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12 Los Angeles Collegian — Wednesday, April 13, 2016 Sports

Pool Access Opens Amid High Demand Sports Bin

By Jason Piskopus Bad Habits Catching Up

ccess to the ki-
nesiology pool is By Hector Lopez Manziel was spotted in a Las Vegas
no longer limit- bar, partying and drinking the night
ed to students in Once a highly coveted football before the last game of the season.
swimming class- player, Johnny Manziel no longer has In his defense, he was not supposed
es. As of March a team to call home in the National to play since he had suffered from a
29, students can access the pool on Football League in his short two-year concussion on the previous game.
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12- career. What made this significant is that
1:30 p.m. Students, the L.A. City Col- Manziel’s off-field antics such as Manziel checked into rehab for his be-
lege Associated Student Government domestic abuse allegations, out of haviors previously and it did not work.
(ASG), Office of Student Life and control par- To add insult to injury there was
kinesiology department banded to- tying and the dispute he had with his former
gether to open access to the pool. rehab stints girlfriend that was heavily publicized
Kinesiology professor Jan McEv- have now by media outlets in which Manziel
eety helped students organize the become a threatened to kill himself and his girl-
opening of the pool. She said students distraction, friend while driving his car followed
did most of the work, while she guid- and no by physical assault.
ed them through the process. team wants He is not the only player that has
“I really didn’t do all that much,” to take the struggled with off-field problems in
McEveety said. “It’s the students. I gamble of the NFL or any other league.
encouraged them … I would answer contracting Most recently defensive end Greg
their questions like, ‘How do we do him. Hardy, a player for the Dallas Cowboys
this?’ or “What’s a good time?’” Manziel was recruited out of high last season, is no longer part of a team.
The funding necessary to extend school because of his tremendous Hardy was also in a similar posi-
pool hours comes from ASG. Every potential coming out of college. Now tion as Manziel last season. He was
semester, students have the option to the former Heisman winner has com- fighting domestic violence allegations
pay $7 ASG member fee which stu- pletely tainted his image in the league. and was suspended for four games.
dent government then uses to pay for A player with such a status must As the last season played out, Hardy
various projects. not be without a job in a quarter- was under the microscope by fans and
“I would encourage students to pay back-led league. media alike. Whenever he played bad,
their ASG fee,” said Dandy Reyes, a There are many teams with quarter- pundits were quick to criticize him.
student worker in the Office of Stu- back vacancies, including Manziel’s old In this situation, the bad things
dent Services. “Then, we have more team the Cleveland Browns that are in outweighed Hardy’s talent.
money in the fund to open up not the need to sign someone big now. Now the main difference between
only the pool, but also other facilities It is shame because Manziel has the Hardy and Manziel is Hardy has been
on campus, because it comes down to talent to strive, but his behavior is what in the league since 2010. Manziel is
a money problem.” Photo by Hector lopez/Collegian is holding him back and not a question barely starting his career and on the
The more demand there is from stu- of does he have what it takes to play. wrong foot.
dents for an open pool, the more ASG Professor Jan McEveety tells her students how to work on their backstroke while in pairs during a class meet- During the 2015 season, Manziel Hardy has proven he is a good play-
ing on March 23, 2016. Students, Associated Student Government, the Office of Student Life and the kinesi-
can try to accommodate the demand. ology department worked together to allow more students access to the pool. was seen benched and other quar- er with talent playing in a profession-
“We need to see if students actual- terbacks such as Josh McCrown were al league, and Manziel has not given
ly come to the pool,” Reyes said. “So, in the future. and are hopeful that other facilities “[Students] who want to workout called up before him various times. himself the time to prove that.
if we get a mass amount of students “It comes down to a question of on campus can open up as well. will be able to do so,” said L.A. City At times Manziel showed spurts of It is cringe-worthy to see a player
and some complain that they want what’s the amount of people that want “It’s nice to have the opportunity College student Daniyar Aynitdinov. what he can bring to a team, but he like Manziel struggle this hard early
the pool open more, then that could it? If it’s just one person, or we have to do it and it’s free, so I hope peo- “Swimming is such a relaxing workout, always regressed to his bad ways. in his career.
easily happen.” the gym open for 10 people, and we’re ple take advantage of it,” said LACC so it doesn’t just work you out, but it re-
Money is not the only issue at paying $20 an hour for somebody to student, Owen Flannagan. “I’d love to laxes your body, like a micro-massage.”
hand when considering the opening supervise, that’s not justifiable,” Elias use the track too. The track is beau- Elias and McEveety stress the im-
of school facilities for general usage.
Jonathan Elias, chair of the Program-
said. “If we have enough people say-
ing ‘Yeah, we want the gym open’,
tiful and you rarely see people on it.”
With an open pool the pulse of
portance of students voicing their
concerns and needs. ASG holds open In Case You Missed it
ming Board for ASG, explains that maybe ASG can fund it or we can go LACC’s campus beats a little harder. forums every other Wednesday in
the number of students who take ad- through the school to fund it.” Students now have a campus-based the Quad, with free food. Students visit for coverage of
vantage of the services offered sways So far, many students say they are health-conscious activity they can do may come and voice their opinions to the East Hollywood community and beyond
the likelihood of them being funded excited about having the pool open between classes. board member.

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