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Ejercicio 1

Contrastar pasado y presente simple de ”to be”. Completar las frases con:
am / is / are / was / were

1. Last year she was 22, so she _is 23 now.

2. Today the weather _is nice, but yesterday it _was very cold.

3. I _am hungry, Can I have something to eat?

4. I feel fine this morning but I was very tired last night.

5. Where _were you at 11 o'clock last Friday morning?

6. Don't buy those shoes. They _were very expensive.

7. I like your new jacket. _Was it expensive?

8. This time last year I _was in Paris.

9. 'Where _were the children?'

'I don't know. They were in the garden ten minutes ago.'

Ejercicio 2
Pasado simple de to be: was / wasn’t / were / weren’t

1. We weren't happy with the hotel. Our room was very small and it _wasn’t very clean.

2. George _wasn’t at work last week because he was ill. He's better now.

3. Yesterday _was a public holiday so the shops _was closed. They're open today.

4 '. _Were Sue and Bill at the party?'

'Sue _was there but Bill__wasn’t___.’

5 'Where are my keys?'

'I don't know. They _were on the table but they're not there now.'

6 You _weren’t at home last night. Where _were you?

Ejercicio 3
Formula preguntas con las palabras entre paréntesis:

Questions Answers

1. (late / you / this morning / why?) Because the traffic was bad.
Why were you late this morning?___________________________
2. (difficult / your exam?) No, it was easy.
Was difficult your exam?___________________________
3. (last week / where / Ann and Chris?) They were on holiday.
Where were Ann and Chris last week?_____________________________
4. (your new camera / how much?) It cost ₤60.
How much was your new camera?___________________________
5. (angry / you / yesterday / why?) Because you were late.
Why were you angry yesterday?____________________________
6. (nice / the weather / last week?) Yes, it was beautiful.
Was the weather nice last week?___________________________

Ejercicio 4

Mira el dibujo.
Este es Joe ayer por la tarde.

Escribe frases afirmativas y

negativas sobre lo que estaba
(o no) haciendo.

1. (wear / a jacket) He wasn't wearing a


2. (carry / a bag) He was carrying a


3. (go / to the dentist) He wasn't going to the


4. (eat / an ice-cream) He was eating an ice


5. (carry / an umbrella) He wasn't carrying an



6. (go / home) He wasn't going


7. (wear / a hat) He was wearing a


8. (ride / a bicycle) He wasn't ride a


Ejercicio 5
Formula preguntas con las palabras entre paréntesis. En algunos casos falta
también la partícula interrogativa (what , where , when, etc.)

Questions Answers

1. (you / live)
Where were you living _ in 2000? In London.

2. (you / d o)
What were you doing at 2 o'clock? I was asleep.

3. (it / rain)
__Was it raining when you got up? No, it was sunny.

4. (Ann / drive)
Why was Ann driving _ so fast? Because she was in a hurry.

5. (Tim / wear)
Was Tim wearing ____a suit yesterday? No, a T-shirt and jeans.

Ejercicio 6
Contrastar pasado continuo
y pasado simple


2. It_happened (happen) when she _was

painting (paint) her room.

Escribe los verbos entre

paréntesis en pasado simple
o continuo.

1. Carol broke (break) her

arm last week.

3. She fell (fall) off

the ladder.

4. A: What _were you doing (you /do) when the phone rang (ring)?
B: I _was watching_(watch) television.

5. A: Was Jane busy when you went: to see her?

B: Yes, she _was studying (study).

6. A: What time did the post arrive (the post / arrive) this morning?
B: It _came____(come) while I _was having (have) breakfast.

7. A: Was Margaret at work today?

B: No, she didn’t go (not/go) to work. She was ill.

8. A: How fast _were you driving (you / drive) when the police_stoped (stop) you?
B: I don't know exactly but I _wasn’t driving (not / drive) very fast.

9. A: Was your team win (your team / win) the football match yesterday?
B: No, the weather was very bad, so we didn’t play(not / play).

10. A: How did you break (you / break) the window?

B: We _were playing football (play / football. I _kicked (kick) the ball and it _hit
(hit) the window.

11. A: _Dis you see (you / see) Jenny last night?

B: Yes, she _was wearing (wear) a very nice jacket.

12. A: What _were you doing (you / do) at 2 o'clock this morning?
B: I was asleep.

13. A: I _lost (lose) my key last night.

B: How __did you get (you/get) into your room?
A: I _climbed (climb) in through a window.

14. Last night I __was reading (read) in bed when suddenly I __heard (hear) a

15. _Were you watching (you / watch) TV when I called you?

16. Ann _was waiting (wait) for me when I arrived____________(arrive).

17. I __wasn’t driving (not / drive) very fast when the accident _happened (happen).

18. I __broke (break) a plate last night. I __was washing (wash) the dishes when
it__slipped (slip) out of my hand.

19. Tom _was taking (take) a picture of me while I _________wasn’t looking

___________________(not / look).

20. We _didn’t go _(not / go) out because it was raining______________



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