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Why a Wild and uf Edible Balcony? Let's do something good for ourselves and for nature, Most of us have a balcony or terrace, and if we do. not have a garden, we often use them for planting. Even before the start of the growing season, the ‘media attack us with an advertising storm of the latest fashion trends. Mostly, they offer us beautiful- coloured, double flowered annuals, cultivars of | « ‘ornamental flowers. But delicate and demanding, beauties, mostly of foreign origin, die without constant replenishment of fertilizers and chemical spraying. Lets get inspired by our local flora, jewels of bright colours and rich aromas can be found among our wild plants which are used to our conditions, and often even edible. We can grow our own plants from which \we prepare teas, salads, herbs for soup or spreads and fragrant spices for our cooking. Choose perennials, save money and your work. (Our balcony can become one of many miniature biocentres. in fact, there are ideal conditions for plants that tolerate the extremes of dry and windy habitats as in the mountains. Butterflies and insects find much ‘more food in simple blooms, where pollen and nectar are more easily accessible in abundant quantities. M4 ‘The balcony will be a place of rest and knowiedge, 4 source of the everyday miracles of nature we can, be part of Ground frost will not threaten the harvest. Persistent. ‘weeds have no chance to reach the balcony, nor will ‘moles or slugs! You do not have to cut the grass or rake the leaves there and your back will surely not,flurt you from digging. So why not to give ita try? ISBN 978-80-88212-11-9 z a There is a basket full of seeds inside! Let nature come. closer to people Ealipkd EDIENi CENTRUM. Bel Erasmus+ Some plants need more space under the ground, others just above the ground; ‘To increase the usable others rise high, or area of our balcony we use the trellis to climb can use a raised bed. It up under the celling provides enough space of the balcony. This Rpersemerees | oyeute enue we enjoy Medite climate). enjoy staying . . , spring onion and parsley ‘through wint ‘