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FD-1087 (Rev, $810), UNCLASSIFIED/ /oug FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Electronic Communication Title: (U//B>#Q) 3 Fairfield, IA residents Date: 06/23/20 arrested in Indiana during 350. ce: b3 -2 b6 -1 BIA -1 bic -1 BIE -1 From: Approved By: A/SIA Drafted By: Case ID #: (u/ (Bes) SENSITIVE INVESTIGATIVE MATTER Synopsis: (U//Poe] Identify 3 Iowans arrested as a result of a protest organized by against British Petroleum, Whiting, Indiana. bTE -4 Reference: bs -2 BIA -1 BIE -1 UNCLASSIFIED//BOeO_ 16-cv-1869-9529 UNCLASSIFIED//Fowq_ Title: (U//PesQ) 3 Fairfield, IA residents arrested in Indiana during 350.0rg protest ter J 06/29/2016 Enclosure(s): Enclosed are the following items: 1. (0/ (Beet) 2. (0//Bewg) 3. (O/Beel 4. (O//Bee) 5. (0/7BsKg) 6. (U//Bse6) Details: According to referenced[] an international environmental organization known as 350-org organized several protests of petroleum facilities throughout the United States, including the British Petroleum Refinery facility located at 2815 Indianapolis Blvd, whiting, Indiana. The protest was scheduled for 05/15/2016. on 05/15/2016, a large group of protesters conducted a mostly peaceful protest at the BP Refinery. According to Indiana State Police, a small group of protestors broke away from the main group and closed a main road near the protestors by blocking traffic. Despite numerous warnings to disperse the protestors refused to do so. As a result of UNCLASSIFIED//PouO 2 b3 -2 IA -1 BIE -1 be -5 bic -5 b3 -2 IA -1 BIE -1 bTE -3 16-cv- 1869-9530 UNCLASSIFIED//BOU6 Title: (U//Bs8Q) 3 Fairfield, IA residents arrested in Indiana during ote: Re os/23/2016 ba -2 BIA -1 bre -1 blocking traffi 3 individuals from Iowa as being arrested. The individuals were and trespassing, Indianapolis Division identified the arther identified a: be -5 bre -5 +o UNCLASSIFIED//PO0 3 16-cv-1869-9531