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Yes, an unprecedented time is about to take place, a time of prosperity which has never
happened before, no, not even in past great economic periods in American history and
yes, America has been great. Yet, this time economically it will eclipse all records, even
in other past empires, such as the colonies of Great Britain and even as far back as Rome
itself. Why you ask because it's time. Yes just like the movie “Back to the Future,” we
will go back to the past when we were “the single greatest nation on earth, a nation
blessed by God.” USA Inc. was the manufacturing corporation of the world but tragically
we lost our way, as I have noted before in other publications the good wisdom from Mr.
Green, “When you lose your identity you lose your way.”

We lost even the basic ABC keys of prosperity but temporarily it will be given to us
again, as a reminder of greatness, which long ago was bestowed upon US from on high.
Yes, there is still one more awesomely great accomplishment to be achieved within US.
G R E A T stands for Global Renewable Energy Association Trade. This great agreement
will facilitate the greatness back to our nation, spreading its Economical, Ecological, and
Educational wealth around the world.

#1. Starting with the ABC's of economic growth, Advancing, Building and Creating we
must have educational centers dedicated to accomplishing immediate and long-lasting
success. The communication and education job centers must be universal in design,
operating as a systematic emergency system, established throughout the nation. These
hands-on, upfront and personal training facilities will educate the citizens throughout
the country on what to do and how to do within an emergency disaster or terrorist
attack threat. Moreover, we must at if every day is the national day of preparation, so
we must begin now.

#2. Swift Emergency Facilities serving as job creation career centers for private
companies, various organizations, and government agencies across the country will
utilize these facilities to promote, recruit and hire new personnel. Job seminars will be
conducted on site for new vacancies to be filled within their particular city the centers
are placed.

#3. Establishing new renewable energy facilities industry. The goal is to build across
the country 10,000 renewable energy, communication, education, job community
centers. Citizens working in and around these career training facilities will provide 10
million new jobs nationwide and generate about a trillion dollars in revenue.

The Swift Job Act referring to Arizona, California, and Texas will be the US and
Mexico Joint Venture economic and ecological solution.
Building Renewable Energy facility Homes, Schools, Offices, Medical units,
Portable Farms and Desalinization Systems providing millions of jobs and billions
and you revenue on both sides of the border.

Renewable energy border communities will be established immediately for the

citizens within Mexico and the migrant families traveling throughout. Each
community will house at least 2,000 residents per center, with 400 homes units,
housing 5 members per family. (5 persons per home, times 400 units equals 2,000

US Mexico Joint Venture is titled Swift Job Act.

This building Homes, Educational, Jobs Program establishes new renewable
energy facilities industry on both sides of the border again ACT, Arizona,
California, Texas. The students will institute the program USC
University Saves Country, learning this new renewable energy facilities
technology. Swift (Solar Wind International Technology) students, in turn, will
teach all of the citizens on both sides of the borders as well as the
migrants traveling through Mexico.

SARAP Community Center Facilities will be constructed in and around the grounds
of universities & various schools of higher learning. The students will be paid to
learn and the citizen’s and traveling migrants will be paid to build.

Portable Renewable Energy

Security Wall Systems
The solution to our immigration frustration, the illegal crossing of our borders is
the Swift Security Wall. A Swift system, which will be systematically, established
around all of our borders, especially the porous areas where illegal crossings take
place not just on a daily basis but every hour on the hour. These portable
renewable energy facilities will be set in place having the immediate effect of
stopping the illegal crossings throughout our country. Yes, the wall is now within
the constructive stage, but it is too slow and too costly to be effective, fast
enough, to stop the illegal crossings that take place every minute of the day. Right
now, we need immediate action to establish these Portable Renewable Energy
Security Wall Systems.

(Swift) stands for Solar Wind International Facility Technology. This will be the
wall that is established, throughout the southern border all the way into Texas.
Thousands of border miles will have Swift protection. At the same time, the
laborious, tedious task of putting up the wall will take place. In the meantime, the
Swift Security Wall will serve as a barrier, protecting our borders from being
illegally crossed. At a fraction of the cost, estimated at 30 billion dollars for the
currently planned Security Wall, perhaps less than one percent of the Swift
Security Wall can be established. This Swift action will have an immediate effect
of stamping out illegal crossings in our country.

For example, ten percent of the enormous cost of building the wall is three billion
dollars. In addition, ten percent of three billion is three hundred million.
This is the small estimated cost to establish protection with the Swift Security
Wall for the first 700 miles of border that needs to be protected within our
nation. Furthermore, this Swift Security Wall is the answer to funding the total
cost of the wall. That’s right, all 30 billion plus dollars of it, utilizing this new
technology within the Solar Wind International Facilities Technology, will establish
a new renewable energy facilities industry.

The new Swift Industry will be produced throughout our country, within the cities
and the states providing tens of thousands of new jobs not only in our country but
on the other side of the border. Those Citizens and Migrants who are seeking
work and a new way of life, can attain life and establish a new economic-
ecological way of life, on the other side of the border.
The Swift System will provide the necessities life for themselves and their families,
collaborating up with the United States as we now have with Mexico and we have
established in Canada. All nations can inaugurate this new Renewable Energy
Facilities Industry within their own country headed by the United States.

The Swift Renewable Energy Facility Technology Security Wall will consist of
containerized systems placed side by side which run on renewable energy. No
need to be hooked up to any outside power source will provide the continuous
protective system within. The Swift Wall Security can patrol the border from one
end to the other. The confines of an above ground tunnel system, provided by the
facilities which are connected one by one, form the complete facility throughout
the many cities and states where the border runs.

Again, the cost is less than one percent of the current estimates for the Security
Wall. Yet this Swift Security Wall will fund the proposed wall at the same time
protecting our borders now swiftly. This is a critical point.
Homeland Security must immediately attain these facilities to put the nation to
work, on both sides of the border, desperately crossing over risking injury, their
limbs, their very lives to cross over.

Again, now the first stage of the Border can be protected and secured for well
under 300 million dollars. Plus 1,400 BPO (Border Protection Office) Command
Centers will be set up; 2 BPO units per mile, 1 every 4 blocks along the 700 miles
of Borders. These Green, Zero-Grid Command Centers operates on renewable
energy. Moreover, at no extra cost to the Government, 4,200 new Border Officer
Agents (2 per office) will be hired. Utilizing military personnel coming home to
work as civilians will help protect the nation within, from outside enemies of The

The Homeland Security agency family (some 22 members and counting) must now
come together as a family.

All members must communicate closely and seamlessly with each other to
proficiently protect the nation citizens with a 100% success rate. Anything under
100% complete protection success is unacceptable. The best way to achieve this
Mission Impossible Success is bringing all major agencies (Local & Federal) under
one roof, working side by side to maintain Protection Perfection.

When all hands are on deck and all eyes on board (or Borders) the invisible
becomes visible; then the only ones remaining in the dark is the enemy, ready to
be captured (example- Zero Dark Thirty). Communicating openly, sharing
common and crucial information as families do daily, around the dinner table, is a
tried and tested method, capturing random, but critical INTEL; yes even that
which is running along a marathon route ready to EXPLODE.

Establishing this Swift Security Wall throughout our borders gives critical stability,
economically and ecologically. We are looking forward to working with Homeland
Security and the rest of the nation especially our joint venture with the new US
MCA – US Mexico Canada Agreement.

The Swift Job ACT Infrastructure Credit Fund will pay the entire $25 Billion plus
Border Wall expense. The purchase of 1.68 million renewable energy facilities
sold and utilized by the US government, Military, Homeland Security and other
agencies will provide all the funds needed. This simple solution will provide all of
the Border Wall funds needed and provide tens of thousands of career jobs and
educational opportunities for the future.

The basic cost of each renewable energy facility structure is $63,000. Again the
goal is for the United States government to utilize 1.68 million portable
renewable energy facilities of which $16,800 in Infrastructure Credits per unit will
go to facilitate paying the border wall cost. 16,800 times $1.68 million
equals $28,244,000,000.

The Swift Job ACT Infrastructure Credit Fund will also pay for the SARAP (Strategic
Advantage Redevelopment Aspirational Project.)
Community centers will be constructed on the Mexican side of the border
providing emergency housing for 24000 migrants. These community centers
established within the swift job ACT states, Arizona, California and Texas. At least
12 centers will be shared within the borders state areas.

Designed and Manufactured as Green, Zero Grid, Resident Communities, will be

able to easily accommodate 2000 people, therefore 12 community residence
equals 24000 people. The majority of the facilities will be placed where the most
migrant population is. Portable Renewable Energy Community
Facilities includes Homes, Schools, Offices, Medical Units, Stores, and Portable
Farms. The US and Mexico Joint Venture will bless both countries to build a New
Renewable Energy. Facilities Industry, together, exporting the Swift (Solar Wind
International Facilities Technology) throughout the global community. The Swift
Job ACT accomplishes at least a million + jobs on both sides of the border and
billions in new revenue all goals accomplish, without legislation frustration and
funds the wall.

The Swift Peace Plan Building

Renewable Energy Communities

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Portable Renewable Energy Facilities Homes, Schools, Offices, Medical Unit,

Stores, and Portable Farm.
400 Renewable Energy Homes
The 400 homes will house approximately 2000 people; five persons per household.
(Today's average family per household). Again, all facilities operate on renewable
energy utilizing the ESP monolith system which will run all the electrical
applications inside.
1. All renewable energy units solar and battery power system.
2. All homes are furnished with shelving drawer structures.
3. Homes include a master bedroom set complete linen accessories.
4. Two sets of bunk beds complete with linen accessories.
5. Bedroom drawers and shelving structures within.
6. Bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet.
7. All basic bathroom accessories included.
8. Kitchenette unit with electric stove, rice cooker, refrigerator & freezer unit.

9. Family room with couch, table& chairs for five

10. Two awnings, 30ft. each almost double floor space.

Each SARAP facility includes a separate (ESP) Energy Solar Power. The 7.5square meter
power system integrates with solar panels on top of the home facility which back-ups
the renewable-battery system. The supply of water is a purified desalinization water
system, including fresh and grey water tanks, supplying clean purified water
throughout the kitchen, shower, and bathroom.
The SARAP Food Stores also operate on renewable energy utilizing the same ESP
monolith system. The SARAP facilities will include twelve individual outlets built side
by side.
1. Portable Farms Harvest Fish & Growing Produce
2. Farmers Market fruits & vegetables
3. 3. Bakery & Water store. Bread & Purified water
4. Meat, poultry and fish store
5. Rice, flour and Corn store
6. Personal vendor Electronic outlet
7. Internet SARAP Coffee & Tea Shop
8. Convenience store
9. Franchise rental Fast food store
10. General apparel& sportswear store
11. Lydia’s sewing & Knitting fabric apparel outlet
12. Management & Maintenance Office.

2. Official SARAP Center Offices The four official offices constructed side by side.
Administration Office, Security office, Police Office or Detention Unit and Local
Goverment office.

3. The SARAP School facilities. The school center consists of 12 individual unit
buildings designed side by side as one complete facility. Official homeschool classes
will be conducted from grade 1 to 12. This online educational system will be certified
by professional teacher and instructors qualified to teach each class level. Also for
adults who have not finished their basic education up to the high school level will have
an opportunity to complete this education. Certified GED General Educational
Diploma or equivalent certificate will be provided upon completion. Moreover; a basic
medical first aid clinic will also be conducted on this site attached to the school center.
Again, one teacher for every grade level will instruct the students online. An
educational webinar will be conducted for each educational level for all students;

even a night school learning system will be designed for adults to help complete
their educational level needs. Qualified volunteer teachers will utilize professional
prescribe study books and booklets given to educate the students.
4. The Playground Park Area includes; Sandbox, Sliding system, Swings sets and
Climbing bars. Total square footage is 752 square meters.
5. Internet Satellite System This Worldemergency Satellite system is a combination
provides utilizing mobile phone & Internet service connectivity. Optional Individual
home services available
6. Two Volleyball court Professional size volleyball court provided for all residents of
the center to utilized
7. Two Tennis court Professional size Tennis court provided for all residents of the
center to utilized
8. Comfort room for Men & Women Multiple showers, washroom and toilet
facilities for men & women will be provided for recreational park user.
9. Olympic Pool Professional size Olympic pool provided for all residents of the
center to utilized
10. Two basketball court Professional size Basketball court provided for all residence
of the center to utilized
11. Workout Health Club Centers include 5 units with middle office
1. Aerobics room
2. Cycling room
3. Main office for Membership
4. Elliptical room
5. Free weight workout room
Total Building Structures
Store 468 square meter
Official office 156 square meter
Schools 468 square meter
Park 752 square meter
Internet Satellite 39 square meter
Volleyball court 146 square meters each x2 = 292 square meter
Tennis court 196 square meters each x 2 =392 square meter
Comfort room 39 square meter
Olympic pool 375 square meter
Basketball court 435 square meters x2 =870 square meter
Health Club center 195 square meter
House 15,600 square meter TOTAL 19,646 square meters or 4.8 ACRE

USC will establish a nationwide building plan; students will develop emergency
portable facilities all which will operate on renewable energy. Manufacturing
New Homes, Schools, Offices, Emergency Medical units, Portable Farms,
Portable Water Desalinization Units, and Renewable Energy Fuel Stations will be
the Global Goal.
Seven new structures will be created, within this New Facilities Industry. All units
will be solid steel containerized structures, erected from flat pack designed
systems. Basic facilities can be set up in a matter of hours; yet most units will be
capable to withstand an approximate 9.0 earthquake or about a million pounds of
pressure, with minimal Structural damage.
Top of the line technology will be intergraded
throughout the designs, including multiple renewable
energy systems. New Homes, Schools, Offices,
Emergency Medical units, Portable Farms, Portable
Water Desalinization Units, and Renewable Energy Fuel Stations will be Zero-Grid
Green Facilities, without the need to be hooked up to any outside local power

The mobility benefit of these housing systems is essential; when an earthquake,

fire, flood or civil unrest takes place, you will be able to move units from the
threaten area, and move back when the crisis is over.
This New Portable Facilities Industry will prove to be a critical necessity, for our
Country and the entire Global Community; economically and ecologically.
Worldwide the desperate need after an unnatural disaster, for portable facilities
operating on its own renewable energy source, in critical cases, could be the
difference between life and death. Such as the unthinkable tragedy which took
place within the Philippines, the need for emergency medical units and a whole
host of multiple use shelters was sadly lacking. At this moment, a plethora of
Global disasters are taking place; even within we must prepare for the
calamities to come.
“The future is now, and as a nation we must jump in now, before it’s too late,
allowing our future to pass by will prove catastrophic.”
A Massive Manufacturing Building Boom will start on the Campus of USC
(University of Southern California.) Students will train, working with Joint venture
construction companies; along with conducting USC Energy Development Classes
across the Country, providing jobs and new revenue, unprecedented in our time.
The New USC will stand for University Saves Country.

The USC (PRE) Portable Renewable Energy

Watchmen Program

Building begins with projects for the 22 agencies of Homeland Security- the New
Facilities Industry will rapidly expand across the Country. Enlisting other
universities nationwide (construction & school joint ventures) developing
Emergency Portable Operation Units will provide multifunctional mobile

command centers when basic offices come under threat or inoperable due to
unnatural disasters.
Yet, we all understand the direst need today is to provide more security for our
borders, and a helping solution for those who are desperate to cross. In fact,
solving the latter will be beneficial for all Border States and the millions of Citizens
on the other side of the fence. In fact, this USC Watchmen Program will do just
that, build the badly needed Border Fence. That’s right all 700 miles built; at a
fraction of the reported cost, utilizing the same renewable energy materials for
the facilities. Also, we will build a new profitable economy on the other side as
well; the solution begins with a Joint Venture with Mexico.
Because all Nations need the basic necessities of life, Food, Clothes and Shelter &
Medical Aid, Mexico too will aid building shelters and become a major
partner. Providing Living Wage Jobs for Citizens where they live, there they will
stay and those who fled will return. Again USC will lead the developing way,
teaching students domestically and internationally, how to Fish Economically;
learning the ABCs of business, Advancing, Building & Creating.
Moreover “serious security concerns within must be fixed; our very
vulnerable, aging grid will be the death of unless fixed.” Truthfully a
massive overhaul must take place. Yet before that goes into full swing, the Nation
must wean itself off the grid. Therefore “a Nationwide Renewable Energy
Building System must immediately be established; this is The USC Watchmen
Program, foundational plan.” Building from Coast to Coast AM Emergency
Information Communication Centers; all operating on Renewable Energy Sources,
Zero- Grid, Green Facilities will begin the weaning process. All centers will have
hardened utility installations, providing protection from a debilitating EMP attack.
“The goal is to establish 10 thousand, Emergency Economic Job Training
Renewable Energy Centers, which will provide nationwide 10 million New Jobs
and generate 1 trillion dollars in New Revenue; and yes this is a conservative

The Emergency Information Communication Job

Training Renewable Economic Centers

The Information Centers will include departmental offices for the local and
federal agencies, working side by side. “This Emergency team will give a helping
hand, providing vital information on what to do and how to do, within a disaster
or terrorist attack threat.” Locally the Police, Fire Department, Search and Rescue
Teams and Federally, Homeland Security, FEMA the CDC and other vital agencies
will provide the crucial help needed.
“The best part of these portable renewable energy communication community
centers, is “they're all paid for,” by the department store corporations which
sponsor them.” Again stores like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes Improvement
Store, Sears, Target, Costco, and many others even internationally, will gladly give
up their cash to build and house them, on their parking lot structures.
Why you ask? Because they will greatly increase in business sales and receive a
larger share of revenue than was paid to sponsor them. All Housing Facilities will
be on display for sale. Rich revenue generated not just in the millions, but billions
will pour out as the magnet of activity and opportunity is concentrated, at all
store locations where the Job Training Community Centers rest.
Breakdown Structure of Sponsors: The department store corporations which
sponsor these facilities will pay the construction companies to build them. The
construction companies will be mandated to work with local Colleges, Universities
and Higher Learning Institutions. The students attending these facilities will help
build all community centers, on the very grounds where they learn. Schools will,
in turn, conduct onsite and online training classes, internationally.

“A New Portable Facilities Industry will be born.” Understand all these

renewable energy units are designed as an individual container, steel structures;
also the entire facility will be a Ferret Box design, intergraded into every unit for
extra protection against EMP attacks. All units are connected together and placed
side by side to form one complete center.

The Swift Peace Plan will reconcile the negative energy of the Nations
into a positive outflow of energy, starting from one community,
spreading throughout the nation and building internationally, working
together in cooperation for the good of all.

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The solution reconciling the current crisis of mistrust, All Nations to a degree are
experiencing, is to come together with one common goal, working on a single project
which has a Global Green Theme, beneficial to all. Now agreed, this sounds
simplistic and corny, yet now the global crisis is too great to be concerned how warm
and fuzzy it sounds. Usually, Simple Solutions are the most successful, economically,
ecologically but more importantly, spiritually.

Building Bonds of Trust

The distrust that many within the minority community have and even an uneasiness,
perhaps the majority of citizens have, with authorities, namely the police can only be
eased with mutual respect, flowing from all sides. “Without trust, you have mistrust,
at the least, an unhealthy dose of skepticism, Unchecked, this breeds fear and
panic on all sides.”
A great way to achieve the trust which brings calm is first, good communication.
A faithful start, of simply learning the names of one another will lead to working
together, living as allies, rebuilding our community, and then relying upon one
another to keep us all safe. The vital need for safety is what we all have in common,
along with the need of providing for our families, with living wage jobs, and working
in a secure, peaceful environment. The building of renewable energy facility centers
will be a nationwide Economical, Ecological and Educational vehicle to achieve this
Renewable Energy Communication Centers
The Communication Training Job Centers will be comprised of individual
containerized structures, laid side-by-side to form one complete facility. Within each
unit, there will be an official office, representing the basic First Responders, locally
the Police, Fire department, Search-and-rescue teams, federally, Homeland Security,
FEMA, the CDC, and other vital agencies.
These Public, First Responder, Communication Centers will be utilized for just that,
communicating with the public. The citizens living in and around the centers will
come and communicate with all emergency authority officers, receiving helpful
information on what to do and how to do in a terrorist attack or threat. Vital
understanding must directly be given along with emergency booklets, flyers and also
with Hands-On Instructors.
The centers will provide basic training classes for all disasters, regarding
earthquakes, fires, floods and civil unrest. This essential emergency training will
increase the preparedness numbers of those first second and third responders,
with basic first aid knowledge they can work as volunteer citizens, communicating,
helping and assisting hand-in-hand with these officials on a daily basis.
The Economical, Ecological benefits
Economically and Ecologically the benefit of these renewable energy centers will also
be an enormous reconciliation factor. Again, all containerized units laid side-by-side

forming one center will be completely run by renewable energy, operated as a grid-
less facility, not hooked up to any outside local power sources. Moreover, built next
to these facilities will be a display of a home, school, office, emergency medical unit,
and portable farm. That’s right, producing organically grown produce and
harvesting fresh fish locally will be another economical, ecological dividend in
which many organic produce, food stores have been begging for.
Zero-Grid, Green, renewable energy facility structures are what the citizens will
build, providing homes and shelters for all citizens in need, especially the homeless
and the refugees worldwide. Developing millions of living wage jobs for a whole
new industry, not just building a stronger middle class, but, breeding a whole new
class of wealthy entrepreneurs throughout the nation, will be accomplished.
All citizens working in and around these Energy Communication Centers, together
with all local and Federal First Responders will not only build this new Renewable
Energy Facilities Industry but also, we will build a trust, a secure confidence,
establishing working relationships, having cooperation with all first responder
authorities because they will then, simply be known as our Co-workers Friends and
The goal is to establish 10,000 Emergency, Renewable
Energy, Communication, Community Centers within the nation and many thousands
more throughout the global community. Regarding potential terrorist attacks and
threats, complete cooperation and information-sharing within all local and federal
agencies throughout the International Community, utilizing these emergency
facilities will shine a Global Spotlight on planned terrorist activity.
The basic costs for each completed center will be $16.8 million. However, the
projected earnings for just the corporate sponsorship funds alone will be about $25
million per quarter, which adds up to $100 million, of new Revenue, annually.
Moreover, this Watchman Program once funded, will continue to fund itself and
many other crucial, infrastructure projects as well. 10,000 completed, renewable
energy centers placed throughout the country will generate over a trillion dollars in
new revenue on an annual basis.
Universal problems solved with Unification Community Centers
Three critical needs throughout America and the International Community is Jobs,
Budgets, National Security, these Threats are addressed in detail, within the
publication “Reconciling Us or Revolution.” Also, great aid is needed for the refugee
crisis (multiple millions displaced from their homes) and help for various diseases
and virus epidemics. Now, the Swift Peace Program will be the economic, ecological

solution, working with (GEP) Global Emergency Provisions and strengthen with many
financial institutions, throughout the United States and the global community. Yet,
the immediate need, throughout the nation, critically, within the inner-cities, is

Bank institutions establishing joint venture partnerships, funding Renewable Energy

projects and exchanging re-valued currencies globally, will build this New Renewable
Facilities Industry. International partners, like The UN EAR Alliance, (The United
Nations, Europe, America, Russia), will also be sponsors of this new industry,
Working with the USC (University Saves Country), Students will build renewable
energy units, providing millions of jobs with a new economic, ecological way of life.

The Community Unification Centers will be housed by the local and federal
authorities, locally the Police, Fire department, Search & Rescue teams and federally,
Homeland Security, FEMA, CDC, and other vital agencies. Officials working with the
public will teach preparedness, for earthquakes, fires, floods, civil unrest, including
terrorist attacks and threats. All portable renewable Department of Energy facilities
will be placed, also with displays of a home, school, office, emergency medical unit,
and portable Farms, at store property locations, where citizen's shop, work and live.

Corporations such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe's Home improvement store,

Sears, Target, Costco, Sam's Club, and stores internationally will sponsor, establishing
them within their parking lot structures, providing new Renewable Energy Products,
in high global demand. The successful production of this new industry will be a global
magnet, of opportunity and activity in and around all emergency, information
centers. The Abbot Downing Financial Trio will be established as a new nationwide,
economical, ecological infrastructure, financing this trillion dollar, renewable energy,
facilities industry.
The most successful economical way to wipe out the people’s debt and to provide
prosperity for the people is the Puerto Rico, Debt relief & Watchmen Program
Building Plan.

The ALA Ambassador Alliance (America, Latin America,

Africa) The Watchmen Program Solution for Security
and all Economical & Ecological Problems

#1. Encouraging news came from the US African business conference, co-hosted
by Bloomberg Philanthropies, with the U.S. Department of Commerce in NY, and
the African forum, in Los Angeles, hosted by Congresswoman Karen Bass. It was
very beneficial and yes, successful differences have been made. Yet desperately,
more help is needed. We must teach philanthropy, right down to the common
citizen, bringing them up as newly, baptized successful philanthropist. The ALA
Alliance will help to achieve this. Membership is not exclusive all past & present
Ambassadors are eligible, they will receive educational and financial opportunities
to help citizens in need.

#2. Tragically, the growing needs in America, Latin America and especially Africa
are too great, the process of achieving success is too slow, outstripping the noble
efforts of the very few. The work is overwhelming, it's like pouring a teaspoon of
sugar, in the sea, hoping against hope, and all citizens might eventually get a
taste. Not only is the so-called “Sweet Life,” lacking in many parts of the 52 plus
nations in Africa, it’s been missing in action, for my entire 52 years of life. The
basic, necessities of life, food, clothes, shelter and emergency first aid, is sadly
considered a great luxury, let alone a necessity, in too many areas throughout the

#3. Solving this International crisis in all countries, has a basic solution, with one
hand, helping the other. Utilizing a little ingenuity, simple economic and
ecological actions will energize all nations, giving the citizens within, not only a
helping hand but finally, a healthy, long-lasting taste of the sweet life. Yes, it may
sound corny but for those finally tasting it for the first time, they won’t mind. The
ALA, America, Latin America, Africa Alliance nations which used to be literally
joined to the hip geographically will be reunited with a new, Renewable Energy
Facilities Industry. An international joint venture will be established, one hand
helping the other, economically and ecologically, spreading the wealth

#4. The ALA, Watchmen Program Alliance will begin this renewable energy
facilities industry, internationally, in seven key areas. America will begin design
operations in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Puerto Rico. The Latin America building
operations will start in Mexico and Cuba. Africa’s manufacturing and assembly
operations will start in Ghana and Gabon. From these central Ambassador
Alliance, production hubs, manufacturing, and assembly will spread throughout
every city, state and territory internationally. The Watchman Program is a global
plan, providing homes, not just for the homeless in the United States but refugees
displaced from their homes, throughout the International Community.

#5. Building portable, renewable energy facilities, into homes, schools, offices,
emergency medical units and portable Farms will be some of the many products
manufactured and utilize within the ALA Ambassador Alliance and successfully
sold, throughout the International Community. Every member, within The
Alliance, will mutually benefit. The Department of Renewable Energy, providing
Facility Kits will be manufactured within the United States. Latin America will
assemble facilities with new design additions, according to ordered specifications.
Africa will provide building materials, as well as manufacturing enhancements for
all facility structures. Our success is globally built in because our global customer
list is growing.

#6. Critical, instant, infrastructure facilities, strongly built and portable, utilizing
renewable energy, is what’s highly sought-after by corporations and government
agencies worldwide; again, giving us instant international marketability and a
clientele list with endless success. Many oil-producing nations and members of
OPEC are planning for the future, seeking a new form of revenue, apart from oil.
The future of Smart, Renewable Energy Facilities, an industry producing trillions in
new revenue is today. The Global Community will proactively prosper becoming
greener and cleaner, beyond the old Kyoto Protocol or even the new Paris
Environmental Agreement. All nations must actively prepare, alarming terrorist
attacks & cyber threats solidify the safety needs of Homeland Security, with
backup data, portable emergency facility offices.

#7. Homeland Security consists of at least 22 agencies, which includes FEMA and
the CDC (Centers Disease Control) all needing now, portable emergency operation

Note: USC (PREP) Centers. In addition, Emergency Management Agency inclement

weather needs demand these portable emergency facilities, to be on hand, ready
to go. Bigger typhoons and hurricanes names, then Matthew are on the way.
Frankly Speaking, we must be concerned about Mark, Luke, and John because a
smorgasbord of emergency disasters, of biblical proportions, are coming and we
must be prepared. International marketing services by the US Department of
Commerce will be a great assistance. They will conduct Trade show, Matchmaker
Missions and global conferences, displaying these portable, renewable energy
facilities, near the 200-plus United States embassies, commercial section and
consulate offices around the world. Global clients will include the UN EAR, United
Nations, the World Food Bank as well as allied military base installations

#8. Moreover, built-in, within this economic job-creation plan, is an awesome

source of funding for emergency projects worldwide. For example, embedded
within, is the Debt Relief and ZIKA Watchmen program funding plan. This funding
includes not just wiping out Puerto Rico's debt but also leaving a surplus within
each bank account, for every citizen. And the entire ZIKA funding request of
nearly two billion dollars will also be provided. Also, two billion for the prop HHH,
(homes, help, Hope) City Council homeless initiative, in Los Angeles will find its
full funding within this plan. Yes, this means no new taxes, no new spending plan
or programs cuts needed. Special aid is included for the HDR 3484, leasing act
housing for veterans that are homeless. And yes, financial aid funds for future
emergency declarations are structured within. Now, the who, what, when, why,
where and how we pay for it all, it's within the publication “Reconciling Us or
revolution.” Format links, (PDF) and (Audio).

#9. Please note, veterans coming home as civilians will be prime candidates
working with Federal and local authorities, providing information, understanding
and protection within the Economic Community Unification Centers throughout
the nation. Moreover, Chicago and other cities internationally will receive
funding, for similar projects, which will help their citizens within the inner cities.
Provided will be highly skilled job education opportunities, for highly paid jobs,
building renewable energy facilities. Even minimum wages for entry-
level positions will start at $16.80 per hour. Job education programs for those
currently incarcerated, approved by the city and soon to be released, can also

#10. We must synchronize students internationally with knowledge and

understanding, providing the basic necessities of life, so globally, we can sustain
life. USC (University Saves Country), Students worldwide, learning and becoming
entrepreneurs, building beneficial Enterprises is the key. Teaching philanthropy
will be the future success, practicing the way of giving and striving to live it, as a
way of life is the goal. Again one hand helping the other will assure and continue
the Alliance profitable success. Building this new renewable facilities industry with
the ALA Alliance Watchman Program will build borderless philanthropist, funding
global good works, as newly established Ambassador Philanthropist. This
economic and ecological plan will be an unprecedented Global Action never seen
in the history of man. And it's about time we change our Global attitude and
make history.

#11. Globally we have a world of problems, and in Us (the United States) we're
very un-united, we must face it, officially declared or not, we are in a state of
emergency. And not, just with earthquakes, fires, floods and civil unrest, but,
addressing the issues of discrimination, along with a Great Grand Canyon of
divisions, like the rich vs. the poor, this can and must be fixed. We all have the
same, simple noble goals of living safely with our families and raising our children
within a healthy, peaceful environment. Achieving this noble goal is also simple,
the key is working together. Since we're truly looking within our society to get our
sanity back, we must sincerely watch each other's back and The Watchman
program does just that. The Growing Green Theme, building a new economic,
ecological, educational, renewable energy, facilities industry is the solution.

#12. The (GEP) Global Emergency Provisions mission statement: Our goal,
throughout all Alliance areas, is to become the central disaster provider, of
shelters, emergency supplies & equipment, for earthquakes, fires, floods, and civil
unrest. And future extended emergency, Ambassador Alliance areas will service
Asia, from the Philippines and provide for Europe, from the UK and Ukraine. And
we will serve the Middle East from Jordan.

Honored Eulogy of
Donald J Trump
A Prophetic list of Triumphant Accomplishments,
History in Advance
Number 45, President Donald J Trump the most Economically, Ecologically,
Successful President in the history of the United States.

Successfully doing what most said could not be done. President 45, boldly,
renegotiated the inadequate, out-of-date, Nafta trade agreement deal.

The signing of his education policy bill and joint venture trade deals with Mexico
and other Latin American countries have proven to be Greatly profitable; Yes,
prolific in nature.

This Art of the Deal Maker made victorious joint ventures, which helped
educate, employ millions and inspire thousands of entrepreneurs across the
country and thousands more throughout the international community.

The new US MCA – US Mexico Canada Agreement, not only blessed Living Wage
Jobs, for Citizens & Migrants on all sides of the borders, building Cars, but also
new Homes, Schools, Offices, Emergency Medical Units, and Portable farms.

Under leadership of President 45 a New Renewable Energy Facilities Industry

was born. Smart and delicious ( community facility centers
were established for citizens and migrants on both sides of the border.

Successfully building the Border Wall, in keeping with his campaign

contract, with the Citizens within US; to help protect from outside enemies of
the State.

Number 45, a president in office who had the audacity to keep his campaign
promises made as a candidate, auditioning for the job.

Never holding a single political office, seemingly, single-handedly helped exit

stage right, 16 prominent, long-time career politicians; one by one from the
presidential campaign.

Yet, with Divine help, one by one, as the brutal campaign came to an end, and
bruised egos begin to heal, one by one, almost all give him thanks and praise for
successfully leading the nation back from the brink.

Under President Donald Trump's Prophetic Economic Leadership, our nation

became the world's top energy exporter, not just oil but renewable energy
Made in the USA, products and services.

Prophetically, pronouncing on the campaign trail, his administration would win,

win, and win. Winning he did, with one domestic negotiation deal after the other
and one international trade deal after the other; winning the sincere respect of
his critics and the admiring love of his supporters.

The miraculous, blessed win from on High, revealed a Weaponized Deep State,
utilizing old Gestapo, police state tactics, which spied on political opponents
to demise and dispose of them.

With President Trump’s directive, Homeland Security finds election fraud; stolen election
deceptions, by defective, deep state officials, supplanting fake ballots, circumventing the will
of the people.

Daring to drain the swamp, 45 defied the Deep State, by pulling the plug on
their domestic and globalization agenda, uncovering the swampy, sinister secrets
of the shadow government.

Free speech with Judeo-Christian values, if spoken was becoming costly, lawsuits
(to bake or not to bake) sprung up and religious freedom defeats were baked in,

by politicians, electing judges to legislate from the bench. Thankfully some

Christ-like religious freedoms were restored.

Under the Administration of 45, judges were elected which judge by the
law, those who understand “truth is better than emotion.” Before 45 irrational,
insane judgments were being held up as virtuous decisions.

Now, since that unfaithful day, President John F Kennedy was killed, 11 22nd 1963
yes, the author of this eulogy was born, within my lifetime there has not been a
more successful president in my 55 years of life.

In my book, The Tribulation Age of 42, I wrote high praise about former
president #40 Ronald Reagan and #43 George W Bush, Video Link. Yet, they're
greatness won't compare.

Perhaps the profound remarks of Senator Orrin Hatch will ring true; "We’re
going to keep fighting to make this the greatest president we’ve seen not only in
generations but maybe ever."

As candidate Trump glided down the escalator announcing his presidential race, a
great many outside of his party opposed him and sadly, too many within; still, he
was successful and escalated up to the Presidential Office.

Even in the midst of great opposition and political enemy warfare, still he was
successful, ringing true with his name, President Trump was very Triumphant with
the migrant crisis.

Triumphant with the Russian crisis, Triumphant with the North Korean crisis,
Triumphant with the China trade war crisis, Triumphant with the Iran crisis, along
with a plethora of Middle East country crisis, Yes, even successfully triumphant
with his faithful promise to make ‘America Great Again’

This reflection in the legacy of President Trump is embedded within a

publication proposal, called Swift Peace Plan.
Funding and Building the Wall will build and Fund Renewable Peaceful
Communities, not both sides of our Borders but International as well.