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2 Los Angeles Collegian — Wednesday, March 18, 2015 OPINION & EDITORIAL

COMPILED BY Ambar Quintanilla

PHOTOS BY Curtis Sabir and Tomas Rodriguez


HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT PRESIDENT BARACK Psychology Major Aeronautical Engineering Major Cinematography Major Economics Major
OBAMA’S PROPOSAL TO OFFER TWO YEARS OF “Unfortunately, I do not support “I think it’s good that Obama is pro- “The idea is sound, but the prob- “I feel that it should be for more
FREE COMMUNITY COLLEGE? the idea fully, because I think in
the end [it] is going to decrease the
posing community colleges to be free
for the first two years because it allows
lem is the insane amount of money
that it would cost. Not to mention
than two years. If [Obama] is center-
ing around community colleges, [he]
enrollment in community colleges us to save up our money. We don’t the fact that there are a “crack-ton” should note that a lot of people are
because a lot of the students that at- have to be working for college tuition, of kids that are in community col- here for more than two years. The pro-
tend LACC need the extra cash that fees and books. I’m trying to save up to leges that don’t know anything about posal should make community college
financial aid provides. Allowing it to go to a four-year college. I can now in- who or what they want to be ... It free for the number of years it general-
be free will eliminate that support.” vest that money towards my transfer.” would be wasted money.” ly takes to finish up your stay. It is hard
to get classes within two years.

Students Map Academic Success
n the road to suc- The faculty and staff of Los Ange-
cess, you peer out les City College are integral to this
the window. You endeavor.
have your eyes set Providing educators with profes-
on the destination. sional development opportunities
You study the road map of life and will account for their commitment
plot your best route. You begin your to students at LACC.
adventure toward community col- Educators fertilize the growth of
lege. students’ confidence, ambition, and
Los Angeles Community College sense of self, while simultaneously
District is the largest community satisfying students’ innate curiosity.
district in the United States and is They expand the elastic, springing
one of the largest in the world. The mind. They craft a well-prepared in-
LACCD serves thousands of stu- dividual who is determined to suc-
dents in a diversified manner, but ceed in a competitive four-year insti-
all are quenching for one common tute or profession.
goal—Success. After their first years of higher
Community college is the last re- education, students have greater as-
sort for many individuals who may pirations, and idiosyncratic passions
be veterans, single-moms, dropouts, and urges. They apprehend their so-
or from low-income families. cial and personal responsibility.
The population who is lost in a Above all, they evolve into a virtu-
state of desolation yearns for a com- ous character who understands what
munal education where they are it is to be virtuous, and not simply
desired and suited for a particular abide by the terms.
purpose. Community college is an invest-
They seek to comprehend and ment that is still in progress.
engage in discussions about Socra- Students utilize critical service
tes, Descartes, Tolstoy, Millikan and programs, such as, EOPS, CARE,
Darwin. They are willing to devote TRIO, CalWORKS, Counseling,
time and energy to devour knowl- GSP, VSOC and OSS. These pro-
edge—the most important meal of grams are essential to student equity
the day. and success, and most importantly,


The primary desire of community to an attainable future.
colleges should be finding the stu- Governor Brown’s recent budget
dents’ will to succeed, rather than proposal offers additional revenue,
engraving reasons and rationalities. but it does not account for these stu-
As the famous English proverb goes, dent necessities. Shedding light on
“Where there is a will, there is a way.” this reformation is crucial.
There needs to be an active partici- Although efforts to ensure success
pation of the consciousness in order are incomplete, like the proverbi-
to reach the pinnacle of success. al optimist, one should not see the
Quality, accessibility, and afford- glass as half empty, but as half full
ILLUSTRATION BY JOSE TOBAR/COLLEGIAN ability in the higher education sys- ready to quench your thirst down
tem embody student success. the road to success.

An Educated Society Succeeds VALUE OF EDUCATION MEASURED

BY JASON PISKOPUS and even contract sexually transmit- palling. BY VASNIA I. OCANA tivated simply by money. ucation and economic stability tend to
ted diseases. It is important to acknowledge the In the current job market, branded be associated with one another. High-
“Only the educated are free,” are Though it does not guarantee bet- annual taxpayer expense of $20,000 I feel conflicted over the idea or be- by their educational background, peo- er education for those without a trust
the famous words spoken by the an- ter income, health, or well-being, it to $40,000 thousand per inmate for lief of value in education. I think for- ple seem more likely to become com- fund requires an individual to apply
cient Greek philosopher Epictetus. does improve the likelihood. The housing, food, and care. Considering mal education is overvalued. modities for big corporations or firms. for scholarships and reluctantly accept
Even back then, people knew of the greater the individual, the more pos- the estimated 2 million prisoners in In today’s world it is easy to catego- Education is important for the sake loans.
value of education. itive influence they have on society. our country, the annual bill comes rize people through professional labels of knowledge. I was taught that it was They work as many jobs as they can
Sure, we hear stories of people We can even look to the people set out to be around $60 billion. and make assumptions of their intel- the ultimate path to success. manage, make sacrifices to avoid debt
becoming to protect us- the police, and witness Increased education would de- lectual level. The most desired labels However, people like Steve Jobs, and pay off existing bills until they be-
successful, the educational impact on society. crease prison population and relieve such as doctors, lawyers and engineers Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have come profitable.
rich entre- Research has found that an officer some of the burden on taxpayers’ are profitable. challenged this notion. I understand If people measured success with ed-
preneurs who is educated is less likely to be wallets. Parents persistently urge their chil- that most people are not likely to come ucation, education would be a value.
without involved in instances of police bru- Schooling and knowledge may not dren to pursue these degrees. Thus, up with revolutionary inventions. But Unfortunately, it seems to me that suc-
any formal tality. be the cure to our nation’s problems, these young adults enter the fields and as consumers, educated or not they are cess is measured through status and
schooling. With this being a common prob- but their positive effects cannot be subfields of these careers without gen- vital to the world’s economy. profit; education is just the means to
But, these lem, one would think that all police ignored. Education has a beneficial uine passion or interest. They are mo- Though it is rather paradoxical, ed- achieve such things.
instances forces should require their officers to influence over the crime rate, soci-
are rare. obtain a degree. Better relationships etal relations between the protectors
The ma- between police and citizens would and the protected, and the well-be-
jority of successful people acquire
some form of education. Self-educa-
result in less tension between the two
groups. It would increase the likeli-
ing of the individuals within our
tion also counts.
Education helps with more than
hood of people reporting crimes.
In contrast, education influences
This needs to be acknowledged
and embraced.
just a career. Studies show that edu- those committing the crimes as well. Educated people are better people. CONTACT:
cated people are less likely to commit The statistical relationship between So, let us keep learning for the bet-
heinous crimes, domestic violence, prison inmates and education is ap- terment of society and ourselves.
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