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At the Doctor How Are You Feeling? Talking about illness Carla is at the doctor. Read the dialogue and answer the questions that follow. Doctor: How are you feeling, Carla? Carla: Not very well. I have a sore throat. Doctor: Oh dear. Do you have a headache? Carla: Yes, I have a headache, too. a Doctor: Do you smoke? § Carla: No, I don’t. 1 Doctor: That's good. Here, take these pills for your 7 sore throat and for your headache. Carla: Thank you, Doctor. 1. Circle the correct answer. a. Carla feels fine (doesn’t feel well.) b. Carla smokes / has a headache. c. Carla has a sore throat / stomachache. d. The doctor gives Carla some pills / a headache. 2. Who can say this? Peete Meta b. I have a headache. I'd like to Make an Appointment Making a medical appointment 1. Complete the text with the words below. Receptionist: Good morning, can 1? help you? Patient: Yes, I'd like to make an °____ —_—with the nurse. Receptionists @_ at 9:30 OK? Patient: No, I want an? ————_ appointment. Receptionist: How about tomorrow at ®___ —s Patient: Yes, that's*__ 2. Put the dialogue in the correct order. AA. How about tomorrow at 5:15 in the afternoon? %. Vd like to make an appointment with the doctor. -€: Good afternoon. Can I help you? #&. No, I want a morning appointment. & Yes, that’s great. & Is 10:30 tomorrow morning OK? LC 2745 Biaaeeas FF 6.