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WELLS & ASSOCIATES, LLP | East Stroudsburg Campus

Requested By: John Richards Today’s Date: 10/12/1018

Department: Customer Service Office/Cubicle No: Row C Unit 12

Office Phone: (570)555-2323 Email:

Supervisor’s Name: Nichelle Adams Supervisor’s Phone: (570)555-2323

Date Problem Began: 10/12/2018 Interferes with Work? Does not affect the
department’s productivity.

Description of Problem:
The customer service department ran out of printer paper. When they went to restock
the paper, they discovered the supply closet door was lodged shut from the inside.
The lock on the door is functional and can be locked/unlocked. However, the door
only opens about two inches. Until the door is freed, the department will continue to
take printer paper from MarCom, allowing the department to stay on task while the
problem is fixed.

-------------------------Facilities Management Use Only---------------------------

Received By: Mattison Barone

Priority Code: 4 (Scheduled Maintenance)

1: Emergency 2: Urgent 3: Expedited 4: Scheduled 5: Planned 6: Events 7: Meetings &
Maintenance Maintenance Training

Description of Completed Work Order and Material Used

Technicians were unable to force the door open. To gain access to the closet, a technician crawled
over the dropped ceiling from an adjacent conference room. It took the technician an hour to get to
the door. Once she gained access to the closet it took another hour to shift items to free the door.
The supply closet door jammed by fallen boxes and equipment was cleared and organized. The
customer service department must keep their supply closet clean and organized to prevent this issue
from reoccurring.
Completed By: Brad Parsons Date: 10/16/2018

Time Started: 9:20am Time Finished: 2:30pm

Wells and Associates, LLP Facilities Management Department receives and processes request work orders daily. We strive to schedule and
complete these services in a timely manner. Each Wells LLP campus has a separate Work Order Request Form to assist us in tracking
maintenance on each campus separately. Please make sure you are filling out the correct form and submitting it to the right office:

Stroudsburg Campus: Submit to Carey Finnegan, Assistant Director, Stroudsburg Campus:
East Stroudsburg Campus: Submit to Terry Price, Assistant Director, East Stroudsburg Campus:

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