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October 20, 2018

Dear Benjamín:
Hi! How are you? It’s been a while since last time we met. I was looking some
photos yesterday of us and they really remind me how awesome we used to
hang out when you were around.
I remember when we were on high school and you used to ask for my
homework because you never did yours or when I used to be sad for some
things that happened to me and you never leave me alone through those hard
times, and for me, that’s the meaning of a true friend. Your friendship it’s one
of a kind.
I wrote you this letter because some things recently happened in my life and I
want to share it with you, my friend.
Remember the last time we chat? I told you I was having some problems
understanding my Vector Calculation class, but I just approved it with 10 and
I’m so happy!
Also, I got a new dog, her name is Maya! I know you love dogs as much as I do,
we used to play with every single dog we found on the streets a few years ago,
really cool days!
I hope you’re doing well Benjamin, and I’m looking forward to see you son, I
really miss you. Much love