Language Description & Analysis - Week 3 Seminar Discussion

Week 3: Language Description & Analysis

How important is it to teach intonation, rhythm and stress? (What problems do learners typically encounter?) You have 2 minutes to discuss your ideas with a partner.

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Intonation is considered the „music‟ of speech. Incorrect intonation can result in misunderstandings. Raising awareness of intonation can aid understanding.

It‟s not what you know | it‟s who you know.

It‟s not

↑ WHAT you know, it‟s ↑ WHO you know.

Intonation, like other paralinguistic features of language, is best acquired through exposure rather than taught in the classroom. (Thornbury, 2006)
Awareness-raising activities:
◦ “It‟s raining!”

Rhythm “is the way that some words are emphasized so as to give the effect of regular beats” (Thornbury, 2006) or fluidity in spoken language. How would you say the following?
◦ If I‟d known you were coming, I‟d have prepared a meal. ◦ If I‟d known you were coming, I‟d have prepared a meal.

Introduce rhythm by humming, clapping, singing or using tongue twisters.

If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?

“Word stress refers to prominence at the word level, while sentence stress refers to the patterns and unstressed syllables over a whole sentence.” (Thornbury, 2006) Vowel sounds are typically weak and unstressed. (Scrivener, 2005) Word stress is a common cause of misunderstanding in English:
◦ “They will desert the desert by tomorrow morning.”



Effects of stress in sentences:
◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ David David David David David wanted wanted wanted wanted wanted the the the the the to to to to to buy buy buy buy buy the the the the the red red red red red shirt. (not shirt. (not shirt. (not shirt. (not shirt. (not

the red tie) …) …) …) …)

Students could complete the explanation as in the first example.








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Cuisenaire rods or Lego bricks Integrating within lessons Tongue twisters Songs, poems, etc

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Sound Foundations by Adrian Underhill Teaching English Pronunciation by Joanne

 

An A-Z of ELT by Scott Thornbury Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener

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Word Stress:


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◦ ◦

Tongue Twisters:


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