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Sharjah Women’s College- EPC2903- (Early Childhood Education) Practicum 2b: MST

Assessment Report (to be completed by the Mentoring School Teacher)

Student Teacher Assessment

Name of Student: Mariam ID: Name of MST: Ambreen Humayun

Date: 14.11.2018 Name of School: ISCS Name of MCT: Khadija Aljasmi

Please tick the boxes according to the scale. (5 indicates the best possible performance)
1 2 3 4 5
1 Professionalism
 
Begins to take on the role of a teacher for an entire teaching session
Takes initiatives to extend teaching and learning opportunities in the classroom
Attends professional development training and meetings as available
2 Planning for learning (including knowledge& understanding of content) 1 2 3 4 5
Uses a lesson-planning template to design and plan in consultation with the MST, a
minimum of three, paired or individual complete teaching sessions with a whole
Designs and plans lessons that promote clear behavioural expectations and which
establish effective transitions between distinct phases appropriate to the subject
and the specific content e.g. PPP, 5E’s to plan
Continues to create and/or use criteria to plan and prepare quality lessons. These
should additionally be applied to the development of actions that:
- Consider the varying needs of individuals and small groups of children.
- Enable the creation of an effective learning environment
Implementing and Managing Learning (including behaviour management,
3 1 2 3 4 5
language and delivery)
Uses a variety of effective teaching/learning techniques throughout an entire lesson
Uses instructions/demonstration/modelling to introduce classroom tasks with
increasing accuracy
Applies established rules and effectively communicates expectations
Anticipates and implements strategies to address problem behaviours
Employs appropriate strategies to maintain active student participation
Maintains a positive atmosphere that motivates students to learn
Implements effective time management strategies
Uses body language, eye contact and gestures appropriate for an effective classroom
Uses resources efficiently to facilitate student learning, including space and furniture
4 Monitoring, Assessment and Evaluation 1 2 3 4 5
Uses appropriate monitoring strategies for full teaching sessions including class,
group, pair, and individual work
Employs effective monitoring techniques during each stage of a lesson including
walking around, checking understanding, asking probing questions, providing
comments, and giving constructive feedback in a timely manner
Begins to use assessment instruments employed by the MST to evaluate student work
5 Critical Reflection 1 2 3 4 5
Seeks and accepts professional feedback and responds constructively
Suggests appropriate explanations for their own classroom-based decisions
Demonstrates a growing ability to link theory to practice
Considers how specific aspects of a lesson could be improved
Identifies and applies strategies which will support development in specified areas

Early Childhood Education Practicum 2b 1 MST Report 201810

Please add specific comments about strengths observed in the student teacher during
this teaching practicum. Please identify areas in which you feel further development is

Observed strengths: Areas requiring further development:

 Body language, Students’ assessment, to cater all students’ needs

 positive attitude,
 friendly relationship with the kids

General comments:
I found Mariam a very happy, cheerful and enthusiastic learner.

MST Grade: A+, A-, B+,B-, C+, C- , D+ , D- or F ( Choose one please)

Name of MST: Name of MCT: Khadija Aljassmi

Early Childhood Education Practicum 2b 2 MST Report 201810