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1. One day two doctors were walking down the road. On the other side of
the road they see a young man. One doctor says, “Ah there’s my son. Hi
Paul.” The other doctor says, “There’s my son. Hi Paul.” Explain.

The doctors were husband and wife.

2. There was a very short man who lived in a skyscraper on the 30th floor.
Each morning he entered the lift, pushed the button to the ground floor
and walked to work. At night he was very tired. He entered the lift,
pushed the button to the 10th floor then he got out and climbed the
stairs to the 30th floor. Why?

He was too short to reach the button. (30)

3. Two fathers and two sons went out to eat. Everyone ate one
hamburger but only three were eaten. How can this be?

They were a grandfather, one father and his son.

4. A man was walking down the street. It started to rain. He didn’t have a
hat, he didn’t have an umbrella but when he got home his hair was not
wet. How did he do it?

He didn’t have any hair.

5. How many toys can fit in an empty box?

One after that it’s no longer empty