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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region V-Bicol
Division of Camarines Norte IV. Understanding Ways to Collect Data
Labo  1. Describes adequately research design (either quantitative or
Senior High School Program qualitative), sample, instrument used in quantitative research, data
SY 2018-2019 collection and analysis procedures.
INQUIRIES, INVESTIGATIONS AND IMMERSION  2. Presents written research methodology
V. Finding the Answers to the Research Questions
Student Manual/Checklist of Outputs & Requirements
The learners…
Subject Description: This culminating activity develops critical
thinking and problem solving skills through
 1. Gathers and analyzes data with intellectual honesty using suitable
qualitative and quantitative researches.
VI. Reporting Findings, Drawing Conclusions and Making
No. of Hours/ Semester: 80 hours/ semester Recommendations
Pre-requisite: Research in Daily Life 1 & Research in Daily Life 2
The learners…
LEARNING COMPETENCIES  1. forms logical conclusions
I. Brainstorming for Research Topics
 2. Makes recommendations based on conclusions
The learners…  3. Writes and presents clear report
 1. Prepares a plan and a focus on issues and ideas in their respective VII. Sharing your Research
field The learners…
II. Identifying the Problem and Asking the Question  1. Defends written research report
The learners…  2. Revises written research report based on suggestions and
 1. Formulates clearly the statement of research problem recommendations of panelists
 2. Presents written statement of the problem  3. Submits final written research report
III. Reading on Related Studies
The learners… This checklist belongs to: ______________________ ______________
 1. Selects, cites and synthesizes properly related literature Name Grade & Section

 2. Uses sources according to ethical standards. Prepared:
 3. Presents written review literature (8-10 pages) MARIVIC C. ALOC