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Elevators & Escalators : (x SPANISH Ws ady¢ Ll Mall, cll dsleul 22 yall Sry eric arene Cy AORN g Auta ISO Gop po Adlai Belial alle st9 y Cy C95) (pauui ALAN itivcl gl! Jucitlag (yaad @Blgll S| aris LOS pb pga cum By plist + By quo oGil 9 Uae alilge glad jim tolall Bou @ slauitl cuutly Ailuall Art gee (Qe tas be) @ Aotd url eyldis LOS tp pilg edclialls Auotiall cif Liat) g Slates Lib dec Asa ob Vol Sadg ailuw al Gubgi Yel adil 95a alg » Wile teeg Chairman’s acknowledgment We seek to be a leading elevator company in the region in terms of technical, technological and human capital capabilities and we execute various complicated sites with the best specifications and best prices. Our company is committed to deliver the best “ after sales ser- vice “ from maintenance to consultations . We would not have succeeded without our clients’ trust in us and in our products and services Corti Uae ‘SPANISH ELEVATORS & ESCALATORS COMPANY is a private Qatari Owned C in 2012 and is one of the Pioneers & Specialists in Supply, Installation and Maintenance & Services Lifts and Mechanical & Electrical & Escalators of Various international Brands, ; SPANISH ELEVATORS & ESCALATORS COMPANY are specialists in the following: Bi Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Lifts & Escalators in the State of Qatar The Companies that we represent with their Country of Origin are 2s follows: 1 — IMEM=Spain IL SLYASKAWA — China i, PVE=USA (Spain Branch ) vacuum elevator’ IV _VESNA - Turkey {Our Range of Products Include Tower Elevators / Commercial Elevators / Panoramic Elevators / Outdoor Elevators / Escalators of All Kinds Bl We offer a comprehensive range of Scandard Lifts ~ Top quality pre-designed solutions, fully compliant with current European and International Standards & Regulations and capable of resolving all Vertical Transport Requirements in ‘whatever context — from Private Residences to Offices, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Warehouses, Industrial Plants and so on. A SPANISH ELEVATORS COMPANY enjoys an excellent & firm reputation for the Design & Supply of Lifts, which are ‘Custom-Built to sult Special Conditions. Here we assist our customers to accurately define the Particular Lift ‘System that they require and then manufacture it to their exact Specifications. Amongst our most popular products are Special Fire Fighting Lifts/ Super-Sized Lifts / Vandal Resistant Lifts / Corrosion Resistant Lifts / Inclined Lifts / Heavy-Duty Goods Lifts / Vacuum Elevators & Special Communication & Traffic Management Systems. WB Our Engineers have more than ten (10) year experience and our suppliers have almost five decades of hands-on ‘experience in the sector ~ with thousands of lift systems installed and operating across the GCC & Middle East — with well-earned reputation for Reliability, Performance & After Sales Services BAN our Lift Systems and Technological Solutions are designed and manufactured in-house and Integration whi ‘guarantees a Perfect Fit B Our Factories are amongst the Most Sophisticated & Advanced in Europe as dedicated Professionals, we Provide high quality products and our maintenance staff are available 24-hours on call for any kind of Customer Assistance $B We are capable of identifying customer requirements, fulfil their requirements efficiently, and cost effectively. i We have solutions for all complicated installations either technical and mechanical difficulties. {BB SPANISH ELEVATORS COMPANY is an official sub-contractor for some of the biggest elevator companies and we take thelr mega projects like towers and compounds and other major projects.