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History of Education Timeline Jackson 1

History of Education Timeline

Michael D Jackson
College of Southern Nevada
Monday, April 17,2017
History of Education Timeline Jackson 2

 Boston Latin School founded in 1635
 1642 School was introduced as a requirement
 1647 Massachusetts Act mandated est. of schools
 1690 New England Primer was printed
 1704 Latin Grammar Schools, Latin + Greek were introduced.
 1751- Ben Franklin designed the Philadelphia Academy. Replaces the old Latin grammar
schools: English, science, history, writing, math, etc.;
 1770- Best African American school was founded by Anthony beneat in Philadelphia
 1779- Thomas Jefferson proposed the bill for more general diffusion of knowledge. It was state
controlled Elementary School that was no cost to parents. 3 years worth of reading, writing, and
arithmetic for white children (unsuccessful)
 1783- Webster Speller was a book used for spelling published by Noah Webster. Was mainly
used as an elementary school textbook. Also, gave instruction on how to behave in school.
Known for one of the first curriculum guides for elementary grades.
 1792- First female academy “Pierce Litchfield” founded in Connecticut.
 1819- Federal funds granted through office of Indian Affairs for Indian schools.
 1894-1904- Dewey served as head of departments of philosophy, psychology, and pedagogy at
the university of Chicago.
 1896- Dewey and his wife established the Laboratory school for testing progressive principles in
the classroom.
 1904- Mary Mclead Bethune went to Daytona Beach, where she founded the “Daytona Normal
and Industrial School for Training Negro girls”
 1915- Almost 100 Montessori schools were operating in the U.S
 1919- The Progressive Education was founded and went on to devote the next 2 decades to
implementing progressive theories in the classroom that they believed would lead to improvement
of society
 1924- Native Americans were granted U.S citizenship
 1928-A landmark report titled “The problem of Indian Administration” recommended the Native
American Education be restructured.
 1930- An estimated two-thirds of Native Americans had attended boarding schools.
 1930’s- Mary Mclead Bethune was appointed to the advisory board of the national youth
 1941- The Lanham Act provided funding for the training of workers in war plants.
 1944- G.I bills of rights was provided to veterans.
History of Education Timeline Jackson 3

 1954- Brown vs. Board of education of Topeka
 1957- Soviet Union launched Sputnik; revised curriculum
 1958- National Defense education act
 1968- Elementary secondary education act
 1975- Title 9
 1978- 70% drops in enrollment/ money
 1980- Education reform