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Guide for CSWIP 3-2 TW1 enrolment form ‘PLEASE SEND APPLICATION WITH TOUR PAYMENT AND THE NECESSARY ENCLOSURES TO: TIVE Training & Bxananation Services {WT Mite Bust FZ-L1C Krug ag, Blocks Bie 413 PO, ow S03 ab, USE {eb 0971 43603010712 Bow 0975 13978058 Balt dai bose con; rls madsen com LEASE O30 CAPYEAL LETFERS THROUGHOUT tee | BLANK Personal Information: "TWI Candidate ID Number: (taken ofr examinations wat TW course wf WIS 10. Course date cousetite __CSWYP 3.2 7 Codi’ ily rane Candids given ae) Date of bith (alnmy), Permanent private address (ome Country Address) TT resteote___ Pitti (Alco Add Qatar mile no) Beal Correspondence addres (i'diferent fom above) VELOS1 Certification WC __ PO BOX 2408 ve [7] caper tpenet General documentation fequire from everyone yma er eon ole 2, Topp rows wh yous namely ride bck ped ot aple‘o fe) 3. Vien erie ‘Additonal decementation fr recertiiaton and retest aan Copy of eit exmnation ssn 5) To paspr pote ih youre primed en the Bk Defer eter shee mangement {iv expty hasbeen extended) a a 0 0 apc charge of 2% es at pot reserve tc ripattorelain he whale “Four rseres height te cane he event ease of lassen retrain Tras oflesteers TW wil pve masta pole nice en | {he atedes md reserves he righ to suebtatefectarers and wos de “ 4 days tie en Dy ‘METHODS OF PAYMENT Pa pape ate Conpany Ox 90, mas accompany this boon fmm outings rnd witout peed unr wl bees proven ‘ces pase a lace eeqe Dank Drat Ca fuse payable TW Mile Bast = LLC. idle Hae 266 Data UAE. (OR Crest CandDeit Cand (em nice if Cmpan Ct) YES NO Goo) "Dee dg wey ote Vole fio 2 Bir te IseNinber ame (esitppers ee) ‘Hous mmber nd pode of tld Sins ofr haar ORT Conparyonderae Aspoving Manager's ame Title Rona Sater Ievoice Address (if diferent ftom below) = dp ni any¥ning if ss 8 ‘Sponsoring Company and Address — = do not ut anything Postcode Conuimme iS Self sponsored —_ Telephone Pax Banal Please tokityeu are ( Rmernbarar The Weng & soning Sxiety S Anomploys ofan indusial Member of TW Date: would prefer an xaminaton in week commensing we wl cur Ves 0 ee your epemens Wt seve Ge Ht to frees Veoue: AbuDhabi Dutai QShajah Oman © Qaarp/ Syiad Obes Where did you hear about TWI Ltd? Ine 8 Oaly Bostng Ret Timay be pes to make grovion for spacial needs/adusrors, Plots tag ts tact to TW alention when retuming is fom. "TRAN Dee | av 13 Pre? a3 Examination Applied For (tobe complted in fall by all applicants) rani Type kal appear, eval aaa bridging or tees ofa previously failed examination \nikial “Examination Body: CSWIP, PCN, AWS, ASNT, BGAS [| esw we [ Pox or BGAS Approval Number: & if noving urrest CSWIP qpaificatons bee CSWe BL NDT Method (pias cise) “Tr Rea vas Bo not encirde any ef trese | as Let Pau AUT’ ACEM TOFD Tad Sar Acropce, Wels, Wrought Rava. General Generol Categories: ON & Gas Onoese level 3-2-1 oF ‘Level F Levi? Level 21 Level 322 CSwIPIAWS | Weidngliapecton teas tise) gap : AvSICSUEP __Sopervison___Tastracor_ Endorsement ‘GaderwatrTpetion (ese ie) Piaasccontset TWH fore relevant EXOT docoment [31032 33U_34U_OGL_ASCAN _Conerete Pastis Please contact TW for the relevant EXOT document | ~ NA+ To be completed by all applicants applying to attend CSWIP Welding Inspection Examinations — {condi that have read and comply with the pre examination ery requtemests 9 al down inthe CSWIP Reqvieront Document DOCUMENT No, CSWIP-WWL5.02, 8th Edition January 2008 snd uherstand tat ny feouulen ls may esl inthe easton of ny cetfiote sued ‘leas ick the appropriate box and give a detailed statement of how you meet the reguirements, this must be signed and verified by an cemplyer/third party = Visual Welding Inspector (Level 1) Although ths sno specific expercace requiem it recommended hat eamdates poses minimum of sk months" weling red ‘engineering experience and two years industria experience, = NAS ‘Welding Inspector (Level) “Weldng Inspector for minimam of 3 yeae with experience related to he ds and responsible listed in Clause 1.2.2 under qalied supervision, independent verted ‘Cetiied Visual Welding Inspector (Level 1) amine of years with ob responsibiiis in the aes iste in 12. and 122 ‘Welding lnstuctor or Welding ForematvSepervisor fora minim of 5 yes. ~MA- Pleate tick which “RAGHEB RevI3-age BOTS Senior Welding luprctr(Lerel3) 4S Awelcalble Certifies Welding Inpesor (Level 2) fora minimum of 2 years wih ob responsibilities in he exes listed fs 1.2.1, 12.2 ane a3 5 your authenticated experience related tthe dis an responsibilities listed in Clause 1.23, independent veri fe Please out your summary of experience colored to WELDING sSEnEaEeS ‘Welding QC Co-ordinator ‘cuureat velit CSWIP32 Senior Welding Inspector cortifcaton pla hee yeas doctmested expriene related tothe des ar LJ fesponsibilties oF an inerational equivalent. 7 A-curentvalié CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector wit 10 year's documented experince rtd to the ties and responsibilities oF 29 interrational equivalent NDT Pre-certfeation experience ‘lease Hn your speific experience and aration a required bythe scheme document [NDTresaminatios thsi ota prerequs fr examination, however cetfiation will mot be a povided This experience must be veiled by your employer ora recent mae en: ation and attach copies of log book entries if vale for nde sil tho experince is gained end evince othe best of my belie the candidate's statement given above is correct at the time of signing. L aoe = raoariasy (Employer (Manager /Senior Stat? ‘company Past: Teens: eee sl Aes EEE baw: Auetioed Cepny Stamp EASE NOTE EASE NOTE sot tid and is sociated trating companies (and ctmpanies,oranstins + agents processing data omit boat wil eld en ws ety ne br alate ppc se perp hve bn sel mde ie DetaPetcton Act 198 Re dat maya bch PE rtaeparste unsold mans containing deals ofevents ew services protects a ee ti Lia NOT tose sch naling Uy do pt wish rset information from TLL, ese el his bas: You oes dana jaan bl bunt yen payment ote ato fe ot exes 10 eget shold Me adéreel 1 The Dla esrencetiwt tee, Granta Par, Gt Abington, Cambridge CB2! 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