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MCT/MST Lesson Observations

MCT/MST Lesson Observation

Student teacher’s name: Hend Alyammahi Grade Level: Grade 4B
Unit/Lesson: Language- Uplevelling sentences using adjectives, openers, verbs and adverbs.
Date: October 16, 2018

Competency Area E G S M U

Please tick the boxes using the OVERALL ASSESSMENT LEVEL

DESCRIPTORS attached at end of document

(E = Excellent, G = Good, S = Satisfactory, M = Marginal, U = Unsatisfactory)

Professionalism /
Planning for learning /
(Includes knowledge & understanding of content)
Implementing and Managing Learning /
(Includes behavior management, language and delivery)
Assessment /
Reflection on Practice /
Overview of the lesson:
Planning was incredibly clear and organised resulting in the class being given a
clear explanation of tasks.
Planning was responsive to the children’s needs as a result of the prior lesson.
Clear use of challenge- children was supported but many were asked to extend
and develop their writing further.
Set groups off at different times and explained instructions to each group in
Children were frequently asked to give reasoning and ask questions to further
understanding- you asked children to reflect on how they could improve the
sentence- adding an adjective. ‘In the distance, there is a mountain’.
Clear use of talk partners and up-levelling of writing on whiteboards.
Confidently allocation of TA’s time and support to all ability children
Children were provided with support sheets (adjectives, openers, verbs and
adverbs) from previous learning to support them with challenging tasks.
Teacher re-explained activity to pupils who had difficulties
Good use of behavior strategies- 321 stop, hands free, clapping a rhythm.
Well done for sharing children’s whiteboard work, promoting high standards of
learning within the classroom and increasing engagement.
Children self-assessed with thumbs up/down/middle

Areas for development:

• Continue to focus on challenge through questioning. Questioning needs

to be targeted to the needs of each learner.
• Can you use school resources/science resources to develop your lesson
• Can children write a written reflection of their learning- relating to the
learner profile (knowledgeable/caring/inquirer/balanced)?
• Can you think of a new way to allow children to self-assess?

Focus for next lesson:

Continue with your positive energy and exceptional manner with the children-
they love having you as their teacher!

Focus on highlighted points above for next lesson.

Excellent lesson Hend- well done.