexton), control the game for the second unit and he’ll make shots.
preparation for the NFL draft. Stricklin said. He’s good at throwing lobs to me, so I’m really happy about that.
for three touchdowns, Bruce Anderson Grier announced his decision Sat- Many outsiders believed the “I think it will be good for our team, not just for myself, but for our
ran for 124 yards with a touchdown urday in a statement released by West 10th-ranked Gators (9-3) and sev- team.”
and top-seeded North Dakota State Virginia . enth-ranked Knights (13-0) would Hill helped the Cavs reach the Finals last season, but the team
advanced to the FCS semifinals for the The senior joins about a dozen meet in a bowl game this season, pos-
wanted to unload his contract while giving rookie Sexton more playing
eighth straight year with a 35-0 win time.
high-profile college players who al- sibly in the Peach or Fiesta. But Flor- Sexton has already heard stories about Dellavedova.
over eighth-seeded Colgate on Satur- ready have announced they will skip ida ended up facing Michigan in the “Everybody said he’s a real good guy, a real good locker-room
day. their team’s bowl games. The list in- Peach, and UCF will play LSU in the guy,” he said. “We lost George, which was my vet, so I’ll have to talk to
Stick was 14 of 19 for 205 yards as cludes Houston defensive tackle Ed Fiesta.
Dellavedova and he’ll be able to lead me how George led me. They say
the Bison (13-0) piled up 443 yards he practices hard too, so we’re going to have some battles.”
Oliver, LSU cornerback Greedy Wil- If the schools were to play in the The Bucks are getting a 46-percent shooter from 3-point range in
against the Raiders (10-2), who had the
liams, Arizona State receiver N’Keal future, Stricklin said it likely would Hill, who fits into their new long-range shooting philosophy under first-
top defense in FCS. year coach Mike Budenholzer, plus a backup to starter Eric Bledsoe.
Harry and Michigan defensive tackle need to be a two-for-one series. Florida
The defending national champions, They also could potentially save roughly $16 million in salary, assuming
Rashan Gary. On Friday, West Virginia agreed to play USF in a similar setup,
who have won 19 in a row, are home they waive Hill after this season.
senior offensive tackle Yodny Cajuste with two games at Florida Field (2022, “We’re excited to welcome George and Jason to the Bucks
against South Dakota State (10-2) next
announced he would not play in the 2025) and one at Tampa’s Raymond organization,” GM Jon Horst said. “George provides us added depth
weekend. and experience at the guard position, while Jason gives us another
bowl game. James Stadium (2023).
Ty Brooks scored on a 26-yard run front-court player who can stretch the floor.”
Grier was a Heisman contender this White has made it clear he would
to cap a four-play, 96-yard drive on ND- There was an urgency to get the deal agreed to before 6 p.m. on
SU’s first possession. A 2-yard pass to season and a finalist for the Maxwell prefer to schedule home-and-home se- Friday because only players on rosters by then can be re-packaged in
Ben Ellefson made it 14-0 in the second Award as player of the year. He aver- ries with Power 5 opponents because other trades before February’s deadline.
quarter. aged 351 yards passing and threw 37 the school generates more revenue Hill’s days were numbered in Cleveland. The Cavs are re-shaping
their roster with an eye on landing a major free agent in 2020, and Hill
The Bison then went 70 yards on touchdown passes. from a home game than it would from was no longer part of the long-term plans because of his age and the
eight plays to open the second half, n Stricklin wants UCF: At Gaines- playing a payday game on the road. team’s commitment to Sexton’s development.
capped by a 10-yard pass to Darrius ville, Florida, Florida Athletic Director “We do home-and-homes with like Hill recently returned after missing 11 games with a shoulder injury,
Shepherd, who moved into second on Scott Stricklin would welcome a two- FSUs and Power 5 leagues,” Stricklin a setback that only delayed the Cavs in pulling off a deal to add more
assets. Cleveland recently traded sharpshooter Kyle Korver to Utah for
the NDSU career list with 179 recep- for-one series against in-state oppo- said. “We haven’t done any home-and- two picks in 2020 and 2021.
tions. nent UCF, which has the nation’s lon- homes with non-Power 5 teams. I don’t The 28-year-old Dellavedova will get a chance restart his career
That was more than enough for gest winning streak at 25. think we would start that. with the Cavs. The Australian had been buried on Milwaukee’s bench
the Bison, who limited Colgate to 157 “I’d be OK with scheduling them in “But I’d love to schedule (UCF) in and is averaging just 1.7 points and 2.4 assists in 12 games.
the right situation,” Stricklin said Fri- a game.” Henson recently underwent surgery to repair a torn ligament in his
yards. The Raiders had tied the FCS left wrist. He’s averaging 5.6 points and 5.1 rebounds in 14 games.
record with five shutouts this season day during a Peach Bowl event at Flor- Stricklin laughed off accusations Dekker was in his first season with the Cavs, who got him in an
and only allowed nine touchdowns in ida Field. that he worked behind the scenes — August trade with the Los Angeles Clippers. He averaged 6.3 points
11 games. Florida and Central Florida last he’s a member of the College Football and 3.7 rebounds but missed time with a severely sprained left ankle.
played in 2006, a 42-0 victory in the Playoff Selection Committee — to pre- “This trade allows us to continue to work to improve our team
Stick is now 47-3 as a starting quar- and gives us a young, developing player in Sam whose versatility and
terback, tying former Bison QB Brock Swamp by the eventual national cham- vent Florida from playing UCF in a New athleticism at the forward position will allow him to earn an opportunity
Jensen, who went 47-5 in his career, for pion Gators. The teams had been Year’s Six bowl because the Gators had to contribute,” said Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld. “We wish Jason
the most wins by a starting FCS QB. scheduled to play again the following more to lose than gain in a potential in- the best moving forward and appreciate the value he brought to our
year, but UCF got out of the game state matchup. team as a great teammate and true professional.”
NDSU kicker Cam Pedersen has con- n Jones undergoes surgery: At Oakland, California, Golden
verted 91 straight extra points and 251 and ended up paying a $100,000 buy- “If you win the game, it counts one State center Damian Jones underwent surgery for a torn left pectoral
in his career. out, according to documents released win,” Stricklin said. “If you lose the muscle.
n Grier to skip bowl game: At through a public records request. game, it counts one loss. When I was at Golden State said Friday that Jones had the procedure Wednes-
Morgantown, West Virginia, West Stricklin said he and UCF AD Dan- Mississippi State, they said don’t play day in Chicago, performed by Dr. Benjamin Domb. Jones is expected to
begin the rehab process in six weeks with a timetable to be determined
Virginia quarterback Will Grier won’t ny White have not spoken about sched- Southern Miss. We played Southern based on his progress.
play for the 15th-ranked Mountaineers uling a game. Miss. They had the same argument. —From Wire Reports
6B Sunday, December 9, 2018 The Dispatch •


Mavericks beat Rockets to extend home streak; Lakers beat Grizzlies
By The Associated Press with another from long range Washington. n Celtics 133, Bulls 77: At n Lakers 111, Grizzlies
for a 105-102 lead. It was 26th Wizards guard John Wall Chicago, Jaylen Brown scored 88: At Memphis, LeBron
DALLAS — Luka Doncic lead change. was held to a career low one 23 points, Daniel Theis added James had 20 points, nine as-
shrugged off a rough shooting The Slovenian rookie had 21 point in 26 minutes — a free a career-high 22 points and sists and eight rebounds, Kyle
night with 11 straight points to points along with Wesley Mat- throw early in the third quar- grabbed 10 rebounds, and Bos- Kuzma added 20 points and
erase an eight-point deficit late thews, who missed two free ter with Cleveland holding a ton routed Chicago for its fifth nine rebounds, and Los Ange-
in the fourth quarter and the throws with a chance to put the 74-48 lead. Wall returned after straight victory. les dominated Memphis.
Dallas Mavericks went on to game away in the final seconds. missing Washington’s victory The 56-point loss was the Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
their ninth consecutive home Eric Gordon missed a potential Wednesday night over Atlanta worst in Bulls’ history, eclips- and Josh Hart added 16 points
victory, 107-104 over the Hous- tying 3-pointer for Houston at because of personal reasons. ing a 53-point (127-74) defeat at apiece, and JaVale McGee had
ton Rockets in action Saturday the buzzer. Harden overcame The five-time All-Star, who Minnesota on Nov. 8, 2001. 10 points and 10 rebounds.
night. foul trouble to finish with 35 didn’t participate in the shoot- Jayson Tatum had 18 points Wayne Selden led Memphis
Doncic was 3 of 13 before points, and Paul had 23. around Saturday because he and Terry Rozier added 15 as with 17 points.
hitting back-to-back 3-pointers n Cavaliers 116, Wizards was under the weather, missed the Celtics used a 17-0 start and n Pacers 107, Kings 97: At
to get Dallas within two. Af- 101: At Cleveland, rookie Col- all five shots and had six as- a balanced attack to roll their Indianapolis, Thaddeus Young
ter Chris Paul missed two free lin Sexton matched a career sists. Wall was taken out late second straight lopsided win. had a season-high 20 points and
throws, Doncic hit a floater in high with 29 points, Tristan in the third quarter and didn’t Shaquille Harrison came off the nine rebounds, and Bojan Bog-
the lane for a tie, then followed Thompson had 23 points and return. Bradley Beal scored 27 bench to score a career-high 20 danovic added 18 points to help
an air-ball 3 from James Harden 19 rebounds and Cleveland beat points for Washington. points for the Chicago. Indiana beat Sacramento.

David Miller/Special to The Dispatch
Columbus High School’s Greg King drives to the basket against Starkville (left photo); Columbus High’s Hannah White goes into the lane for a shot attempt (middle photo);
Starkville High’s Trey Jackson drives to the basket (right photo).

Continued from Page 1B
Jamarrion Brown led the “We made some big shots, High 49-46 Saturday night. the ball game. They just kept from put-backs, and we just
Jackets with 16 points, includ- and we got some big defensive The Lady Falcons missed believing, kept playing hard couldn’t get a body on them, for
ing three 3-pointers. Zeke Cook stops, but we got down the 13 at the stripe in the fourth and made some key plays at the some reason.
added 10, all of which came in stretch and we turned the ball quarter alone but leaned on its end of the game. That’s a plus.” “We just didn’t play very
the second half. over three times in the last two defense late with a key block Columbus High forward Bri well tonight. Give credit to
Morris attributed the late- minutes of the game. We just and steal in the least minute, Smith got in early foul trouble, Starkville for stopping some
game miscues to having a got to learn from it. We haven’t followed by Berniya Hardin’s and her absence affected the things we usually do. Being No.
young team, despite the efforts been in a tight game, a tight sit- tie-up of Jalisa Outlaw to halt a Lady Falcons’ hustle and ability 1 in the state right now, we’ve
of Burnett, a sophomore, who uation like this. It was a good game-tying shot opportunity. to keep the Lady Yellow Jackets had a lot of stuff come at us, and
finished with a game-high 21 learning experience for us, es- It wasn’t the Lady Falcons’ out of the lane, Hairston said. we are going to get everyone’s
points on seven triples. pecially me, being a first-year best effort, but coach Yvonne Columbus would trade the lead ‘A’ game. We just have to be on
“Inexperience and lack of coach. Hairston will take it. a handful of times in the fourth it.”
mental focus — it’s the story of n Columbus girls 49, “We shoot free throws all the quarter before sealing the win Starkville (4-3) was led in
our whole season,” Morris said. Starkville 46: The top-ranked time, but they just weren’t go- late. scoring by Outlaw, who had 14.
“That last play was actually sup- Columbus High girls basketball ing in,” Hairston said. “We just “Starkville didn’t shoot the Columbus (7-0) was paced
posed to go the other way, but team overcame an early fourth had a poor night shooting free ball well, and we knew we had by Hannah White, who had 13,
some of our guys just haven’t quarter deficit and 20 missed throws, and it’s unacceptable. to stop penetration,” Hairston and Jatyla Turner, who finished
been in those situations. free throws to beat Starkville But we figured out a way to win said. “Most of their shots came with 12.

Soccer Murray
Continued from Page 1B Continued from Page 1B
so long that she knows when something was the team MVP, which isn’t usually Unlike most seasons, the winner was and 195 pounds, Murray is small for an
is up, which makes it easier to help them the case for a center back. Alexander no foregone conclusion, but Murray (517 NFL quarterback but talented enough to
stay focused or to motivate them. She said Box’s leadership is about 51 per- first-place votes and 2,167 points) ended be an intriguing prospect if he ever de-
said her years of experience have helped cent of the reason why she earned that up with a fairly comfortable margin of cided to give it a try.
her grow into an effective captain. honor. The other 49 percent, Alexander 296 points over Tagovailoa. Ohio State For the next month, though, Murray
“I am very vocal,” Box said. “I cannot said, comes from Box’s skills. He said he quarterback Dwayne Haskins, the oth- is focused on capping his college career
stand when the field is quiet, so I am all has worked with Box to become an even er finalists, was a distant third with 783 with a national championship. He took a
of the time hollering, all of the time try- more effective communicator. points. Three more quarterbacks fol- circuitous route to get to a place most al-
ing to get them pepped up, like hype and “She is definitely a loud player,” Al- lowed: Will Grier of West Virginia, Gard- ways expected him to be.
stuff. I am very vocal, which I think helps exander said. “She is a physical player. ner Minshew II of Washington State and Playing for Texas powerhouse Allen
me be a better leader than most girls.” The main thing you want out of any play- McKenzie Milton of Central Florida. High School, just outside of Dallas, Mur-
Box said she clicked with Northwest er whether you’re offense, defense, or in Murray appeared on 92 percent of the ray won three straight state champion-
Mississippi C.C. coach Levi Nunnally, the midfield is to be a competitor. She Heisman ballots, third most all time. Ta- ships at the state’s highest level and his
who also played center back. She said loves to compete. When it is a tight game govailoa’s 1,871 points was the most for team went 42-0 with him starting.
she is excited about having a coach who or a dogfight, I like for players to have a a runner-up in the 84-year history of the “Kyler’s journey, in particular, it’s
played her position. little salt, and she has got that.” Heisman. kind of the stuff of legends,” Riley said.
Northwest Mississippi C.C. finished Box said she started playing soccer Murray, a pinpoint passer and explo- “But with all the high points there’s been
4-10-1 and 2-6 in the Mississippi Associ- when she was little, which triggered sive runner, surpassed the production a lot of tough moments.”
ation of Community and Junior Colleges her dream to play soccer in college. She of Mayfield. Murray has averaged 380 Murray signed with Texas A&M in
(MACJC) this past season. admitted she thought she was getting yards of offense per game and accounted 2015, but transferred after one tumultu-
Box said going to Northwest Missis- “burned out” with soccer, but she cred- for 51 touchdowns in leading the Soon- ous season.
sippi C.C. will suit her better academi- ited Alexander for introducing a new at- ers the Big 12 title and the playoff. May- At Oklahoma, the plan was sit the
cally, mosphere and new techniques and skills field averaged 353 yards of offense and 2016 season to fulfil NCAA transfer
This is the second year Louis Alex- that made her love the sport again. accounted for 49 touchdowns as Oklaho- rules and then step in for Mayfield in
ander has coached Box at Caledonia On Friday, a journey that started at ma won the conference and lost a playoff 2016. But Mayfield was granted an extra
High. She has played center back both center mid and ended at center back semifinal to Georgia. year of eligibility and returned for 2017,
seasons. came full circle and helped her realize a “This didn’t just happen,” Murray said relegating Murray to backing up the
“She kind of anchors it down for us,” goal years in the making. later during a news conference. “I’ve put best quarterback in the country.
Alexander said. “Naturally, that is where “I feel like once I got on the back line so much time and effort into this game.” This season, as the focal point of Ri-
she fits. She is defensive minded and is when I became more vocal,” Box said. Murray said he was in constant con- ley’s creative offense, Murray developed
has a high soccer IQ, so she is definitely “If I would not have learned and built tact with Mayfield this week. into the dominant player he had seemed
somebody you want to have back there.” upon being very vocal, I don’t think I “It was just casual, bro-to-bro. He just destined to become while at Allen.
Alexander said it has been fun to would have made it to the collegiate lev- told me to enjoy it. Have fun with it. It’s “I trusted the process,” Murray said.
watch mature as a player and as a leader. el.” a once in a lifetime deal,” Murray said. Murray fought back tears while
He said she has been a team captain for Follow Dispatch sports editor Adam Tagovailoa was the Heisman thanking Riley during his speech.
the last two seasons. Last season, Box Minichino on Twitter @ctsportseditor front-runner for most of the season, “You pushed me harder than any

but Murray surged late as the Sooners coach ever has and I just want to say
turned to him and their offense to bail- thank you for believing in me and al-
out a leaky defense down the stretch. lowing me to be the quarterback of this
Continued from Page 1B Meanwhile, Tagovailoa picked a bad team. The leader of this team,” Murray
under and around ball the other night, but he stats as well, and he made time to have his worst game of the sea- said.
screens. You take what was shooting poorly go- four. Holman, we thought son, throwing two interceptions in the Murray is the fourth Oklahoma quar-
the defense gives you. Ba- ing into that. Now that it’s Southeastern Conference championship terback since 2003 to win the Heisman,
was streaky, and this was
sically, what the defense two games in a row, it’s against Georgia and leaving early with a joining Jason White, Sam Bradford and
one of those nights where
was giving us today were like, ‘Holy cow,’” Brownell sprained ankle. Mayfield, and the 16th quarterback over-
he was on.” Murray’s first season as a start- all to win the award in the last 19 years.
3s.” said. “Everybody who’s
The Bulldogs shot 56 ing quarterback in college is set up to Oklahoma’s seventh Heisman match-
The long-range shoot- going to see it after these
ing was a surprise to two is going to realize, percent (10 of 18) from also be his last. The junior has already es Ohio State, Southern California and
Clemson coach Brad wow, this guy can really 3-point range in the first signed a $4.66 million contract with the Notre Dame for the most by any school.
Brownell. shoot it. half to take a 42-34 lead. Oakland Athletic after he was selected That means another statue in Heisman
“Obviously, we knew “We knew Weather- They led by as many 19 in the first round of the Major League Park in Norman, next to Memorial Sta-
Peters had a great night spoon was better than his points in the half. Baseball draft in June. Listed at 5-foot-10 dium.
The Dispatch • Sunday, December 9, 2018 7B

Area obituaries
Nathan Whitaker arrangements. leavened Bread Church Cindy Chism ie Church of God of Visitation is today from
COLUMBUS — Na- Mr. Dodds was born in Detroit, Alabama. WEST POINT — Prophecy, and Monday 12:30-2 p.m.
than Whitaker, 19, died Nov. 19, 1959, in Fair- He did electrical work. Cindy Coleman Chism, one hour prior to ser- Mary Ellen was born
Nov. 16, 2018. banks, Alaska, to the In addition to his 57, died Dec. 7, 2018, vice time. Tisdale-Lann Jan. 5, 1932, in Lamar
A memorial service late James Franklin mother, he is sur- at her residence in the Memorial Funeral County, Alabama,
will be held at 3 p.m. Dodds and Kathryn vived by his brother, Tibbee Community. Home of Aberdeen is in to the late William
Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018, Davis Dodds. He was Jonathan Jehosophat A Celebration of Life charge of the arrange- Boman and Sammy Lee
at Lowndes Funeral a U.S. Air Force vet- Colburn of Detroit; services will be held ments. Boman.
Home. Visitation will eran and a member of sister, Lonna Johnson today at 2 p.m. at the Mr. West was for- In addition to her
be one hour prior to Aberdeen First United of Guin, Alabama; chapel of Calvert Fu- merly employed at parents, she was
services at the funeral Methodist Church. grandparents, Willie neral Home with Mar- CECO Steel. Marlin preceded in death by
home. He is survived by his Gardner and Betty tin Coleman officiating. was an ordained evan- her husband, Earnest
Memorials may be wife, Sherry Bonanno Gardner of Detroit, Visitation is today from gelist and a member of White; siblings, W.L.
made to Nathan Whita- Dodds of Aberdeen; Alabama; godparents, one hour prior to ser- the Church of God in Boman, Hoyt Boman,
ker Memorial Fund daughters, Alexandra Caler (Sally) Johnson vices at Calvert Funeral Athens and was a life Leon Boman, Ellis Ray
c/o Lowndes Funeral Dodds of Ft. Smith, of Guin Home of West Point. long resident of Monroe Boman and Mildred
Home, 1131 N. Lehm- Arizona and Christina Pallbearers were Cindy was born County. Mills.
berg Road, Columbus, Dodds of North Lit- Timothy Gardner, March 17, 1961, in West She is survived by
tle Rock, Arkansas; Kelvin Colburn, Billy
MS 39702.
stepdaughters, Kayla Wayne Williams,
Point to Ann Blansett Mary White her daughter, Linda
Bramlett and the late VERNON, Ala. — Kay Comans of Cross-
James Buckner Neyhart and Kristle Lashawn Stewart, Bob- J.W. Coleman. She was ville, Alabama; sons,
Mary Ellen White,
STARKVILLE — Gryb; stepsons, Patrick by Bomar and Anthony a waitress at Huddle 86, died Dec. 6, 2018, Benny White of Ver-
James Edwin “Eddie” Neyhart and Kenny Nichols. House in Columbus. peacefully at her resi- non and Jeff White of
Buckner, 72, died Dec. Gryb; brothers, Frank She had also worked dence. Pensacola, Florida;
6, 2018, at his resi- Dodds of New Albany Jennifer Garner at both Subway and Services are 2 p.m. brothers, Jack Boman,
dence. and Bill Dodds of Ft. COLUMBUS — Artex. today at the chapel Bill Boman, Lynn B.
Services will be Worth, Texas; and five Jennifer Ann Marshall In addition to her fa-
grandchildren. of Chandler Funeral Boman, Wayne Boman
at 2 p.m. Monday at Garner, 69, died Dec. 7, ther, she was preceded Home in Vernon with and Jerry Boman; five
Welch Funeral Home 2018, at Trinity Nursing in death by her loving Jimmy McNees of- grandchildren and
in Starkville. Visitation Stephen Talbot Home. stepdad, James Bram- ficiating. Burial will three great-grandchil-
will be one hour prior to STARKVILLE — Arrangements are lett; and sister, Melinda follow at Furnace Hill. dren.
services at the funeral Stephen Berry Talbot, incomplete and will be Coleman Howard.
home. 58, died Dec. 7, 2018. announced by Lowndes In addition to her
Mr. Buckner was Services are today Funeral Home. mother, she is survived Animals
born Jan. 29, 1946, to at 2 p.m. at the church by her husband, Dale grieve
the late James and Lou- sanctuary of First Unit- Madie Hardin
vene Reed Buckner. ed Methodist Church in
Chism: son, Dakota
Coleman; brother, Mar-
In addition to his par- Starkville with the Rev. Madie L. Smith Hardin, tin Coleman of Austin,
ents, he was preceded Bob Whitesdie offici- 84, died Dec. 5, 2018, at Texas; and one grand-
in death by his brother, ating. Burial will be at Diversicare of Winfield daughter.
Robert Buckner. Memorial Garden Park Nursing Home. Memorials may be I’ve always wanted my dog to attend my graveside service.
He is survived by Cemetery. Visitation is Services were Friday made to American You need to tell someone.
his son, Lance Edwin today one hour prior to at the chapel of Otts Diabetes Foundation, Call us at (662) 328-1808
Buckner; daughter, service at the church. 16 Northtown Drive;
Kimberly Ann Massey; Welch Funeral Home in
Funeral Home in Sul-
Suite 100, Jackson, MS
Lowndes Funeral Home and Crematory
ligent, Alabama, with
brother, Larry Buckner; Starkville is in charge Eddie Finch officiating. 39211.
sisters, Lynn Stew- of arrangements. Burial followed at Beth-
art and Patricia Kay Mr. Talbot was el Cemetery in Vernon, Marlin West Sr.
Buckner; seven grand- preceded in death by Alabama. Visitation ABERDEEN — Mar-
children and three his father, John Berry was Friday at the fu- lin Gene West Sr., 82,
great-grandchildren. Talbot; and wife, Missie neral home prior to the died Dec. 7, 2018, at the
Thames Talbot of funeral services. Care Center of Aber-
Emma Gifford Starkville. Madie was born on deen.
STARKVILLE — He is survived by his Jan. 9, 1934, in Pickens Services are 2 p.m.
Emma Jean Gifford, 75, children, Judson Talbot, County, Alabama, to Monday at McDuff-
died Dec. 6, 2018, at her Stephanie Edwards the late Sam Alexander ie Church of God of
residence. and Jacob Talbot, all Shaw and Donnie Lee Prophecy in Hamilton
Services will be of Starkville; mother, Peaks. She attended with Bro. Fox and Bro.
at 11 a.m. Tuesday at Bertha Gaye Talbot of Molloy School and was Grimes officiating.
Welch Funeral Home in Louisville; sister, Lynn formerly employed with Burial will be at the
Starkville. Burial will Doyle of Philadelphia; Vernon Manufacturing McDuffie Cemetery.
follow at Bell School- and brother, Brian Tal- and in the lunchroom Visitation is today from
house Cemetery. Visi- bot of Louisville. Lamar County High 5-7 p.m. at McDuff-
tation will be two hours School.
prior to services at the Thomas Taylor In addition to her
funeral home. STEENS — Thomas parents, she was
Mrs. Gifford was Gene Taylor, 82, died preceded in death by
born to the late Wiley Dec. 6, 2018, at his her sons, James Thom-
Tarkington and Laura residence. as and Jess Douglas
Plunkett Tarkington. Visitation was Satur- Smith; brothers, Lee,
She was formerly em- day at Lowndes Funeral Timus and Jack Shaw;
ployed as a teacher and Home in Columbus. sisters, Pauline Shaw
librarian with Oktibbe- Gardner and Pearl-
ha County Schools.
She is survived
Isaiah Colburn ie Mae Shaw; one
GUIN, Ala. — Isaiah grandchild and one
by her husband, Dr.
Amoz Willie Colburn, great-grandchild.
Vernon Gifford of
23, died Nov. 27, 2018. She is survived by
Starkville; daugh-
Services were Sat- her husband, Omar
ter, Tammy Smith of
urday at Rocky Grove Hardin of Winfield;

Charlie Bond
Daphne, Alabama;
Missionary Baptist son, John E. Smith Charlie Bond
son, Shandon Darryl Graveside Services with
Church in Hamilton, of Vernon, Alabama; Military Honors:
Gifford of Starkville; Sunday, Dec. 9 • 2 PM
Alabama, with David daughters, Janice
four grandchildren and Friendship Cemetery Colonel Charles Wilson “Charlie” Bond, age
Lesuer and Betty Gard- Smith Gallant of Memorial Gunter Peel
three great-grandchil- 82, of Columbus, MS, passed away December 6,
ner officiating. Burial Hamilton, Alabama, Funeral Home
dren. College St. Location 2018, at his residence.
Memorials may be followed at the Rocky Mabbline Smith Nich-
Graveside services will be Sunday, December
made to St. Jude Chil- Grove Cemetery. Visi- ols and Wanda Smith
9, 2018, at 2:00 PM at Friendship Cemetery, with
dren’s Research Hospi- tation was held Friday Bradford, both Vernon, Military Honors and Rev. Anne Russell Brad-
tal, 262 Danny Thomas at Otts Funeral Home Alabama; stepdaugh- ley and Rev. Jerry Horton officiating. Memorial
Place, Memphis, TN in Sulligent, Alabama. ter, Linda Miller of Gunter Peel Funeral Home & Crematory, Col-
38105. Isaiah was born Nov. Tuscaloosa, Alabama; lege St. location is in charge of arrangements.
15, 1995, in Amory to nine grandchildren, Mr. Bond was born July 5, 1936, in Kilmichael,
Anita Jane Colburn 14 great-grand-
James Dodds of Guin. He attended children and five
MS, to the late Floyd Wilson and Marie Josephine
ABERDEEN — Tupman Bond. He was an Eagle Scout and grad-
Hamilton schools and great-great-grandchil- uate of Greenwood High School. Mr. Bond was
James L. (Sport) dren.
was a member of Un- a graduate of the United States Military Acade-
Dodds, 59, died Dec. 7,
2018, at Baptist Memo- my in West Point, NY and received his masters
rial Hospital-Golden degree from Auburn University, while he was in
Triangle. War College at Maxwell Air Force Base. He was a
A memorial service veteran of Vietnam, serving in the United States
will be held at 2 p.m. Air Force and piloted the KC-135, B-52 and Jolly
Monday at First United Green Rescue Helicopter. Mr. Bond was a mem-
Methodist Church with ber of First United Methodist Church.
the Rev. Mary Hutson Survivors include his wife, Janice Spivey Bond
officiating. Visitation of Columbus, MS; sons, Dr. Kevin Bond and his
will be two hours prior wife, Lisa of Columbus, MS and Kurt Bond and
to the service at the his wife, Linda of Saltillo, MS; daughter, Kris-
church. Tisdale-Lann tie Holleman and her husband, Jack of Tupelo,
Memorial Funeral MS; sister, Jean Holmes and her husband, Fred
Home is in charge of of Decatur, AL; grandchildren, Taylor Bond and
his wife, Nikki, Tanner Bond, Kyle Bond and his
wife, Brittney, Bradley Bond and his wife, Jessi-
ca, Hannah McCarty and Elizabeth Ann McCa-
rty; and great-grandchildren, Liam Bond and
Joseph Bond.
Send in your Pallbearers will be Taylor Bond, Tanner Bond,
News About Town Kyle Bond, Bradley Bond, Jack Holleman and
event. Jake Woodard.
Memorials may be made to the Last House on
the Block, P.O. Box 304, Columbus, MS, 39703,
email: or the Salvation Army, P.O. Box 8, Columbus,
community@ MS, 39703.

Subject: NATS
Sign the online guest book at
903 College Street • Columbus, MS
8B Sunday, December 9, 2018 The Dispatch •


Kluber, Bauer, Greinke could have new homes after winter meetings
By The Associated Press stein predicted the week will be Nineteen of 164 players who and George Steinbrenner will Tigers outfielder Victor Reyes
“really active.” exercised major league free be considered for the Hall of and Texas outfielder Carlos
LAS VEGAS — Corey Klu- “It seems like there is plen- agent rights have announced Fame when a 16-member panel Tocci were among those picked
ber, Trevor Bauer, Zack Gre- ty of trade talk, and there are deals, up from eight heading votes this weekend in Las Ve- last December in the Rule 5.
inke and Madison Bumgarner still a lot of good free agents into the meetings last year. gas. Results will be announced
appear to be available for teams out there,” he said. “A couple of And with A.J. Pollock, Dallas Sunday at 8 p.m. EST.
looking to bolster starting rota- moves have already occurred Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel still Harold Baines, Joe Carter, Award list
tions. that sort of always set the stage unsigned, there’s plenty more Will Clark, Lee Smith, Davey Eight announcers who called
Hometown star Bryce Harp- for increased activity in the holiday shopping. And for the Johnson, Charlie Manuel and games in the early days of radio
er and Manny Machado, the next week or so.” bottom of the market, there is Lou Piniella are included on are candidates for the Hall’s
two top free agents, remain First baseman Paul Gold- sale time in January, February the ballot. The Hall of Fame Ford C. Frick Award that hon-
unsigned heading into the tra- schmidt (Arizona to St. Louis) and even March. board-appointed Today’s Game ors broadcasting excellence.
ditional high-point of the offsea- and second baseman Robin- It’s not like the old days Era Committee includes Hall Waite Hoyt, Harry Heilmann,
son. son Cano (Seattle to New York when teams made deals as soon members Greg Maddux, Ro-
Connie Desmond, Pat Flana-
Catcher J.T. Realmuto, third Mets) are among the All-Stars as the market opened and tried berto Alomar, Joe Morgan, Bert
to fill all their needs by the end Blyleven, Pat Gillick, Tony La gan, Jack Graney, Al Helfer,
baseman Kyle Seager could be already traded since the end of
of the winter meetings. Russa, John Schuerholz, Ozzie Rosey Rowswell and Ty Tyson
among the position players dan- the World Series.
“Things are slow,” Oakland Smith and Joe Torre. are all deceased.
gled as trade bait in the suites Pitchers Patrick Corbin
general manager Dave Forst Hoyt and Heilmann already
of Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay, ($140 million for six years with
said. “I don’t think it’s that dif- are in the Hall as players —
where executives and agents Washington) and Nathan Eo-
ferent from last year. Maybe
Pick-n-pack Hoyt was the top pitcher on the
gather next week for the annual valdi ($68 million for four years The Rule 5 draft is the last
swap session, which in an age of with Boston) already struck big the winter meetings will kind of famed 1927 Yankees, Heilmann
item of business at the win-
complicated finances and medi- jumpstart things.” played alongside Ty Cobb in the
deals in a free-agent market ter meetings, held Thursday
cal records serves as a midpoint Also on-deck at the meet- Detroit outfield and hit .403 in
moving more swiftly than last morning before clubs clear out
ings: 1923. No player in the Hall has
for talks as much as a place to offseason’s, and third baseman of town. Teams scour each oth-
finish deals. Josh Donaldson took a $23 mil- er’s 40-man rosters, looking for also won the Frick award.
Chicago Cubs president of lion, one-year agreement with Hall or nothing players left off. Royals pitchers The prize will be announced
baseball operations Theo Ep- Atlanta. Orel Hershiser, Albert Belle Brad Keller and Burch Smith, Wednesday.

Astros mourn loss of former big leaguers in crash
By FABIOLA SANCHEZ jects on highways to force .199 with nine homers and ball,” Astros general man- “a very sad day for our The Venezuelan Pro-
The Associated Press vehicles to stop or crash 33 RBIs in 96 games this ager Jeff Luhnow said in a sport.” fessional Baseball League
so they can rob the occu- year for the Los Angeles statement. “He provided “It is clear by all the announced that all three
CARACAS, Venezuela pants. Angels, who released him joy to his teammates and stories today that they scheduled games Friday
— Former major league Heredia said four peo- on Aug. 7. our fans. He helped our loved baseball and made were cancelled and it said
players Luis Valbuena and ple have been detained af- “I will miss Luis’ ban- franchise turn a corner in an impact on their team- flags will fly at half-staff
Jose Castillo were killed ter being found with prop- ter, smile, genuine love 2015 and provided many mates and the Clubs they in all stadiums for three
in a car crash in Venezu- erty of the athletes. for his teammates, and, cherished memories.” represented,” he said, days.
ela caused by highway Valbuena and Castillo of course, the bat flips,” Castillo played five expressing “my deepest
bandits who then robbed League president Juan
were teammates on the Astros manager AJ Hinch seasons with Pittsburgh, condolences to their fam- Jose Avila told Union
them, officials said Fri- Cardenales de Lara team said in a statement. “He San Francisco and Hous- ilies, friends and fans,
day. Radio that he was eval-
in the Venezuelan winter was a beloved person ton. He had a .254 average particularly those in their
The 33-year-old Val- uating the possibility of
league and were return- whether he was on our with 39 home runs. native Venezuela.”
buena and 37-year-old ing from a game in the team or across the field.” Venezuelan President By late Friday after- forbidding players from
Castillo died late Thurs- capital when the crash oc- Valbuena hit .226 with Nicolas Maduro said in noon, the coffins with traveling in private cars
day when their SUV curred en route to the city 114 home runs over 11 big a tweet that “I join in the the players’ bodies had to move between games,
crashed as it tried to veer of Barquisimeto. league seasons with the mourning that has over- arrived in Antonio Her- saying if the players had
around an object on the Third baseman Carlos Angels, Seattle, Cleve- whelmed the Venezuelan rera Gutierrez stadium been on the team bus,
road, Yaracuy state Gov. Rivero was in the car and land, the Chicago Cubs baseball family and all of in Barquisimeto where “nothing would have hap-
Julio Leon Heredia said survived, according to and Houston. its fans.” they were received amid pened to them.”
on his Twitter account. the website beisbolplay. “Luis was always smil- Baseball Commission- tears by their teammates. Venezuelan teams tend
Officials said some ban- Valbuena, an 11-year ing and was one of the er Rob Manfred issued A Mass was held to bid to travel in buses protect-
dits place or throw ob- major league veteran, hit happiest players in base- a statement calling it them good bye. ed by security forces.

Nationals introduce Corbin as future of Harper remains in doubt
By HOWARD FENDRICH needed to fix. ‘Harp’ is a big merman — and two late-inning third, $100,000 for fourth and rose to Triple-A in the Rays’
The Associated Press part of our family, and we’d love relievers, in addition to Corbin, $75,000 for fifth, and the same system.
to have him back.” a two-time NL All-Star who was awards for Most Valuable Play- He gets $2 million next sea-
WASHINGTON — As with But in an interview Friday 11-7 with a 3.15 ERA for the Ari- er balloting. He would earn son and $3 million in 2020. The
most things involving the with radio station 106.7 The zona Diamondbacks in 2018. $100,000 for each All-Star ap- Diamondbacks have a $4.25
Washington Nationals’ offsea- Fan, Nationals owner Mark “We feel good about where pearance, $100,000 apiece for million team option for 2021
son, a day that was supposed Lerner painted a different pic- we’re at,” Rizzo said about his any Gold Glove or Silver Slug- with a $500,000 buyout, and if
to be all about introducing Pat-
ture about where things stand starting staff. “We’ve got our ger, $250,000 for World Series that is exercised they have a
rick Corbin morphed into a day
with Harper, who didn’t accept Big 3.” MVP and $150,000 for League $5.25 million option for 2022.
about Bryce Harper.
a late-season offer from Wash- They certainly do, and at a Championship Series MVP. He cannot be sent to the
Washington announced its
ington. significant price. “We’ve allocated a lot of minor leagues without his con-
six-year contract with Corbin,
“I really don’t expect him to Corbin joins three-time Cy resources to our front of the sent.
a heavily back-loaded deal
come back at this point,” Lerner Young Award winner Scherzer, rotation, and I think that elite n Padres sign Richards:
worth $140 million, and the
All-Star lefty starter donned a said. “I think they’ve decided to he of the $210 million deal, and starters, middle-lineup bats At San Diego, free agent pitch-
No. 46 Nationals jersey as rota- move on. There’s just too much three-time NL All-Star Stras- and back-end relievers is where er Garrett Richards and the
tion-mates Max Scherzer and money out there that he’d be burg, with a $175 million exten- I think you spend your money,” San Diego Padres have final-
Stephen Strasburg looked on leaving on the table.” sion of his own. he said, “and you try to get val- ized a $15.5 million, two-year
from the front row Friday. After Lerner also described the “As you’ve heard me say ues along the periphery of your contract.
the news conference, general team’s earlier offer to the 2012 many, many times: Pitching is roster.” Richards will earn $7 mil-
manager Mike Rizzo was asked NL Rookie of the Year and 2015 king,” Rizzo said. n Kellly signs with Dia- lion next year and $8.5 million
a key question: NL MVP, reportedly for $300 Corbin gets a $2.5 million mondbacks: At Phoenix, right- in 2020 as part of the deal an-
How might the big bucks he million over 10 years, as “the signing bonus payable next hander Merrill Kelly is joining nounced Friday. He can earn
used to outbid the New York best we can do.” Oct. 31 and salaries of $12.5 his hometown Arizona Dia- an additional $2.5 million an-
Yankees and Philadelphia Phil- The Harper issue hangs over million next season, $19 million mondbacks, agreeing to a $5.5 nually in performance bonuses:
lies for Corbin affect the pursuit all of baseball as the winter in 2020, $24 million in 2021, $23 million, two-year contract. $250,000 for each start from 21
of Washington’s own big-deal meetings are set to begin Mon- million in 2022, $24 million in The 30-year-old spent the through 30.
free agent, right fielder Harper? day in Las Vegas, but it’s not as 2023 and $35 million in 2024 past four seasons with SK Richards was 5-4 with a 3.66
“I think they’re independent though the Nationals have been — when he turns 35. The final Wyverns in South Korea. He ERA last season for the Los
of each other. I really do. We’ve waiting around to see how it’s year’s salary includes $10 mil- was 48-32 with a 3.86 ERA, in- Angeles Angels before recon-
gone about this business of resolved. lion that will be deferred with- cluding 16-7 in 2017. structive surgery in July. The
creating a roster for 2019, and Rizzo has made a string of out interest and payable on Jan. A Scottsdale native, Kelly at- 30-year-old right-hander was
at the end of the day, we’ll fig- moves early in the offseason, 15, 2026. tended Desert Mountain High 45-38 with a 3.54 ERA with the
ure out whether that includes adding two catchers — one, He would earn $500,000 for School, Yavapai College and Angels since 2011.
‘Harp’ or not,” Rizzo said. “We Yan Gomes, attended Corbin’s winning a Cy Young Award, Arizona State. He was taken by Infielder Carlos Asuaje was
thought it was good business news conference, as did long- $250,000 for finishing sec- Tampa Bay on the eighth round designated for assignment to
— we had to fix the things we time first baseman Ryan Zim- ond in the voting, $150,000 for of the 2010 amateur draft and clear a roster spot.
Jan Swoope: 328-2471


Allisa Babor Photography
Rock Sanders of Columbus races at the 2018 Manufacturers Cup World Finals Nov. 16-18 at the South Georgia Motorsports Park near Valdosta, Georgia.
After advancing through numerous qualifying races, the 20-year-old finished second in the world in his Ultra 4.60 drag bike class. Sanders is a 2017 gradu-
ate of New Hope High School. He currently attends Northwest Mississippi Community College in Senatobia.

Rock Sanders: Life in the fast lane

ock Sanders takes life at a pretty fast
clip. Sometimes at more than 150
mph. Achieved in 4.60 seconds, within
an eighth of a mile. And he’s very good at
it. Three weeks ago, the 20-year-old from
Columbus finished second in the world in his
Ultra 4.60 class at the 2018 Manufacturers
Cup World Finals at the South Georgia Mo-
torsports Park near Valdosta, Georgia. It’s a
finish line he’s been working to get a shot at
all year. Actually, for the past 15 years or so,
ever since he got his first dirt bike as a kid. It
was inevitable, one might say. His granddad,
Doug Frierson of Albany, Georgia, raced
professionally for 25 years. His dad, Roderick
Sanders Sr. of Columbus, also raced. “Lit-
tle Rock,” as Roderick Sanders Jr. became
known, was bound to put on the helmet.
“I was about 8 or 9 when I first raced
at the Columbus Drag Strip,” he recalled,
talking by phone from Northwest Mississip-
pi Community College in Senatobia, where
he is a sophomore majoring in heating, air
conditioning and refrigeration technology.
His voice conveys his enthusiasm for his
sport and the lingering high of the World
“I had a special-made bike back then with
a Briggs & Stratton lawn mower motor on
it,” he chuckled. “It was like a mini big drag-
bike; it would go about 70 mph.”
That first race was against his best friend,
who got off to a faster start. Sanders Jr. —
Rock — still remembers the excitement of
gaining on the other bike, passing it some-
where around mid-track and being first
across the finish.
“That was the best feeling,” he said. He
was hooked.
Courtesy photo
“Rock’s father and I teamed up when Rock Rock Sanders — Roderick Sanders Jr. — concentrates on the task ahead.
was 8 years old and built his first junior drag-
bike,” said Frierson, the racer’s grandparent. Sanders races, Team Sanders is with him — age, clean-cut appearance and happy-go-
“At age 10, after feeling he was ready to ride his dad, his mom Sara, granddad Frierson lucky demeanor. “Here he is, competing at
a larger and faster bike, the second one was and any of the racer’s siblings and extended the World Finals, representing Columbus
built. By age 13, he was racing competitively family that can be on hand. and Mississippi.”
with racers 20 to 30 years his senior.” If others didn’t take “the kid” seriously at With Frierson’s experience, savvy and
first, they probably soon did: He finished in race world connections, he is a critical
Team Sanders the No. 2 and No. 4 positions for his class in component of the team. The 69-year-old
Under the mentorship of his granddad 2016 and 2017, respectively, before qualify- retired U.S. Marine Corps major has built
and father, Rock honed his skills and did ing for the 2018 Finals. his grandson’s bikes, including the one Rock
well. So much so, the family eventually “If you see him out of his leathers (race raced in the finals in November. It was a gift
decided to compete at a national level, which uniform), you’d be thinking ‘no way, this at Rock’s graduation in 2017 from New Hope
riders can do at age 16. They have since kid races motorcycles?’ He doesn’t look the High School.
logged thousands of miles. When Rock part,” his proud dad laughed, noting Rock’s See Sanders, 6C
2C Sunday, DECEMBER 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

Area tennis program celebrates refurbished courts

ix newly-resurfaced tennis
courts in east Columbus
are giving the Golden Tri-
angle Tennis program reason
to celebrate. A dedication of the
reopened courts located at Co-
lumbus High School took place
Dec. 2, with a sincere “thank
you” to supporters who made
the upgrade possible.
Golden Triangle Tennis
(GT T), a nonprofit organi-
zation, provides tennis and edu-
cation through National Junior
Tennis and Learning network Courtesy photo
(NJTL) and United States Vanita Mattix
Tennis Association (USTA)
programs. Vanita Mattix of 2019 to carry out our vision and
Columbus founded the local mission,” the director said.
program in 2011 and is its Courtesy photo
executive director and Profes- Golden Triangle Tennis players pictured at the reopening of newly-resurfaced courts in Columbus Dec.
sional Tennis Registry-certified
Community support 2 are, from left, Addison Phillips, Kaitlyn McConnell, Kennedy Byrd, Ku’Miya Jones, Gavin Weather-
Golden Triangle Tennis has spoon, Alaya Jones, Emma Horton, Bailey Washington, Lexy Magee, Nyema Johnson, Aaliyah Young,
coach. She also wrote the grant Kendall Moody, Tyson Phinisey and Jenna Flake
partnered with the Columbus
that helped spur much-needed
court renovations. Municipal School District for
Jabari Edwards sees it as Clay County did the resurfac- her memory; Tony Phinisey of
Inspired by three-time the use of the tennis courts
investing in children’s futures. ing work. Tony’s Agility and Quickness
Grand Slam title winner Arthur when available, but the courts
“One of those things my “This means we have a Training; the Javan Nance
Ashe who said, “Start where had become in need of signif-
dad, Joe Edwards, used to say place to call home; it’s been a family of Hi-Tech Athletic Sur-
you are, use what you have, do icant repair, Mattix said. The when he got on the Columbus struggle over eight years keep- faces; Jevonka Smith; Classie
what you can,” GT T’s vision grant from USTA Mississippi City Council was you can ei- ing a place to play, but thanks Butler; Germain and Dana
is “ACCESS” —All Children provided $7,000 toward the ther invest a small percentage to the support of community Heggs McConnell and Orlando
Can Excel Starting Sooner. work, but $24,700 was required in kids when they’re young, or partners, we have that now,” Abrams, as well as Mattix.
It joins with the NJTL and for the total project. The re- you can spend a lot on cor- said Mattix who this weekend Participation in GT T is open
USTA in seeking to develop maining funding was provided rectional facilities when they has taken nine GT T players to everyone. All programs are
the character of young people by Jabari and Jewel Edwards become adults,” he said. A to the Mississippi Fall State offered at low or no cost.
through tennis and education, of Columbus. The Edwards’ sponsor banner made for the Championship in Jackson to “We are looking for players,”
especially youth who may not niece, Bailey Washington, Edwards family that hangs at compete in the 14-and-under said Mattix. “We want as many
otherwise have an opportunity plays with GT T. And with the the court bears a photograph girls division. kids as possible.”
to play tennis. help of additional donors, new of Joe Edwards. “We doing it Sponsors recognized For more information,
“We are looking to partner nets, court numbers, squee- to honor my father,” his son courtside Dec. 2 included the contact Mattix by email at
with facilities and programs gees and a hitting wall were remarked. Edwards; the family of Amelia, or call
all over the Golden Triangle in possible as well. Hi-Tech Athletic Surfaces in McCleod, who made a gift in 662-549-2919.

Town & Tower Club presents community service awards
MUW UNIVERSITY director of MSMS. advisory committee and the Storm: Civil Rights
RELATIONS Yarborough serves on is a participating scholar Sites in Mississippi,
the Mississippi Depart- partnering with the Mis- Lesson Plans,” an online

he Town & Tower ment of Archives and sissippi Heritage Trust publication for the Chi-
Club presented the History Teacher Advisory and the National Park cago-based Society for
annual awards for Group, Natchez Literary Service on the Under- Architectural Historians.
outstanding service at its and Cinema Celebra- ground Railroad Network Town & Tower’s
annual holiday luncheon tion Advisory Board, to Freedom purpose is to promote
held Thursday at Mis- the Mississippi Digital His most recent the mutual interests of
sissippi University for Newspaper Project publication is “Centers of Columbus and The W.
This year’s recipients
are Phillip Stockton, as-
sistant professor of music
education and director
of choral activities at
Mississippi University for
Women, and Chuck Yar-
borough, history instruc-
tor at the Mississippi
School for Mathematics
and Science.
Stockton is the recip-
ient of Town & Tower Courtesy photo
Club’s Campus Service Chuck Yarborough, left, and Phillip Stockton are
Award and Yarborough is pictured with Town & Tower Club awards they were pre-
the Community Service sented Thursday at Mississippi University for Women.
Award winner. his students so that they ty organization, non-
can have an education profit or city initiative,
Campus service to remember. He sets up accomplishments that
The Campus Service study abroad trips that re- have brought positive
Award is presented to an quire a good deal of work, recognition to Columbus
individual and/or orga- but he does it for his and the Golden Triangle,
nization demonstrating students. Also, he takes volunteerism that has
any of the following: the initiative to set up improved the quality of
Long-serving contri- recruitment trips to help life, health, education, or
butions to the campus increase the enrollment potential for economic
community or to a local of music majors at The growth in the area and
community organization, W,” said Andrea Stevens, notable recognition be-
nonprofit or city initia- executive director of de- yond the area.
tive, accomplishments velopment and alumni. Yarborough has been
that have brought posi- Stockton recently vis- a member of the MSMS
tive recognition to The W ited Africa to teach stu- faculty since August 1995
and the area, volunteer- dents music. He used his teaching U.S. History,
ism that has improved trip to bring awareness African American Histo-
the quality of life, health, that we are all united. ry, U.S. Government and
education or potential for Stockton used music to Mississippi Crossroads.
economic growth in the link his students at The He has been named Mis-
area and notable recogni- W to the ones he taught sissippi’s First Congres-
tion beyond the area. in Africa. He is also the sional District Teacher of
Since arriving at The minister of music at the Year 2017, National
W in 2013, Stockton has Beersheba Cumberland Public Radio’s “50 Great
worked to build relation- Presbyterian Church and Teachers” and selected as
ships with students, cam- a member of the Amer- STAR Teacher at MSMS
pus and the Columbus ican Choral Director’s three times.
community. Stockton has Association. “Mr. Yarborough is
traveled with The W’s one of the go-to people
choir to Edinburgh, Scot- Community service for history in Columbus
land, to produce a CD The Community Ser- and is well respected
while continually travel- vice Award is presented among his peers. I am
ing alongside the choir to an individual and/or proud to work with such
across the Southeast. organization demonstrat- an amazing teacher. He
“Dr. Stockton goes ing any of the following: is truly one of the best I
out of his way to provide Long-serving contribu- have seen,” said Germain
unique opportunities for tions to a local communi- McConnell, executive

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If you are unhappy with your delivery please let us know. Our goal is 100%
customer satisfaction. Call customer support at: 662-328-2424
The Dispatch • Sunday, DECEMBER 9, 2018 3C

Today at 5:30 p.m.; free to the public.
A Star(k)filled Christmas
Lane Chapel Quintet — The
Columbus Arts Council presents “A —Eight churches combine for this
Merry, Merry Christmas” concert by community-wide Christmas celebra-
this a capella Tupelo-based quintet tion on Starkville’s Main Street in
at 3 p.m. at the Rosenzweig Arts front of City Hall, beginning with hot
Center, 501 Main St. CAC member chocolate and cookies at 4:30 p.m.;
tickets $15 advance/$17 at the music begins at 5 p.m., followed by
door; non-members $20/$22 at the viewing of a live nativity scene.
door ($10 18 & under). Visit colum-
Colmbus Girlchoir — The Co-
Tuesday, Dec. 11
lumbus Girlchoir, under the direction
Columbus Sings ‘Messiah’
of Cherry Dunn, presents a holiday — See details at top of calendar.
concert at 3 p.m. at Poindexter Hall
on The W campus. Free to the public.
Holiday Tour of Homes — Sunday, Dec. 16
The Starkville Civic Leagues presents White Christmas at FUMC
four Starkville homes decorated
for the holidays from 1-4:30 p.m., — Columbus’ First United Methodist
with a reception at the Starkville Church, 602 Main St., presents this Dispatch file photo

Library. Tickets are $20, through special service with a traditional
The Partnership or from Civic League nativity. Everyone is invited to bring
a gift of canned foods wrapped in
Tuesday, Dec. 11
white, or monetary gifts in white
Columbus Sings ‘Messiah’ — Presentations of Columbus Sings Messiah are 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. at
Merry Christmas, Columbus Annunciation Catholic Church, 823 College St. Free tickets to ensure seating are available at Visit Columbus,
envelopes, to the altar. Afterward, 117 Third St. S.; Tennessee Williams Home, 300 Main St.; and Impressions by Susan, 424 Main St. For
— Fairview Baptist Church presents food baskets are packed for those in more information, contact Elizabeth Swartz, 662-328-5252 (First United Methodist Church).
this annual production featuring need. For more information, contact
drama teams, choirs and orchestra the church office, 662-328-5252.

Shackouls Honors College celebrates 50 years of honors education
MSU OFFICE OF PUBLIC gift from Judy and Bobby
AFFAIRS Shackouls transformed
the University Honors

ississippi State’s Program into MSU’s
Judy and Bobby Shackouls Honors Col-
Shackouls Hon- lege. Bobby Shackouls,
ors College is celebrating a Greenville native and
50 years of the univer- MSU chemical engineer-
sity’s honors program ing alumnus, is retired
supporting some of the chairman, president and
nation’s best and bright- chief executive officer of
est students in their the oil and gas company
pursuit of educational Burlington Resources
excellence. Inc.
Chris Snyder, who To mark the 50th
became the honors anniversary celebration,
college’s first dean in MSU’s honors college is
2011, said the celebration planning special events
marks five decades of for alumni and friends
undergraduate student during Super Bulldog
accomplishment and Weekend in April 2019.
highlights the universi- C. Donald “Don” Whit-
ty’s dedication to help- mire Jr., a 1978 MSU
ing tomorrow’s young accounting bachelor’s
leaders reach their full graduate and former Photo by Megan Bean
potential. president of the Student MSU’s Shackouls Honors College presents Seneca’s tragedy, “Phaedra,” in the Zacharias Village courtyard
Over the last five Honors Council, is part behind Griffis Hall in 2016. The all-student performance was part of the honors college’s annual Classical Week
years, MSU honors celebration of Greek, Roman and other ancient-world cultures.
of the organizing com-
students have been mittee. MSU scholars have
accepted to some of the “We anticipate a received numerous
world’s most competitive weekend highlighted by prestigious awards over
graduate schools, includ- special tours of MSU’s the years. Honorees
ing the Massachusetts Ulysses S. Grant Presi- include a Rhodes Schol-
Institute of Technology, dential Library, capped ar and three Rhodes
universities of Califor- off by a gala dinner Scholar finalists, a Gates
nia-Berkeley, Cambridge, that will highlight the Cambridge Scholar, two
Michigan, Oxford, Texas honors program’s rich Truman Scholars and
at Austin and Virginia, history and the fantastic four Truman Scholar
as well as Columbia, accomplishments of our finalists, four Goldwater
Harvard, Princeton and students and dedicated Scholars and eight Gold-
Rutgers universities. faculty,” said Whitmire, water Honorable Mention
“We are witnessing a 2010 MSU College of recipients, as well as a
— at Harvard, Columbia, Business Alumni Fellow. SMART Scholar, Boren
Oxford and other world- Receiving a re- Scholar, NOAA Scholar,
class institutions — the cord-high 1,346 applica- Astronaut Scholar, and
realization of the invest- tions in 2018, the honors Humanity in Action
ment made by Judy and college experienced a Fellow. Three Fulbright
Bobby Shackouls and record first-time fresh- Scholars, three Public
MSU presidents like Don- man enrollment of 632 Policy and International
ald Zacharias and Mark this fall, bringing the col- Affairs Junior Fellows,
Keenum in recruiting top lege’s total enrollment to and four Andi Leadership
undergraduates to MSU 1,755 students, the larg- Institute Fellows also
and providing them with est in Mississippi. The have been recognized.
outstanding teachers and average ACT of enrolled Discover more about
mentors,” said Snyder, honors freshmen is 31.2, MSU’s Judy and Bobby
also a professor of Euro- and the average high Shackouls Honors Col-
pean history. school GPA of enrolled lege at honors.msstate.
In 2006, a generous freshmen is 3.94. edu.

Now through Dec. 31 – Christmas at the Park, Guthrie Smith Park, Fayette, Alabama.
5:30-9:30 p.m. nightly. Drive-through tour of 60 lighted scenes. Admission by donation.
Train rides $1 on Thursdays through Saturdays.

Now through Jan. 6 – Public ice skating is open on select dates at BancorpSouth
Arena, Tupelo ($12/skater, includes skate rental; season pass $100). 662-841-6573,

Dec. 13-16 – Tuscaloosa Community Dancers presents “The Nutcracker,” Bama The-
atre, various times. Tickets at

Dec. 15 – Gaither Homecoming Celebration, BancorpSouth Arena, Tupelo. 662-841-

– “Gloria! Puccini & Poulenc,” The Mississippi Chorus, 3 p.m., Woodland Hills Baptist
Church, Fondren.

Dec. 18 – Lightwire Theatre’s “A Very Electric Christmas” show, Alys Stephens Center,

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4C Sunday, December 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

Area Weddings,
and Anniversaries

Courtesy photo
PINNING CEREMONY: Twenty East Mississippi Community College associate degree nursing students
took part in a pinning ceremony at the Golden Triangle campus Wednesday. They are Jessica Brewer of
Amory; Brittney Moore Brown of Starkville; Stephanie Brown of Starkville; Rylee Douglas of Brandon;
Morgan Eatman of Columbus; Burgandy Gibson of Starkville (Leadership and Service Award recipient);
Megan Helms of Starkville; Conner Hutson of Madison; Vicky James of Caledonia; Eric Lawson of
Starkville; Abby Lhamon of Columbus; Caitlyn Allen Parker of Mathiston; Nathaniel Pugh of Starkville
(Nightingale Award recipient); Ja’Bria Richardson of West Point (Clinical Excellence Award recipient);
Robert Sanderson of Columbus; Edward Slaughter of Starkville; Kathryn Sprayberry of Starkville; Mor-
gan Weems of Weir (Scholastic Achievement Award recipient); Katelyn Woodson of French Camp; and
Meagan Young of West Point.

Carlos the camel in Montana
Elijah Kane Beatty and Jamie Nicole Wilburn has a Mississippi connection
Editor’s note: Jim Watson, fea-
tured in the article below by Eve

Byron of the Missoulian news-
paper in Missoula, Montana, is
the nephew of John and Meredith
Barron of Columbus. The article,
The Rev. Danny and Mrs. Sandy Wilburn of the originally published Oct. 27, is
Carolina Community of Nettleton announce the reprinted with permission and
engagement of their daughter, Jamie Nicole Wilburn
has been edited for length. See
of Columbus, to Elijah Kane Beatty of Brandon, son of
the complete story at https://bit.
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Rachel Beatty of Brandon.
The bride-elect is the granddaughter of the late Mr.
and Mrs. James Coy Wilburn of Mantachie, and the
KALISPELL, Montana —

late Mr. and Mrs. John H. Buchanan of Fulton.
arlos lets out a long, low-
She is a 2014 graduate of Mantachie High School
pitched protest moan —
and a 2016 graduate of Itawamba Community College,
sounding suspiciously like
where she received an Associate of Arts degree. She
Chewbacca in the “Star Wars”
is also a 2018 graduate of Mississippi State Universi-
movies — as Jim Watson says
ty, where she received a bachelor’s degree in human
“sook sook” and gently pulls
development and family science. She is currently
pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Asbury Theological the enormous camel’s head and
Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. halter downward.
She is currently director of Connectional Ministry Carlos’ front legs collapse
at First United Methodist Church in Columbus. onto his calloused knees, Photo by Tom Bauer, AP
followed by his accordion-like Jim Watson of Kalispell, Montana, is pictured with Carlos, his
The prospective groom is the grandson of Mrs. two-humped Bactrian camel. Watson grew up in Crystal Springs,
Melva Jean and the late Mr. Claude Beatty, and the hind legs, with his salad-plate-
sized, double-toed feet folded Mississippi.
late Mr. and Mrs. David Jonas Pudas, all of Magee.
He is a 2014 graduate of Brandon High School and underneath him until he’s tancy of 40 to 50 years. Two except for spouses. None of us is
a 2016 graduate of Hinds Community College, where comfortably kneeling. Watson years later, Carlos arrived at successful at training spouses.”
he received an Associate of Arts degree. He is also a scratches Carlos’ mullet-styled the Spring Brook Ranch, where Today, Carlos knows basic
2018 graduate of Mississippi State University, where mane behind his ears, whispers Watson and his wife, Carol terms for starting, stopping and
he received a Bachelor of Science degree in secondary sweet nothings into the one-ton Bibler, raise yaks. Bibler wasn’t lying down.
education. ungulate’s ear, then turns to his particularly pleased, nor were With their massive size
He is currently a sixth-grade history teacher at visitors. their mules and horses. camels can be intimidating. If
Bettye Mae Jack Middle School in Morton. “I really like him,” Watson “The horses and mules were Carlos starts to get in Watson’s
The couple will exchange vows at 2 p.m. Dec. 22, says with a southern drawl, terrified of him. They ran to space, he raises his arms and
2018, at First United Methodist Church in Columbus. while sporting an ear-to-ear the far side of the paddock and Carlos immediately backs off.
All friends and family are invited to attend. grin. stayed there for three days,” Yet despite their size, camels
Theirs is a language of love Watson said. “It took days for form close bonds with people,
that’s not always spoken in En- them to get acclimated.” and are known for their noble
glish but translates well. Watson and Bibler weren’t dignity and a wicked sense of
“He’s very dramatic and emo- sure what to do with their two- humor.
tional, and he vocalizes a lot,”
School news Watson told the Missoulian. “It
humped Bactrian camel, who’s After working with Carlos for
now seven years old. Watson about an hour, Watson removes
Phi Kappa Phi inductees can sound like you’re killing half jokes that he thought his size large halter — bor-
Area students attending Mississippi University for him, but if you’re petting him Carlos was Mexican, given his rowed from one of the mules
Women and Mississippi State University have been and he really likes it, he kind of name, so his first commands — and turns him loose on the
recently inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa purrs and talks back to me.” were in Spanish. That didn’t lawn, where Carlos wanders
Phi, the nation’s oldest and most selective collegiate Their love affair goes back work so well, perhaps because off to graze while Watson and
honor society for all academic disciplines. They a few years, when Watson Carlos had zero training. That Bibler turn to their other ranch
include: delivered a yak to a ranch in was an issue with the then- chores.
Caledonia: Melinda Lowe; Ridgway, Colorado. Carlos was 1,750-pound camel. But Watson It’s a good life for the camel,
Columbus: Mary Akins, Brandon Gerhart, Madi- three years old, and the two hit knew Carlos was smart. but Watson makes sure that
son Guyton, Umisha KC, Haley McMurphey, Natalie it off immediately. “Camels are different than Carlos knows his place.
Runyon, Lorena Surducan and Monique Tamang; “He put his big head over any animals I’ve worked with “We ate camel stew when
Starkville: Richard Nance and Emily Stidham; my shoulder and we got to be horses, mules, donkeys, yaks we (visited) Mongolia, and it
West Point: Madison Collier, Jessica Flynt and friends. We kind of bonded,” and dogs,” said Watson, who was quite tasty,” Watson said,
Selisha Ivy. Watson said. grew up on a cattle ranch in flashing his sly grin once again.
These residents are among approximately 30,000 He told Carlos’ owners that rural Mississippi. “Camels are “That’s what I keep telling Car-
students, faculty, professional staff and alumni to be he’d always have space for the smarter than all of them except los when he’s bad — you could
initiated into Phi Kappa Phi each year. camel, which has a life expec- for dogs. You can train them all, end up in the freezer.”

Playing in the dirt

Protect the plants and ‘feed’ the tree
ou may recall that I men- other plants do you know that intensive and particular about time to move Japanese magno- n Feed indoor houseplants
tioned at this time last are used for decorating at growing conditions. lias or plant many types of bare twice during the winter months.
year that Christmas? If you aren’t sure, There is less to do in the gar- root trees: fruit, nut or citrus. n To maintain a live Christ-
there are 400-plus or just plain don’t know, let den this month, but less does (Be careful of these last; many mas tree in good condition,
varieties of holly. the Lowndes County Master not equal nothing, so here are are not cold hardy.) mix in a 2-liter bottle: 8 ounces
But would you be- Gardener classes enlighten you. your tips for December: Plant dormant shrubs: non-diet soda, 2 ounces vinegar
lieve it’s hard to They will begin Feb. 19 and go azalea, camellia, nandinas, wax and 1 ounce mouthwash. Fill
find some when through March 5, every Tues- This month ligustrum, Indian hawthorn, the rest of the bottle with water.
you want some? I day and Thursday 1-5 p.m. at n Protect movable plants pyracantha, mock orange, hy- Keep the base of the tree in this
just drove around the Extension Office at 485 Tom from sudden changes in drangea, flowering quince and solution. After Christmas, have
southside Co- Carrigan Rose Road, near the junction temperature by bringing them spirea. Herbs for a sunny win- your tree turned into mulch.
lumbus looking of Highway 45 South and Old indoors. Protect tender out- dow: tarragon, chives, oregano, Some Christmas decorations
for some for someone to share Highway 82. door plants by placing layers of marjoram and rosemary. are poisonous to people and
with me. Yes, I finally found Of course, everyone knows mulch, or pine straw, to a depth n Prune fruit trees and pets: Keep boxwood, holly,
some on The W campus. (I about poinsettias, but I don’t of 6-8 inches. Water plants well shade trees to remove damaged mistletoe and Jerusalem cherry
promise no one will ever notice suggest you let someone share if there is warning before a wood. Cut off tops of brown high up and out of reach.
them missing!) It is the perfect theirs with you; they cost mon- frost. Otherwise, water as the perennials; leave roots in the Now, put on a jacket and go
floral/greenery to decorate with ey. Now you can grow your own, plants begin to thaw. soil. Do not prune spring flow- play in the dirt.
during this season. Some other but if you are a beginner these n Toward the end of the ering shrubs. Ferns will come Sharon Carrigan of Columbus
good decorating plants are nan- might be a flower to put on the month plant tulips and hyacinth back from the ground; cut back shares monthly gardening tips
dinas and magnolia leaves. back burner until you have fur- that have been in the fridge for brown fronds. Cut mistletoe out on behalf of the Lowndes County
Here’s a challenge: What ther experience. They are labor six weeks. This is also a good of trees. Master Gardeners.
The Dispatch • Sunday, DECEMBER 9, 2018 5C

In the garden with Felder

Take time to savor the season
appreciate all spect and you might makes us feel like we’re in
seasons, but the find a half-bur- “fancy dress.”
relaxed Missis- ied pecan. Get a I just cut down my frost-
sippi autumn brings chance, show the browned okra, which reminded
out a joyous if wist- kids what my grand- me to unpack a pod painted as a
ful rush in me. father taught me — Tim Burton-esque Santa orna-
Gardening isn’t how to crack them ment to hang amongst nandina
all how-to advice open by squeezing berries and Spanish moss. We
(which isn’t uni- two at a time in the did this when I was a kid in
versally accepted palm of your hand. the Delta, using white glue,
anyway — such Though most glitter and paint to create glitzy
is the fate of all trees are bare, the baubles from sweetgum balls,
garden experts); Felder Rushing cedars, magnolias trumpet vine pods and pecans.
sometimes it’s more and hollies are still The kitchen smelt cake-like
stop-and-smell-the- buffering chilly from flat cookies baked to paint
roses. But a real pleasure for north winds. Naked ginkgo as more ornaments.
me are the wistful emails I get trees have a brilliant yellow Mama wouldn’t let us use
from far-flung readers who, like carpet underneath, and the much Spanish moss as faux
me, have long ago flown the sweet smell of illicit leaf piles
tinsel because she said “you’ll
nest but keep in touch through burning wafts through the air,
bring bird cooties inside.” But
their hometown newspapers. mingling with wood smoke
she did let us stick small crape
Smallish daily and weekly from chimneys and outdoor fire
myrtle or hardy spiny orange
papers with their purely local pits. And through the thinned
branches in a vase and festoon
stories, events and photos are trees and cold, clear air we can
crucial bonds for folks, even the twigs with colorful sugar
hear trains passing crossings
those far away. from miles away. gumdrops.
So, to all y’all who are But early-flowering “paper- Whether doors and lamp
separated from the South’s white” narcissus are up and posts are graced with magnolia
heart comforts, here’s a short beginning to flower with their and holly wreaths with wired-
rundown on garden delights almost sickly-sweet fragrance, on, gold-painted pine cones or
you’d savor were you to visit and in a particularly Southern an electric-candled Hanukkah
home right now. combination they are skirting menorah lit in a window, it’s
My muse got started when magnificent camellias with all about hospitality and good
I noticed some kids laughing swirls of nandina shrubs bent cheer.
at me the other day. Funny under heavy loads of bright red Felder Rushing/Courtesy photo Peace and goodwill this fine
An okra pod painted as a Tim Burton-esque Santa ornament Magnolia State autumn, ev-
how even we old guys can’t berries. hands among the nandina berries and Spanish moss in Felder
resist making swish-crackling On top of the usual flashes of Rushing’s garden.
eryone — if you’re away, come
noises by shuffling and kicking red cardinals and lavender-blue home for a walk around town.
through drifts of fallen leaves, jays chasing one another from with their tiny blood-red drops matter your faith, and in spite Felder Rushing is a Mississip-
and we smile when folks who the birdbath, and chittering lit- on the tips of inner feathers — of the grouchy evening news, pi author, columnist, and host of
notice “get” what we’re up to tle budgies on the feeders and are busily scouring the cedars the people in your hometown the “Gestalt Gardener” on MPB
(just being kids). flocks of winter migrant birds for berries and scratching are cheery, partly from ex- Think Radio. Email gardening
Sometimes there’s a lump — the robins, still-golden finch- around in the fallen leaves. citement over wearing gloves questions to rushingfelder@
underfoot; bend down to in- es and perky cedar waxwings It’s holiday time here, no and hats again in the chill air

Worth the drive

Rainwater explores ‘The Christmas Star’ in free program Friday
Observe the skies after 7 p.m. event at French Camp include Scientific Amer-
ican, Federal Express
com or rainwaterobserva-
Mississippi Highway 413
near the village of French
SPECIAL TO THE gians for centuries. Was including but not limited World Headquarters and After Friday’s pro- Camp. Come early and
DISPATCH it a comet, supernova, to universities, museums, the world premiere of gram, weather per- enjoy Steak Night at the
planetary conjunction, a science centers, schools, Titanic: The Exhibition. mitting, an observing Council House Café, an-

ainwater Observato- biblical allegory or totally churches of most major He also served nearly 20 session will be held using other support ministry of
ry in French Camp supernatural event that denominations and other years as art director for some of Rainwater’s French Camp Academy.
Mississippi offers announced the birth of faith-based and civic the Sharpe Planetarium collection of powerful For more information,
a free public program Jesus Christ? Faughn organizations. His orig- of the Pink Palace Family telescopes. The plane- contact Faughn at 662-
for the holiday season at will lead listeners on a inal artwork has been of Museums in Memphis, tarium can be used if 547-7283 or email info@
7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 14. journey to discover more featured in and on the Tennessee. His work the outdoor observing is rainwaterobservatory.
“The Christmas Star,” about the celestial event, covers of numerous in- has been featured on the clouded out. Rainwater org.
presented by Rainwater using the latest bibli- ternational space science main Kepler website of Observatory and Plan- Sign up for the obser-
Observatory Director Ed- cal as well as scientific magazines, exhibitions NASA’s Ames Research etarium is located one vatory’s free e-newsletter
win Faughn, is sponsored research. and planetarium produc- Center. See some of his mile east of the Nat- on the homepage at rain-
by 4-County Electric Faughn is also an tions. A few of his credits work at edwinfaughn. chez Trace Parkway off
Power Association. artist and lecturer
The “Christmas Star” specializing in space
or “Star of Bethlehem” sciences and has present-
has been debated among ed hundreds of presen-
scientists and theolo- tations to diverse groups

Participants needed
for unique UA autism study
SPECIAL TO THE participated in the first
DISPATCH cohort that finished in
TUSCALOOSA, Ala- Researchers are cur-
bama — rently enrolling children,

niversity of ages 10 through 16,
Alabama research- with and without autism
ers are seeking spectrum disorder, for
youth participants for its January 2019 cohort.
a theater-based autism Eligible youth with ASD
spectrum disorder study are randomly assigned to
cohort to begin in Janu- one of two interventions
ary 2019. – either SENSE or an evi-
SENSE Theatre is a dence-based program on
novel autism spectrum adolescent development/
disorder treatment puberty.
approach for adolescents SENSE sessions are
that incorporates theater held once per week for
and peer mediation. 10 weeks, typically on
The study is conduct- Saturdays, at Tuscaloosa
ed by the Center for Academy.
the Prevention of Youth More information
Behavior Problems at UA. about the program can
The program is funded be found at
by the National Institutes news/2018/03/ua-re-
of Health and has already searchers-recruiting-par-
received significant re- ticipants-for-asd-inter-
search support, showing vention-trial/. Those
meaningful improve- interested in enrolling in
ment in children’s social the program can contact
functioning. Twenty-eight Shane Jones at 205-348-
Tuscaloosa-area youth 3525 or

Send in your News About Town event.
Subject: NATS
6C Sunday, DECEMBER 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

Courtesy photo
Rock Sanders, center, is pictured with his dad, Roderick Sanders Sr. of Columbus, Jan Swoope/Dispatch Staff
left, and grandfather, Doug Frierson of Albany, Georgia. Frierson, a retired U.S. Ma- Parents Sara Sanders and Roderick Sanders Sr. scroll through photos of their son’s
rine Corps major and former competitor himself, built the dragbike Rock competed racing career Wednesday at their home in Columbus. They are an important part of
with at the World Finals Nov. 16-18. his support team at every competition.

Continued from Page 1C
Frierson has required a few things two-man pairing in the 4.60, until he
in return: that his grandson finish high was one of only two competitors left.
school and that he acquire further His bike was “running good, loving the
education after that, or serve in the weather.” His starts had been good; it’s
armed forces. The discipline Frierson where races are won or lost, where com-
demands helps fuel race success. petitors have to stay “in the lights” with
“I’ve always treated Rock like a little hair-trigger reflexes when the starting
marine,” he said. “Me being a military pre-stage, stage, yellow lights and then
man, if you’re not disciplined, I won’t green light flash on in rapid succession.
give you the time of day.” Timing and instinct are literally every-
Rock’s respect for his grandfather is thing.
evident every time he goes on the track “That’s the live-or-die moment,”
with Leatherneck Express emblazoned said Rock’s dad, describing the tense
on his bike, along with the Marine excitement.
Corps emblem. Race time neared.
While some competitors travel the “I felt really nervous at first,” admit-
race circuit in luxurious motor homes, ted Rock. “But then I focused on what I
sometimes with hired helpers, Rock’s was doing: Now I’m on the bike; I have a
father said they’re doing it on their own. checklist I have to go through — make
“We go in a truck pulling a trailer,” sure I’m in first gear, make sure I do a
he said with a grin, at home in Colum- good burnout ... ”
bus with his wife, Sara. “We’re doing His start was sharp, but in this
this with mom-and-pop money. We do showdown, he would cross the finish
everything ourselves.” line a breath behind the other bike. One
“We’re all Rock’s got,” Sara said, might think he’d be crushed.
scrolling through race photos. “I just “I was disappointed, but you’d be
cook.” surprised at the sportsmanship we
Her husband’s response came quick- have, the bond we all have with each
ly: “Without her, we couldn’t hold this other,” said Rock. “After we leave the
thing together.” race, there’s no fussing, no arguing. We
Rock values his support system. It’s shook hands. We were like, man, that
what allows him to keep at it, frees him was the best race!”
to focus. Camaraderie is a big part of it all.
His grandfather and Deshawn “There’s unity, there’s good people,
Wheeler out of Louisville, Kentucky, black, white, all nationalities,” Sanders
are his primary mechanics, but Sanders Sr. said, going on to tell of an accident
Jr. is part of that crew as well. Every de- the family had just before arriving at a
tail counts in a sport where results are race; Rock’s bike was damaged. Other
decided by milliseconds. Even weather racers came to their aid, offering parts
enters into the calculations. off their own machines.
“The dew point, the atmospheric Rock said, “We have met the nicest
pressure, all of that — there’s a ton of people that we have ever come in con-
stuff in how the motor runs,” Rock said. tact with, people that would give you the
Sanders Sr. reinforced that: “Weath- shirt off their back.”
er can be everything. It can make that Goals for 2019 are still taking shape.
bike sneeze, cough or puke up.” Making a run at a World Finals again
means real commitment for the whole
In the lights family. There is school to consider,
After competing in the I-65 South where Rock looks forward to earning
Dragbike Racing Series all year, getting EPA certification in his field of study.
to November’s World Finals with the “But what keeps me wanting to race,
fastest bikes from all over the globe was what keeps me coming back to it is the
a year-end goal realized. There, race people — and the thrill. It’s in my blood.
by elimination race, Rock bested each We just love racing. We just love it.”

Courtesy photo
DINING WITH ‘41’: During a week of local remembrances about the late President
George H.W. Bush, who died Nov. 30, the family of Columbus native Eddie Ray
Munson Jr. provided this photo of Munson with the 41st president. It was taken
at the White House in 2001 while Munson, a retired managing partner with KPMG
consulting firm, served on the Small Business Administration board. Munson is a
1968 graduate of S.D. Lee High and 1972 graduate of Jackson State University. He
currently lives in Detroit, Michigan, and Bonita Bay, Florida.

Atiama and Amari Tubbs, Erica Williams Charlie, Lilla and Caitlin Berry

Columbus’ Christmas Parade celebrated “Sounds of the Season” with big crowds that gathered along the parade route Dec. 3.
(Watch for more photos in Wednesday’s Dispatch.) — Photos by Chris Jenkins/Special to The Dispatch

Bradley and Bethany Bustamente

Sammy and Debra Hill Blayne, Casey, Bristol and Casey Adkins

Devin, Ryley and Devin McCray Sr. Austin, Patrick and Everly, Analissa and Cade Hays

The town of Caledonia
ushered in the holidays
with a festive Christmas
parade Dec. 1. — Photos
by Chris Jenkins/Special
to The Dispatch

Lacey and Madison Mitchell Destinee, Shanta and Leo Flowers

Connie, Savana and Grayson Jordan Katherine, Gunter and Bob Phillips
2D Sunday, DECEMBER 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

Southern gardening

Select, care well for Christmas poinsettias
t’s that time of packed on racks wet feet, and root rot sets in
year again for or benches. Look very quickly, so don’t overwa-
shopping, eating, for plants that are ter. It’s easy to tell if your plant
delivery trucks and compact with good needs water. Either feel the top
poinsettias. Yep — branching. Don’t be of the potting mix for dryness
it’s the Christmas afraid to carefully or pick the pot up to get a sense
season. pick plants out of of the weight. Light pots need
Now is a great the crowd and look water.
time to get the best at them. But don’t To water, remove the
selection of poinset- be rough, especially decorative sleeve and set the
tias. They’re plenti- if the plants are pot in a pan of water in the
ful in a wide variety really crowded. kitchen sink. Lift it out of the
of sizes and colors Gary Bachman Poinsettia branches water, and when it has finished
sure to fit into any can easily break, draining, replace the decora-
holiday decorating scheme. and you know the old adage,
tive sleeve. I also like to use a
The range of available “You break it, you buy it.”
saucer to protect my furniture
poinsettia colors is truly Look for signs of stem and
from any moisture.
remarkable. Poinsettia is no branch breakage before you
Despite the alarming infor-
longer just that red Christmas purchase them; the sleeves
mation folks share on social
plant. We can purchase them in that protect many poinsettias
can hide these defects. I like media, poinsettias are not
white, pink, maroon, speckled
to buy poinsettias that are poisonous to our pets.
and marbled selections. This
not sleeved and then have a According to the ASPCA
year, I noticed a resurgence
in plants painted and dyed in protective sleeve put on at the Animal Poison Control, eating
totally nontraditional poinsettia checkout counter. poinsettia leaves will induce
colors. Pay particular attention only GI tract irritation. A more
I’m always amazed at the when removing these paper likely scenario would be you
beautiful colors, but my favor- or plastic sleeves. Never try to getting a skin rash or contact
ite has to be the traditional red. slide the shipping sleeves off dermatitis from handling
The colors we enjoy are not because this has the potential poinsettias, so always wash
Gary Bachman/MSU Extension
flowers but modified leaves to damage the plant. Always your hands after handling your
Nurseries have provided thousands of Christmas poinsettias in a
called bracts. The true flowers tear or cut the sleeve off your variety of colors to decorate homes for the holidays. poinsettia.
are those little pea-like struc- plants. Gary Bachman is an Ex-
tures called cyathia. If you’re going to be on an help you keep your poinsettia happy. That poinsettia might tension and research professor
Take your time when shop- all-day shopping trek, plan to looking good for the entire look great by the front door of horticulture at the Missis-
ping for poinsettias. Don’t just buy your poinsettias last. Don’t holiday season. when guests arrive, but the sippi State University Coastal
grab the first pretty plant you leave them in a cold or hot car Poinsettias need at least six sudden temperature changes Research and Extension Center
find. all day. hours of indirect sunlight and from drafts, either cold or in Biloxi and hosts Southern
Remember that not all poin- comfortable room tempera- warm, will cause the leaves and Gardening television and radio
settias are the same, especially Care tips tures. If you’re comfortable, bracts to drop. programs. Contact him at south-
when they are displayed tightly Here are some care tips to then the poinsettias will be Poinsettias are sensitive to

Cage-free unit for hens is added to MSU poultry department
MSU OFFICE OF PUBLIC opportunities to compare cage ing strategies in the facility.” ant area of research for one of gravity (shell quantity com-
AFFAIRS and cage-free egg production Currently, less than 16 Mississippi’s most important pared to shell contents), shell
and quality, as well as bacte- percent of eggs are produced agricultural commodities,” thickness and weight, as well

new poultry research rial diversity between these in a cage-free production en- Beck said. as the quality of the egg white,
facility at Mississippi housing types. vironment. To meet demand, “I have wanted to build a to see if there are significant
State University is ad- “In just a few years, the approximately 70 percent of cage-free facility since my differences based on housing
dressing the growing consum- bulk of the laying hen industry the nation’s 320 million birds arrival on campus, to better type.
er and corporate demands for is likely going cage-free,” said will need to be cage-free by understand the differences A total of 200 hens are
cage-free eggs. Adhikari, who joined MSU 2025. in management between the divided between 12 new dual
To help address the need, in 2017. “We have to address Mary Beck, head and cage and cage-free systems,” pens, with each about 12 by
Assistant Poultry Professor questions that producers have professor in MSU’s Depart- Adhikari said. “For instance, 5 feet inside and 24 by 5 feet
Pratima Adhikari is at the about converting to cage-free ment of Poultry Science, said hens in the cage-free system outside with outdoor access.
forefront of the issue, having production systems and bird Adhikari is well positioned have access to both indoor The new structure adds to
led the vision for the newly health in a cage-free environ- to contribute meaningful and outdoor facilities. I want the current simulated com-
constructed development ment. Hen health will be the answers to questions poultry to look at how that impacts mercial poultry laying house
that is part of the Mississippi major issue while converting producers have about cage- management practices.” situated on the H. H. Leveck
Agricultural and Forestry the production system to free production systems. Adhikari and graduate Animal Research Center, also
Experiment Station at MSU. cage-free, and this should be “Dr. Adhikari brings a students plan to measure egg known as South Farm, with
The facility gives university addressed by implementing fresh, new perspective and in- quality through different crite- hens in both conventional and
researchers and students several management and feed- novative ideas to this import- ria, including weight, specific enriched colony cages.

Dear Abby

EAR ABBY: I’m that you were married? a serious one. Christmas is coming, cause them to have to make fre- inform your former sister-in-law that
hoping you can Your family can’t miss so please answer quickly. When quent pit stops on their route, which since you received the invitation
help me with this something they have carolers come to the door, what’s would be counterproductive. your plans have changed, so you will
situation. I have been never had — in this the polite response to them? Where DEAR ABBY: Recently a family be unable to attend after all. And
married for 13 years instance, a relation- we live it’s usually bitter cold and member, an ex-sister-in-law, sent when you do, don’t forget to wish
but never told my fam- ship with the spouse snowy. Do you stand out there on out invitations on Facebook for her her well in her retirement.
ily that I got married. I you hid from them. So your porch, just keep the door ajar, retirement party. A week after every- Dear Abby is written by Abigail
now want to divorce my although they may be invite them inside, serve them hot one had accepted, she posted that Van Buren, also known as Jeanne
husband, but I don’t disappointed that you chocolate, coffee? in order to attend, guests would Phillips, and was founded by her
know how to approach withheld the informa- I’ve been ill at ease for years, have to buy a ticket for $50. I find mother, Pauline Phillips. Contact
it because he holds it tion, don’t expect them and although it’s a tradition that this very tacky. Dear Abby at or
over my head. Please to grieve his “loss.” seems to be falling by the wayside, It’s not so much the $50, but P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA
help. I have fallen in You didn’t mention I’d like to know what you have to say the way it was presented. This 90069.
love with someone how long you’ve been about it. Thank you so much. I enjoy woman was a professional with a To receive a collection of Abby’s
else and I need to involved with this other reading your column. — MARCIA IN great job. She has a large home and most memorable — and most
divorce my current Dear Abby man, but you should EASTERN WASHINGTON drives a luxury car. When I asked frequently requested — poems and
husband and move on, not rush into another DEAR MARCIA: All you need to other family members and friends essays, send your name and mail-
but I don’t know how marriage. Perhaps this do is give the carolers a heartfelt how they felt, for the most part ing address, plus check or money
to tell my family. — STUCK IN THE mess will teach you how important thank you for their efforts. While they agreed with me. Needless to order for $7 (U.S. funds) to: Dear
MIDWEST it is to live openly and honestly and one might be tempted to offer them say, I will not be going. What do you Abby — Keepers Booklet, P.O. Box
DEAR STUCK: Obviously, you and not sweep things — like a husband a hot beverage — coffee or tea think? — APPALLED OUT WEST 447, Mount Morris, IL 61054-0447.
your family aren’t close. What is he — under the rug. — a milky drink is not good for a DEAR APPALLED: I think that, un- Shipping and handling are included
holding over your head? The fact DEAR ABBY: Crazy question, but performer’s throat, and it also might der the circumstances, you should in the price.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Dec. body’s game. You’ll reframe support you in who you want which leads to hope and finally horizons by giving stronger SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
9). Though no one can change your history and present it in to be. The next 12 months to accomplishment. consideration to your joys, fas- 21). Seeing as whatever you
the facts of the past, the a way that makes people both will bring love, adventure, TAURUS (April 20-May cinations and fantasies. Fun do to keep the stress hor-
meaning of the past is any- understand who you are and funding and growth. Aries and 20). It’s a little out of reach goals will keep you motivated mones at bay can be counted
Capricorn adore you. Your still, but you do know what you to do the less fun ones. as health-enhancing and
lucky numbers are: 8, 23, 5, want, and you have for a while CANCER (June 22-July strength-fortifying, would it be
17 and 40. now. Next up, an increase in 22). You usually check in with too much of a stretch to just
ARIES (March 21-April your ability to make the chang- yourself periodically to see call it work?
19). Every effort to make es necessary to get this party how you’re feeling about life SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-
beautiful things happen is started. and about your goals. With Dec. 21). You’ll be paying for
angelic. Each happy memory GEMINI (May 21-June 21). the pace picking up these an interaction, and getting the
adds to the emotional sun- Making a bucket list isn’t just days, you will benefit from most for your money will be
shine that creates optimism, for seniors. You’ll broaden your more frequent and deliberate on your mind. A little planning
check-ins. will help, as will a prepared
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). presentation, if that’s not too
You will lift spirits. You’ll do it over-the-top for circumstanc-
in practical ways, by sharing es.
what you have — knowledge, CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
food, conversation — but 19). It will be important to you
you’ll also inspire in less that the circumstances be fair
tangible ways, through your to all involved. You’re willing
attitude, your manner and the to adjust, even in a downward
way you tell your story. direction, if it means that
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). everyone will be getting the
There’s a time for seeking same thing.
magic and a time for going AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
as deeply into the mundane 18). Thinking in scientific ways
as you possibly can. You may will help you with almost any
unexpectedly find the latter problem that comes up today.
pursuit to be far more magical What about the situation
than the former. can be tested, counted and
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). tracked? Therein lies your key.
Beware of those who act as PISCES (Feb. 19-March
though you owe them when 20). You’ll get the chance to
you don’t; it is a ploy, a game be around people whose ener-
or a style and can be quite ef- gy really lights you up. This is
fective to the unaccustomed. about more than just common
You are more awake than the interests. When you’re to-
average Joe and won’t fall gether, the world turns into a
for it. playground for kindred souls.
The Dispatch • Sunday, December 9, 2018 3D

Church Directory
Where the Spirit of the Lord is
“There is Liberty”
Kenneth Montgomery
Proudly serving our community
for over 30 years These church directory pages are made possible by the sponsorship of the following businesses.
ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Waterworks. Sunday School 10 a.m., Sunday Worship 11 OAKLAND MB CHURCH — 18 Fairport Road, Crawford.
CALVARY ASSEMBLY OF GOD — Lehmberg Rd. and a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Pat Creel, Pastor. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday
Bennett Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 OPEN DOOR M.B. CHURCH — Starkville Sportsplex, 405 Bible study 7 p.m., Mass Choir Rehearsal - Wed. before 1st
p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Eric Crews, Pastor. Lynn Lane, Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. 1st and 2nd Sun. 6 p.m., Male Chorus Rehearsal - Wed. before
FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD — 2201 Military Road. 2nd and 4th Sundays. Donnie Jones, Pastor. 662-263-7102 3rd Sun. 6 p.m., Junior Choir Rehearsal - Wed. before 4th
Christian Education 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Nursery PLEASANT GROVE MB CHURCH — 1914 Moor High Sun. 6 p.m. Rev. Sammy L. White, Pastor.
Church (2-3 yrs.) Super Church (children)10:30 a.m. Road, Crawford. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 PLEASANT GROVE ROBINSON MB CHURCH — 9203
Worship 6 p.m. Wednesday 7 p.m. Nursery provided for all a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Riley Forrest, Sr., Pastor. Hwy. 389 N., Starkville. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship
services. Jody Gurley, Pastor. 662-328-6374 662-272-8221 11:15 a.m., Wednesday Prayer Service/Bible Study 7 p.m.
NEW LIFE ASSEMBLY OF GOD — 4474 New Hope Road. PLEASANT HILL BAPTIST — 1383 Pleasant Hill Rd. Pastor George A. Sanders. 456-0024
Worship 10:30 a.m., Children’s Church 10:30 a.m., Jack Sunday Worship 10 a.m. & 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Bill PLEASANT RIDGE MB CHURCH — Ridge Rd. Sunday
Medley, Pastor. 662-664-0852 Hurt, Pastor. 662-329-3921 School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. A.
BAPTIST PLYMOUTH BAPTIST CHURCH — 187 Plymouth Rd. Edwards, Sr., Pastor.
ANTIOCH BAPTIST CHURCH — Hwy. 45 N. Sunday Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Randy PROVIDENCE MB CHURCH — Old Hwy. 69 S. Sunday
School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Discipleship Training 5 Rigdon, Pastor. Neil Shepherd, Music. School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev.
p.m., Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Mitch McWilliams, SOVEREIGN FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH — 7852 Hwy. Gilbert Anderson, Pastor.
Pastor. 662-328-4765 12 E., Steens. Sunday Worship 10 a.m., Service 5 p.m., SAINT MATTHEWS MB CHURCH — 1213 Island Rd.
Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Charles Young, Pastor.

Bill Russell
ARMSTRONG BAPTIST CHURCH — 1707 Yorkville Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday
Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. Bible Study SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH — 12859 Martin 6:30 p.m. Curtis Clay, Sr., Pastor.
Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. William Vaughn, Pastor. 662- Road Spur, Northport, Ala. Worship 11 a.m., Sunday Bible SALEM MB CHURCH — Hwy. 86, Carrollton, Ala. Sunday
328-0670 Study noon. Todd Bryant, Pastor. School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Rev.
ARTESIA BAPTIST CHURCH — Sunday School 10 a.m., STATE LINE BAPTIST CHURCH — 7560 Hwy. 1282 E. David J. Johnson, Jr., Pastor.
Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Pastor Jeff Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Wednesday SECOND JAMES CREEK MB CHURCH — 4898 Baldwin
Morgan. Night small group 6:30 p.m. Robert Gillis, Pastor. 662- Rd., Brooksville. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m.
BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH — 3232 Military Road. 329-2973 Pastor Michael Tate. 662-738-5855
Sunday School 10:00 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., TEMPLE OF DELIVERANCE BAPTIST CHURCH — SOUTHSIDE MB CHURCH — 100 Nashville Ferry Rd. E.
Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m. Walter Butler, Pastor. 4307 Sand Rd., Steens. Maurice Williams, Pastor. Sunday Sunday School 8:30 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Wednesday
BETHESDA BAPTIST CHURCH — 2096 Bethesda School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., Wednesday 7 6:30 p.m. Rev. Rayfield Evins Jr., Pastor.
2500 Military Road Suite 1 p.m. 662-327-2580
Columbus, MS Rd, Crawford. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., SIXTH AVENUE MB CHURCH — 1519 Sixth Ave. N.
Discipleship Training 6:00 p.m., Worship 7 p.m., Wednesday UNITED CHRISTIAN BAPTIST CHURCH — 2 blocks east Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Sunday 11 a.m., Bible Study
662-328-7500 WEST REALTY COMPANY of Hwy. 69 on Yorkville Rd. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 7:00 p.m. Allan Dees, Pastor. 662-272-8734 Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. W.C. Talley, Pastor. 662-329-2344
Don West, Broker/Owner BORDER SPRINGS BAPTIST CHURCH — 12771 Hwy. 10:15 a.m. Steven James, Pastor. SPRINGFIELD MB CHURCH — 6369 Hwy. 45 S. (1st & 3rd
12 E., Caledonia. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 UNIVERSITY BAPTIST CHURCH — 1104 Louisville St., Sunday) Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Worship 11:30 a.m.,
a.m., Kids for Christ 5 p.m., Discipleship Training 5:15 p.m., Starkville (located in Fellowship Hall of St. Luke Lutheran (1st & 3rd Wednesday) 7 p.m. Robert Gavin, Pastor. 662-
Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday Bible Study – Adults, Children, Church). Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. Bert 327-9843
Northeast Exterminating and Youth classes 7 p.m. Dan Louman, Pastor. 662-386- Montgomery, Pastor.
0541. Brad Creely, Minister of Music and Youth, 662-312- Sunday School 9:15 a.m., Worship 8 a.m. & 11 a.m. B.T.U. 5
If it Jimmy Linley • Richard Linley
8749. www. off of Mill Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and
6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Pastor, Al Hamm.
p.m., Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Rev. Joe Peoples,
crawls, Columbus
Brooksville. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 10:55 a.m. WOODLAND BAPTIST CHURCH — 3033 Ridge Rd.
St. James MB CHURCH — 6525 Hardy-Billups Rd.,
call... 662-329-9992 and 6 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m.
Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Worship 6
p.m., AWANA Wednesday 6:30 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m.
Crawford. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and
6:15 p.m. Rev. Chad Payton, Pastor.
Caledonia. Sunday Men’s Prayer Service 9:30 a.m., Shelby Hazzard, Senior Pastor. Brad Wright, Director of St. JOHN MB CHURCH — 3477 Motley Rd., Sunday
BRISLIN, INC. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Bible Study 4
p.m., Worship 5 p.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m. Bob
Student Ministries.
School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 7
p.m. Joe Brooks, Pastor. 327-7494.
Sales • Service • Installation 7th St. S. Sunday School 8 a.m., Worship 9:30 a.m.,
Burch, Pastor. ST. PAUL MB CHURCH — Robinson Rd. Sunday School
Residential • Commercial • Industrial CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH — 295 Dowdle Dr. Sunday Wednesday 7 p.m., Youth Ministry Wednesday 4:30 p.m. 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Rev. Willie
Since 1956 School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Adult Choir Rev. Brian Hood, Pastor. Mays, Pastor. rehearsals and Discipleship Training 5 p.m., Worship 6 INDEPENDENT BAPTIST ST. PAUL MB CHURCH — 1800 Short Main St. Disciple
BETHESDA CHURCH — 1800 Short Main. Sunday School
4051 Military Road • 662-328-5814 p.m., Wednesday 6:15 p.m. Rev. Ralph Windle, Interim
9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Nathaniel
Training/Sunday School 8 a.m., Worship 9:00 a.m. Rev.
Pastor. 662-328-6741 John F. Johnson, Pastor. 662-241-7111
Best, Pastor. E-mail:
BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH — 5860 Hwy. 50 E., West
Ala. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Barton Ferry Rd., West Point. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.,
Point. Sunday School 10 a.m., Service 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
(6 p.m. - Daylight Savings Time), Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Wil Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m.
Wednesday 7 p.m.
Corbett, Pastor. 205-270-1845 UNION BAPTIST MB CHURCH — 101 Weaver Rd.
CANAAN BAPTIST CHURCH — 1008 Lehmberg Rd. (Hwy. 69 S) Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m.,
Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Service and Children’s Church Wednesday 6 p.m. Pastor McSwain.
Wednesday 7 p.m. Martin “Buddy” Gardner, Pastor.
10:30 a.m., Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Paul TABERNACLE MB CHURCH — Magnolia Drive, Macon.
Shaw, Pastor. 662-327-3771 Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6
Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
CANAAN MB CHURCH — 2425 Bell Ave. Sunday School p.m.
Wednesday 7 p.m. 662-327-1130
8:15 a.m., Worship 9:30 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6 UNION HOPEWELL MB CHURCH — 150 Spurlock Rd.
p.m. Jimmy Pounds, Pastor. 662-327-1226 Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6
Starkville in the Comfort Suites Conference Room, Sunday
COMMUNITY BAPTIST CHURCH — 2490 Yorkville p.m. Carlton Jones, Pastor.
School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pastor
Rd. East Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., WOODLAWN LANDMARK MB CHURCH — 8086 Hwy.
John Harvey. 662-648-0282
INDUSTRIAL SERVICES, INC Wednesday Bible Study, Children & Youth Classes 6:30
12. East, Steens. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m.
p.m. Matt Moehring, Pastor. Edward Rhinewalt, Music and 5 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. David Retherford, Pastor.
ANDERSON GROVE MB CHURCH — 1853 Anderson Director. 662-327-5306
Grove Road, Caledonia. Sunday School 9:20 a.m., Worship
CORNERSTONE BAPTIST CHURCH — 844 Old West Carson Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11:15 a.m.,
11:00 a.m., Bible Study Wednesday 6:20 p.m. David O.
Jarrett’s Towing Point Rd., Starkville. Sunday 10:30 a.m. Greg Upperman,
Pastor. 662-323-6351 or visit www.cornerstonestarkville.
Williams, Pastor. 662-356-4968.
ANTIOCH MB CHURCH — 2304 Seventh Ave. N. Sunday
Wednesday 7 p.m. John Sanders, Pastor.
ZION GATE MB CHURCH — 1202 5th St. S. Sunday
Wrecker Service com School 9:30 a.m., Worship 8 a.m. and 10:45., Children’s
School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Kenny
EAST END BAPTIST CHURCH — 380 Hwy. 50 W. (Hwy. Church 10:15 a.m., Worship 5 p.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Dr.
5209 N. Hwy 182 E. • Columbus, MS 39702 50 and Holly Hills Rd.) Sunday School 9:15 a.m., Worship
Bridges, Pastor.
James A. Boyd, Pastor.
BETHLEHEM MB CHURCH — 293 Bethlehem Road,
329-2447 We unlock 10:30 a.m., Worship 5 p.m. followed by Discipleship
Training, Mission Friends and GAs 5 p.m., Sanctuary Choir
Caledonia. Sunday School 1st and 4th Sundays 8 a.m., 2nd PRIMITIVE BAPTIST
If no answer 251-2448 cars & 3rd Sundays 9:30 a.m., Worship 1st & 4th Sundays 9:30
6:30 p.m., Wednesday Prayer Meeting, Youth Worship, a.m., 2nd & 3rd Sundays 11 a.m., Wednesdays 6 p.m. Rev. Washington St. & Columbus St., Aberdeen. Sunday 10:30
Preschool & Children’s Choirs 6:30 p.m. Bryon Benson, a.m. and 2 p.m. Herb Hatfield, Pastor. 662-369-4937
R Free Estimates Willie James Gardner, Pastor. 662-356-4424
LER OO Pastor. 662-328-5915 BLESSING MB CHURCH — Starkville Sportsplex, Activity HAMILTON PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH — Flower
EE FIN Licensed
& Insured
EASTVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH — 1316 Ben Christopher Center 405 Lynn Lane Road. Sunday Worship 2nd, 4th & Farm Rd., 2 miles South of Hamilton, just off Hwy. 45.

W H INC. G Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 5th Sundays 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Pastor Martin. 662-744-0561 Sunday 10:30 a.m. Jesse Phillips, Pastor. 662-429-2305
COMMERCIAL p.m. Junior Eads, Pastor. 662-329-2245 BRICK MB CHURCH — Old Macon Rd. Sunday School SPRINGHILL P.B. CHURCH — 3996 Sandyland Road,
“A Family Business Since 1946” RESIDENTIAL FAIRVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH — 127 Airline Rd. 9:30 a.m. each Sunday, Worship 2nd and 4th Sundays only Macon, MS. Walter Lowery Jr., Pastor. Sunday School 9:00
Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10:15 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Everett Little, Pastor. a.m., Worship 10:00 a.m., Tuesday Bible Study 6 p.m. 662-
662-328-3625 • 662-328-7612 Wednesday 6 p.m. Dr. Breck Ladd, Pastor. 662-328-2924 CALVARY FAITH CENTER — Hwy. 373 & Jess Lyons 738-5006.

Rae’s Jewelry
Road. Sunday Worship 8:00 a.m., Sunday School 9 a.m.,
Parra Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. Rev. Worship 10 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Pastor Robert North of Caledonia on Wolf Rd, Hamilton. Sunday 10:30
Michael Love, Pastor. 662-434-5252 Bowers, Pastor. 662-434-0144 a.m. & 1st Sunday Night at 6:30 p.m. Elder Joseph Mettles,
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH — 7th St. and 2nd. Ave. CEDAR GROVE MB CHURCH — 286 Swartz Dr. Worship Pastor. 662-369-2532
N. Sunday Worship 8:45 a.m., Sunday School 10 a.m. ANGLICAN CATHOLIC
Authorized Dealer (Worship televised at 10 a.m. on WCBI-TV, Columbus
Services 11:15 a.m., Sunday School 10 a.m., Wednesday
6:30 p.m. Johnnie Richardson, Pastor. 662-434-6528 SAINT DAVID’S AT MAYHEW — 549 Mayhew Rd.,
Citizens and Pulsar Watches Cable Channel 7), Contemporary Worship 11 a.m.; Sunday CHRISTIAN HILL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH Mayhew. Holy Eucharist - Sunday 10 a.m. 662-244-5939
5 p.m. Worship at 3000 Bluecutt Road, Midweek Prayer or
Downtown Columbus 662-328-8824 Service Wednesday 6:00 p.m. located downtown. Dr.
— 14096 MS Hwy. 388, Brooksville, MS 39739, Sunday
School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11:00 a.m., Wednesday 6:30
Shawn Parker, Pastor. 662-245-0540 ANNUNCIATION CATHOLIC CHURCH — 808 College
When Caring Counts... FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF STEENS — 40 Odom Rd.,
p.m. Bobby Bowen, Pastor. 662-738-5837/549-6100
St. Mass Schedules are as follows: Sunday 8 a.m. & 10:30
CHRIST MB CHURCH — 110 2nd Ave. S. Sunday School
Steens. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m., B.T.U. a.m., Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8 a.m., Tuesday 5:30
p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Program every 1st & 3rd Sunday 6 p.m. p.m., Thursday 8:30 a.m., and Annunciation Catholic
FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST — 125 Yorkville Rd. W. Sunday ELBETHEL MB CHURCH — 2205 Washington Ave. School (during the school year). Father Jeffrey Waldrep,
School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday Priest.
FUNERAL HOME & CREMATORY p.m. John Gainer, Pastor. 662-328-6024 or 662-328-3183 7:00 p.m., Rev. Leroy Jones, Pastor. CHRISTIAN
1131 Lehmberg Rd., Columbus • 662-328-1808 GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH — 708 Airline Rd. Sunday FAITH HARVEST MB CHURCH — 4266 Sand Road. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH — 811 N. McCrary. Jerry
School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m. & 6 p.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Bible class Mitchell, Pastor. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30
Charles Whitney, Pastor. Tuesday 6 p.m. Hugh L. Dent, Pastor. 662-243-7076. a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday, 7 p.m.
S. Sunday 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Pastor Sammy Burns. 662- School 9 a.m., Worship 10:45 a.m., Wednesday Bible CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH — 720 4th Ave. N. and
328-1096 Study 7 p.m. Rev. Jimmy L. Rice, Pastor. 662-328-1913 8th St. N. Sunday Service 10:30 a.m.
East between Gattman & Amory. Sunday School 10 a.m., School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Dr. CALEDONIA CHURCH OF CHRIST — Main St.,
Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday 7:15 p.m. Rev. Stanley K. McCrary, Pastor. 662-327-7473 or 662-251-4185 Caledonia. Sunday Bible Study 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m.
John Walden, Pastor. 662-356-4445 GREATER MT. OLIVE M.B. CHURCH — 1856 Carson Rd. and 5 p.m., Wednesday 6 p.m.
IMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH — 6342 Military Rd., Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10:15 a.m., Wednesday 7 CHURCH OF CHRIST — 4362 Hwy. 69 S. Sunday Worship

Shelton Cleaners
Steens. Bible Study 10:30 a.m., Worship 9:15 a.m. and 6 a.m. Donald Henry, Pastor. 9:30 a.m. , Wednesday 6 p.m. Loviah Johnson 662-574-
p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. 662-328-1668 HALBERT MISSION MB CHURCH — 2199 Halbert Church 0426 or E-mail:
KOLOLA SPRINGS BAPTIST CHURCH — Caledonia. Rd., Ethelsville, Ala. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 CHURCH OF CHRIST — 437 Gregory Rd. Sunday Bible
3189 Hwy 45 N. • 328-5421 Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., AWANA a.m. Ernest Prescott, Pastor. class 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday 7
4:45-6 Ages 2-12th grade (Sept. - May), Worship 5 p.m., HOPEWELL MB CHURCH — 4892 Ridge Rd. Sunday p.m. Richard Latham, Minister. 662-328-4705
1702 6th St. N. • 328-5361 Choir Practice Wednesday 6 p.m., 252 Basics Children’s School 8 a.m., Worship 9 a.m., Minister Terry Johnson, CHURCH OF CHRIST DIVINE — 1316 15th St. S. Morning
Ministry an Cross Training Youth Wednesday 7 p.m., Interim Pastor. Worship (3rd & 5th Sunday) 8:30 a.m., Sunday School
Wednesday Bible Study 7 p.m. Rev. Don Harding, Pastor. JERUSALEM MB CHURCH — 14129 Hwy 12 E., 9:45 a.m., Morning Worship 11:30 a.m., Wednesday Night
LONGVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH — 991 Buckner Street, Caledonia. Sunday School 8:30 a.m., Worship 9:30 a.m., Bible Study 7 p.m. 662-327-6060 Bishop Timothy L. Heard,
Longview. Sunday School 10:00 a.m., Worship 11:00 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m. Rev. Willie Petty, Sr., Pastor. Pastor.
Discipleship Training 5:15 p.m., Evening Worship 6:00 p.m.; MAPLE STREET BAPTIST — 219 Maple St. Sunday COLUMBUS CHURCH OF CHRIST — 2401 7th St. N.
Wednesday Prayer Meeting 6:30 p.m. Pastor Larry W. School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:45 a.m. and 6 p.m., Sunday Bible Class 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Sunday
APAC-MISSISSIPPI, INC. Yarber, or email, 662-769-4774 Wednesday 6 p.m. Joseph Oyeleye, Pastor. 662-328-4629 Bible Study 5 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Lendy Bartlett,
Michael Bogue & Employees MCBEE BAPTIST CHURCH — 2846 Hwy. 50 E. Sunday MILLERS CHAPEL MB CHURCH — 425 East North Minister of Community Outreach; Paul Bennett, Family Life
School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Discipleship Training St. Macon. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Minister; Billy Ferguson, Minister of Discipleship.
Lake Norris Rd. 328-6555 5 p.m., Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Rev. Jimmy Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Ron Houston, Pastor. EAST COLUMBUS CHURCH OF CHRIST — Highway
Ray, Pastor. 662-328-7177 MISSIONARY UNION BAPTIST CHURCH — 1207 5th 182 E. at Gaylane. Sunday Worship 9 a.m., Bible Study
MIDWAY BAPTIST CHURCH — Holly Hills Rd. Sunday Ave. N. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Baptist 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. http://
School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m., Training Union 5 p.m., Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 6 p.m.
Prayer Service every Saturday 6 p.m. Rev. Denver Clark, Rev. Tony A. Montgomery, Pastor. HWY. 69 CHURCH OF CHRIST — 2407 Hwy. 69 S. Sunday
Pastor. MOUNT ZION M.B. CHURCH — 2221 14th Ave. N. Sunday Bible Study 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:15 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
MOUNT PISGAH BAPTIST CHURCH — 2628 East Tibbee School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Tuesday Bible Study 7 Wednesday 7 p.m.
Rd., West Point. Sunday Worship each week 8 a.m., 1st, p.m. Jesse J. Slater, Pastor. 662-328-4979 LONE OAK CHURCH OF CHRIST — 1903 Lone Oak Rd.,
3rd and 5th Sunday Worship 11:30 a.m., Sunday School MT. ARY MB CHURCH — 291 S. Frontage Rd., Lot #4. Steens. Bible Study 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
9:30 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Donald Wesley, Pastor. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Wednesday 7 p.m.
MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH — 1791 Lake Lowndes Rev. Erick Logan, Pastor. MAGNOLIA CHURCH OF CHRIST — 161 Jess Lyons
Rd. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10:15 a.m. and 6 p.m., MT. AVERY BAPTIST CHURCH — 12311 Nashville Ferry Rd. Bible Study 9:15 a.m., Worship, 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Steve Lammons, Pastor. 662-328- Rd. E. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m. every Wednesday 7 p.m. Minister David May, Pastor. 662-769-
2811 Sunday except 5th Sunday. Rev. John Wells, Pastor. 5514.
MT. VERNON CHURCH — 200 Mt. Vernon Rd. Sunday MT. OLIVE MB CHURCH — 2020 Atkin Rd., Millport, Ala. NORTH HILLCREST CHURCH OF CHRIST — 900 North
Telephone: 662-327-1467 Worship 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., Service Life Groups for Sunday School 9 a.m. Worship Service 10 a.m. Pastor Hillcrest, Aberdeen, MS 39730, Sunday Worship 10:00
all ages 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., Connection Cafe 10 a.m., Benny W. Henry. 205-662-3923 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6:00 p.m., Bro. Arthur
P.O. Box 1278 • 1616 7th Ave. S., Columbus, MS 39703 Discovery Zone. 662-328-3042 NEW HOPE MB CHURCH — 271 Church St., Artesia. Burnett, Minister, 662-304-6098. Email: nhill crestcoc@
MURRAH’S CHAPEL BAPTIST CHURCH — 9297 Hwy. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6
69 S. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. and p.m. Thomas E. Rice is Pastor. 662-494-1580 STEENS CHURCH OF CHRIST — Steens Vernon Rd. 9:15
6:30 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. NEW BAPTIST TEMPLE MB CHURCH — 5937 Nashville a.m. Bible Study, Worship 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday
NEW COVENANT BAPTIST CHURCH — Highway 50 E. Ferry Rd. E. Sunday School 9 a.m. each week except 5th 7 p.m. Larry Montgomery, Minister.
Sunday School 9 a.m., Service 10 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Sunday, Worship 10 a.m. each week except 5th Sunday, 10TH AVE. N. CHURCH OF CHRIST — 1828 10th Ave. N.
Ed Nix, Pastor. 5th Sundays: Ushers Board Fellowship. Rev. L.A. Gardner, Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Bible Class
NEW JOURNEY CHURCH — 3123 New Hope Rd. Sunday Pastor. 662-329-3321 5 p.m., Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Willie McCord,
Worship 10:30 a.m., Small Groups 5:30 p.m., Kevin Edge, NEW ZION PILGRIM MB CHURCH — 5253 New Hope Minister.
Pastor. 662-315-7753 or Rd. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship Services 11 a.m., WOODLAWN CHURCH OF CHRIST — Woodlawn
NEW SALEM BAPTIST CHURCH — 7086 Wolfe Rd., 3 Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Rev. Christopher Wriley, Pastor. Community. Sunday 9 a.m., Worship 9:45 a.m., Worship 6
miles south of Caledonia. Sunday Worship 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 NEW ZION STEENS MB CHURCH — 3301 Sand Rd. p.m., Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Willis Logan, Minister.
a.m., Sunday School 9:15 a.m., Sunday Evening - AWANA Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. CHURCH OF GOD
4 p.m., Discipleship Training, Youth & Adult 5 p.m., Evening Pastor Rev. Billy D. Hill. 662-329-5224 CHURCH OF GOD IN JESUS’ NAME — Hwy. 12. Sunday
Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday - Adults, Youth & Children 6:30 OAK GROVE MB CHURCH — 1090 Taylor Thurston Rd. 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., Tuesday 7 p.m. David Sipes, Pastor.
p.m. 662-356-4940 Sunday School 9:00 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., 5th Sunday 8 CORNERSTONE WORSHIP CENTER — 7840 Wolfe Rd.
Bro. Mel Howton, Pastor. a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6:15 p.m. Pastor Therman Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Wednesday
NORTHSIDE FREE WILL BAPTIST — 14th Ave. and Cunningham Sr., 662-328-5546
4D Sunday, December 9, 2018 The Dispatch •

Let us replenish the seed of faith through ...
Regular Church Attendance
M morial
l aand
LATTER RAIN CHURCH OF GOD — 721 7th Ave. S. Honnoll Mill Rd., Caledonia. Sunday Worship Service 9:30 PLEASANT RIDGE HOUSE OF WORSHIP — 2651 Trinity

G t &
Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. Wednesday 6 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Charity Gordon, Pastor. Road. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Every
p.m. Brenda Othell Sullivan, Pastor. GLENN’S CHAPEL CME CHURCH — 1109 4th St. S. 2nd and 4th Sunday Intercessory Prayer 9 a.m., Wednesday
NORTH COLUMBUS CHURCH OF GOD — 2103 Jess Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m. Rev. Raphael 6:30 p.m. Pastor Donna Anthony. 662-241-0097
Lyons Rd. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. Terry, Pastor. 662-328-1109 THE LORD’S HOUSE — 441 18th St. S. Thursday 7 p.m. Funeral Homes & Crematory
Funeral Homes
and 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Clarence Roberts, Pastor. HEBRON C.M.E. CHURCH — 1910 Steens Road, Steens.
Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. 662-328-4432
YORKVILLE HEIGHTS CHURCH — 2274 Yorkville Rd., Meets first, second and third Sundays, Bible class each
Sunday Connect Groups 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Wednesday at 7 p.m. Earnest Sanders, Pastor. THE RIVER CHURCH — 822 North Lehmberg Rd., Sunday 662-328-2354
Wednesday Worship 7 p.m.; Nursery available for all MILITARY CHAPEL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — Worship 10 a.m., Children’s Church 3&4 yr. old, 5-12 yr. old.
services (newborn-4). Scott Volland, Pastor. 662-328-1256 Hwy. 12, Steens. Sunday School 9:45, Service 11 a.m.. Wednesday Worship 6:45 p.m. Pastor Chuck Eubanks.
or Meet on 2nd and 4th Sundays. Wednesday Bible Study THE SHEPHERD’S CARE & SHARE MINISTRY CHURCH
ZION ASSEMBLY CHURCH OF GOD — 5580 Ridge Road. 6:00 p.m. Rev. Antra Geeter, Pastor. 662-327-4263 — 312 N. Lehmberg Rd., Sunday Prayer Time 9:50 a.m.,
Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 10:45 a.m. and 6 p.m., NEW HOPE CME CHURCH — 1452 Yorkville Road East, Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Thursday Bible
Wednesday 7 p.m. Byron Harris, Pastor. Columbus. Sunday School 10:00 a.m., Worship service Study 6 p.m., Annie Hines, Planter and Pastor. 662-570-
CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST first, third and fourth Sunday (Youth Sunday) 11:00 a.m., 1856
BIBLE WAY PROGRESSIVE CHURCH OF GOD IN Wednesday Bible Study 5:00 p.m. Rev. Cornelia Naylor, TRIBE JUDAH MINISTRIES — 730 Whitfield St., Starkville.
CHRIST — 426 Military Rd. Sunday School 8 a.m., Pastor. 662-328-5309 Sunday Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday Bible School 7 p.m.
Worship 9 a.m., Monday Prayer 6 p.m., Wednesday Bible NEW HOPE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — 2503 New
Rev. Greg and Rev. Michelle Mostella, Pastors. 662-617-
Study 6 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday Prayer Noon. Tommy Hope Road. Sunday Worship 8:45 a.m., Sunday School 10
Williams, Pastor. a.m., Tuesday Bible Study 6:30 p.m. Rev. Sarah Windham, 4088
15th St. N. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. and ORR’S CHAPEL CME CHURCH — Nicholson Street, 7th. Ave. N., Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m.,
6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Marion C. Bonner, Pastor. Brooksville. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Tuesday Bible Study 6:30 p.m. Clyde and Annie Edwards,
IN CHRIST — 1601 Pickensville Rd., Sunday School 9:30 PINEY GROVE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — 102 TRUE LIFE WORSHIP CENTER — 597 Main St.,
a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Monday 6 p.m., Tuesday 7 p.m., Fernbank Rd., Steens. Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m., Sunday
Caledonia. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 5
Friday 7 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. Ocie Salter, Pastor. School 10:45 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Andy Tentoni. p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Eugene O’Mary, Pastor.
5429 Hwy. 45 N. Sunday Prayer 8 a.m., Sunday School Sunday School 8 a.m., Sunday 9 a.m., Tuesday 11:45 a.m.
— 5450 Cal-Kolola Rd, Caledonia. Sunday School 9:30
8:30 a.m., Worship 9:30 a.m., 4th Sunday Fellowship Rev. Dr. Luther Minor, Pastor.
a.m., Worship 10:45 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Pastor 24 Hour Towing
Lunch, Youth Sunday 4th Sunday, Wednesday Bible Study SHAEFFERS CHAPEL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH
6 p.m. Elder Robert L. Brown, Jr., Pastor. 662-327-4221. — 1007 Shaeffers Chapel Rd., Traditional Worship Service Francisco Brock, Sr. 662-356-8252 1024 Gardner Blvd.
— 1701 22nd Street North, Columbus. Sunday Worship
Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11:30 a.m., Tuesday Night Military Rd. Breakfast 9:20 a.m., Sunday School 9:40 a.m., 8:30 a.m. -10 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m.-7 p.m.
Bible Study 7 p.m. Elder Samuel Wilson, Pastor. Worship 11 a.m., Sunday Evening Worship 6 p.m., Adult/ Rone F. Burgin, Sr., Pastor/Founder. 662-328-0948
OPEN DOOR CHURCH OF GOD — 711 S. Thayer Ave., Children Bible Study Wednesday 6 p.m., Young Adult Bible VIBRANT CHURCH — 500 Holly Hills Rd. Sunday 9 a.m.,
Aberdeen. Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Worship 11:30 a.m., Study Thursday 7 p.m. Rev. Paul E. Luckett, Pastor. 10:15 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. The Grove Coffee Cafe 8 a.m.,
Tuesday Bible School 10 a.m. & 6 p.m., 2nd & 4th Thursday ST. PAUL INDEPENDENT METHODIST CHURCH — Wednesday 7 p.m. The Grove 6:30 p.m. Nursery provided
Evangelist Night 6 p.m. Johnnie Bradford, Pastor. 662-574- Freeman Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Sunday Services 11 through age 3. Jason Delgado, Pastor. 662-329-2279
2847. a.m. and 5 p.m. Youth activities 5 p.m. John Powell, Pastor.
— 223 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Starkville. Sunday Cedar Street, Macon, Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 2648 Tom St., Sturgis. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship
Worship 7:45 a.m., 10 a.m., 6 p.m., Sunday School 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m. , Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m. Demetric 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Curtis Davis, Pastor. 662-230-
Wednesday Bible Study 7 p.m. Darden, Pastor. 3182 or
Minnie Vaughn Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 12 Tuscaloosa Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. ST. CATHERINE ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN CHURCH —
p.m., Tuesday 7 p.m. Donald Koonch, Pastor. 662-243- and 6 p.m., Thursday 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Ron McDougald, 725 4th Ave. N. Visit for
2064 Pastor. schedule of services and updates on this Mission.
CAFB CHAPEL — Catholic - Sunday: Catholic 6015 Tabernacle Rd., Ethelsville, AL. Sunday School 10 FAITH AND DELIVERANCE OUT REACH MINISTRIES —
Reconciliation 4:00 p.m., Mass 5 p.m. Catholic Priest a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday 6:30 p.m.
118 S. McCrary Road, Suite 126. Sunday 10 a.m. and 11
Father Paul Stewart. Protestant - Sunday: Adult Sunday Rickey C. Green, Pastor. 205-662-3443
School 9 a.m., Worship 10:45 a.m. Wing Chaplain Lt. Col. TRINITY-MT. CARMEL CME CHURCH — 4610 Carson a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Christian Women Meeting Friday
Steven Richardson. 662-434-2500 Rd. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Pastor Lizzie 7 p.m.
EPISCOPAL Harris. 662-329-3995 LIVING FAITH TABERNACLE — Shelton St. Sunday
GOOD SHEPHERD EPISCOPAL CHURCH — 321 TURNER CHAPEL AME CHURCH — 1108 14th St. S. School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Youth
Forrest Blvd. Sunday Bible Study 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 5 Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Rev. James O. Gardner, Pastor.
Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m. Rev. Sandra DePriest. 662- p.m. Yvonne Fox, Pastor. LIVING WATER MINISTRIES — 622 28th St. N. Elder
574-1972 WESLEY UNITED METHODIST — 511 Airline Rd. Sunday Robert L. Salter, Pastor. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship
ST. PAUL’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH — 318 College St. School 9:45 a.m., Worship 10:55 a.m., Wednesday 5:15 11 a.m., Wednesday 7:30 p.m., Friday 7:30 p.m.
Sunday 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Sunday School 9:15 a.m. p.m., Chancel Choir 7 p.m., Youth Monday 6:30 p.m. Rev. SPIRIT OF PRAYER HOLINESS CHURCH — 922 17th St.
Rev. Anne Harris. 662-328-6673 or Sarah Windham. N. Sunday 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m.
Terry Outlaw, Pastor,
BREAD OF LIFE FELLOWSHIP — New Hope Road. — Hwy. 45 Alt. S., Crawford. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.,
Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Wednesday Worship 10:15 a.m., Tuesday 6 p.m. Kori Bridges, Pastor. VICTORY TABERNACLE P.C.G. — 548 Hwy. 45 North
6 p.m. Jack Taylor, Pastor. 662-422-9013. Frontage Rd. (1/4 mile past the CAFB entrance on the
BEULAH GROVE FULL GOSPEL BAPTIST CHURCH — MORMON right) Sunday Bible Class 10:15 a.m., Worship 10:45 a.m.,
8490 Artesia Rd., Artesia, MS. Sunday Service 8:30 a.m., CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m. G. E. Wiggins, Sr., Pastor.
Tuesday Bible Study 6:30 p.m. Timothy Bourne, Senior — 2808 Ridge Rd. Sacrament Meeting 9 a.m., Sunday 662-251-2432
Pastor. School 10 a.m., Priesthood & Relief Society 11 a.m., Youth APOSTOLIC PENTECOSTAL
CHARITY FULL GOSPEL BAPTIST CHURCH — 1524 Activities Wednesday 6 p.m. Bishop Eric Smith. 662-328- APOSTOLIC OUTREACH CHURCH — 204 North McCrary
6th Ave. S. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., 3179. Rd., Prayer/Inspiration Hour Monday 6 p.m. Danny L.
Wednesday 7 p.m., Saturday 6 p.m. Charles Fisher, Pastor. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Obsorne, Pastor.
— 807 Tarlton Rd., Crawford. Sunday School 9:40 a.m., Sunday School 9:30 a.m.,Worship 10:40 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Worship 11:15 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m., Prayer Hour Mon.- Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Stephen Joiner, Pastor. Ave. N. Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Worship 12 p.m.,
Fri. 10 a.m., Saturday 8 a.m., New Membership Class 9:30 NON — DENOMINATIONAL Tuesday Bible Class 7:30 p.m. Pastor Easter Robertson.
p.m., 5th Sunday Worship 6:30 p.m. 662-272-5355 A PREPARED TABLE MINISTRY — 1201 College St. JESUS CHRIST POWERFUL MINISTRY OF LOVE —
COVENANT LIFE MINISTRIES CHURCH — W. Yorkville Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10:10 a.m., Wednesday 6 1210 17th St. S., behind the Dept. of Human Resources.
Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Evening 6:30 p.m. Timothy J. Bailey, Pastor. 662-889-7778 Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Friday 7:30 p.m. Gloria Jones,
p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. ABUNDANT LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH — 611 S. Pastor.
Fairview Full Gospel BAPTIST CHURCH — 1446 Frontage Road. Sunday 9:30 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Craig SPIRIT OF PRAYER HOLINESS CHURCH — 267 Byrnes
Wilson Pine Rd., Crawford. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Morris, Pastor. Circle. Sunday Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m.,
Worship 10 a.m., Tuesday 7 p.m. Bobby L. McCarter 662- ALL NATIONS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP CHURCH, Saturday 11 a.m. Terry Outlaw, Pastor. 662-324-3539
328-2793 INC. — 1560 Hwy. 69 S., Sunday 9 a.m., Wednesday 6:45 THE ASSEMBLY IN JESUS CHRIST CHURCH — 1504
GREATER MOUNT ZION CHURCH — 5114 Hwy. 182 E. p.m., Friday Corporate Prayer 7 p.m. Pastor James T.
19th St. N. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11:45 a.m. and
Sunday Corporate Prayer 8 a.m., Sunday School 9 a.m., Verdell, Jr. 9 a.m., 11 a.m., & 7 p.m. on
Worship 10:15 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m., Bible Study 7 Fridays only. 7 p.m., Wednesday and Friday 7 p.m.
p.m. Doran V. Johnson, Pastor. 662-329-1905 COLUMBUS CHRISTIAN CENTER — 146 S. McCrary THE CHURCH OF THE ETERNAL WORD — 106 22nd St.
GOD’S ANNOINTED PEOPLE MINISTRY FULL GOSPEL Rd. Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m., Kid’s Church 10:30 a.m., S. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11:30 a.m., Tuesday
FELLOWSHIP — 611 Jess Lyons Rd. Sunday School 9 Wednesday 6:30 p.m., Kenny Gardner, Pastor. 662-328- Bible Study 7 p.m., Thursday Prayer 5 p.m. District Elder
a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Jerome Gill, 3328 Lou J. Nabors Sr., Pastor. 662-329-1234
HARVEST LIFE CHURCH — 425 Military Rd. Sunday Lane. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11:15 a.m., Kidd Road, Caledonia. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship
Service 10:30 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. F. Clark Richardson, Wednesday Prayer 6 p.m., Wednesday Bible Band 7 p.m. 11:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.. Tuesday 7 p.m., Friday 7 p.m.
Pastor. 662-329-2820 Grover C. Richards, Pastor. 662-328-8124 Ernest Thomas, Pastor.
318 Idlewild Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Steens. Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m., 1st Sunday Evening
Wednesday 6 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. 662-327-3962 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Marion (Bubba) Dees, Pastor. Starkville. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship Noon, Tuesday
NEW LIFE FULL GOSPEL BAPTIST CHURCH — 426 662-327-4303 Prayer 7 p.m., Wednesday Bible Study 7 p.m. Mildred
Military Rd. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10a.m., EL BETHEL — 3288 Cal-Vernon Rd. Sunday School 9 Spencer, Pastor. 662-341-5753
Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Michael Love, Pastor. a.m., Worship 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Wes UNITED PENTECOSTAL
PLUM GROVE FULL GOSPEL CHURCH — Old Macon Andrews, Pastor. 662-855-5006 CALEDONIA UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH — 5850 1721 Hwy 45 N
Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11:30 a.m., Tuesday EMMANUEL CIRCLE OF LOVE OUTREACH — 1608 Caledonia Kolola Rd., Caledonia. Sunday 10 a.m., 6 p.m., ® Columbus, MS
6:30 p.m., Thursday 7 p.m. Samuel B. Wilson, Pastor. Gardner Blvd. Services every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Wednesday 7 p.m. Grant Mitchell, Pastor. 662-356-0202
19th St. S. Sunday School 8:30 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., FAITH COVENANT CHURCH — 1133 Northdale Dr. Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Sunday Evangelistic 6p.m., Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm
Wednesday 7 p.m., Missionary Service every 2nd Sunday Worship 5:30 p.m. Lee Poque, Pastor. 662-889- Sunday 1pm-5pm
Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Steve Blaylock, Pastor. 662-328- In Style. In Reach.
Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Freddie Edwards, Pastor. 8132
B’NAI ISRAEL — 717 2nd Ave. N. Services Semi-monthly. — 1472 Blocker Rd., Starkville. Sunday School 10 a.m., PRESBYTERIAN

Friday 7:30 p.m. 662-329-5038 Worship 11 a.m., 2nd Sunday Morning Worship 9 a.m. BEERSHEBA CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN
Universalist Pastor Kenyon Ashford. CHURCH — 1736 Beersheba Rd., New Hope Community.
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST — Meeting at Temple B’nai FIRST CALVARY FAITH AND FELLOWSHIP CHRISTIAN Rev. Tim Lee, Pastor. Sunday Worship 10 a.m., Church Offering independent living apartments, personal
Israel, 1301 Marshall, Tupelo, every 1st & 3rd Sunday. 662- CENTER — 247 South Oliver St., Brooksville. Prayer School 11:15 a.m., Wed. Mid Week 6 p.m. 662-327-9615 care/assisted living suites, and a skilled nursing home
620-7344 or Saturday 5:30 p.m., Bible Study 6 p.m., Sunday School COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (EPC) — 515 300 Airline Road • Columbus, MS • 327-6716
LUTHERAN 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. Pastor David T. Jones,III. Lehmberg Rd., East Columbus. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., “Our Bottom Line Is People”
FAITH EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH (WELS) — 601-345-5740 Worship 10:30 a.m., Wednesday Prayer Meeting 4 p.m.
Hwy. 45 N. and 373. Sunday School/Bible Class 3:45 p.m., FULL GOSPEL MINISTRY — 1504 19th St. N. Sunday John Richards, Pastor. Hunting • Fishing
Worship 5 p.m. 662-356-4647 School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Rev. Working Or Stepping Out — We Have A Complete
OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN CHURCH (L.C.M.S.) — 1211 Maxine Hall, Pastor.
18th Ave. N. Sunday School 9 a.m.. Worship 10 a.m. Stan GENESIS CHURCH — 1820 23rd St. N., Sunday School 2698 Ridge Rd. Sunday School 9:15 a.m., Worship 10:30
a.m., Adult Choir 4 p.m. Youth Group 5 p.m., Bible Study 5
Oktibbeha County Co-Op
Clark, Pastor. 662-327-7747 9 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Darren Check Out Our Boot & Cap Section
MENNONITE Leach, Pastor. p.m.; Monthly Activities: CPW Circle #2 (2nd Tue. 4 p.m.),
FAITH MENNONITE FELLOWSHIP — 2988 Tarlton Rd., HOUSE OF LIFE FREEDOM MINISTRY — 1742 Old West Ladies Aid (3rd Tue. 2 p.m.); Weekly Activities: Exercise 662-323-1742
Crawford. Sunday Worship 10 a.m., Sunday School 11 a.m., Point Rd. Worship 8 a.m. and 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Class Tuesday and Thursday 8 a.m. Rev. Luke Lawson, 201 Pollard Rd., Starkville
2nd & 4th Sunday Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Donnell Wicks, Pastor. Pastor. 662-328-2692
Kevin Yoder, Senior Pastor. HOUSE OF RESTORATION — Hwy. 50. Sunday School, FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH — 3200 Bluecutt Rd.
METHODIST 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 Worship 10 a.m., Youth Group Sundays 11 a.m., Adult Choir
ARTESIA UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — 50 Church a.m., Pastors, Bill and Carolyn Hulen. Wednesdays 6 p.m., Fellowship Suppers-3rd Wednesdays
Street, Artesia. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. JESUS CHRIST POWERHOUSE OF THE APOSTOLIC
6 p.m. Rev. Wayne Bruchey, Pastor.
Gene Merkl, Pastor. FAITH CHURCH — 622 23rd St. N. Sunday School
10:30 a.m.; Service 11:45 a.m., Tuesday 7:30 p.m., Friday
Street, Caledonia. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. 7:30 p.m., Prayer Mon., Wed. and Fri. noon. For more and 7th St. N. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:40
Charity Gordon, Pastor. information call Bishop Ray Charles Jones 662-251-1118, a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday Fellowship Supper 5:30 p.m.,
CLAIBORNE CME CHURCH — 6049 Nashville Ferry Rd. Patricia Young 662-327-3106 or 662-904-0290 or Lynette Bible Study 6 p.m. Rev. Todd Matocha, Pastor.
E. 2nd and 4th Sundays - Sunday School 10a.m., Worship Williams 662-327-9074. MT. ZION CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH —
11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m., 1st and 3rd Sundays - 3 p.m., KINGDOM VISION INTERNATIONAL CHURCH — 3193 3044 Wolfe Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m.
Geneva H. Thomas, Pastor. Hwy 69 S. Sunday 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m., Sunday School SALVATION ARMY CHURCH
CONCORD INDEPENDENT METHODIST CHURCH — 10 a.m., Tuesday 7 p.m. Pastor R.J. Matthews. 662-327- THE SALVATION ARMY CHURCH — 2219 Hwy. 82
1235 Concord Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. 1960 East. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship Service 11 a.m.,
Robert L. Hamilton, Sr., Pastor. LIFE CHURCH — 419 Wilkins Wise Rd. Sunday Worship Wednesday Men’s Fellowship, Women’s Fellowship 5:30
COVENANT UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — 618 31st 10 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. For more information, call 662-
p.m., Thursday Character Building Programs 5:30 p.m.,
Ave. N. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. Eugene 570-4171
Bramlett, Pastor. LOVE CITY FELLOWSHIP CHURCH — 305 Dr. Martin Majors Alan and Sheryl Phillips, Commanding Officers.
CRAWFORD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — Main St., Luther King Drive, Starkville. Sunday Worship 11 a.m., SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST
Crawford. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. and service 10 a.m. Pastor Apostle Lamorris Richardson. 601-616-0311 COLUMBUS SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH —
Kathy Brackett, Pastor. 662-364-8848 LIVING WATERS LIFE CHURCH INTERNATIONAL — 113 301 Brooks Dr. Saturday Service 9 a.m., Sabbath School
CROSSROAD CHAPEL C.M.E. CHURCH — Steens. Jefferson St., Macon. Sunday Service 10 a.m., Wednesday 10:30 a.m., Wednesday Prayer Meeting 6:30 p.m. Ray The McBryde Family
Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 Bible Study 6:30 p.m. Johnny Birchfield Jr., Senior Pastor. Elsberry, Pastor. 662-329-4311
p.m. Rev. Carl Swanigan, Pastor. 662-493-2456 E-mail: SALEM SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST — 826 15th St. N. 1120 Gardner Blvd. • 328-5776
FIRST INDEPENDENT METHODIST — 417 Lehmberg Rd. NEW BEGINNING EVERLASTING OUTREACH Saturday Sabbath School 9:30 a.m., Divine Worship 11
Sunday bible study at 10:15 and morning worship at 11 a.m. MINISTRIES — Meets at Quality Inn, Hwy. 45 N. (Every 1st a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Roscoe Shields, Pastor. 662-
Minister Gary Shelton. and 3rd Sunday) Sunday School 10 a.m., Bible Study 10:30
FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — 602 Main St. a.m., Worship 11 a.m. Pastor Robert Gavin, 662-327-9843
Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 8:45 & 11 a.m., Vespers & APOSTOLIC CHURCH
or 662-497-3434.
Communion 4 p.m. (beginning Nov. 4) Rev. Jimmy Criddle, NEW COVENANT ASSEMBLY — 875 Richardson. TRUE FAITH DELIVERANCE MINISTRIES APOSTOLIC
Lead Pastor. Rev. Anne Russell Bradley, Associate Pastor. Worship Service Sunday 10:30 a.m. Bruce Morgan, Pastor. CHURCH — 3632 Hwy. 182 E. Sunday School 10:30 a.m., • RECYCLING SINCE 1956 •
Rev. Aislinn Kopp, Associate Pastor. 328-5252 NEW HORIZONS GOSPEL ASSEMBLY — 441 18th St. S. Sunday 11:30 a.m., Tuesday 7:30 p.m., Wednesday Prayer Specializing in industrial accounts
Sunday 10 a.m. Dr. Joe L. Bowen, Pastor. Noon, Wednesday 7:30 p.m., Friday 7:30 p.m. 662-328-8176 973 Island Rd. 1-800-759-8570
The Dispatch • SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2018 5D

Building & Remodeling 1120 Painting & Papering 1620 Tree Services 1860 General Help Wanted 3200 Medical / Dental 3300 Furniture 4480 Apts For Rent: Northside 7010

STRUCTION WORK SERVICE Bucket truck & stump Columbus A/R, A/P, VERNON is looking for sofas with dual re- 1 & 2 BR near hospital.
WANTED. Carpentry, Certified in lead removal. Free est. Payroll, Sales Tax, compassionate and cliners, new, burgundy, $595-645/mo. Military
small concrete jobs, removal. Offering spe- Serving Columbus Journal Entries, Recon- energetic LPN’s and oxblood. Barely used! discount offered, pet
electrical, plumbing, cial prices on interior & since 1987. Senior ciliations, Closings for RN’s to join our caring Purchase price was area, pet friendly, and
roof repairs, pressure exterior painting, pres- citizen disc. Call Alvin @ multiple companies. team. If you are as $2400. Will sell both for furnished corporate
washing and mobile sure washing & sheet 242-0324/241-4447 Attention to detail & passionate about long $1800 or $900/$1000 apartments available.
Phone: 662.328.2424 home roof coating and
underpinning. No job
rock repairs.
Free Estimates
"We'll go out on a limb
for you!"
accuracy are req. Com-
petitive salary w/ bene-
term care as we are,
we welcome you to
sep. Serious inquires
only. H 662-798-4375
ON SITE MAINTENANCE. too small. 549-7031. Call 435-6528 fits & health insurance. apply in person at or C 662-574-0369. ON SITE MANAGEMENT.
Send Resumes To: SUGGS CONSTRUCTION jobs@
Generations of Vernon,
1050 Convalescent Rd., General Merchandise 4600
P.O. Box 511 • 516 Main Street Building, remodeling, Plumbing 1680 J&A TREE REMOVAL Vernon, AL 35592 Benji @ 662-386-4446
metal roofing, painting Work from a bucket or call 205.695.9313 HOVERROUND CHAIR, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.
Columbus, MS 39701 & all home repairs. ACME, INC.
truck. Insured/bonded. and speak with Human needs battery. New. Sat/Sun by appt only.
662-242-3471 Call Jimmy for a free es- CAMGIAN MICROSYS- Resources for more in- $300, Cash Only.

Stan McCown timate 662-386-6286. formation. We have 662-386-2915.
Licensed Plumber TEMS has a position
Tom Hatcher, LLC opening for a Corporate competitive wages, sign
"We fix leaks." on bonus for nurses,
Custom Construction, 662-386-2915 Accountant. This is a MILLERMATIC 180 wire
(Deadlines subject to change.) Restoration, Remodel- full-time position. and uniform allowance. welder. New. $1200
Primary responsibilities
For Placing/Canceling ing, Repair, Insurance
claims. 662-364-1769.
SERVICE, LLC will include leading the
firm. CASH ONLY.
Text, 662-386-2915. STUDIO APT for rent.
Bargain Column 4180
Classified Line Ads: Licensed & Bonded Stump Removal 1790 Tree trimming and re- accounting functions Newly remodeled.
moval. Fully insured. and overseeing the gen- Sporting Goods 4720 $400/mth rent & dep
Sunday .................. Thursday 3:00 p.m. Free estimates. eral ledger. For more de- 39 PIECE set of white
req. Convenient to town
General Services 1360 dishes, $20. Call Mary
Monday.................... Friday 12:00 p.m. *Now Accepting Credit tails about the position (662)434-0096. ED SANDERS Gunsmith & CAFB. No hud. No
& Debit Cards* and requirements, go to Open for season! 9-5, pets. 662-328-2340.
Tuesday.................Monday 12:00 p.m. MUSIC THEORY LES-
Call Curt 662-418-0889 Tues-Fri & 9-12, Sat.
Wednesday ........... Tuesday 12:00 p.m. $25 per hour or 662-549-2902 careers. Send resume
EARLY WOOD Scrolled Over 50 years experi-
Chords, Scales, Modes “A cut above the rest” to Camgian-HR ence! Repairs, cleaning,
Thursday ........ Wednesday 12:00 p.m. & more! Call Jimbo @ Dresser/Mirror. 42"L,
refinishing, scopes
4 drawers, open knee,
Friday .................. Thursday 12:00 p.m. 662-364-1687 ALLSTUMP GRINDING very nice, $99. mounted & zeroed,
If no answer leave Good Things To Eat 2150 handmade knives.
LEGAL NOTICES must be voicemail or text.
PCA NEEDED. Part-time,
Located: Hwy 45 Alt,
submitted 3 business days prior to We can grind all your PEEPLES PECANS but long-term to work North of West Point,
first publication date PAINTING/CARPENTRY stumps. Hard to reach 754 Pecan Drive with paralyzed man in KENMORE ELECTRIC
turn right on Yokahama
- 30 years experience. places, blown over Starkville, MS his home. Columbus Range, 30" white
Blvd, 8mi & turn left on
Great prices. Call roots, hillsides, back- Custom cracking, residents only. If dedic- Darracott Rd, will see
• Please read your ad on the first day of yards, pastures. Free shelling, & blowing your ated to your patients,
smooth top, self clean- sign, 2.5mi ahead shop
Leslie, 662-570-5490. ing. Very good cond.
publication. We accept responsibility estimates. You find it, pecans. We also sell call after noon for an in- $70. 662-329-2080.
on left. 662-494-6218.
only for the first incorrect insertion. RETAINER WALL, drive- we'll grind it! shelled, halved, & terview. 662-329-3234.
• The Publisher assumes no financial way, foundation, con- 662-361-8379 pieces! 662-574-1660. Pets 5150
crete, masonry restora- Noweta's Green Thumb PROPANE GAS heater.
responsibility for errors nor for General Help Wanted 3200 is accepting applica- AMERICAN BULLDOG
omission of copy. Liability shall not
tion, remodeling, base-
ment foundation, re- tions for 2 positions:
delivery personnel &
Clean. Good working
condition. $80. Call
puppies, no papers, par-
ents on premises. $100
Take down
exceed the cost of that portion of space pairs, small dump truck 662-364-2498.
occupied by such error. hauling (5-6 yd) load &
demolition/lot cleaning.
general help. Driver
must know the area &
ea. 205-480-4351.
that “for rent”
• All questions regarding classified ads have good driving his- Business Opportunity 6050
currently running should be directed to
Burr Masonry
tory. Apply in person @
1325 Main St.
working condition.
sign and get
the Classified Department. $100. Call 662-364-
• All ads are subject to the approval of WORK WANTED:
M-F, 3-5 & SAT, 9-1.
No phone calls. 2498.
Columbus: 411 Main
St. Office, Retail, Res- fast results
Licensed & Bonded-car-
this paper. The Commercial Dispatch taurant Space available.
reserves the right to reject, revise,
pentry, painting, & de-
molition. Landscaping, Medical / Dental 3300
Farm Equipment & Supplies Call 423-333-1124. with an easy
classify or cancel any advertising at any 4420
gutters cleaned, bush
hogging, clean-up work, HELP WANTED
2016 JOHN Deere
Apts For Rent: Northside 7010 classified ad.
pressure washing, mov- 520 11TH St. N. -
5100E Tractor, 210
Advertisements must be
ing help & furniture CARE CENTER OF
repair. 662-242-3608 ABERDEEN hours. $46,500.
Also, 2016 15ft
Renovations almost
complete. 2BR/1BA, Call today
paid for in advance. Lawn Care / Landscaping 11-7 LPN needed Kubota Bush hog avail.
PRN (as needed) LPN's 205-329-1790.
Central H&A, fresh
paint, new flooring, to place
1470 appliances and more.
You may cancel at any time during Taking applications
your ad.
Apply in person at
regular business hours and receive a JESSE & BEVERLY'S
LAWN SERVICE. Mow- Care Center
Firewood / Fuel 4450 now. $450/mo + $450
deposit with good refer-
refund for days not published.
ing, cleanup, landscap-
ing, sodding, & tree cut-
ting. 356-6525.
505 Jackson St,
Various lengths.
ences only. No HUD or
pets. Call Long & Long
4 Lines/6 Days ........................ $19.20
4 Lines/12 Days...................... $31.20
4 Lines/26 Days...................... $46.80
Rate applies to commercial operations
and merchandise over $1,000.
6 Days ...................................... $12.00
12 Days.................................... $18.00
Over 6 lines is $1 per additional line.
Six lines or less, consecutive days. Rate applies to
private party ads of non-commercial nature for
merchandise under $1,000. Must include price in
ad. 1 ITEM PER AD. No pets, firewood, etc.
4 Lines/1 Day ........................... $9.20
4 Lines/3 Days ........................$18.00

Price includes 2 FREE Garage Sale signs. Rain
Guarantee: If it rains the day of your sale, we will
re-run you ad the next week FREE!
You must call to request free re-run.
Bargain Column Ad must fit in 4 lines (ap-
proximately 20 characters per line) and will run
for 3 days. For items $100 or less ONLY. More
than one item may be in same ad, but prices may
not total over $100, no relists.
Free Pets Up to 4 lines, runs for 6 days.
Lost & Found Up to 6 lines, ad will run for
6 days.
These ads are taken by e-mail or in person at our
office. Ads will not be take by telephone.

your business
0 Legals 4390 Computer Equipment
4420 Farm Equipment &
1000 Service Supplies
1030 Air Conditioning & Heating 4450 Firewood
1060 Appliance Repair 4460 Flea Markets
1070 Asphalt & Paving 4480 Furniture
1090 Automotive Services 4510 Garage Sales
1120 Building & Remodeling 4540 General Merchandise
1150 Carpeting/Flooring 4570 Household Goods
1180 Childcare 4630 Lawn & Garden
1210 Chimney Cleaning 4660 Merchandise Rentals
1240 Contractors 4690 Musical Instruments
1250 Computer Services 4700 Satellites
1270 Electrical 4720 Sporting Goods
1300 Excavating 4750 Stereos & TV’s
1320 Fitness Training 4780 Wanted To Buy
1330 Furniture Repair &

from the ground up!
Refinishing 5000 Pets & Livestock
1360 General Services 5100 Free Pets
1380 Housecleaning 5150 Pets
1390 Insulation 5200 Horses/Cattle/Livestock
1400 Insurance 5250 Pet Boarding/Grooming
1410 Interior Decorators 5300 Supplies/Accessories
1440 Jewelry/Watch Repair 5350 Veterinarians
1470 Lawn Care/Landscaping 5400 Wanted To Buy
1500 Locksmiths 6000 Financial
1530 Machinery Repair 6050 Business Opportunity
1560 Mobile Home Services 6100 Business Opportunity
1590 Moving & Storage Wanted
1620 Painting & Papering 6120 Check Cashing
1650 Pest Control 6150 Insurance
1680 Plumbing 6200 Loans
1710 Printing 6250 Mortgages
1740 Roofing & Guttering 6300 Stocks & Bonds
1770 Saws & Lawn Mowers 6350 Business for Sale
1780 Sitting with Elderly/Sick
1790 Stump Removal
1800 Swimming Pools
1830 Tax Service
7000 Rentals
7050 Apartments
7100 Commercial Property
What do you need to plant the seeds
for a successful business — ofce space, equipment,
1860 Tree Service 7150 Houses
1890 Upholstery 7180 Hunting Land
1910 Welding 7190 Land for Rent/Lease
7200 Mobile Homes
2000 Announcements
2050 Card of Thanks
2100 Fraternal & Lodge
7250 Mobile Home Spaces
7300 Office Spaces
7350 Resort Rentals
transportation, employees, CUSTOMERS?
2150 Good Things To Eat 7400 River Property
2200 In Memorial

You can nd it all in The Dispatch Classieds!
7450 Rooms
2250 Instruction & School 7500 Storage & Garages
2300 Lost & Found 7520 Vacation Rentals
2350 Personals 7550 Wanted to Rent
2400 Special Notices

Call to place your ad today.
7600 Waterfront Property
2600 Travel/Entertainment
8000 Real Estate
3000 Employment 8050 Commercial Property
3050 Clerical & Office 8100 Farms & Timberland
3100 Data Processing/ Computer 8150 Houses - Northside
3150 Domestic Help 8200 Houses - East
3170 Engineering 8250 Houses - New Hope
3200 General Help Wanted 8300 Houses - South
3250 Management Positions 8350 Houses - West
3300 Medical/Dental 8450 Houses - Caledonia
3350 Opportunity Information 8500 Houses - Other
3400 Part-Time 8520 Hunting Land
3450 Positions Wanted 8550 Investment Property
3500 Professional 8600 Lots & Acreage
3550 Restaurant/Hotel 8650 Mobile Homes
3600 Sales/Marketing 8700 Mobile Home Spaces
3650Trades 8750 Resort Property
3700Truck Driving 8800 River Property
4000 Merchandise 8850 Wanted to Buy
4030 Air Conditioners 8900 Waterfront Property
4060 Antiques 9000 Transportation
4090 Appliances 9050 Auto Accessories/Parts
4120 Auctions 9100 Auto Rentals & Leasing
4150 Baby Articles 9150 Autos for Sale
4180 Bargain Column 9200 Aviation
4210 Bicycles 9250 Boats & Marine
4240 Building Materials 9300 Camper/R.V.’s
4250 Burial Plots 9350 Golf Carts

662-328-2424 •eds
4270 Business Furniture & 9400 Motorcycles/ATVs
Equipment 9450 Trailers/Heavy Equipment
4300 Camera Equipment 9500 Trucks, Vans & Buses
4330 Clothing 9550 Wanted to Buy
4360 Coins & Jewelry
6D SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2018 The Dispatch •
Apts For Rent: Other 7080 Apts For Rent: Other 7080 Mobile Homes for Rent 7250 1BR/1BA in Historic FIRST FULL MONTH NICE 3BR/2BA DBW
Downtown Columbus. RENT FREE! 1 & 2 Bed- MH in North Columbus.
$525/mo. No pets. room Apts/Townhomes. Close to schools &
Apts For Rent: West 7050 662-328-8655. Stove & refrigerator. CAFB. $600/mo +
$335-$600 Monthly. $600 dep. 662-308-

Credit check & deposit. 7781 or 601-940-1397.
Coleman Realty,

1BR/1BA located in His- 662-329-2323. RENT A fully equipped
toric Downtown Colum- camper w/utilities &
cable from $145/wk -
bus, Open space, very
nice. $650/mo. 662- COLEMAN $535/month. Colum-
& Houses 328-8655. bus & County School
RENTALS locations. 662-242-
1 Bedrooms
TOWNHOUSES & APARTMENTS 7653 or 601-940-1397.
2 Bedroooms 1 BEDROOM Rooms For Rent 7450
3 Bedrooms
1, 2, 3 BEDROOM apart-
ments & townhouses.
Call for more info. 3 BEDROOMS Room - $120/wk.
Furnished & 662-328-8254. Large Room (priv entr) -
Unfurnished LEASE, $150/wk. All furnished

© The Dispatch
w/ furn, appl, utils &
1, 2, & 3 Baths DEPOSIT cable. 662-295-4701.
Lease, Deposit
CH&A, 1 story, W/D,
AND Investment Property 8550
& Credit Check historic district, 1 block CREDIT CHECK
from downtown, $625/ 20% UNDIVIDED in- mo. + $625 dep. NO terest (other owner has

327-8555 PETS. 662-574-8789. 662-329-2323 80%) in beautiful devel-
opment property at the
Peaceful & Quiet area.
southeast intersection YESTERDAY’S ANSWER
Apts For Rent: Other 7080 2411 HWY 45 N of two four-lane high-
ways, US Hwy 82 and
COLUMBUS, MS US Hwy 45. Equidistant Sudoku is a number-
to Starkville, Columbus, placing puzzle
Sudoku based on
is a number-
3 5 4 1 2 7 8 6 9
and West point. About
Commercial Property For a 9x9 grid
placing with based
puzzle severalon 2 1 8 6 9 4 7 5 3

2018 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.
four miles from Golden
Rent 7100 Triangle airport. 80% agiven
9x9 grid with several
numbers. The object 7 9 6 5 3 8 4 1 2
owner likely wants to
given numbers.
is to place The object
the numbers
COMMERCIAL PROPER- develop. 205-826-
8 4 3 7 1 9 5 2 6
TIES/Retail/Office 3225. 1 to place
to 9 in thethe numbers
empty spaces
Spaces starting @
$285/mo. Downtown & 1sotothat
9 ineach
the empty spaces
row, each 1 6 7 2 4 5 3 9 8
Lots & Acreage 8600
East Columbus loca- so that each
column row, each
and each 3x3 box 5 2 9 3 8 6 1 7 4
tions. 662-435-4188. column
containsand theeach
same3x3 box
2.28 +/- Acre Lot.
149 Tanyia Lane. Off of number 6 8 2 4 5 1 9 3 7
contains the same number
OFFICE SPACE: 2,000 Lake Lowndes Road. only once. The difficulty
square feet. 294 Has asphalt drive & only once. The difficulty 4 3 5 9 7 2 6 8 1
Chubby Dr. Flexible leas- parking, 1200 ft. shop level increases from
level increases from 9 7 1 8 6 3 2 4 5
ing terms. Available w/ living area, septic Monday to Sunday.
now. 662-328-8254. tank & water meter. No Monday to Sunday. Difficulty Level 12/07

trailers. $45,000. Call
Columbus Office, Retail,
Restaurant Space avail- 3.5 Acre Lot. 3 estab-
able. Call 662-328- lished trailer lots. Play-
8655 or 662-574-7879. ground. Located on
Morgan Lane. Off of
Houses For Rent: Northside Harris Road. Caledonia
7110 Schools. $25,000.
3BR/2BA, ch/a, double LOWNDES COUNTY 45
garage, chain link acres on Sobley & Dav-
fenced backyard, newly is Rd. Excellent hunting.
remodeled, $115,000. 1 mile west of Hwy. 69.
662-352-4776. Small creek runs thru
property. $1375 per
acre. 205-799-9846 or
Houses For Rent: New Hope 205-695-2248.
4BR/2BA, 1.25 Acres 1.95 acre lots.
Christopher Hills Sub; Good/bad credit.
$197K (15K below ap- 10% down, as low as
Houses For Sale: Other 8500 praisal). New Hope $299/mo. Eaton Land.
School District. Avail- 662-361-7711
able to rent $1,000/
APARTMENTS & TOWNHOUSES mth - must meet minim- Mobile Homes for Sale 8650
HOUSES (OVER 200 MANAGED) um credit/income re-
quirements. Military ASSUME PAYMENTS.
DOWNTOWN LOFTS families welcome. Move 3BR/2BA, Singlewide
COMMERCIAL PROPERTY in ready. Dep $500 plus $299/month
first month’s rent. Hot 3BR/2BA Doublewide
tub, detached apart- $369/month
TO SEE VIRTUAL TOURS OF ment, & large wired 4BR/2BA, Doublewide
ALL AVAILABLE PROPERTIES, shop. Contact James $400/month
Thompson @ 662-574- Call 205-372-7273.
662-328-1124 GREAT LOCATION to
school, clean, 2BR/
3BR/2BA, Central A/C,
Skirting, Delivery, Set-up 1BA, a/c, gas heat, w/d & Tie down included.
hook up. No pets, no Only $48,995.
HUD. 662-327-2798. Columbus Home Center
Lv msg after 3rd ring, 662-570-1375
available for showing.
“You’ll like our NEW SINGLEWIDE!
Houses For Rent: South 7140 2BR/2BA, Central A/C.
personal service.” Skirting, Delivery, Set-up
2BR/2BA, 2300 sqft, & Tie down included.
very nice w/ 2 car gar- Only $32,900.
age, lg back yard. Pets Columbus Home Center
need approval. $1,050 662-570-1375
per mo + dep. 662-574-
7879 or 662-328-8655. USED SINGLEWIDE.
2BR/1BA. Delivery, Set-
up & Tie down included.
Houses For Sale: Other 8500 Houses For Rent: Starkville Only $17,950.
7170 662-570-1375.
2BR/1BA house w/ 2 Campers & RVs 9300
acres in county. 3 miles
from Strk, 5 miles from TOMBIGBEE RV Park,
MSU South Entrance, located on Wilkins Wise
W/D, carport. SMALL Rd & Waverly Rd. Full
dogs ok w/ deposit. Hookups available.
Great for grad student $300/mo. 662-328-
or professor. Non- 8655 or 662-574-7879.
smoking. $700/mo.
Utilities not included.
Need a
3BR/2BA House, very
nice, 2 mi SW of Stk &
MSU. $1500/mo. ACROSS
1 British party
Houses For Rent: Other 7180 NEW RIDE? 7 Fling
1BR/1BA, all appl. incl. CLASSIFIEDS 12 Foot part
Water, trash, lawn incl.
in lease. Near Stark-
13 Lay waste to
ville, Columbus & West 14 Literary plan-
Point. No pets.
$500/mo. $400 dep.
Five Questions: tation
App/refs/lease req. 15 Checkout line
662-242-2923. count
Land For Rent / Lease 7190
1 Key West 16 Light lunch
17 Give over
25 ACRES, Hay or Pas-
ture land in Steens for 2 “Out of 18 Party snack
rent. 662-327-4392. 19 Right away, in
Hunting Land 7200
Sight” the ER
21 Santa suit color
135 ACRES in Caledo-
nia. $1,400 for hunting
lease. 662-327-4392.
3 Type 22 ###
25 Campaign pro
Mobile Homes for Rent 7250
26 Nevada resort 4 Disarrayed 25 Fade away
3BR/2BA Trailer, New
4 “Calvin and 27 Tooth coating 5 Meringue base 28 View obscurers
29 Citi Field team
Hope school dist.
$500/mo & $500 dep.
Hobbes” 33 Famed riveter
6 Spot 30 Undermine
Call between 10a-7p. 7 Moon of Saturn 31 Circus star
34 Wall art 8 Just for fun 32 Goes downhill
NO TEXT MESSAGES. 5 Plastic 35 Annoys 9 Tough spots 34 Long skirt
Houses For Sale: Other 8500
36 Bible dancer 10 Lined with elms 36 Sch. for priests
37 Theater unit 16 “Paradise Lost”
38 Radiated figure
39 Farm females 18 Yellowish tan
40 Stingy ones 20 First odd prime
22 Tribute VIP
DOWN 23 Nome native
1 Donut-shaped 24 Twin raised by
2 Speak a wolf
3 Spoke wildly

Log cabin