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Water Networks
Optimising network operation
and improving customer service
through real-time data management

Data is becoming critical
as water utilities evolve
to be more customer
focused. When the world
is moving rapidly on the
digital journey, customer
expectations are
also evolving.
Customers today expect smarter,
faster and more efficient services.
To adapt to this paradigm shift,
water industry players have started
investigating and implementing
smart solutions to provide their
customers excellent service. This
means becoming customer focused
and putting customers at the heart
of their decision making.


manage maintenance issues and use data to optimise all aspects of the water distribution network. optimising energy. A smart water network is an integrated set of solutions that enable utilities to remotely and continuously monitor the network.In this context. utilities deliver better and more efficient services as well as maximising return on investment. SUEZ strives to develop smart and reliable network monitoring solutions to assist water utilities in being more customer focused and achieving their business objectives. As a greater outcome. 3 . ‘smart water network’ has become a popular term over recent years. and preserving water resources.

utilising data to optimise network Aquadvanced® performance Water Networks assists water authorities and operators in utilising data to optimise network performance. 4 .

Safety Customer service Delivering reliable Promptly responding to operations customers’ reports and feedback Complying with regulatory Proactively anticipating requirements network incidents Supplying safe drinking water Economy Information Environment Rationalising Collecting and unifying Preserving water operational costs data from various resources and investment sources within water networks Increasing performance of existing assets Monitoring networks’ behaviours in real time Reducing non-revenue water 5 .

6 .

Being customer focused means providing services that meet fast-changing customer expectations and driving business efficiencies. 7 .

smarter solutions for smarter networks Bringing together multiple IT systems. 8 . Aquadvanced® Water Networks allows operators to evolve from traditional to smart network management.

9 .Aquadvanced® Water Networks is designed to support water utilities in developing their customer focused approaches.

a move towards smart networks Sensors along the network Increasing amount of collected data Ensuring reliability of gathered data Sorting the relevant data according to needs and uses Data from various sources transformed into easy-to- understand information for value-added analysis 10 .

Aquadvanced® Water Networks is connected to the most commonly used systems. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) Data Geographical information system collection Data historian Simulation tool based on hydraulic model Transmission and aquisition Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system Aquadvanced® Laboratory information management system Data treatment Enterprise asset management and modelling Workforce management Customer information system Graphical restitution 11 .

understanding Aquadvanced ® Water Networks Aquadvanced® Water Networks collects and treats data throughout the network system to provide necessary indicators to conduct a hydraulic and water quality analysis of networks for assessment and optimisation. These indicators consist of: Volumes Water Network quality efficiency Night flow Leakage Hydraulic rates index throughput 12 .

A smart water network is an integrated set of solutions that enables utilities to remotely and continuously monitor the network 13 .

The Aquadvanced ® Water Networks interface Performance indicators A dashboard of hydraulic performance with the main monitoring indicators such as flow and pressure Contextual block A map of the network and its sectors of consumption with positions of equipment and a display of available measurements 14 .

Network map A full real-time view of water network 1 operations Active events A continuously updated list of events including locations. customer complaints and operating actions 15 .

Spain Westchester As an example of our expertise. San Jose SUEZ introduced Aquadvanced® Water Networks to optimise a 4. the city has reduced water losses and optimised its network operations. Barcelona.9 million people.600 km network that serves 3. Aquadvanced ® Water Networks in action By introducing Aquadvanced® Water Networks. in Barcelona. Santiago de Chile 16 . SUEZ has successfully partnered with multiple municipalities around the world to optimise their network performance. Through this partnership.

SUEZ’s Aquadvanced® Water Networks allows operators to evolve from traditional to smart network management France Barcelona Alger Casablanca San Roque Canaries Jeddah Hong Kong Macau Pilot Operational system 17 .

Aquadvanced ® software suite for water cycle management drinking water Aquadvanced® Aquadvanced® Aquadvanced® Wells Energy Water Networks Real time performance of Real-time energy Real time performance of wells management system for drinking water distribution water distribution networks 18 .

waste and stormwater Aquadvanced® Urban Drainage Monitoring module Early warning module Monitoring module Real time monitoring of Flood and natural Optimized control and sewer networks environment pollution automatic monitoring of risks sanitation system Contact our local team for more details on these technologies 19 .

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