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MCT/MST Lesson Observation

Student teacher’s name: Bashaer Rais Grade Level: grade 1

Unit/Lesson: Animals’ body parts Date: Nov 21,

Competency Area E G S M U
Please tick the boxes using the OVERALL ASSESSMENT LEVEL
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(E = Excellent, G = Good, S = Satisfactory, M = Marginal, U = Unsatisfactory)

Professionalism *
Planning for learning *
(Includes knowledge & understanding of content)
Implementing and Managing Learning *
(Includes behavior management, language, and delivery)
Assessment *
Reflection on Practice *
Overview of the lesson:
Starting off the lesson is extremely important to help students learn the routine and get their day
Establish the rules for all students before each lesson, this reminds them to behave and it can
elevate some behavior problems. Make sure you know the songs for transitions and if your show a
video know all of the words and action of the video. When a teacher knows the song and video
this helps because it vital to be prepared. When you are just standing there it appears that you are
not organized, not prepared, and looked confused.
Vital information and pointers for children in your class:
 Make sure you know their names and if not make name tags.
 If you can’t remember their names, when doing attendance have them say their name and
count slowly these are tips to help you.
 When saying the Doaa have all students cuff their hands.
 When saying the days of the week do not just randomly say the days say the day ask what
day it is and ask the past day or the future day.
 When counting evaluate some children with questions about the class attendance.
 Call upon all students.

Bashayer started her lesson with greeting the students and have a quick overview about the last lesson.
After that she gives brief about the titles of the lesson which was animals’ body parts.

Bashayer explained the groups of animals’ body parts by giving examples of each one and show a
picture of them. Next, you showed the students a video that explain the concept, please make sure
that you don’t depend on the video only, teacher is expected to explain along with it.
After that you did an activity which was taking a card randomly and stick it on the right category. This
activity was very fun and age appropriate for the children. I like that you choose the students who
answer randomly using classdojo this added a touch of excitement for the children.
Next, you started explaining the activity loudly and clearly.
During the activity, you were roaming and monitoring the class closely. Good job.

I liked that you assist students understanding using activity. I also liked that you praise the students
immediately so they all wanted to participate and all were engaged.

Areas for development:

 classroom management

Focus for next lesson:

 Material of the activities.

 Revise the new vocabulary before moving to the next activity