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Field Experience Lesson Plan

I. Unit/Lesson #: Community/ Writing, Language Arts Lesson 5

II. Lesson Topic/Title: Writing personal narrative

III. Grade Level: 3rd grade

IV. Language Level: intermediate (30 minutes)

V. Standards (NE ELP):

Students will speak and write about grade-appropriate complex literary and information
texts and topics. (2-3.3)
Students will adapt language choice to purpose, task, and audience when speaking and
writing. (2-3. 7)

VI. Academic (Content) Objectives: Think on Academic Language Skills (CALP):

Students will prewrite, edit, and revise a personal narrative paragraph.

VII. Language Objectives (Combination of language skills, vocabulary, grammar):

Students will choose an act of kindness that they have done or could do, or that
someone has done for them and write a paragraph.

VIII. Content Standards:

Students will apply the writing process to plan, draft, revise, edit, and publish writing
using correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other conventions of standard English
appropriate for grade-level (LA: 3.2.1.a/b/c/h/j)

IX. Materials: paper, pencil, idea web, sentence strips

X. Procedures: Name ESL strategies that you are using in each section

A. Into
Anticipatory Set: How will you excite the students about the learning?
Introduction – Conceptualization
Link to Previous Learning and Background Knowledge
To get the students excited, the class will discuss/recall what Malala kindness
(and determination) has done in her life to change the lives of girls in her
I will also have them go to and read her brief story of her life.

B. Through
Instructional Input: What will students learn? How?
(Model, bridge, connect, schema, scaffolding)
Guided Practice- After teachers’ model, students are supported
as they practice.
List specific strategies you will use to support student learning.
Bridge- The teacher will talk about how little acts of kindness can have a huge
Graphic organizer- (Idea web) Have the students brainstorm an act of kindness
that they have received or committed (or an act they could do) and complete an
idea web.
Sentence strips- Use sentence strips or sentence starters to write a paragraph
about an act of kindness.

C. Beyond (Application/Enrichment/Follow-up)
Independent Practice: What do students do independently to reinforce
their learning?
How is learning extended to future learning and to the context of their life?
Students should recognize that even the simplest act of kindness can positively
impact someone else’s life (and their own).

XI. Assessment: How will students demonstrate that they have met the standard?
Students will write a paragraph about an act of kindness.

1. Introduce key vocabulary: community, kindness, prewrite, edit, final copy
2. Teacher will review Malala’s Magic Pencil and her community. The teacher will talk
about all she has accomplished and how simple acts of kindness can have a big impact.
3. The teacher will have an idea web for the students to fill out about an act of kindness.
4. Check for understanding. The teacher will review the idea web.
5. The students will write a paragraph about an act of kindness.
6. The teacher will review the paragraph and have the student edit and write a final copy
of their paragraph.