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Do You Want to Get Well?

John 5.1-11

Jesus heals a lame man by the pool.

Recognize your need.

Jesus says doctors only help those who are sick . (Matthew 9.12-13)

Research your options.

What resources are available?

How far are you willing to go to check your options ?

What price are you willing to pay to be healed ? PULPIT MINISTER 305 W. Church Street, Lewisburg, TN 37091
Kyle Bolton 993-3520 931.359.3597
What is your personal healing worth to you?
Bill Tankersley 993-8977 Let It Be! December 2, 2018
Redeem your time!
“Let it be!” These words, often spoken in exasperation, or even in anger, have an obvious
There is no time like the present . YOUTH MINISTER message — “Leave well enough, alone! It is none of your business! Do not get involved!” Yet,
Will Brown
Caleb Taylor 993-2151 depending upon the context of course, these words can have a completely different
Time has no guarantees ! meaning. They can be used to denote a humble and submissive request.
Hector Cruz 993-0009 Then Mary said, “Behold the maidservant of the Lord!
Colossians 4.5 Let it be to me according to your word.”
Luke 1.38
Do we want to get spiritually well? Talitha Liggett 359-3597 I find myself reading these words over and over, again. Something about them does not seem to compute. They are spoken by one whom many scholars deem to be no more than
We must recognize our need. a teenager. The news she has just been given, though marvelous in scope, is about to
ELDERS change her life completely! The changes she is about to experience will initially bring her
Remember – only sinners are candidates for God’s forgiveness. (Matthew 9.12-13) Steve Allen 212-8390 embarrassment and shame. She will likely be ostracized, even by those who love her most.
Wayne Cozart 224-2818 How will she ever explain that she has maintained her purity, when she is clearly carrying an unborn child? Who will believe the truth? It is too fantastic to even comprehend! And what
Remember Simon (Mark 14.1-9) who never knows he needs forgiveness? Wayne Cozart 224-2818
David Jent
wayne@churchst.org270-6631 about Joseph, the one to who she has committed herself for marriage? Will he understand?
God is not hard to find – for those who truly seek Him. david@david Will he believe her? Will he still give her his love? There are so many unknowns. The path
David Jent 270-6631
Don Ledford 615-714-3213 ahead is sure to be a challenging one. Yet, young Mary says to the angel of the Lord, “Let it
We must research our options. be to me according to your word.”
Don Ledford 615-714-3213
Lee Morrison 703-4044 I sometimes wonder how many of us, today, possess this same spirit? Is there anything this
What resources are available for learning how to be in a right relationship with God? young teenage girl, of days gone by, can teach us? Of course, it is easy for us to live within
Lee Morrison 703-4044 the will of God, when we find it to be consistent with our own wants, desires, and personal
How far are we willing to go in order to follow through ? conveniences. But, what about when it is not? How do we respond when it appears God
Will WilsonSteve Allen
may be leading us down a pathway we would rather not travel? Will we, like Mary, be able to
What price are we willing to pay to be right with God? say, “Let it be”?
Kenneth Bailey 993-2159
What is our spiritual healing worth to us? Grover Collins 359-5386
Matt Ervin Bailey 993-2159
Grover Collins
Greg Hardison 359-5386
We must redeem our time! Matt Ervin 637-1830
Joel Hargrove 652-7143
Robert Hardison
Hopkins 703-4231
“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow Joel
Lancaster 652-7143
Robert Hopkins
Kelly Lane 675-2852
359-5986 TONIGHT: Elders, Deacons & Ministers Meeting in Room 13 after evening service;
just as well.” (Mark Twain)
Gary Lancaster
Joe Liggett 359-5215
359-4929 bring an appetite.
Kelly Lane
Ray Wakefield 359-5986
359-2328 Dec. 8 Deadline for placing cards in the bags for our shut-ins
Do you want to get well?
Joe Liggett
Clifford Whitaker 359-4929
Wiles 359-2328
359-7702 Dec. 12 Road Trip to Chaffin’s Barn. SIGN UP AND PAY TODAY, if you want to go.
Now is the time! (2 Corinthians 6.1-2) Clifford
Mike WilesWhitaker 637-3507
359-4165 Bus will leave at 9:30 am. See more details on the white board.
Britt Wiles
Will Wilson 359-7702
Mike Wiles 359-4165 Dec. 18 Girls Bible Time
Prayer Updates
Upcoming Deadlines Birthdays and Anniversaries
 Elaine Tankersley is in Maury Reg.
 Larry McKnight will have a procedure on Dec. 3.
Evangelism University — Sign up AND turn your money ($40) in by
December 12th,if you plan to go! Continue to Remember in Prayer ...
 James Woodward, (Betty Daniel’s sitters husband), Howard
CYC — Sign up AND turn your money ($100) in by December 16th, if Haislip, (father of Pam Thomason), Mindy Hooten, (step daugh- Dec. 3 Hannah Smith - 33

you plan to go! ter of Pam Thomason), Susie Walker Davidson, Earl Cook,
Artie Allen, June Brown (the grandmother of Will Brown),
Dec. 4 Ruth Hargrove
Emily Smith
Laurie Brewer (the mother of Luke Brewer)
Dec. 5 Karen McNutt
Vickie Riner
There will be a Youth Committee Meeting on December 2nd @ 4:45p.m. Ongoing Prayer Needs Natalie Alvarez - 25
We will be discussing the 2019 calendar and themes for 2019 events.  IN HOME SHUT-INS Dec. 6 Austin Starling
Bobbye Lou Adcock, Theola Blue, Barbara Chunn,
This is the last one for the year so please make sure you attend! Wynona Clark, Betty Daniels, Austin & Ruth Grogan,
Dec. 7 Wayne Cozart
Pam Harrison
Billy & Jo Ellen Haislip, James Jordan, Mike McCollum,
Roslyn Sutherland, Margaret Wade Jackie Ketchum
Emily Lancaster - 12
 NHC LEWISBURG Pam Thomason
Calendars are available for the months of November and December next to the youth office. Ralph Lowrance, Elise Murphy
Dec. 8 Kristi Hobbs
 NHC OAKWOOD Pat Vandiver
Betty Carter, Dorothy Phillips, Madalyn Shelton, James
Woodward (Mrs. Betty Daniels’ sitters husband)


James Allen, Roy & Anna Bolton, Nancy Derryberry,
Dec. 3 Benny & Brenda Matthews
52 yrs
Elizabeth Hardison, Mary Louise Osborne, Sondra
Rasori, Lucy Tate, Laquita Weaver
We have received
a thank you note from:
Donnie Allen, Mark Allen, Luke Anderson, Todd
Delores Johnson & family,
Artie & Becky Allen,
Colonet, Mexico; City of Children (Ensenada, Mexico); & Josephine Bills.
World Bible School; Ghana preachers; Zambia jail
Decorating the Caroling Devo for 5 th WWW ministry; Eastern European Missions; Inner City
Please stop and read.
Ministry; AGAPE; Fishers of Men; Tennessee Children’s *******************
Youth House & Care bags grade & under There will be a Home; World Christian Broadcasting, Disaster Relief; Our love and sympathy are extended to
WWW on Dec. 12, @ local Hispanic Ministry the family of Mrs. Ruth Hargrove.
We will do this on We will deliver care This will be on
5:30 pm, Her funeral was on Saturday.
Wednesday, Dec. 5, bags and do some Sunday, Dec. 9,
@ the Youth House. CONGRATULATIONS!
after evening caroling on Saturday, @ 5:40 pm,
Sign up
services. We will Dec. 8 @ 10 am. @ the Youth House. We would like to congratulate Boone Solomon,
@ the Youth Board! Houston & Jackson Williams, and Coach Elliot FOR THE RECORD
put up Christmas Sign up, if you
Cook of the Cornersville Football Team on competing November 25, 2018
decorations! plan to help! for the Class A State Football Championship
In Cookeville, TN. This was held AM 365*
Opry Mills Trip CSYG on Saturday, December 1. Hispanic 30
This will be on Christmas *******************
Bible Class
Thursday, Dec. 20.
We will leave from the Party We are rejoicing with Cooper Bailey Wed. Night 160

This will be Friday, on his decision to become a Christian.

church building Contribution $12,258.20
He was baptized
@ 12 pm. We will eat Dec. 28 @ 6 pm. on Wednesday night.
lunch and shop after. More info later! His address is: * includes Hispanic group
1339 Donna Rd
Lewisburg, TN

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