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Teacher Professional Growth Plan

PSI Student Teacher: Thyra Mathews Semester: Fall 2018
School: Mount View TA: James MacDonald
Professional Goal Statement #1: Foster student independence in regard to student learning.

 Self-identified as a learner-centered educator
 If students have independence in their own learning, the learning is then automatically centered around them
Teaching Quality Standard (KSAs/Competencies):
 3. Demonstrating a Professional Body of Knowledge
Strategy(s): Timeline(s) Resource(s) Indicator(s) of Success
1. Create an atmosphere in which students realize what they Week One The Self-Advocacy Students are asking questions,
need and feel free to voice their needs accordingly by being Strategy for Education and advocating for themselves, and
flexible to student suggestions and concerns and making Transition Planning by informing me where needed.
them aware that I am a learner. Anthony K. Van Reusen
2. Establishing clear expectations for student behaviour by Week Two Embedded Formative Students and I respect the
involving students to create a set of expectations, where Assessment by Dylan expectations that we collaborated
both of our (my own and the students) needs are covered. Wiliam to create.
3. Ask the students what they would like to learn within the Week Three The Self-Advocacy Students are engaged in the lessons
curricular outcomes and use their ideas of how they would Strategy for Education and and feel as though their voice
like to learn and complete those tasks. Transition Planning by influences the work that they do.
Anthony K. Van Reusen
4. Create projects and assignments that are designed to have Week Four The Self-Advocacy Students are engaged and
students take ownership of their own learning. Strategy for Education and interested in their own work and
Transition Planning by take pride in what they complete.
Anthony K. Van Reusen
5. Create rubrics and standards that involve the student ideas, Week Five Embedded Formative Students understand the criteria
and what students see as excellence and well within their Assessment by Dylan that they are expected to follow
range of capability. Wiliam and complete their work within.
Professional Goal Statement #2: Maintaining effective communications with every aspect of school personnel.

 An important step towards fostering effective relationships
 Without effective communication, effective relationships can’t happen
Teaching Quality Standard (KSAs/Competencies):
 1. Fostering Effective Relationships
Strategy(s): Timeline(s) Resource(s) Indicator(s) of Success

ED3505 - Sproule, 2018

1. During observation period ask every question or concern that Week One PS1 Handbook Any questions/concerns that I have
I have about lesson planning, classroom management, school are dealt with and I understand
policy, etc. what the students and my TA
expect of me in the upcoming
2. Prepare lessons well in advance and make time to revise Week Two PS1 Handbook Lessons are well prepared, and all
them with TA. questions and concerns have been
fleshed out in advance.
3. Learn more about students and their backgrounds, interests, Week Three PS1 Handbook Relationships with students are
and hobbies from parent/teacher interviews. stronger and I further understand
more about their interests
4. Use what I have learned about the students to design lessons Week Four PS1 Handbook Students become more engaged in
that focus on their interests and abilities. lessons and the strategies I use
work better because they are
better suited to the group.
5. Make time with staff and students to say thank you for their Week Five PS1 Handbook Staff and students feel recognized
contribution to my learning and growth. in all of the effort it has taken to
host student teachers.

ED3505 - Sproule, 2018