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Lesson Title: Imagined Habitat & Organism Drawing, Grade 4

S & S Statements: ​This lesson will will have a underlying biology theme. Students have been
learning about different habitats and how that affects the organisms that live within them.
This lesson is centered on students imagining a habitat and a organism that lives within it.

Concepts and Skills:

Concepts: relationships between organisms and habitats will be explored, and the characteristics and
traits that reflect that relationship.

Skills: oil pastel techniques, sgraffito with light and dark overlay, heavy pressure blending, light
pressure blending, stippling

Academic Language: ​blending, sgraffito, layering, pressure, stippling, texture, composition, theme

Purpose of Lesson (Overall Lesson Objective)​​:

Given a demonstration of oil pastel techniques and a presentation of different organisms and their
habitats, students will use oil pastels and construction paper to draw a imagined organism and
habitat, effectively applying three oil pastel techniques. (VA:Cr2.1.4 Explore art-making technique
and approaches)

Students will visually depict a connection or adaptation of their imagined organism's ability to live
within its habitat through its characteristics and traits. (VA:Cr2.3.4 represent regional constructed

Learning Objectives (List National Standard(s)):

Explore and invent art-making technique and approaches (VA:Cr2.1.4)

Document, describe, and represent regional constructed environments (VA:Cr2.3.4)

Assessment Criteria:

Effective application of three oils pastel techniques.

Effective visual depiction of organism’s relationship with habitat.

Teaching Resources Needed to Support the Lesson:

Presentation with examples of life on earth from distinct environments​.

Examples of new imagined environments and organisms.
Oil pastel techniques worksheet
Art Materials Necessary for the Lesson:

construction paper, oil pastels, blending tools, toothpicks

Teacher Directed Activities Student Activities

Introduction: Introduce the lesson with smartboard Introduction: Students will be engaged and
presentation on examples of exotic life and habitats listening to the powerpoint presentation.
on earth. Share examples of new imagined habitats
and organisms. Development: Students will engage in
brainstorming of different organisms
Development: The class will first brainstorm a list of characteristics and traits of environments.
characteristics of organisms that live in water, on
land, and in the air. These will be kept on the board Students will observe demo of oil pastel
for students to reference during their work time. techniques and then practice the techniques
on their own pies of paper.
Then students will be given a demonstration of five
oil pastel techniques. Next, each student will be After completing preliminary sketch and
given a practice piece of construction paper and practice of techniques students will begin final
five oil pastels to practice techniques and sketch drawing on a new piece of construction paper.
Upon completion of drawing students will
From there, the students share their sketch with name their organism and write a brief
Miss C or Mr. P and receive a new piece of description on the back.
construction paper for their final drawing. Referring
to the class’s brainstormed list on the board and Conclusion: Students will share their drawings
their sketch will begin drawing their own organism with the rest of the class, and clean up.
and environment.

Conclusion: Students will share their drawings with

the rest of the class, and clean up.