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Planet Project

Scientists, your assignment is to teach your peers about a planet in

our solar system. You will have to research this planet and create a
google slides presentation about it. After the research is done, your
group will present your slideshow to the class! Presentations should
be about five minutes long and everyone in your group should have a

Presentation day is Wednesday, December 12th, so work hard to get it


Your presentation should include the following information:

1. Planet Name
○ How did your planet get its name?
2. Atmospheric Conditions
○ What are the major gases in the atmosphere?
3. Surface Conditions
○ What does the surface of the planet consist of?
4. Weather
○ What is the temperature like?
○ Does it rain?
■ Is the rainfall made of water?
○ Is it windy?
○ What kind of storms occur?
5. Rotation and Revolution
○ How long is a day? How long is a year?
6. Satellites (Moons)
○ What are the names of the moons on your planet?
7. Distances
○ From the Sun
○ From Earth
8. Exploration
○ How do we know what we know about your planet?
○ What attempts have been made to learn more?
9. Habitability
○ Can your planet support life?
■ Why or why not?
10. Other interesting facts