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Assignment/Activity Title — Dada Skill — Public Performance, Group Dynamic

Portfolio Competency — Media and Communications Year — Freshman

Explain the assignment’s objectives, components and goals.

The dada performances required collaboration, group work and sociopolitical conversation to be
completed effectively. We needed to compose a rough script that centered around an issue that we
chose as particularly significant and then present our statement performance to the class twice (as
to be able to revise it). I had to research basic elements of the history behind the terms used to
refer to perpetrators in news coverage and how the terms change depending on the offender’s
ethnic background in order to create a compelling skit.
Identify and explain the skills required to successfully complete the assignment and the
reasoning for it to be included under the chosen competency.

In order to compose the dada performance, group skills and collaborative techniques were tested.
It was essential to the completion of the project and meeting the time restriction that we remained
on-task for all rehearsal time, which proved to require supreme amounts of patience and
cooperation. The dada performance was multi-media project that required other forms of media in
order to be executed most effectively, thus the media element. It was intended to communicate a
solid idea and required discourse and communication during its creation, thus the communication
Reflect on at least one of the following questions:
How did your choice of medium impact your overall message or final product?
What strategies did you use in this project to make your communication more effective to
your audience?
How is your understanding of the topic influenced by the way it was communicated to you?
The performance medium helped amplify the emotional connotations of the topic, which improved
the perception of the viewers that this issue might be personally relevant to their own lives. Our
task was to create an emotionally compelling and change in view on a topic, and the format helped
us accomplish this goal.

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