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Colegio de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos del Estado de

Quintana Roo

Enrique Alberto Herrera Custodio
Vidal Ávila Gómez
Jorge Hau Kumul
Julio Sanabria Porcayo
Ángel Diaz Valdez
Jorge Jiménez Antonio


“Instructivo para elaborar una piñata”

Balloon 6. scissors 8. Glue 2. flour . Crepe paper 7. Water 3. Newspaper 4. Brush 5. Materials 1.

You will have to prepare many strips of paper to cover the entire balloon in several layers. although you can also use a box if you prefer a square shape. Cut newspaper into strips that measure approximately 2.5 to 5 cm (1 and 2 inches) wide. the pasta will be relatively smooth. arms. and 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 inches) in length. 2 cups of water and 1 tablespoon of salt. This will form the body of the piñata. Add additional shapes to make legs. using cardboard. Mix well until it starts to thicken like a paste. .  Prepare the newspaper strips. snout. Instructions  Prepare the paste. etc. but probably have the pieces of flour. Do not worry about undoing all the pieces. This will make the newspaper lean well and flat on the globe. Glue these figures with masking tape or clear tape.  Inflate the balloon. so be sure to inflate it enough. hats. tail. newspaper or cardboard. It is better to use a round balloon because it will create a larger space for all sweets. Mix in a bowl 2 cups of flour.

including the thickness of the papier mache. allowing each layer to dry before adding the next one. This process will take based on several factors. Once you have finished placing the papier-mâché strips. as well as the humidity and temperature of the air. try to leave it for several days.  Let the piñata dry. In general. Submerge the strips in the paste and remove the excess of this by passing the strips by the fingers (thumb and forefinger) or dragging them along the edge of the bowl  Place the papier mache in the balloon. Apply the paste on the paper strips. Support the strips on the balloon crosswise until it covers completely. . Complete this step 3 or 4 times. Leave the globe knot uncovered to make it easier to remove later. let the piñata rest until it is completely dry and hard.

such as colorful cupcake molds. Use a single color to soften the paper and create a flat surface. Since you did not cover the balloon knot with papier-mâché. . just enough to cover the paper. as it will probably look. Choose a color that matches the decorations you will add to create the animal or character you want. you can add outstanding eyes to make it look fun.  Cut a hole for the sweets. pop it and remove it. Once the crepe paper base is ready. If you made an animal. or bright colorful paper squares. add other details to your piñata. you should already have a small hole.  Add the final touches. It is not necessary to be perfectly painted. Paint the piñata. If the balloon has not exploded.

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