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28 YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Words and Music by JIMMIE DAVIS and CHARLES MITCHELL Moderato + =: = = = —— reer TREE f fT ===: = = FT He Ge a other night dear 1 lay sleep - ing. dreamed 1 nd tap. py you will oe 3 jou Ted Jy loved” tL ———— And ho She teiF ab F FT Bb a ae held you in’ my ———— When Ia - woke dear 1 was mis- ly, sy. the Bir" if you ~ leave me to, love an Gee cold come ———— But now you've eft me ——— and love an- You Are My Sunshine -2-1 Copyright © 1940 by PEER INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Cony ened 1968 by PEER INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION; New vor, NV. Intrnattonal Copyright Ses Made In US.A. AI Rghte Reserved 29 7 ae hung my head and ay 4 oi a ‘ Nou have Shar - tered — all VEL tPF UT f Fain F F nb Ae a => YOU AREMY SUN- SHINE my on -ly sun - shine you make me hap - py — TFiF Fr Bb al ae — when skies are gray You'll nev-er know dear how much I love you -—— Please don't TF IF cr et > Ei iii ¥ | - ways a told me re