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Directory of open access journals

1.DOAJ is a website that provides various types of free journal access.

2. DOAJ was made by Anna-Lena Johanssom, Sonja Brage, Ingela Wahlgren & Salam Baker Shanawa.

3. This website facilitates various groups such as librarians, readers, authors, OA-publishers to
upload, find, or read journals.

4. This website not only provides English-language journals, but more than 40 languages.

5. According to data in June 2007, the largest number of journals came from Europe at 38% and the
smallest from Africa by 1%.

6. the number of journals uploaded in the 2001-2005 period is the most.

7.DOAJ membership provides features that provide many advantages for the owner.

8. the cost of being a member is around 100 euros to 5000 euros.

9.DOAJ sponsored by the university lund, Axiell, the national library of Sweden, Ebsco information
services, INASP, Proquest Csa.