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1. We use eyes for a. Ten times five equal five

a. Seeing c. Earing b. Ten and five equal five
b. Speaking d. Drinking c. Ten divided five equal five
2. Mother cook in the.... d. Ten less five equal five
a. Bathroom c. Livingroom 17. 7 x 5 = 35
b. . Bedroom d. Kitchen a. Seven times five equal thirty five
3. Nose, eye, and ear are part of our... b. Seven divided five equal thirty five
a. Body c.Leg c. Seven plus five equal thirty five
b. Stomach d. Head d. Seven minus five equal thirty five
4. Mouth” in Indonesia is.... 18. Father and mother are my...
a. Gigi c. Bibir a. Parents c. Family
b. Lidah d. Mulut b. Teacher d. Friends
5. Itu adalah sebuah penggaris 19. There are...days in a week
The english sentence is.... a. Seven c. Ten
a. That is a ruler c. That is a book b. Six d. Twelve
b. That is a table d. That is a flag 20. The day before Wednesday is....
6. Forty nine in indonesian is.... a. Thursday c. Tuesday
a. Empat sembilan c. Sembilan belas b. Wednesday d. Saturday
b. Empat puluh d. Empat puluh sembilan 21. The month before “May” is...
7. Grandmother in Indonesian is... a. March c. April
a. Ibu c. Tante b. August d. December
b. Nenek d. Kakak perempuan 22. She is a teacher, in indonesian is...
8. “12” What number is it? a. Dia (laki-laki) adalah seorang guru
a. Twenty c. one two b. Dia (perempuan) adalah seorang guru
b. b. Twelve d. Twenty one c. Saya adalah seorang pelajar
9. My favourite food is....(Mie) d. Dia(perempuan) adalah pelajar
a. Noodle c. fried chicken 23. I am hungry, I want....
b. Nodle d. Fried rice a. Water c. Ice cream
10. “Ayam goreng” in english... b. Tea d. Bread
a. Egg c. fried egg 24. I have....fingers
b. Fried rice d. Fried chicken a. Ten c. Five
11. The colour of Indonesian flag is.... b. Nine d. Seven
a. Red and white c. Red and blue 25. “Putih” bahasa inggrisnya adalah...
b. White and red d. Blue and red a. Red c. White
12. 4 x 9 =.... b. Black d. Hijau
a. Thirty four c. thirty eight 26. “Banana”the color is...
b. Thirty three d. Thirty six a. Black c. Red
13. Anggur, pisang, semangka. Bahasa Inggrisnya b. White d. Yellow
adalah.... 27. I am .... in the bedroom
a.Banana, grape, melon a. Cooks c. Shower
b.Grape, banana, watermelon b. Sleep d. Eat
b. Grape, banana, manggo 28. 7+ 7+7 =...
d. Melon, Grape, papaya a. Twenty one c. Ten
14. 15 + 9 = .... b. Twenty d. Twelve
a. Twenty c. twenty six 29. “Aunty” artinya..
b. Twenty four d. Twenty five a. Paman c. Ponakan
15. 48 : 6 =.... b. Bibi d. Sepupu
a. Six c. Nine 30. Saya adalah....
b. Seven d. Eight a. I am c. You are
16. 10 – 5 =.... b. She is d. He is


Text for questions 1-3 a. How are you c. What is your

My name is Afrina. Iam a student. I live at Jl. Keren no. b. How old are you d. Who are you
55. My house paint color is brown. My family have an 7. My mother is secretary.
antique clock in our living room. My brother and I in a private company.
usually play games with playstation. My father also give a. He b. She c. His
me a computer for my birthday last month. d. Her
1. Where is afriana live? 8. I am ...television at night
a. Jl. Keren No. 55 c. Jl. Manggis No. 54 a. Watching b. Reading c. Listening
b. Jl. Manggis No. 55 d. Jl. Karena No. 55 d. Studying
2. What the present from her father in the
a. Playstation b. Computer c. Book
d. Computer and playstation
3. With whom Afriana usually play playstation?
a. Her father b. Her mother c. Her
brother d. Her sister
4. I put my clothes in the ( lemari)....
a.Kitchen b.Door c.
Whiteboard d. Cupboard

5. Play – basketball – Joan – I – and

a. Joan play basketball and I c. I and joan
paly basketball
b. I play basketball and joan d. I , Joan play
ang basketball
6. Kevin : ‘......?’
Reno : “ I am ten years old “.