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Sleepy hollow tells the story of a new york with a 1799 background where there is a policeman named ichabod

(johny depp) who is facing a threat of being jailed for fighting and disagreeing with investigative methods that still
use old methods that he thinks are unimportant. Ichabod began to prove the futility by handling a case of sleepy
hollow that occurred in New York. Sleepy hollow is a serial killer case that some of its victims have been found to be
fatal. Ichabod gets information from the town's elders that the killer does not look cruel. He is an American
revolutionary ghost who rides horses at night and searches for his lost head.

Crane began his investigation with these supernatural things. Where in that case he must catch a "headless ghost"
who rides a horse that has killed many people. Crane began his investigation in a place where the place was
suspected as the grave of the horseman. To him it was the gateway to another world to meet the horseman.

Crane began digging up the place and found the bones of the horseman and it is true that he lost his head. Then
suddenly, as he was digging and researching the place, the sleepy hollow muncullaj tried to kill him. Then the crane
is protected by some people and they eventually die because it protects the crane.

Because it crane even so believe that all deaths are indeed planned. Then he went into town and met a notary to
take him to see the last will from van garret. In his last testament, van garrett wanted all the property he left behind
to be given to his wife, emily winship. Which when the crane realizes, he finds emily dead. Crane realized that
anyone who knew about the will would be the victim of the rider and father Katrina, was the man who carried the
skull. As soon as Katrina knew it, she instantly did not love cranes anymore and she burned all the evidence the
cranes had gathered.

The city is still afraid of the ghost of the horseman. But the crane keeps trying to solve the case thoroughly