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SOMEONE LIKE YOU il from Jekyll & Hyde Words by LESLIE BRICUSSE Music by FRANK WILDHORN Rubato Dia) AND Gfadd2yD D AD Gaus G T peer through Win-dows, watch life Zoby, — dreamof fomor-row, and. won-der why. F or Bo F F CF ACE The past is holding me, — Keeping life T wan-der lost in yes - ter t cr eo Dm mic Hue Gut Bbic want - ing 1 Ay, butscared 10 ty compat cage 182 some - one like you found some - one nothing would ev- er Con moto r Gat Fradd2Va, Gm heart would take wing — and Td feel soa - live rar ‘arempo Flade2) Em? Gia arempo like me, then the same! poco ral. em Gm bee some-one like you found Dada) AD + Y secrets 183 Giade2yD D AD, Tong share have need - ed Gaus c F oF some ~ one there me See a world nev-et seen be - fore, Dm mc bade) BG Gm Chuus to set me free