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Data Collection Methodology Template

Michelle Stevens .

Research Question/Topic: What are Best Inclusive Practices in Small Inclusive


Data Collection Plan

Data Source Timeline/Plan for Intended Learning/Purpose Adaptations/Changes made
Collection during Data Collection Period
Ongoing search for and Through the literature, I
use of professional intend to learn about my The literature I have used has
Professional literature to inform my topic, and what’s current in helped me gain a broader
Literature work throughout the the field. I also plan to learn insight into the methods,
semester. from other researchers’ views and policies that are
approaches to data collection based on inclusive practices
and to see how their findings
may be similar to or different
than the findings from my
study. Sub-topics for my
literature include:
* What Inclusion means

*Quality Inclusive Practices

*Foundations of Inclusion

*Practices that support


*Practices that support


* The Law about Inclusive


* Factors that identify High

Quality Inclusive Programs
Observations will be used to
Observations/ Begin week 1 document adaptations that
notes Ongoing until the end are made to the physical As of October25 several
of week 6 space. observations have been
Adult/ Child Interaction will completed for the research.
be observed. I used a Piccolo form as a tool
Peer interactions will be for interaction. I have started
observed. using the TPOT assessment
Implementation of learning tool a little each time to gain
program will be observed. a better view of each adults
Observations of children communication methods and
during free play. peer interactions between
Communication between the children I will continue
teachers and children to do observations during
Large and small group small group activities
activities will be observed
Methods for handling
challenging behaviors will be
Resources in the classroom
Resources Beginning week 2- or facility will be gathered to Resources in the classrooms
ongoing until week 5 evaluate what is available to are being documented based
support inclusive practices : on the FCERs scales focusing
Classroom visual supports on the learning environment
Assistive technology section
Adapted play and classroom I used the
Teacher reference materials
Universal Design curriculum

Parents, teachers given brief The brief surveys

surveys that ask questions
Survey Week 3 that determine what they
understand about inclusive
practices and what their
concerns are.
A method to find out staff
Interviews Week 4-5 members views, previous
experience, and trainings
Professional that support inclusion

Professional interview with

Speech Therapist, Behavior
Specialist, Case Manager

To be completed at the
Research Week1-6 All information gathered will conclusion of the data
Journal be written down in a journal. collection period
During the process of the
research information will be
transferred into final
documents after information
is reviewed

II. Data Source Descriptions [Narrative]

Description of Data Sources

In addition to the data collection plan in chart form, you will write a brief 2-4 sentence
description of each source of data, when you plan to collect these data and what you hope to
learn from each data source. The sources of data in the list below should reflect your
decisions about data collection and be represented in the chart above as well as in the
narrative below. This list will be posted to Weebly after peer-editing.

Professional L