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September 29, 2014

Intermediate (IPC) Course
Paper 6 Auditing and Assurance

Chapter 5 : Vouching Part 1/6

CA. N Raja Natarajan

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Learning Objectives Vouching General Considerations – Verification – Cash Transactions Internal Control Systems Accounting Principles Evidence of Transactions / Validity of Transactions © ICAI. 2014 4 .

2014 5 . Relevance – Exam Perspective Questions of 12 Marks on the Average © ICAI.

© ICAI. Vouching An Intro. 2014 6 .

2014 7 .Vouching Examining Vouchers Audit Vouching Practice Authenticity © ICAI.

Vouching 2 Examining/ Documentary Evidence Vouching Consists Authority Appropriate Account © ICAI. 2014 8 .

2014 9 .Essential aspects in examining voucher Date of Voucher/ Within Accounting Period Adjusted Accounts/ Client’s name Clearly Disclosure Essential Aspects Complete Duly in all respect Authorized © ICAI.

General Considerations in Audit of Cash Transactions An Intro. © ICAI. 2014 10 .

Audit Of Cash Transactions – General Considerations Bulk Exposed to Highly Liquid Frauds Cash Transaction Satisfy Procedures - complied Auditor Accounting & Internal Control Correctly Recorded © ICAI. 2014 11 .

2014 12 .Internal Control System Give Protection Against Losses Fraud Waste Mistakes Ensure Transactions Correctly recorded Enable Take policy Decision Planning Operation Appropriate Time © ICAI.

Steps in Verification of Internal Control Systems An Intro. © ICAI. 2014 13 .

2014 14 .Steps Involved in Verification of Internal Control System No receipts left unaccounted System No Payment without receipt of good/ service Study Financial Powers Examine Authorized person © ICAI.

2014 15 .Steps Involved in Verification of Internal Control System – 2 Confirm Supervision Managerial Accounting Adequate © ICAI.

Steps Involved in Verification of Internal Control System – 3 Mechanical Aids Ascertain Ensure Proper A/c’ ing Prevention of Pilferage © ICAI. 2014 16 .

Steps Involved in Verification of Internal Control System – 4 Ensure Working of Checks Observe Accounting System Counter Checks Are Applied © ICAI. 2014 17 .

5 Confirm Adjusted Reported System Existence Differences of Assets Reconciled © ICAI.Steps involved in verification of internal control system . 2014 18 .

Steps involved in verification of internal control system . 2014 19 .6 • Review Internal Control System • Periodically • To plug in loop holes • Incorporate Changes © ICAI.

2014 20 .Correctness of Book Keeping Records Important Ensures Review • Audit of Cash • System of • Disclose Transaction Accounting • Mistakes • Followed • Manipulations © ICAI.

2014 21 .Observance of Accounting Principles Capital Expenditure Revenue Distinction Capital Receipts Revenue © ICAI.

2014 22 .2 Matching Accounting Principle Include Income Expenses © ICAI.Observance of accounting principles .

3 Outstanding Assets/Liabilities Written off Fictitious Assets Accounting At earliest Principle Include Depreciated Fixed Assets Consistent basis © ICAI. 2014 23 .Observance of Accounting Principles .

Evidence of Transactions Supplier Invoices/ Statement of Entries . 2014 24 .Evidences Variety of Forms Accounts / Minutes / Contracts Two Types of Internal Evidence External Evidence Evidences © ICAI.

2014 25 . Carbon Copies of Cash memos.Internal Evidences Normal Course of Business Counterfoil of receipts. Invoices. etc © ICAI.

2014 26 . lease agreement. confirmation of debtors balance © ICAI.External Evidences Issued by person – with whom business transaction entered into Invoice for purchases. bank statement Certain Evidences – Directly obtained by Auditor Certificate regarding bank balance.

Preferable Not Possible for External Evidence Use Internal Evidence Normal Course of Working of Business Internal Check To prevent subsequent alteration © ICAI. 2014 27 .Dependence on Evidences External Evidence .

Validity of Transactions Audit Establish Payment Validity Recipient © ICAI. 2014 28 .

2014 29 .Validity of Transactions -2 Fees/Salary Legal Partnership Provisions Act Rules & Companies Regulations Act Documentary Evidences Minutes of BOD Agreement © ICAI.

2014 30 .Disclosure in the Final Accounts Objective of Audit Classification Re-classification Compliance with Book of Accounts Income & Expenses Companies Act Financial Statements Assets & Liability True & Fair View Grouping of like nature Description reflect nature of accounts © ICAI.

Casting / Totalling Checking Lead to Important Fraud Over Under Totaling Totaling © ICAI. 2014 31 .

Casting / Totalling 2 Receipt Side Under Casting Cash Book Examples Payment Over Casting Side/Cash Book © ICAI. 2014 32 .

Casting / Totalling 3 Deposit Fictitious Entries When no Examples Deposit is made Cash Sales As Credit Sales © ICAI. 2014 33 .

Summary Vouching General Considerations – Verification – Cash Transactions Internal Control Systems Accounting Principles Evidence of Transactions / Validity of Transactions © ICAI. 2014 34 .

Thank You © ICAI. 2014 35 .