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Carry the Light =" Words and Music by TWILA PARIS Arranged by Russell Mauldin fe rowing 05) g Be g 1 F E D E In this world of (© Copyright 1988 Moustin Spring Musi /Arose Music (ASCAP) (Adoinstered at CoitolCMGPUblishing om). Al righ eared. Used by poison. PLEASE NOTE: opying of his music fs NOT covered by the CCL icense, For CCLInformation cal 1-800-204-2446, 232 10 ALL will they know? , & was 233 Car - ry the Light, 2 unis. es Sy Go and tell the chil-dren_ they are pre-cious in_His sight,___ 2° Bb on BE BE Gm? B csus c Car- ry the Light. => —————