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MU 3 unit 4

A. Relative/Adjectives Clause (Combine)
1. The shopkeeper has two children. You spoke to him.

2. The fish in the aquarium have died. My father bought them a few weeks ago.

3. The pupil was sent to the headmaster's office. He was caught cheating in the

4. That is the young man. His courageous act earned him the respect of the villagers.

5. July is the month. The weather is usually the hottest then.

B. Fill in the blanks with whom, whose, where, which, who.

1. John ______ father is doctor has bought a boat.
2. My maid _____ you spoke just now, is leaving me soon.
3. David ____ was my neighbour a year ago has written to me.
4. Do you know the place ____ we stayed in last holiday?
5. The river ______ flows through the valley is wide and deep.

C. Change the verb into Past Simple or Present Perfect.

1. I ________ (tell) you many times not to do that.
2. ____ you _____ (enjoy) the show last night?
3. Since classes began, I (not, have) ________ much free time. I (have) ____ several big
tests to study for.
4. Do you like lobster? I don't know. I (eat, never) _______ it.

D. Change the sentence into Noun Clause.

1. [How old does a person have to be to get a driver's license?]
I need to find out _________
2. I'm sorry about it. [I was late for class]
3. [Did she leave her dictionary at the library?] I wonder __________
4. [How many letters are there in the English alphabet?] I don't know _________
5. [She doesn't comprehend that lesson] I think __________
6. [Does she need any help?] I am not sure _________
7. [How much does it cost?] I can't remember ___________

E. Put already or yet in the correct place.

1. She has _______ washed the clothes.
2. We haven't done the homework _____.
3. They have left _______.

A. Form the word into verbs.
1. Friend ___________ 6. Blood _________
2. Long ___________ 7. Certain _________
3. Pursuit ___________ 8. Health _________
4. Danger ___________ 9. Clear _________
5. Hatred ___________ 10. Circle _________

B. Choose the correct answer then change into the correct form.
~ knowledgeable ~ look after ~represent ~striking
~ view ~ inquiry ~ fidget ~burial
~ instruct ~ housewife

1. Mrs. Laura is a _______. She doesn't have a job outside the house.
2. You need specialist ________ to do this job.
3. Before dying, my grandma said that she wanted to be _______ at St. Peter's.
4. The director asked them to follow the ________ on the back of the box.
5. Are your opinions _______ of the view of all students?
6. We had a really good _______ of the whole stage from where we were sitting.
7. During the workers' _______ all the factories were closed.
8. Susan ______ my baby very well, she's an excellent babysitter.
9. He is someone who has an ______ mind. He is interested in finding out more about
10. I began ______ with my pencil when teacher asked me to sing in front of the class.
C. Choose the correct answer.
1. They are ________ parents. They treat their children equally.
(wise, wisdom, wisely)
2. Debby was waiting for an ________ moment to ask for a raise.
(opportunity, opportune, opportunist)
3. The baby isn't old enough to eat ________ food yet.
(solid, solidity, solidly)
4. the man walked away from the accident completely __________.
(scathingly, unscathed, scathe)
5. What a ______! I didn't know you were going to be in Bali too!
(coincide, coincidence, coincidental)