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| Mini Lesson Plan #2 G a ; ) L Cooperating Teacher Feedback Intern Name CIN|OC_HEIS€r_ school_Monroe. (Date of Lesson: {\/1] 1% Subject: Grade Level: 2ncl grade Day's Lesson Concept: T LOO Sy) ote WOK f Targets Cooperating Teacher Feedback | Ability to collaborate on the lesson plan with | cooperating teacher | Level of understanding the process of Relecte back 4p | constructing a lesson plan | Level of planning and preparation fortesson | @SKA many Ques Sty be L Sure She undors I gyal ex planation of sy \lable | evel of understanding of content objectives | JVM! ex pla Level of comfort in teacher role SANS Very Cort tn Ability to maintain eye contact and student’s opeet Re Comtuct | attention Ability to effectively sequence the lesson great very posi Hve Utilizes positive reinforcement Ability to effectively time each activity quo + Ability to implement existing instructional strategies and materials to teach lesson funtustc - hark fh doa tec | Level of enthusiasm and desire to succeed Hall ch | What suggestions do you have to help your intern improve? sound axl each syllable fe the Fids as a matel 1 Be +rose Who are shugg ling Ege ve paredk t5 dliscuss meaning of Some un-feowil ia A words : Px Y 3. ote at | NAlk around larg the independint wating time | : a ae wy ice aN x hel slong tO _cu 1€ ohilden Kae pate_! [Jie Be