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Restoring Amazement

Psalm 84.8-12

Our God … He is alive!

We believe He created the world – but, then what?

Our theology affects every aspect of our life.

It affects our decision - making .

It affects our level of commitment .

It affects our spiritual development.

Can we see God? PULPIT MINISTER 305 W. Church Street, Lewisburg, TN 37091
Kyle Bolton 993-3520 931.359.3597
Elisha prays for His servant to see the army of God. (2 Kings 6.8-17)
Bill Tankersley 993-8977
The reality of God’s presence and power is not limited to our ability to see. “Someone is always watching.” These words of caution were often spoken to me, when I was
YOUTH MINISTER a child. It was not uncommon for my parents to try to help me see the bigger picture, when I
Paul speaks of “ heavenly places.” (Ephesians 1.3, 15-23; 2.4-10) Will Brown
Caleb Taylor 993-2151 was confronted with important personal choices. They always wanted me to realize that my behavior choices would have an impact on others, besides myself. “Sometimes, what seems
Are the “ heavenly places” another realm that can be currently experienced?
HISPANIC MINISTER good might not always be best, when you consider the way it will affect others,” they would say. I
Hector Cruz 993-0009 must confess that, as a child, I sometimes wondered if they were overplaying their hand — if they were making a bigger deal than was necessary. Like so many of their teachings
What causes us to close our eyes to the wonders of God?
SECRETARY through the years, I only learned to appreciate them fully, when I became an adult.
Talitha Liggett 359-3597
The enemy stealthily slips his noose around our neck. (Genesis 3.1-10) “Someone is always watching.” These words continued to play in my memory when I became
a father. They helped me realize what an awesome responsibility I had undertaken. I now
We see it first as far back as the garden . ELDERS realized that it was likely that my children would, in many ways, become like me. I latched
Steve Allen 212-8390 onto the inspiring words from a song by Phillips, Craig, and Dean: “Lord, I want to be just like
All of God’s blessings exist within the circle of His will. (Ps 84.11) Wayne Cozart 224-2818 You, 'cause he wants to be just like me. I want to be a holy example for his innocent eyes to see. Help me be a living Bible, Lord, that my little boy can read. I want to be just like You, 'cause he
Wayne Cozart 224-2818
Some have no high expectations for God. David Jent 270-6631 wants to be like me.” I realized, both then and now, that being a parent can be very humbling.
The gall of the serpent in Eden! David Jent 270-6631
“Someone is always watching.” These words raced back into my memory recently, when a
Don Ledford 615-714-3213 young sister in Christ approached me and said, “I hope I can find a guy some day who will love
Even in the perfection of Eden, Satan asks, “Do you not want something better ?” Don Ledford 615-714-3213 me the way I see that you love Cindy.” Wow! “What is she seeing?” I wondered. I only pray that
Lee Morrison 703-4044
she will always see, in me, good that is worth emulating.
Lee Morrison 703-4044
What should we expect from God? “Someone is always watching.” Are they seeing Jesus in us?
Will WilsonSteve Allen
359- Kyle
Expect to be amazed !
Kenneth Bailey 993-2159 CHILDREN’S HOME ITEMS FOR NOVEMBER: liquid bleach
Expect overflowing nets! DEACONS
Grover Collins 359-5386 NOVEMBER EVENTS:
Matt Ervin Bailey 993-2159
Expect to be humbled ! Grover Collins
Greg Hardison 359-5386
703-4231 TONIGHT! Church Street will host the Area-Wide Youth Devotional.
Matt Ervin
Joel Hargrove 637-1830
652-7143 Please have your food here by 5:00. Singing will begin at 5:15.
Expect to praise His name! Greg
Robert Hardison
Hopkins 703-4231
Lancaster 652-7143
Nov. 11 Elders, Deacons and Ministers Meeting after evening service.
Robert Hopkins
Kelly Lane 675-2852
359-5986 Please take note of the date change.
What about us? Gary Lancaster
Joe Liggett 359-5215
359-4929 Nov. 11 Girls Bible Time, during pm service.
Kelly Lane
Ray Wakefield 359-5986
Joe Liggett
Clifford Whitaker 359-4929
637-3507 Nov. 21 Special Thanksgiving Service conducted by our young men.
Do we really believe ? Ray
Wiles 359-2328
Mike WilesWhitaker 637-3507
Do we really expect God to do something awesome ? Britt Wiles
Will Wilson 359-7702
Mike Wiles 359-4165
Prayer Updates
Birthdays and Anniversaries
 Artie Allen has been in the VA Hospital.

New Information Continue to Remember in Prayer ...

 June Brown (the grandmother of Will Brown), Laurie
Brewer (the mother of Luke Brewer), Ruth Hargrove
Calendars — There are calendars available Nov. 6 Gunner Wakefield - 10
for the months of November and December Ongoing Prayer Needs J.W. Harper
Nov. 7 Sherry Bills
next to the youth office.  IN HOME SHUT-INS
Kristen Gold
Bobbye Lou Adcock, Theola Blue, Barbara Chunn,
Aspen Wiles
Wynona Clark, Betty Daniels, Austin & Ruth Grogan,
Nov. 9 Ina Kaye Cheatham
CYC — There will be an interest meeting for CYC Billy & Jo Ellen Haislip, Ruth Hargrove, James Jordan,
Mike McCollum, Roslyn Sutherland, Margaret Wade
Nov. 10 Wynona Clark
Dina Crigger
on Sunday, Nov. 11 after Sunday morning classes.  NHC LEWISBURG Lucy Tate
We will discuss some info regarding the weekend. Pat Blackmore, June Brown, Ralph Lowrance, Elise Nov. 11 Eliot Cook
Murphy, James Whitsett,
Please come, if you plan on attending the trip.  NHC OAKWOOD
Nov. 7 Tim & Amy Fuller - 26 yrs
Betty Carter, Dorothy Phillips, Madalyn Shelton,
Nov. 9 Bill & Patsy Derryberry - 27 yrs
 VILLAGE MANOR Nov. 11 Roger & Ebbett Giles - 46 yrs

Upcoming Events
James Allen, Roy & Anna Bolton, Nancy Derryberry, Richard & Mariallen Finley - 51 yrs
Elizabeth Hardison, Mary Louise Osborne, Sondra
Rasori, Lucy Tate, Laquita Weaver
Donnie Allen, Mark Allen, Luke Anderson, Todd ***********************
Colonet, Mexico; City of Children (Ensenada, Mexico); November 11 — (because of Area-Wide)
World Bible School; Ghana preachers; Zambia jail December 16 — (other conflicts)
ministry; Eastern European Missions; Inner City
Ministry; AGAPE; Fishers of Men; Tennessee Children’s
Home; World Christian Broadcasting, Disaster Relief; HOLIDAY CARD BAGS
local Hispanic Ministry
We will have bags in Room 13 soon for our shut-ins
for the holidays. They will be delivered during the
first part of December. List are up front.

Area-Wide Game Night Devo for 5th & under Our love and sympathy are extended to
We will be hosting the the family of Mrs. Margaret Tyree.
We will have a This will be Sun., Nov. 11th Her service was on Tuesday.
Area-Wide TONIGHT!
Game Night on Thursday, @ 5:40 p.m.
Singing starts @ 5:15 p.m.
Nov. 8 @ 6 - 8 pm in the Youth House. FOR THE RECORD
We will have ***********************
@ the Youth House. October 28, 2018
worship @ 6:00 p.m.

We will have a fellowship

This is for ALL AGES! Young Men’s Devo We welcome William Davidson
meal afterward. This will be into our church family
Sign up PM 195
the last one for the year, so This will be during here at Church Street.
Bible Class 290*
@ the Youth Board Wed, evening services He was baptized
be sure to attend! for food! on Nov. 21st. on Monday morning. Wed. Night 186
His address is:
Contribution $11,938.75
200 Bugg St.
Lynnville, TN 38472
* includes Hispanic group