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Date   October  28,  2018   Student  teacher   Maryam  Alsuwaidi  

Time     12:40   School   Asma  Primary  School  

MST   Ms.  Maryam  Almarzouqi   Number  of  Students   28  
Lesson  Plan    
Personal Target
1.   Choose and describe an aspect from a teaching competency that you need to work on (Goal)

-­‐   Implement a good management where the classroom is more students centered, and try to handle
the classroom better.

2.   Describe what you will do to help achieve your goal (Strategies Used)

-­‐   Minimize the teacher talk time and make the students work more by themselves. In addition, work
on classroom management.

3.   Describe how you can tell if you’re achieving your goal (Evidence)

-­‐   Students will be able to solve and answer questions easily and independently, and silently.
Grade: Subject: Learning Outcome (ADEC):

1/6 Mathematics Subtract up and down.

- Students will be able to identify that there are two

ways to subtract.

Strand: Addition and Subtraction

Resources (what materials/equipment will you and Preparation (what do you need to make or check
the students use? Be specific) before class?)

Ø   Introduction materials: -­‐   Work on the power point, and go over

the videos.
-­‐   White board and markers
-­‐   Computer -­‐   Send the power point to my MST to go
over it.
-­‐   Projector
-­‐   Work on the activity worksheets, print
-­‐   PowerPoint slides and laminate them, and buy play
-­‐   A warm up counting numbers video dough’s.
-­‐   Do a worksheet as an assessment and
print it.
Date   October  28,  2018   Student  teacher   Maryam  Alsuwaidi  
Time     12:40   School   Asma  Primary  School  
MST   Ms.  Maryam  Almarzouqi   Number  of  Students   28  
-­‐   Revision questions that are found in the
slides. -­‐   Work on the lesson plan.
-­‐   Use and play with the dice as an
introduction. -­‐   2 minutes before the class, check and
make sure the power point and videos
-­‐   Laminated worksheets and play dough’s are working and on.
for the activities.
-­‐   Write today’s date and objectives in
-­‐   Small worksheets with few questions as an Arabic and English.

Ø   Activity 1: Understanding how to subtract up

and down
Ø   Materials:
- Laminated worksheet
- Colored marker
- Play dough
Ø   Closing time:
- A small worksheet as an assessment
- If there was enough time, I will ask the students a
challenging questions to get a reward.

Language & Subtraction (takeaway) (up, down) (subtraction sentence)

Key vocabulary
Questions using Remembering level:
Bloom’s Taxonomy
levels Ask the students questions related to the previous lesson such as: “when we put
things together we….? (add) and when we take something away we call it (subtract).

Understanding level:
Date   October  28,  2018   Student  teacher   Maryam  Alsuwaidi  
Time     12:40   School   Asma  Primary  School  
MST   Ms.  Maryam  Almarzouqi   Number  of  Students   28  
Explaining to the students and discussing with them about subtraction, and telling
them that it can be written horizontally or vertically.

Applying level:

I will make the students play the dice game which will help the students understand
more about subtraction.

Analyzing level:

Showing the students how to subtract numbers vertically and horizontally.

Evaluating level:

Ask the students questions related to the question.

Creating level:

Students will be given manipulatives (playdough) to use them as a way of

Introduction (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

-­‐   Greet the students.

-­‐   Ask the student about today’s date and read the learning objectives.

-­‐   As a warm up and routine, I will switch on a counting numbers video for the kids to
follow up.

-­‐   Choose a team leader for each group.

-­‐   Go through a revision question about addition, multiple numbers will be on the slides, I
will ask “Which two numbers if you added will give you 8?” Whoever answers will
write the answer in the board.
25 min

-­‐   I will give them another revision question but about subtraction. The question will be
“Zainab built 9 bird houses, and sold 3 of them, how much house is left with zainab?”
-­‐   I will then go over the learning objective again and tell the students that today’s lesson’s


vocabulary is (Subtraction sentence).

Date   October  28,  2018   Student  teacher   Maryam  Alsuwaidi  
Time     12:40   School   Asma  Primary  School  
MST   Ms.  Maryam  Almarzouqi   Number  of  Students   28  
-­‐   The dice game will come next, their will be 2 big dices, 1 big dice with big numbers,
and the other big dice will have small numbers. I will first ask one student to come and
throw the dice and write the big number that appears, then I will ask another student to
throw the other dice and write the small number that appears, the third student will
subtract and write the answer.

-­‐   Before the activity, I will write a subtraction sentence and ask the students whether it is
a normal subtraction sentence (horizontal) or a vertical one? And then pick a student to
write a vertical one since the lesson is all about subtracting up and down.

-­‐   Students will then start the activities as a group.

Independent Experience (small group activity 1):

- I will give each leader a laminated worksheet and a play dough to take it to their group. The
laminated worksheet has a blank box and a subtraction question (all questions will be up questions)
(vertically) the equations will be (7-2) (6-6) (4-3) (5-1) (8-6). Each group will have to see what the
question is and use a play dough to know the answer, and then write the answer using a colored

- Every group will rotate to each group, to solve different questions.

10 min

- I will set a timer for 1 minute, rotate to check if someone needs help. Whenever a group finishes
before the timer I go check their answers and discuss with them quickly and tell them if they
answered wrong or correct. When the timer finishes, I will go to the board and ask each group
number if they got their answer correct or not, to give them a point and reward them if they got



I  will  ask  the  students  to  put  everything  away  and  clean  up  and  sit  properly.  Then,  I  will  distribute  a  
worksheet  with  4  questions  to  the  students  to  solve  independently.    

If their was enough time I will ask the students a challenging question such as: “

10 min


- I will distribute a small worksheet with 4 questions for the students to solve independently.
Date   October  28,  2018   Student  teacher   Maryam  Alsuwaidi  
Time     12:40   School   Asma  Primary  School  
MST   Ms.  Maryam  Almarzouqi   Number  of  Students   28