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SHELL STRUCTURE (basic concept)

TWA Terminal Airport designed by

Eero Saarinen By ART
• Recognize the need for and
prepare to engage in lifelong
• Explain the concept of thin
shell, structure and
understand the importance of
the system in architectural
and structural aspects
Fig. Shell
General Remarks

• The word shell is an old one and is commonly used to

describe the hard covering of eggs, crustacea, tortoises, etc.
• Derived from the word scalus, as in fish scale.
• The development of masonry domes and vaults in the
Middle Ages made possible the construction of more
spacious buildings. In more recent times the availability of
reinforced concrete has stimulated interest in the use of
shells for roofing purposes.
Continuity & Curvature

• The essential ingredients of a shell structure in all of the

foregoing examples are continuity and curvature.

• shells are structurally continuous in the sense that they can

transmit forces in a number of different directions in the
surface of the shell, as required.

• Shell structures have quite a

different mode of action from
skeletal structures, of which simple
examples are trusses, frameworks,
and trees because other structures
are only capable of transmitting
forces along their discrete structural
members. Fig. The lattice shell of the Sage
Gateshead by Sir Norman Foster
Closed and Open Shells

• Anyone who has built children’s

toys from thick paper or thin
cardboard will be familiar with the
fact that a closed box is rigid,
whereas an open box is easily
deformable. The same sort of
thing applies in shell structure.
• Close surfaces are rigid.
• In practice it is not usually
possible to make completely
closed structural boxes.
Fig. Shell by ARTechnic Architects.
“Being in sync with nature isn't about
yielding to nature – it's about
coexistence. The existence of the
structure depends on its power to
endure nature.”
Closed and Open Shells
• For shell with openings, reinforce the
edge of the hole in such a way as to
compensate, to a certain extent, for
the presence of the hole.
• The amount of reinforcement
required depends on the size of the
hole, and to what extent the
presence of the whole makes the
structure an open one.
Fig. Architecture by Santiago
• Large openings are essential in some
Calatrava. “The building's unique forms of construction, like in shell
architecture comes alive as the roof.
lids of the colossal “Eye of
Knowledge” opens up to reveal • A main objective in the design of
the fascinating setting.” shell roofs is to eliminate those
aspects of behavior that spring from
the open nature of the shell.

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