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The amount of people in Ireland has increased dramatically. All of this

people are damaging the environment to get their fuel, water, energy and
materials. Habitats (where a plant or animal live) are also been destroyed
(e.g. lakes are being destroyed for pollution, ). If this habitats are
destroyed, the animals living there are killed and can become extinct.
These decrease in the number of animals and plants affects the biodiversity
(i.e. the diversity of plants and animals in an habitat).

Conservation has a very positive effect on the environment. It saves our

natural resources, reduces pollution and landfills. Habitat conservation for
is one of the most important issues facing the environment nowadays. As
human populations increase, land use increases, and wild species have
smaller spaces to live in. More than half of the earth’s terrestrial surface
has been destroyed due to human activity. Preserving habitats is essential to
preserve biodiversity. Altering a natural habitat, even slightly, can harm the
entire ecosystem. In Ireland, the same thing happens, most of the habitats
are being destroyed due to the increase in population and decrease in land
for wildlife to live in.

Conservation is the protection and wise management of natural resources to

prevent living things from becoming extinct. There is no specific way the
Irish government can help conservation, basically because when we are
doing conservation, we are helping to fix the problem. On the other hand, if
we are aware of issues, join conservation groups and support groups in
society that encourage proper conservation there would be mucho more