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Rubric: Adjunct Faculty Assignment Scheduling Evaluation Tool

Nursing Assistant /MA Course

Rubric used to evaluate Adjunct Faculty In Nursing Assistant in regards to Class
Schedule Assignments

Exemplary Proficient Developing Ineffective

4 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 pts

1. Attendance & Exemplary Proficient Developing Ineffective

use of time
4 pts Is punctual; never late Occasionally late or Absent or late more Is chronically late
a. Starts work on or absent without absent but usually than desirable. or absent; fails to
time and consistently good cause and with good reason and Absences and contact supervisor;
maintains a punctual always contacts consistently contacts tardiness impact work Does not use work
daily work schedule; supervisor/scheduler; supervisor; Utilizes performance and time in a
Maintains regular Utilizes work time in work time in a positive use of responsible and
attendance. a highly responsible responsible and student time; Does productive manner.
b. Organizes, and productive productive manner. not report absences, Seldom meets
prioritizes, and manner. Organizational skills tardy or variations of deadlines. Students
completes tasks Excellent are good, Occasional schedule to that never meet
effectively and in a organizational skills, need for additional supervisor; deadlines and
timely manner. paperwork submitted time for student Sometimes fails to clinical time
on time, Students make up past end of utilize work time in a omitted to
complete all skills on lab course outline. responsible and accommodate.
time at end of course productive manner.
deadline as designed. Regular supervision
needed, and deadlines
often not met. Clinical
time often omitted to
2. Initiative Exemplary Proficient Developing Ineffective
4 pts 4 3 2 1
Carries out Self-starter; Takes responsibility Difficulty working Requires constant
responsibilities anticipates, for assigned tasks independently. Has or direct
independently; recognizes and meets and seeks additional problems maintaining supervision. Does
assumes additional demands and responsibilities or focus and completing not complete
responsibility when deadlines; tasks as appropriate; assigned tasks; assigned tasks or
appropriate. Takes Consistently stays Maintains focus. Seldom seeks focus on priorities.
opportunities for focused on priorities. Seeks out and takes additional tasks. Does not take
continual Utilizes available advantage of Rarely seeks and initiative.
professional resources effectively, opportunities for takes advantage of Does not
growth and shares ideas with learning and learning attempt to
recognizes peers. Makes professional growth. opportunities learn or grow
problems in order suggestions for Understands the Professional growth pro-
to take appropriate improving procedures challenges of is not a priority. fessionally,
action to solve or products. change, but Acknowledge the Skills need to
them. Continually seeks out embraces the change need for change, but be updated. Is
and takes advantage going forward. are resistant to support not willing to
of opportunities for the direction of embrace
learning and change. change or
professional growth. future
Views new direction of
challenges as learning course/HCS/
opportunities. SCC visions.
3. Service Exemplary Proficient Developing Ineffective
4 pts 4 3 2 1
Establishes and Consistently respects Gets along well with At times has difficulty Consistently has
maintains harmonious and is respected by peers, students, & with relationships difficulty when
relationships with co- peers, students, & healthcare with peers/students, dealing with others.
workers, students, healthcare community. Values contributing to a
healthcare community; sensitive positive working negative or
community, and to feelings of others; relationships while unproductive work
supporting staff while is highly cooperative supporting environment.
supporting HCS/SCC and helpful. course/program
mission/goals. goals.
4. Exemplary Proficient Developing Ineffective
Communications 4 3 2 1
4 pts Demonstrates strong, Demonstrates Is inconsistent or Lacks oral.written
Speaks clearly, effective oral/written effective oral/written ineffective in the communication
professionally and communications skills communication skills demonstration of skills which makes
effectively. Conveys using clear, precise, using clear and written/oral completion of
written information in and grammatically precise language. communications assigned duties
a clear, precise, correct language in a Effectively skills. Is inconsistent difficult; many
grammatically confident and communicates in a with using noticeable errors.
correct, and professional manner. professional manner. unprofessional means Uses means of
professional manner. of communication. inappropriate or
means of
5. Flexibility Exemplary Proficient Developing Ineffective
4 pts 4 3 2 1
Responds Consistently Generally, Somewhat reluctant Does not adapt to
appropriately to demonstrates demonstrates or unable to adapt to change well.
challenges, changes, willingness and ability willingness and ability change or challenges. Doesn't modify
and new situations. to successfully adapt to successfully adapt behavior in
Supports the need to changing demands. to changing demands. response to
for new direction to
account for the
change within the
6a. General Job Exemplary Proficient Developing Ineffective
Knowledge 4 3 2 1
4 pts Excellent, thorough Good understanding Some understanding Lacks
a. Understands understanding and and application of job of skills and job understanding of
personal role in application of job functions. Able to functions but job functions. May
Fulfilling the functions functions. Able to follow course requires additional be unwilling or
of the specific job follow course curriculum as training and unable to learn
classification: use of curriculum as designed utilizing the supervision. Often necessary skills.
Moodle or similar designed utilizing the core structure while does not stick to Does not stick to
learning management core structure while maintaining course curriculum as course curriculum
tool, course maintaining appropriate use of designed utilizing as designed
curriculum, including appropriate use of academic freedom, the core structure utilizing the core
skills videos and academic freedom. needs occasional and utilizes structure, uses
proper demonstration instruction. unapproved material unapproved
of the skills. in the course. material in the
6b. General Job Exemplary Proficient Developing Ineffective
Knowledge 4 3 2 1
4 pts Independently Maintains organized Possesses only basic Lacks organizational
b. maintains maintains highly and effective record- organizational record- record keeping
accurate records; organized, effective keeping systems; keeping skills; skills; reports,
compiles record-keeping analyzes information, reports, documents, documents, and
information and systems; analyzes and produces and correspondence correspondence are
produces accurate information, and accurate reports, are sometimes consistently
reports, documents, produces accurate documents, and inaccurate. inaccurate.
and correspondence. reports, documents, correspondence.
Maintains and correspondence
confidentiality of regarding students
privileged and peers.
7. Problem Solving Exemplary Proficient Developing Ineffective
4 pts 4 3 2 1
Engages in problem Consistently Occasionally engages Identifies problems or Fails to identify
solving to improve demonstrates in problem solving; obstacles; will problems or to
efficiencies and to willingness and ability will identify problem, describe problem to bring problems or
fulfill the to successfully make suggestions, leadership team. Will obstacles to the
objectives/goals of problem solve. and seek approval. follow directive or attention of others.
SCC/HCS/course Independently acts to implement solution Does not make
identify problems and after problem is his/her leadership
root cause, determine resolved by others. team aware of
effective solutions, existing problems.
and make Does not take
recommendations to ownership for
appropriate identified finding solutions.
leadership team.

8. Evaluations Exemplary Proficient Developing Ineffective

4 pts 4 3 2 1
Positive Consistently Occasionally Evaluation data Evaluation data
demonstration of demonstrates ability receives feedback consistently consistently
SCC/HCS mission to be a positive inconsistent with demonstrates negative demonstrates
and values influence on the being a positive feedback. Needs negative feedback.
supported by students of SCC as influence on the constant guidance and Fails to improve
student/peer/ evidenced by the students of SCC as direction after each ability to be a
administrative evaluation data. evidenced by the course to improve positive influence on
evaluations. Response to evaluation data. ability to be a positive the students of SCC
Responds to constructive Open to suggestions influence on the despite
feedback from evaluations results in and directive from students of SCC. suggestions/directive
leadership team and performance the leadership team. given by the
implements improvement through Generally, seeks to leadership team as
suggestions/directive dialogue and goal improve performance evidence by the
setting. and response to evaluation data.
evaluation frequently
results in improved

Score /36
Recommend for Lead Role
Recommend for Supporting Role
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