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FRIDAY 81/63
Wednesday, October 21, 2015 Volume 175 Number 3 The Voice of Los Angeles City College Since 1929 PAGE 5


Due to a broken water heater,
students in the Kinesiology
department are forced to take
cold showers. The building’s hot
water supplier is still waiting on a
part to repair the water heater. A
sign in the Kinesiology Building
says, “the part is hard to come by,
but it’s on its way.”

CINEMA, TV STUDENTS TO BE Many women say they appreciate the access to free healthcare, birth
control and health screenings that Planned PArenthood grants them.
Students are invited to attend Planned Parenthood: Locals
the 2015 Certificate Awards
Ceremony for the spring
semester, on Thursday, Oct. 22,
Speak about Current Turmoil
at 8 p.m. in the Theatre Building, ILLUSTRATION BY JOSE TOBAR/COLLEGIAN BY MOLLY DERAS However, Grecia’s sister did not
Room 176. This is a chance agree with Grecia. She says that the
for certificate students to be
honored and recognized for their
accomplishments. Admission to
the event is free.
ENROLLMENT FOR IN-STATE RESIDENTS If the United States Senate votes to
cut off funding for Planned Parent-
hood (PP), the patrons of the orga-
nization’s Vermont Avenue location
organization is not the only place
where women can seek free care.
Small clinics also provide birth con-
trol and screenings for women who


There is a PP located right across
the street from the campus, on Ver-
mont Avenue. According to the
want it, according to Grecia’s sister.
“This organization just helps irre-
sponsible people get rid of innocent
lives, helping them not take responsi-
NON-RESIDENT STUDENT ADMISSION TRIPLES AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AND CAL STATE UNIVERSITY Washington Post, activists allegedly bility for their childish actions,” Gre-
Cinema/TV students who
are currently enrolled full time SYSTEMS, WHILE CALIFORNIA HIGH SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDENTS OPEN DENIAL LETTERS. exposed PP with undercover videos cia’s sister said.
that claim to show the organization Los Angeles City Students also
(12 units), have completed a
BY TAYLOR CORBIN “The University of California kept ment rose by 2.5 percent. Non-resi- in the act of a federal violation. Al- spoke about the allegations and the
minimum of 15 units (5 classes)
the enrollment of California residents dent enrollment grew by 52.3 percent. legedly, PP illegally profited from fe- organization. Marilyn Ramirez, an
in Cinema/TV with a GPA of
Before it can begin to offset the high flat for 2015-16 because of a lack of International students surged in the tal tissue donations. LACC criminal justice major says she
2.5, and have financial need,
non-resident enrollment rate and ad- funding,” Napolitano said. “The bud- enrollment rate, with a 78.3 percent Two women, who stood outside thinks there is an underlying agenda.
can apply to receive funds for
mit more California residents, the UC get will experience a four percent an- increase. the Vermont Avenue PP, had differ- “I think they’re full of it and it’s ac-
cameras and computers. The
school system must negotiate with nual base budget increase in each of UCLA has the largest in-state en- ent views on the organization. Grecia, tually an attack on women’s health,”
applications can be picked up
Gov. Jerry Brown over budget increas- the four upcoming fiscal years.” rollment upturn. Local students in- who only gave her first name, accom- Ramirez said. “So when they say they
at the LACC Foundation Office
es, according to UC President Janet While local resident enrollment creased by 10.3 percent.   Similar to panied by her sister, who prefers to want to defund it, I basically hear that
on the third floor of the Student
Napolitano. rates idle, for the last five years, UC UC Berkeley, UCLA’s out-of-state remain anonymous, says she is a reg- women don’t have the right to free
Union Building. The due date for
Within the last five years, the UC enrollment rates for non-resident stu- grew 27.2 percent. International stu- ular PP patient. beneficial health services.”
applications is Oct. 23, at 4 p.m.
and CSU school systems in-state en- dents increased by 84 percent, accord- dent enrollment swelled at UCLA as “I don’t have any medical insur- Clearly a supporter of the orga-
rollment has declined by one-fifth, ing to the University of California Of- well, with a 78.3 percent increase. ance and Planned Parenthood is nization, Ramirez also says that PP
HIDE YOUR BRAINS, CUBS! while out-of-state enrollment is rising, fice of the President (UCOP), which More than 40 percent of fall admits amazing because I can get free birth does more than perform abortions.
according to the Sacramento based is the worldwide headquarters of the to UCLA are from outside California, control pills that help me be sexually
Witches, psychics and zombies Public Policy Institute of California UC system. That is triple the previous according to The active and not have to worry about
take over the Quad for the (PPIC). non-resident enrollment rate. Collegian attempted to contact UCLA having [a child],” Grecia said. SEE PARENTHOOD PAGE 4
Halloween Fair on Wednesday, UC President Janet Napolitano says California resident admission rates Chancellor Gene Block on numerous
Oct. 28, from 4-7 p.m. Students she has a plan to reverse the trend and at UC Berkeley according to UCOP, occasions. He did not respond.

Homeless Students Could

who want to know their future enroll more California residents. Na- have declined by 1.6 percent, while Napolitano says that student service
may get a reading from the politano says a larger, March proposed the out-of-state enrollment increased fees and other costs are scheduled to
psychic on site. Organizers budget, will help increase in-state stu- by 22.4 percent, and the international climb for all non-resident students.
promise food, games, prizes and
a lot of fun. There is a warning
for students who are adventurous
dent enrollment, although the mat-
ter must still be negotiated with Gov.
rate rose by 21.5 percent.
The trends at UC Davis are similar. Soon Move to Safer Havens
Brown. According to UCOP, in-state enroll- SEE UC, UCLA PAGE 4
enough to go in the maze: Hide
BY SORINA SZAKACS wake up everyone in these tents. The
your brains! sirens are a signal to get up and start
Students could soon give up sleep- packing and be ready to relocate from

Handshake ing in tents and move into shelters or
transitional housing after a Los Ange-
the area by 8 a.m.
“Last semester we were in front of

Away from
les City Council “State of Emergen- the Braille Institute and they would
cy” motion addressing homelessness. start the sprinklers on us every hour
COLLEGE STUDENTS The Los Angeles City Council in- for 10 minutes just to make sure we
Microsoft offers the latest
version of Microsoft Office for
Peace troduced a motion committing $100
million to combat homelessness and
help move people off the streets on
leave,” said Vicky, a former LACC
student. “I am coming back to school
next semester, I still know my student
$39.99 for community college
students, faculty and staff. LACC IT’S TO SHOW Sept. 22, 2015. Councilmen Mike Bo-
nin, Jose Huizar and Paul Krekorian
She is not the only homeless per-
has teamed up with CollegeBuys.
org to also offer a discount on
THEM THAT THEY worked on a motion that uses city son who once was a student or still is
Macs and PCs. ARE ABLE TO EXPRESS funds to move people off the streets
and into housing, shelters and sup-
enrolled in classes at LACC. For peo-
ple like Vicky, the Resource Center
THEMSELVES THROUGH portive services. comes in the picture. The Center is
INTERNSHIPS FOR MEDIA VARIOUS FORMS OF Bonin says that the Homeless- located in the Student Union Build-
STUDENTS ness Committee and Mayor Garcet- ing on the second floor.
EDUCATION, DANCE, ti’s team will work closely with the
County to make sure their efforts and
Homeless students can fill out an
application and receive clothes, shoes
Cultivators United, Alpha Pup
Records and the Bellfyre Club
MUSIC, THEATRE, AND actions are in sync in developing a or canned food, depending on what
offer students with experience ARTS RATHER THAN plan to spend the money.
“The range options include build-
their needs might be.
“We have clothes and shoes for
in film and videography the
opportunity to build their
RESORTING TO EXTREME ing permanent supportive housing, babies, women and men. Anyone
portfolios and gain experience in VIOLENCE.” creation of a program to provide
vouchers for rapid rehousing or in-
in need, not only homeless students,
can come over, fill out a liability form
the industry. Anyone interested
in free gifts, cash assignments BY MAE BRADLEY Deputy Chief Mike Downing is the commanding terim housing,” Bonin said. “[We and get the stuff they need, for free,”

and free project promotion, officer of the counterterrorism and special also] intend financing of an expand- said Jenné Henry the senator over the
can apply for the videography symbolic handshake could give the operations bureau and was in charge of selecting ed system of emergency or special- Resource Center. “We had a ‘Sip &
internship. Contact LACC Associated Student Government an competitors in Los Angeles County. He chose ized shelters and safe parking”, See’ event and 47 students came, not
alumnus William Reid Thedford opportunity to speak with President LACC as the only two year college to compete with Bonin, the man behind the State of all homeless, and helped themselves
IV at (424) 382-6114 for more Obama about their proposed solutions other universities, local competitors being UCLA Emergency Motion, said. with clothes and shoes while enjoy-
details. for extreme violence. and USC. Los Angeles City College (LACC) ing music, cheese and crackers.”
P2P (Peer to Peer) - Challenging Extremism “To solicit and try to ask young minds to help has an unknown number of homeless Henry plans to organize anoth-
is a biannual national campaign created by the us develop strategies to help us counter this very students. er ‘Sip & See’ event to bring more
Department of State that engages young minds via dysfunctional ideology that’s the strength of the LACC’s area, part of District 13, awareness to the support any student
education seeks to address the violence fueled by country is the people,” he stated. is covered with sidewalk sleeping facing financial need can get through
radical ideology. Last June, the three finalists were the Curtin camps. Across the street from the the Resource Center.
INDEX The State Department will select one profound
idea from 23 different universities worldwide and
University in Perth, Australia who developed
a mobile application called “52Jumaa” that
College, several tents are lined up on
each side of the street, on a narrow
The Resource Center is not the
only place on campus where home-
Opinion 2,3 send the winning group of students to the White sends daily positive challenges and affirmations sidewalk. less students can find some kind of
News 4 House. There, on June 13, 2016 a dinner will take from the Qur’an, Mount Royal University in The tents are tied to the parking relief.
Arts & Entertainment 5 place with the State Department and other national meters and the safety fence from the
Hispanic Heritage 6 representatives, including a formal presentation of school’s construction site.
their concept the following day. SEE HAND SHAKE PAGE 4 Every morning at 5:30 a.m., sirens SEE HOMELESS STUDENTS PAGE 4