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Honored Eulogy of

Donald J Trump
A Prophetic list of Triumphant Accomplishments,
History in Advance
Number 45, President Donald J Trump the most Economically, Ecologically,
Successful President in the history of the United States.

Successfully doing what most said could not be done. President 45, boldly,
renegotiated the inadequate, out-of-date, Nafta trade agreement deal.

The signing of his education policy bill and joint venture trade deals with Mexico
and other Latin American countries have proven to be Greatly profitable; Yes,
prolific in nature.

This Art of the Deal Maker made victorious joint ventures, which helped
educate, employ millions and inspire thousands of entrepreneurs across the
country and thousands more throughout the international community.

The new US MCA – US Mexico Canada Agreement, not only blessed Living Wage
Jobs, for Citizens & Migrants on all sides of the borders, building Cars, but also
new Homes, Schools, Offices, Emergency Medical Units, and Portable farms.

Under leadership of President 45 a New Renewable Energy Facilities Industry

was born. Smart and delicious ( community facility centers
were established for citizens and migrants on both sides of the border.
Successfully building the Border Wall, in keeping with his campaign
contract, with the Citizens within US; to help protect from outside enemies of
the State.

Number 45, a president in office who had the audacity to keep his campaign
promises made as a candidate, auditioning for the job.

Never holding a single political office, seemingly, single-handedly helped exit

stage right, 16 prominent, long-time career politicians; one by one from the
presidential campaign.

Yet, with Divine help, one by one, as the brutal campaign came to an end, and
bruised egos begin to heal, one by one, almost all give him thanks and praise for
successfully leading the nation back from the brink.

Under President Donald Trump's Prophetic Economic Leadership, our nation

became the world's top energy exporter, not just oil but renewable energy
Made in the USA, products and services.

Prophetically, pronouncing on the campaign trail, his administration would win,

win, and win. Winning he did, with one domestic negotiation deal after the other
and one international trade deal after the other; winning the sincere respect of
his critics and the admiring love of his supporters.

The miraculous, blessed win from on High, revealed a Weaponized Deep State,
utilizing old Gestapo, police state tactics, which spied on political opponents
to demise and dispose of them.

With President Trump’s directive, Homeland Security finds election fraud; stolen
election deceptions, by defective, deep state officials, supplanting fake ballots,
circumventing the will of the people.

Daring to drain the swamp, 45 defied the Deep State, by pulling the plug on
their domestic and globalization agenda, uncovering the swampy, sinister secrets
of the shadow government.
Free speech with Judeo-Christian values, if spoken was becoming costly, lawsuits
(to bake or not to bake) sprung up and religious freedom defeats were baked in,
by politicians, electing judges to legislate from the bench. Thankfully some
Christ-like religious freedoms were restored.

Under the Administration of 45, judges were elected which judge by the
law, those who understand “truth is better than emotion.” Before 45 irrational,
insane judgments were being held up as virtuous decisions.

Now, since that unfaithful day, President John F Kennedy was killed, 11 22nd 1963
yes, the author of this eulogy was born, within my lifetime there has not been a
more successful president in my 55 years of life.

In my book, The Tribulation Age of 42, I wrote high praise about former
president #40 Ronald Reagan and #43 George W Bush, Video Link. Yet, they're
greatness won't compare.

Perhaps the profound remarks of Senator Orrin Hatch will ring true; "We’re
going to keep fighting to make this the greatest president we’ve seen not only in
generations but maybe ever."

As candidate Trump glided down the escalator announcing his presidential race, a
great many outside of his party opposed him and sadly, too many within; still,
he was successful and escalated up to the Presidential Office.

Even in the midst of great opposition and political enemy warfare, still he was
successful, ringing true with his name, President Trump was very Triumphant
with the migrant crisis.

Triumphant with the Russian crisis

Triumphant with the North Korean crisis

Triumphant with the China trade war crisis

Triumphant with the Iran crisis, along with a plethora of Middle East country
Yes, even successfully triumphant with his faithful promise to make ‘America
Great Again’

This reflection in the legacy of President Trump is embedded within a

publication proposal, called Swift Peace Plan.
Funding and Building the Wall will build and Fund Renewable Peaceful
Communities, not both sides of our Borders but International as well.