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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Length over all, approx... 147.25 m Deadweight, max. .....12,500 DWT Gross Tonnage... 17,270 GT Net Tonnage nn nnnnenn 5,180 NT Desigh Speed run 15.0 knots Operation. nnnnne “Worldwide” Main engine... 2-stroke Wartsilé 1X 5,950 KW 5RT-FlexSODF Cargo capacity(100%) .... 20,000 m? Daily fuel oll cons. (LNG) Desigh draught, nn nnnonne WBA t Ric Ship Design DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS Latest technology Dual Fuel Engines to operate on LNGinECA zones (MO Tier I) and MDO outside at competitive fuel cost Single decked with machinery and accommodation located aft Single screw propulsion with low speed DF main engine Ballst water treatment plant compliant withthe atest MARPOL V Sewage and garbage handling fully compliant with MARPOLIVAY Superior hulls, CFD optimized Love fuel consumption high propulsive efficiency 2x7,50011? Biobeand 1x5,000 1? Biobe type C cargo tank Pure LNGcarrier Fuel feeding by BOG and forced vaporizing Joint Design Project with Lioyd's Register © WARTSILA = = = MAIN DIMENSIONS Length overall, aprox. 14725m Length. 438.70 Breadth moulded 530m Depth moulded. 47.60m Draught 780m Deadueight(T= 78m) 12500t SERVICE SPE Speed T= 7.8m) 45 0knats CCAPAOITIES HeO capacity 00m? FWvcapaciy 200m" Endurance (FO). 10,800nm ‘CARGO EQUIPMENT * Deepwelipumps © Cargoheating/vaporsingecuipment * Nitogen generator unit ‘+ Raiquelaction uit for LNG Gaton) * Gas combustion unt (Option) ated manifold (Onton) ENVIRONMENTAL EQUIPMENT ni, Warsi AQ: geandaarbage te = Soy ESps «Energon «© Mens Duct (orecui DDECK'S MACHINERY ‘© 2xcombinedanchovimooring winches fwd and 2 xmooringwinches att, al auo-tension © El-hydrsteringgear for fe rudder 1 xel-tyhnasecrane fall ieboatsfor24 persons * Lieratsfor24 persons + Lferaftfor6persons \WARTSILA*is a registred vademark. Copyright © 2015 Warsi Corpraton. Species re subject to change witout pre notice MACHINERY Main engine 5.950KW Generator sets(61200F}) 1,065 ke Emerg generator: TCA5OKNE Bow thrustrs(CT-200H4, 1x8i3KWV Propel. 11xFPP da. 5.200 mm EPLANT 230/450) Power 450, 60H2 gating 230\, 60H Automation 230, 60H /24V0C ‘ACCOMMODATION 24 parsons full HVACin singlecabins CLASSIFICATION 0A liquefied gas carrie, Ship type 26 Mothane(LNG) in ndenendenttanks TeC, Maximum spectcgravity0.5, Maximum vapour pressure br Minimum cargotemperature minus 163°C, higFightACSE), HL, ECO, +4LMC, IGS, UMS, PNIRL, NAV, sLlaydsMC Gy" with descriptive noes, ShipPighs BWM) M SERS) ETA “Optional Orecpivalent WARTSILA