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Natapong William Collins

Location Recce - WARRIOR

Town Hall

Type of room/area: Outside


Location Address: Town Hall,

Penn Road, Beaconsfield

Sat Nav details (Post code):


Nearest Train Station:

Beaconsfield Train Station

Nearest Bus stop: N/A

Lighting Information: Solutions:

With the tree by the town hall which I Although there is light available for me
am going to film does not have any to use I will take spare external lights just
external plugs that I can use. However in case to make sure there is enough
the tree in the Christmas period has very coverage in the scene.
bright Christmas lights on it which create
a very bright light which can be used to
film my scene
Sound Information: Solutions:
Due to my production not containing The solution for this is that I will film very
any sound Their will not be many issues early in the morning to reduce noise
when thinking about dialogue however around the road and surrounding areas.
when I am thinking about Foley and I will use my rode microphone to collect
background noise the tree is placed all the Foley and background noise.
right next to a main road and train track
Power Information: Solutions:
There is no power sources available that I will be using all portable equipment
would be publicly available to me. and have external batteries and spare
batteries to charge them.
Hazards: Solutions:
From the what I have inspected of the Wear gripped shoes and wear hats for
location there are no real hazard apart protection and warmth.
from maybe the chance of slipping on
the pavement or having falling twigs fall
from the tree