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‘Demonstrates an understanding of effective behavior / classroom management techniques Establishes and maintains rules and clear routines for behavior in the classroom ‘Demonstrates an ability to manage transitions between activities. ‘Applies strategies to maintain an orderly classroom atmosphere Uses appropriate body language, eye contact, gestures and voice to maintain an effective classroom presence cc Demonstrates an ability to Implement planned teaching tasks effectively with confidence Implements cooperative strategies (pair/group work) for student centered learning Uses a variety of effective teaching/ learning techniques (e.g. TPR, chants, songs, rhymes, stories, role plays, games, surveys, drills, information gap, role listening activities, etc Uses demonstrations/modelling to introduce and teach language skills with increasing accuracy. ‘Models tasks and gives clear instructions: “Employ various questioning and elicitation techniques more effectively ‘Maintains pace and manages time effectively ‘Begins to check understanding via appropriate questioning and elicitation ‘Begins to assess the achievement of learning outcomes 32