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Terry Lasut

Introduction to Philosophy SPL100 01

Dr. Daniel Martino

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Who are we?

There is one simple question that we should often ask ourselves; who are we? When you

look at a community of people, you will see that there are all different kinds of people. There are

different races, ethnicities, religions, those who are construction workers, and those who were

fighter piolets in WWII. When we ask the question “Who am I?”, as opposed to “What am I?”,

there is room for a much deeper and more philosophical answer. When asked who we are, most

would say their name and what their occupation is. When I think of who I am, or rather who I

want to become, I would say that I want to become a hero and an inspiration to others.

As humans, we do not have one single purpose in our lives. When you look at something

simple like a desk, that has one purpose. We can do whatever we want and become whoever we

want. I do believe that each and every one of us was put on this earth for a reason. I am going to

use the example of musicians. It takes a special kind of person to be a musician, just as it takes a

special kind of person to be a teacher, construction worker, or a fighter piolet in a war. We have

a choice to follow and make a career out of what we love and are passionate about. I love music,

so I want to become a professional musician. It took time for me to make that decision, but God

knew that when I was born that that is the path I would take. I had a choice to make. Every

in today’s world many of us do not make the right decisions. Ethics. Every time I go out in public. values. or spending the life you were given looking through bars in a prison. We are who we are because of the way we were raised and our religious beliefs. the word ‘ethics’ come to mind. I believe that the way you carry yourself as an adult is a direct result of your parents and how you were raised. Your parents are ultimately the ones who determine the kind of future you have. we have access to so much technology. and ideals will never be consistent. goals. Right now. Besides the internal effect that influences our lives. I feel that my values and ideals will change the least out of those. but our lives are still impacted in ways that create a change in us. we cannot change our personality. When I was young and being raised by my parents. we make our own choices. there is also an external effect. it can be very detrimental. more than those in the same generation as my father and even my grandparents ever thought that they would see. I have always been cautious about how much I depend on and use technology. As I age and different opportunities start to appear in my life. Factors such as intellect and spirit will always be changing in us. In today’s world. Unfortunately. As a twenty-year-old student in college. I see people with their eyes glued to their cell phones completely missing what . When I think of ideals. Our sense of priority. When I see on the news that there was another school shooting.individual is responsible for their actions. I believe is something taught at a very young age. I believe that we cannot change who we are. I immediately think of what that person’s childhood must have been like. whether that be following your passion and doing what you love and leading a healthy and ethical life. or a set of values and ideals that I would carry with me throughout my life. my priorities will change. they instilled in me a certain code of conduct. I have my priorities in order according to what is happening in my life. I have my long-term goals set and a future planned out for myself.

etc. We should have an answer for what we do and we should be held accountable for what we do. their own choice. they have to face the circumstances. [and has] free-will and control of his actions. There are certain . All of what we do as humans. three and two-years-old. and I can go back and relive those times. It is not our jobs as humans to determine who lives and who dies. which is one of the three elements that consist in a human act. Human acts refer to the choices we make and what we do in reference to those choices. acting and getting things done. we hear about murders happening across the country. Some good uses of technology would be in the medical field. if not thousands of people. I was raised to believe in God and that God is the only one who can take away a life. Everyday peoples’ lives are being saved due to advances in technology.” (Summa Theologica. that is. We are agents. I-II. We can think what we want and have the choice to do whatever we want to do in life. eating. Another example would be cameras and recorders in our cell going on in the world right in front of them. Acts of a human include behaviors that we share with animals. Those who do choose to take the first route in life and harm innocent people. it is exactly that. So many times. walking. we should take responsibility for. These are memories that will be with me for as long as I live. According to Thomas Aquinas. I am beginning to think more so than good. As I have said before. and those who choose to kill hundreds. Human beings have free will. sleeping. And again. but we as humans mistreat it. I am not saying that all technology is bad. I have two little nieces at home. that all goes back to ethics and how they were raised. a human being is the kind of being who is “the principle of his actions. there is so much bad in this world. prologue). Anquinas also distinguished between the “acts of humans” and “human acts”.e. and I cannot count the number of pictures and videos I have of them. i.

and we should all strive to follow in his ways and be a Godlier people. We are responsible to others. Like I mentioned before. it really opened up a lot of doors for me in my understanding of why I am who I am. and always should be responsible to ourselves. along with the rest of my family will always come before myself. accept the consequences. God is the reason I am here on this earth and why I am where I am today. and in past and future generations. And in today’s age. ideals. After studying what makes us who we are. but overall. I have two little nieces at home and they are the world to me. . Take responsibility in our actions. this is where we live. He is my reason for being where I am today. He created it all. we have a responsibility with God. We are. Those two. right now in the present. good or bad. There are certain aspects that I wish I did not get from my parents. Thinking about my values. they are the reason that I am who I am. the world seems to be slowly crumbling all around us and filling with evil. We are responsible for the earth. God will always be number one in my priorities. Family will always be number two in my priorities. our home. making this world a much better place. goals. I have my code of ethics that was instilled in me by my parents. and that will never change. And most importantly.levels of responsibility that we should hold ourselves to. and how I prioritize my life really helped me to get to know me on a deeper and more philosophical level.