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Progression of skills in drawing

Foundation Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Enjoy using graphic Experiment with a variety Begin control the types Develop intricate Develop intricate Work in a sustained and Work in a sustained
tools, fingers, hands, of media; pencils, of marks made with the patterns/ marks with patterns using different independent way to and independent way
chalk, pens and pencils. rubbers, crayons, range of media such as a variety of media. grades of pencil and create a detailed to develop their own
pastels, felt tips, crayons, pastels, felt other implements to drawing. Develop a style
Use and begin to control charcoal, pen, chalk. tips, charcoal, pen, Demonstrate create lines and marks. key of drawing. This style may
a range of media. Draw chalk. experience in different element of their work: be through the
on different surfaces Begin to control the grades of pencil and Draw for a sustained line, tone, pattern, development of: line,
and coloured paper. types of marks Control the types of other implements to period of time at an texture. tone, pattern, texture.
made marks made with the draw different forms appropriate level.
Produce lines of with the range of range of media. Draw on and shapes. Experiment with different Draw for a sustained Draw for a sustained
different thickness and media. Draw on different surfaces with a grades of pencil and period of time at an period of time over a
tone using a pencil. different surfaces with a range of media. Use a sketchbook to other implements to appropriate level. number of sessions
range of media. record media achieve variations in tone Use different techniques working on one piece.
Start to produce Use a sketchbook to explorations and and make marks on a for different purposes Use different techniques
different patterns and Start to record simple plan and develop experimentations as range of media. i.e. shading, hatching for different purposes
textures from media explorations in simple ideas. well as planning and within their own work. i.e. shading, hatching
observations, a sketch book. collecting source Use sketchbooks to collect within their own work,
imagination and Continue to investigate material for future and record visual Use sketchbooks to collect understanding which
illustrations. Develop a range of tone tone by drawing works. information from different and record visual works well in their work
using a pencil and use a light/dark lines, sources as well as information from different and why.
Look and talk about variety of drawing light/dark patterns, Begin to show an planning and colleting sources as well as
what they have techniques such as: light/dark shapes using awareness of objects source material for future planning and colleting Use sketchbooks to
produced, describing hatching, scribbling, a pencil. Name, match having a third works. source material for future collect and record visual
simple techniques stippling, and blending and draw lines/marks dimension and works. Start to develop information from
and media used. to create light/ dark from observations. perspective. Have opportunities to their own style using tonal different sources as well
lines. develop further contrast and mixed as planning and colleting
Continue to Investigate Create textures drawings featuring the media. source material. Adapt
Investigate textures textures and produce and patterns with a third dimension and their work according to
by describing, an expanding range of wide rage of perspective. Experiment Have opportunities to their views and describe
naming, rubbing, patterns. drawing with different grades of develop further simple how they might develop
copying. implements.. pencil and other perspective in their work it further.
Explore the work of a implements to achieve using a single focal point
Produce an range of artists, craft Continue to explore the and horizon. Begin to Develop their own style
variations in tone.
expanding range of makers and designers, work of a range of artists, develop an awareness using tonal contrast
patterns and textures. describing the craft makers and of composition, scale and mixed media.
Further develop drawing
differences and designers, describing and proportion in their
a range of tones, lines
Explore the work of a similarities between the differences and paintings. Have opportunities to
using a pencil. Include in
range of artists, craft different practices similarities between develop further simple
their drawing a range of
makers and designers, and disciplines, and different practices and Use drawing techniques perspective in their work
technique and begin to
describing the making links to their disciplines, and making to work from a variety of using a single focal
understand why they
differences and own work. links to their own work sources including point and horizon.
best suit.
similarities between observation, photographs Develop an awareness
different practices Discuss own and others and digital images. of composition, scale
Discuss own work and Discuss and review own
and disciplines, and work, expressing Develop close and proportion in their
others work, and others work,
making links to their thoughts and feelings, observation skills using a paintings.
expressing thoughts expressing thoughts and
own work. and using knowledge variety of view finders.
and feelings. feelings, and identify
and understanding of Discuss and review own
modifications/ changes
Look at and talk artists and techniques. Discuss and review own and others work,
Artists: Durer, Da Vinci, and see how they can
about own work and and others work, expressing thoughts
Cezanne be developed further.
that of other artists Artists: Picasso, Hopper, expressing thoughts and
modifications/ changes feelings explaining their
Artists: Van Gogh, Seurat Begin to explore a range and see how they can be views and identify
of great artists, architects developed further. Identify modifications/ changes
and designers in history. artists who have worked in and see how they can
a similar way to their own be developed further.
Artists: Goya, Sargent, work. Identify artists who have
Holbein. worked in a similar way
Explore a range of great to their own work.
artists, architects and
designers in history. Explore a range of great
artists, architects and
Artists: Moore designers in history.
sketchbooks, Rossetti, Klee,
Calder, Cassat. Artists: Have opportunity
to explore modern and
traditional artists using ICT
and other resources.