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During the late Middle Ages in Verona, two wealthy families, the Montagues and

Capulets, have been feuding for centuries. One day at the market place, the feuding
families start a brawl which infuriates the Prince and he threatens that if the peace of
Verona is disturbed again, he shall take their lives. Meanwhile, Romeo, a young
Montague, reveals that he is in love with Lord Capulet's niece, Rosaline. Romeo's
cousin, Benvolio persuades him to forget Rosaline but Romeo rebuffs him.
Later that night, there is a party held by Lord Capulet. Romeo sneaks in with Benvolio
and Mercutio hoping to meet Rosaline. Instead, Romeo sees Juliet who is Lord
Capulet's daughter and falls in love with her. Juliet feels the same and they share a
dance. They go together to a quiet place and share a passionate kiss. Juliet's
Nurse interrupts and when Romeo talks to the nurse, he discovers that Juliet is a
After the party ends, Romeo sneaks into Juliet's garden secretly where he witnesses
Juliet expressing her love for him. He climbs the balcony and they quickly decide to get
married the next day. Romeo seeks help from Friar Laurence to wed them and the Friar
agrees thinking that their love may end the violent war between Capulets and
Montagues. They perform the ceremony and afterwards Juliet returns home. Romeo
catches up with Mercutio and Benvolio but they meet Tybalt and his men on the way.
This starts another violent brawl during which Tybalt stabs Mercutio. Romeo is enraged
and runs after Tybalt seeking revenge. They fight and Romeo slays Tybalt. As the result
of this loss, the Prince banishes Romeo from Verona.
Meanwhile, both families are filled with grief over their losses, especially Juliet. The Friar
sends Romeo to Juliet so he can spend one last night with her. Romeo goes to Juliet
and they consummate their marriage. Romeo leaves in haste the next morning. But
Juliet is shocked when her father brings news of planning to wed Juliet with Count Paris.
Juliet is resistant but her father threatens to disown her if she does not wed Paris. Juliet
goes to Friar Laurence for help, threatening to take her life if the Friar does not have a
solution. The Friar in return, gives her a potion that will put her in a deathlike sleep
temporarily while he will inform Romeo about this and they shall run away together. Juliet
is overjoyed and drinks the potion that night. Her parents are devastated and instead of
her marriage, her funeral is planned. During the funeral, Benvolio sees Juliet and thinks
she is dead and immediately runs off to tell Romeo.
Friar's letter however, does not reach Romeo and Benvolio tells Romeo that Juliet is
dead. Romeo is shocked and devastated and plans to take his life. He buys poison and
goes to Juliet. Paris tries to stop him, but is killed in a sword fight. Romeo kisses Juliet
one last time, then he drinks the potion unaware that Juliet has awakened. Juliet is
overjoyed to see him and they kiss but Romeo suddenly collapses and she finds out that
he took poison and Romeo dies in her arms. The Friar arrives but he is too late. He hears
some guards coming and goes to hold them off. While Juliet is filled with grief, she finds
and stabs herself with Romeo's dagger. The Friar arrives and finds them both dead.
Their funeral is held together and the Capulets and Montagues finally reconcile, ending
their feud.